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  1. I know what you mean. My biggest complaint is that the cost of membership isn't stated. I assume that means it's expensive. However, I also realise that "expensive" is a relative term and I can compare the cost with private lessons and work out if the relative merits of SBL membership make it worthwhile. Keeping the cost hidden just puts me off. I really rate what I've seen of his content but wish he'd be upfront about the charges.
  2. Baceface


    Hello from about 9 miles south of the land of the pie eaters.
  3. Yes. I've seen poor Dave also get the riding crop across the jacksie during "Hunting Girl". If that was the end of his derrière-based-bass-activities, he'd probably be happy. Unfortunately, this also happened...
  4. I think I heard Dave Pegg once describe himself thus...
  5. From one "face" to another... I think the credit card thing is standard practice for a free trial. It's annoying, I know, but it's par for the course. You just have to be sensible enough to cancel the agreement within the time and you'll not be charged. I agree about the competitions but you can just ignore them. Ditto all the emails - they can be annoying but I'd sooner have spam about basses than erectile dysfunction. Moving swiftly on.... We need to balance this with the fact that SBL contains a lot of really great content - all free with absolutely no catch. I've no doubt that with some self-discipline you could educate yourself to a prolific standard with the free stuff that Scott and others like him put out. As I lack this self discipline, I too get tempted occasionally. I almost signed up for the recent "practice accelerator" but had an honest chat with myself and had to admit that I probably could not commit the time, just at the moment. I was spammed cross-eyed over that one ("just three seconds left to sign up" etc.) but I guess it's his living and I think he's a fantastic teacher with a really natural, unassuming personality. Doubtless this conceals a terrifying, cynical, magnate (alnico?) running an empire of bass-based-evil from a hollowed-out volcano somewhere near Leeds but I can live with that. "Ahhh... Mr Bond. I see here that you have not met your practice targets for slap triplets for the month. I am very disappointed."
  6. Also love Venus/Star combo but sad at lack of Dave Gregory involvement. He's a fantastic guitar player and totally the third prong in their "triple threat" alongside AP & CM. I just think they were unfortunate in not having someone who could square up to Partsy and drag him into line. Guess they lost that with Terry C?
  7. It was quite nice having him on Twitter. You got a real insight into his quicksilver-fast mind and , appropriately enough, mercurial temperament. Without going into details, I think the incident that caused him to delete his account got very nasty very quickly but he sometimes seems unable to back down or shut up when that might be the best course of action. I suppose I am not really a "proper" XTC fan in that I actually prefer the later albums. My favourites are Skylarking, The Dukes Stuff, Oranges and, probably best of all, Nonsuch. I mentioned this once to AP and he said it was his favourite too so I'm in good company. There's some stunning stuff on the "Fuzzy Warbles" CDs. Obviously variable sound quality and plenty of demos/ideas that later turned up on the albums but a load of killer tunes that never got used. The stuff he discarded was basically an entire brilliant songwriter's career in itself! Obviously you've got to sift through the 9CDs of stuff to find it but it's worth it.
  8. I asked on the Sandberg Facebook page why the Superlight models came in so few finish options. They confirmed that it was due to the cedar body not working well with all finishes. They also said that it takes four times longer to achieve a smooth finish, with obvious cost implications. Apparently they're experimenting with another lightweight wood called paulownia which is smoother grained. Presumably this will increase the finish options they're able to offer without putting prices up.
  9. I might be a bit out of order here but... I was looking at Sandbergs after reading about @fretmeister's Superlight. Being an old trumper with shonky shoulders, the idea of a light bass appeals greatly. While browsing, I came across the Marusczcyk basses (made in Poland, I think, or it might be in Germany by a Polish luthier). Some of them seem to come in at not much heavier than the Sandberg SL range - often around 7.5lbs or so - and they seem priced a bit below Sandberg with a similarly vast level of custom options. They look a wee bit more traditional to my eye and they seem to sound as good as the Sandbergs in as much as you can tell from YouTube audio. On the offchance that you were not aware of them, they might be worth considering. Here's a nice vid-jo of a gentleman from the North East giving an overview of the Maruszczyk he bought to use in place of his valuable vintage Precision. If you were aware of them, I apologise. YouTube - Review: Maruszczyk Jake basses
  10. Same here. I've even taken to trying to predict if I could ever buy it. Current projection is that I might get it for £1500 in December. Only joking. Sure this is a bargain now and it's only a matter of time before a well heeled low-noter snatches it up. GLWTS.
  11. I believe there's a new Squier CV block neck Precision out in the splendid "Arthur Scargill's MFI Music Centre Cabinet" brown. They don't seem to have the splendid grain of the example posted above, unfortunately. No matter as nowhere seems to have any in stock. I suspect they're waiting on the case candy which includes a stick-on 'tache and sideburns and a replica of John B. Sparks' polyester suit.
  12. Absolutely splendid, in a 1970s Britain kind of a way. It evokes watching The Sweeney, being savagely duffed-up by the school bullies (and being told "not to be such a bloody jessie" if you were stupid enough to tell teachers/parents), winters of discontent and @Stub Mandrel's teenage diet. Ahh, happy days.
  13. Sounds really nice to me Mr Loops. Pretty technical sounding stuff too. I'm not a great bass player so my opinion might not count for much but I think your playing's really tight and very impressive. I'd have liked to hear a wee bit more low end thump to the mix but that might be my speakers or the streaming format. (Plus there's nothing you can do about the mix anyway!)
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