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  1. No problem posting still have all the original packaging if that helps. Regards Bones
  2. ashdown CTM 15 in as new condition comes with gig bag and original packaging purchased about two months ago when I left my last band as I just didn't have enough hours in the day to be out gigging at weekends, for home recording and practice and since then it's sat on top of my cab and not been used for more than a couple of hours. So grab a bargain and get yourself a great little amp that's plenty loud for £100 off list price. Thanks for looking Tony
  3. Friday Bump May PX for the right amp head............... what you got? make me an offer
  4. As pointed out to me By Krispn ser no suggests 2013 Lol thought I'd had it longer than that. Cheers fella
  5. Hello fella yep all fine at my end, still rocking....just not as much, hope your keeping well
  6. For sale no trades, buyer collects, or arrange own courier, 2012 Pbass in black with three ply pickguard upgrades include hipshot extender, Emerson custom p wiring and Babicz fc bridge only marks are a small scrape on the headstock (see photos) and a small dent above the tone knob that won't show up with camera. Other than that she looks and sounds fantastic only selling because iv'e found that i'm more at home with a short scale Bass. Feel free to ask other members who have bought from me in the past about my reliability Names that spring to mind are old horse murphy (svt410 HLF) and Mr Pinky (my old P Bass) Thanks for looking Bones
  7. Hi guys, not been here for a while but I could really do with some help. I've got a 2012 P and like I have with every p I've owned ive just swapped the custom shop pickups it came with to a set of 62's as I love there sound. Trouble is ive got a distinct crackling noise every time I touch the polepieces and I've never come up against it before. Everything checked and checked again, cavity lined with copper foil but still this noise, ?
  8. [b][size=8]SOLD[/size][/b][size=4] can someone tell me how to edit the title? please[/size]
  9. Postage not a problem or you could organize your own courier Tony
  10. Brand spanking new Phil jones 100 watt Bass cub, in as new condition still has all original packaging just a different power lead as i got it from Thoman in Germany and it came with a shaver socket plug (as does everything I,ve got from them). No trades as i need the money for a new timing chain on my car [attachment=136570:get-attachment.aspx.jpg][attachment=136571:pb1.jpg][attachment=136571:pb1.jpg]
  11. Hey! no worry's fella, after a week flying up and down the country climbing trees the old brainbox gets a bit out of tune
  12. Well what can i say apart from sorry Mike, completely missed your question, flat out at work at the moment so i get very limited time on the PC, but Im sure if you ask anyone who has bought gear from me will tell you i have impeccable manners. I can also state hand on heart that i have replied to everyone's questions (yeah ok Tonyquipment just about to PM you) At the moment amp is on hold but if that falls through i shall (in order) be in touch with the next person that got in touch with me. And Mike stop stalking me!
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