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  1. As in a playlist of the (I think) 30 tracks covered in the book - or just some of your own favourites? I hope it contains everyone's favourite "Colin is a genius" bassline that was actually written by Andy™. (Although Colin still is a genius. As is AP.)
  2. For me Moving Pictures just shades it from Permanent Waves. As a callow youth I used to love Farewell & Hemispheres but while I still enjoy some of the shorter tunes, the epics haven't aged as well for me. 2112 still makes me laugh, albeit in a nice way (at least until I see the outfits on the back - not quite sure what's going on with Alex's trousers but it looks neither comfortable nor healthy). Honourable mention to Grace Under Pressure. Despite containing more chorused guitar than a jam session with Mike Stern and Andy Summers held underwater in a giant washing machine it has aged well and contains some great tunes. I could never get on with Power Windows and so voluntarily banished myself from the city of Megadon thereafter. Fortunately I found a strange device in a cave with four thick wires that vibrate and give music and achieved a terrifying musical proficiency on it within 40 seconds.* *Not actually true. Some thirty-odd years later I still can't play the first five notes of YYZ up to tempo.
  3. That Denny Dias solo is probably my favourite of the large number of killer guitar solos in the 'Dan catalogue. I'm was initially drawn to stuff like Pretzel Logic and Royal Scam but over the years I learned to appreciate the ice cool Aja and Gaucho material a lot more than when I were a lad. Also enjoyed Everything Must Go and Two Against Nature much more than I thought I would. Current favourite tune would be this splendid slice of achingly sophisticated pop (Purdie and, I think, Chuck Rainey right in the pocket) with an exquisitely acid lyric:
  4. Cheers Mr T. I'll see if I can find some.
  5. Does anybody have any idea where those volume and tone knobs came from? The stock ones on my BB614 (chrome with 2 rubber strips for grip) look and feel great but there's no indicator dot or line so I can't see where they are set. (I keep meaning to loosen them off and rotate them so that I can use the screw holes as position indicators but I'd prefer a new set.) Looks like there's a Gotoh 201 on there too.
  6. Baceface

    Gibson ES-355

    Despite being a shortarse, I'm not usually too keen on the downsized ES models. However, that 235 seems like a nice design. Would echo the sentiments about the colour and figured top but it sounds good to me.
  7. Wonderful article - as others have said, it's very well written. Lovely Wal too. Saw John Giblin a few times with John Martyn's band - a pretty tasty player. In fact the whole JM band had serious chops around that time.
  8. Baceface

    Gibson ES-355

    I always wanted a 355 but have settled on one of the 1964 reissue ES345s that were among the last models made at the Memphis factory. I've been through a few ES-type guitars including decent quality Japanese Orville, Tokai and Yamaha SA2100 and 2200 models. I'm happy with the Gibson though. It's not the prettiest guitar and there's loads of dirty grain behind the 60s cherry finish. That said, I don't like flamed ESs and I've seen similar heavily grained tops on authentic 60s guitars.
  9. Thanks @Al Krow. I wasn't ignoring @krispn's suggestion. I suppose I'm just wondering if it's worth my while getting such a switch installed. As a non-electronic type I can't see why the preamp in flat mode would colour the sound that much! I'm wondering what it is that people hear in the 414 that they don't in the 616. More highs? Lows? Clarity? Punch? etc. etc. I do find the 614 quite a "powerful" sound. Not a huge problem but am guessing that there's some kind of subtle gain boost regardless of how the eq is set. Thanks again.
  10. Sorry to hang about here like a bad smell but... To me the BB614 pickups sound good but I'm no expert and this is my only bass. I've played a few, far posher, instruments and not felt they were that much better. Again, I'm no expert. I do, however, keep reading about people preferring the BB414's tone though. I did A/B the models but that was about 10,000 years ago when I bought it. I thought the 614 sounded as good and, as I remember, no different to the 414. I rarely use the eq (other than treble roll-off) but I do love the pickup blend control. I think I just preferred the colour of the 614 (I'm shallow, I know). This leads me to believe that the tonal differences heard by better, and more experienced, bassists must be down to the 614 preamp/eq. If they perceived that difference even when the eq was set flat, then I assume that the preamp must be colouring the sound to it's detriment. So, I'm wondering if trying to get some kind of passive mod would be likely to give me a better sound? I realise this is all very subjective but I've seen the 614 compared unfavourably to the 414 so many times that there is a very high probability there's something in it!
  11. Cheers @AndyTravis. I guess that, having just got back into the bass, I'm just itching to upgrade something. The tuners and bridge work perfectly and I suppose the eq isn't doing any harm if I'm not using it. Am getting seriously tempted by some Sandbergs and the BB would still justify it's place as a "beater". Thanks for the advice.
  12. Loving that horn @AndyTravis! Had to google that as I'd never seen a 614 in that colour. That's a really nice 'burst and the black pickguard looks great. That finish wasn't available when I bought mine. I liked the natural more than the pewter and (I think) red-burst. I do wish it came in the BB414 metallic orange - that was a killer colour but I couldn't find one to try. I think that the BBs have such a big, round body that a pickguard helps break up the vast acreage of timber. I'm still leaning tortwards myself but black would be a second choice and I think I'd be happy with either. I don't want to derail anything here but did you make any other mods to it? I keep reading that the pre-amp is the weak link on these but I lack any in-depth knowledge of such things. I must confess that I never use it but that might be that I don't like active tones (or as a home based player, I have no need for them). A chunky bridge would be sexy although lighter tuners might bring the weight down a bit. Do you have any thoughts on what might (or might not) be a worthwhile upgrade? Cheers.
  13. Thanks @therealting , although I can't find anything online for the Bass Doc, other than some historical posts mentioning the name on this site. Also thanks to @AndyTravis . I hadn't considered that Yamaha might be able to supply something. I might ask them if it would fit the BB614. Having done some crude photoshopping, I quite like the black and white idea but I do like a nice torty 'guard. I suppose it's just the commitment to putting holes in the bass - no backing out then. I guess it's not worth much anyway. Thanks again. Crude 'shopping attached, just for larks...
  14. I've been wondering if it's possible to get a pickguard made for my old BB614. These didn't come with them so I doubt that a template exists anywhere. I like the shape of the one on the BB435 and agree that the tort looks fantastic against the black. Trouble is that the BB614 has metal pickup surrounds so I'd have to get that factored in. Does @AndyTravis have a contact who can make these up? (I suppose I could ask him myself!)
  15. I went all posh and got the sweatshirt. I think it fell to bits sometime in the early 90s, pity. Not that it would fit me now. Not by a long way!
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