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  1. They'll certainly be up for a live band - I think for the smaller room it's sixty quid to hire it (for an evening band type function) and you get that back if there's a certain amount spent over the bar. £400 rings a bell. It would probably be best if we came up with a couple of dates and then I approach them. Any thoughts...?
  2. I'm up for it. Any thoughts as to a venue? The Hunter Club in Bury St Eds is nice, they don''t seem to do much with the rooms in the day, so I'll happily have a word and see if one can be wangled....
  3. Looks like these ones are for the later series six and onwards. Mine is a series 5 and the knobs look a bit different. Thanks for the steer though, much appreciated!
  4. Evening all, would anyone happen to know a source for those little white TE fader knobs? Thanks in advance! Stuart
  5. So, pardon my ignorance, and double pardon me for hijacking the thread slightly, but what is an Odyssey and whom is Atilla Balough? And what is that Japanese copy? They might well be the coolest things I have ever seen....
  6. Having recently purchased a bass off Raj I can thoroughly recommend him as a seller and all round good chap. Deal with confidence!
  7. In many ways, yes. But I would point out that two deeply Kevinesque teenage boys would test any salesman....;0)
  8. FOLKS: This bass is no longer for sale. I just can't do it, it would be like selling one of the kids. I really appreciate all of the interest and kind words in the thread above. I have decided to buy the 20th anniversary anyway. Sod it. You only live once.
  9. It certainly is. Long neck though, doesn't feel like a short scale.
  10. Well, I tend to wear this one quite high, seems to suit the deep funk heritage.. and it sits fine. When I have tried to wear it lower there is a bit of dive, to be fair...
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