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  1. I think you might well be right. I remember reading somewhere (possibly on here) that the guts of the original T bird pickups were repurposed lap steel ones that were surplus to requirements. I messed about with it again this morning (the bass that is, fnar fnar). I'm still struggling to love it. First world problem!
  2. Thus far, I'm finding mine difficult to warm to. Sounds sort of...clanky? Not like a Gibson. Or not like a Gibson that I've heard, I should say.
  3. Actually yes. I was completely wrong on all counts. I bought the bass in 91, it was indeed new in '87. The exchange did happen in John Henrys Cafe tho. Just four years later than I thought it did....
  4. IIRC the serial number dates it to'84 unless I'm going utterly senile. It's a white one with black hardware. I bought it off a chap in late 1987. We did the exchange in the cafe at John Henrys. Very rock n'roll I thought....
  5. Well, I got a sunburst one, and its very nice, all things considered. Well put together, plays nicely etc etc. The plastic spacer underneath the bridge pickup is a bit crap, but thats a being picky I guess. The neck is markedly chunkier than my '84 Thunderbird. Thats not a bad thing, just different. The pickups sound OK. Not as brutal as the '84, but they are chrome, which makes a world of difference...:0) It looks nice. Thats the thing really. It looks like a proper T bird with the tailpiece, big headstock, lollipop tuners and all. So all in all, really nice bass. Slightly lacking in soul, but hopefully it will acquire some along the way, and to be fair that is a very personal reflection. I've only ever bought one other brand new bass in almost forty years, so the new thing is quite....erm...new to me.
  6. Sale ** Alembic Mark King year 95 **

    Hello, thats a lovely looking bass. Where is it please?
  7. LowEnd Thunderbird 6 SOLD

    Oh my word. That is cool.
  8. Aria FEB - any thoughts?

    Have you thought of a shortbass ?
  9. Special D Curlee

    Thats a fine looking bass you have there sir. Keep those updates coming. It's looking great!
  10. Handsome. Nice statuette too...
  11. I've just ordered a tobacco sunburst one from Andertons. Delivery next week apparently....
  12. JapCrap Spotting

    His descriptions are very well thought through mind. His verdict on the Satellite bass: "1970's Vintage Short Scale Satellite Bass, Well preserved & Fully Functional.." To which I could only add ".....and still sh*t."
  13. Good grief. Still waiting for stock? This is like pulling teeth! Thanks for the info Clivem.
  14. So has anyone got the Thunderbird then?
  15. Aria SB1000 JT

    Of course. No offence meant. I was being slightly ironic.