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  1. ...anyway. I think, having done a bit of online research and listened to the opinions of folks that have got/had both units, the HX FX is the one I want.
  2. Well, that told me then. How dare I ask opinions of fellow bass players....on...erm...a board that is dedicated to the opinions of bass players....🤣
  3. Whats the difference? Any pros and cons? What is the stomp XL? Thanks for the info, and apologies if this has already been done....
  4. I bought one of those speaker cabs- albeit with a blown 15" that needed reconing- for £150 a few years ago. And an immaculate, flightcased 400+ for £800. So I reckon you are pretty much spot on there Beedster.
  5. Lovely and unusual. GLWTS!
  6. Yes indeed, and I am an idiot who did not read a very well written ad..🤣.Its really pretty. GLWTS.
  7. Thats just nit picking. Anyone could make a mistake like that.....😬
  8. That one in the clip is the same colour as mine too- pretty much the same bass right down to the brass truss rod cover. Thanks for the kind words Nik!
  9. Come on folks. This is the bargain of the century. A handmade British bass from the late 70's with top notch workmanship, fixtures and fittings. Yours for only 20% of the price of a Wal or 40% of the price of a BC Rich depending on your preferences. Thats before VAT and duty come into the equation. A no brainer!😂
  10. Its a beaut, and that is a ludicrous price for that kind of quality. Good for you. Enjoy!
  11. Ah..the fretless with the slap plates. A quirky modern classic that. Always wanted one. How much did it set you back if you don't mind me asking?
  12. That was said further up the thread and it didnt really sink in....doh! I've only ever seen him use various fenders/moduli and a Stringray iirc...Ah well, thats star power I suppose...We could try a bit of Popperism here. Can anyone think of a bassists association with a brand of basses leading to vertiginous price rises apart from Wal?
  13. Given the price I'm asking for this, vs. the price of various other -lets face it, quite similar vintage instruments on here at the mo- I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that this bass offers a remarkably cost effective way in to early eighties custom luthery......😉
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