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    Feedback for Iana

    Ian and I traded Fenders, J for P! Ian drove well out of his way (and in terrible weather conditions) to meet at a location that was certainly more convenient for myself. Total gent, smooth transaction, bass as described. Would happily deal with again.
  2. 2 sets of DR Sunbeams, Nickel 40-95. Put these on my Jazz basses for a change however too light for me. Only a few hours of play on both sets. Cut for a Fender Bass. One set has a box, the other doesn’t. £20 for the pair, posted in the UK.
  3. I recently acquired these in the sale on guitarguitar, bought them cause they were cheap, wore them for 5 mins and realised that whilst they sound excellent, my existing headphones do the job fine for practice. Just looking to get my money back as guitarguitar won’t accept returns on headphones. £55 posted to your UK address.
  4. I've been playing it a little today and I'm impressed with the sound and overall quality. Neck feels lovely, P-ish width but shallow front to back. I think it's an ebony fretboard but not 100% - it needs a good clean so could be Rosewood. Unfortunately one of the bridge height adjustment screws is not shifting despite a little WD40 and elbow grease, I snapped an Allen key trying to turn it : ( I think it's going to require a trip to my local tech. Thanks for this, I've sent an email over so hopefully I'll hear something. Does anyone know which tool is required to adjust the truss rod? I'm only familiar with fender-type rods and this is different, looks like a nut that would need a socket wrench thingy....
  5. It balances great! Feels quite light too, I haven't weighed it but I'm guessing around the 4kg mark.
  6. Another impulse purchase on my part. This came up locally and intrigued me, I'm a sucker for black with gold hardware - I have a much loved BB3000 with the same. It's been heavily gigged by the looks of it, plenty of scrapes and dings but nothing overly significant. Played by a chap in an 80's metal band called Samurai! I've found a couple of photo's online of the bass in a strong hair-metal context (one of which I've added below...)! I've never owned a Jaydee before and can't seem to find much information about these online. I'm assuming it was a custom order. If anyone knows anything about them, I'd love to hear. It plays surprisingly well and has a massive sound, even unplugged. I would like to reduce the action a bit however the bridge screws (Allen key type) seem to have seized up and won't turn. Also, how do you lower the pickups on these? Cheers.
  7. Happy to ship anywhere however the buyer would have to cover these costs. Only trade I would potentially consider would be an early Warwick Thumb or Dolphin.
  8. This is another great Jazz bass from my collection. I also have a CS '64 jazz bass for sale here and there's not a huge amount between them. It's a limited edition run (or FSR) in Daphne Blue with matching headstock. There are differing accounts online regarding how limited the run was but from what I can ascertain there were likely 50 for the American market and 50 for the European market, as such, they don't come up for sale that often. This one is in near mint condition, it has not been gigged, only home use. The only (very slight) blemishes are where the chrome covers have been attached as the nitro finish is very light. It has numerous case candy and a rather nice cream G&G case. Pics now added! Weight is 4.05 kg Collection and Trial welcome in Cardiff, UK. I have a feedback thread here on BC.
  9. Re-listed, I would like to keep this (and am tempted to) but I'm needing to raise some funds now for a studio-related project. I got this recently from binkybongo from this forum. These images are from the original thread. It's a great sounding, lightweight (4kg) jazz bass, one of the best I've played. Really strong, even tone across the fretboard. It has numerous light scratches which are difficult to see and some dings (pictured). Collection and trial welcome in Cardiff, UK. Happy to discuss shipping options to anywhere. I have a feedback thread here on BC. Cheers. Feedback here:
  10. Steve Harris for me. His sound attracted me to the instrument when I was at college; galloping, clanky, aggressive tone, always driving the song.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Lovely looking bass! Another bump for a great seller...
  13. This is a tough decision but here’s my ‘08 CV P bass, I believe this was the first run of the model. Its in excellent condition, a couple of marks on the side of the body and some discolouration where the bridge cover once sat. The pick guard still has the plastic covering on it. This is one of the nicest P basses I’ve ever played and it delivers the classic sound with the TI flats that are currently installed. The original wiring loom has been replaced for KiOGon solderless however I’ll include the original along with the original bridge cover. Collection in Cardiff preferred as I don’t have a case or a box for this bass at present.
  14. I’d love to get my hands on a 3000MA but from what I can tell, they don’t come up very often...
  15. Out of interest, is there much difference between the 3000 and 3000MA, other than cosmetics..?
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