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  1. It's been a while since I was gigging with bass (mostly drums in the last few years) so I'm reduced to noodling at home
  2. Billy Bragg - Between the Wars... strangely prescient!
  3. Rotosound 77's - they're my 'go to' strings. I keep going back to them
  4. It turns out that it *is* all in the volume knob! If it turn it right down, to about 1mm off zero(!) then I can match the output of the pedal when it's on to when it's off. It's *very* close though, even a tiny bit of movement and it blows the amp with a loud output! It's *hot*!
  5. I'll go back and look at this - I may be being a spanner!
  6. Ah, ok, this might be what I need - I'll try to find out about this
  7. Yes, but that doesn't help because the volume knob only adjusts the volume that is over and above 'normal' i.e. zero on the volume knob is the same as turning the pedal off.
  8. My Pork and Pickle is becoming a staple in my setup, but.... When it's in the signal path it boosts the volume, when it's out the volume goes back to the 'normal' level. This means I have to fiddle with the volume on the bass when I turn it on and off. Is this normal for effects pedals? (this is my one and only) - how do you deal with a pedal adding volume, especially mid-song?
  9. This is a little like the original 45 recording of ‘Stand By Me’ which sounds like an upright but is about 1/8th tone out of tune the whole way through. I always wondered whether it was an issue with the master tape...
  10. EADG then pull on each string hard, then EADG again. Then tune again in the morning of the following day. some basses seem to keep their tuning with new strings (my Vigier) and some lose it quite quickly (my old Thumb BO 4). The Warwick always needed tuning once a day for about a week until the new strings settled down...
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