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  1. Love these basses 👍
  2. No problem, PM me if you want to discuss further.
  3. This is just an awesome gig bag, as protective as most hard cases I would say. It’s less than a year old and has been used under 20 times. The outside looks brand new, no rips or tears. The only evidence of use is some discolouration of the interior where metal parts have touched the lining. Full specs here: https://www.gatorcases.com/products/guitar/instrument-bassguitar/pro-go-ultimate-guitar-gig-bags/pro-go-guitar/bass-guitar-gig-bag-g-pg-bass/ I’m only selling as I’m now using a bag that can carry two basses. £60 posted in the UK or £50 if collected in Cardiff.
  4. Wow - that sunburst is just lovely 😍
  5. Happy to ship anywhere 👍
  6. It’s a see-through blonde finish, in natural light it’s certainly more yellowey in tone. Send me a PM if you want to discuss further. 👍
  7. Thought i’d share this as I feel this is quite a reasonable price for the mono dual bass bag - £179 (25% discount). https://kytary.co.uk/mono-m80-2b-blk/HN105681/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4MTVvIv-5wIVRIXVCh2lEwnfEAUYAyABEgK93PD_BwE Never heard of or ordered from this site before but it seems legit and you can pay via PayPal.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Thanks for posting this 👍 If you can get this on to a stage with your spine in tact, then it doesn’t get much better (IMO), proper earth shattering stuff. The folk-lore about Trace watts is true!!
  10. I believe this amp was the top of the range in the early 80’s. I think this one is an ‘84. It has the legendary GP11 pre-amp. Absolute beast of an amp with bi-amp facility, essentially two AH250’s in one enclosure. The sound is epic, classic Trace. All sliders and knob covers present. Working brilliantly. This is far too heavy and impractical for me. It weighs a lot! I can get quotes for delivery but collection would be best due to the weight. Trial welcomed in Cardiff.
  11. Possibly, send me a PM
  12. woolf

    Boss TU-2

    Clearing out a few pedals that are not receiving much use recently: 1. Cog CMB01 - A T-16, Mini 66 and Tarkin in one enclosure with order switching for the 66 & Tarkin - SOLD 2. A heavily road worn Boss TU-2, works fine - £25 3. An Ibanez PD7, a nice overdrive this with plenty of options - SOLD All prices include UK delivery.
  13. I’ve not owned this very long, another impulse purchase on my part! Only selling due to GAS for another instrument...
  14. Nice example of a transitional era Fender Jazz in the transparent blonde finish, this has the older style logo but with the 3 bolt neck plate and micro-tilt. This might attract any Marcus fans out there as it really nails that bright, snappy, articulate slap tone. Harmonics jump off this bass and it rings out forever! Currently setup with 40-100’s and a low action. Truss rod turning both ways nicely. It has usual signs of wear and tear consistent with its age, most notable is a slight lacquer chip on the back of the neck. I can’t feel this when playing but it’s worth a mention. Otherwise it’s all original except for replacement bridge saddles (I think) as these appear a bit more shiny, but I’m not sure, perhaps they were preserved when the bridge cover was present. Bridge and pickup cover along with original case are missing. Weight is 5kg as it’s a heavy ash body. It sits nicely on the strap and with a wide strap, it has been fine for me. Trial welcome in Cardiff.
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