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  1. The body dimensions on the older BB’s are slightly different, they’ve slimmed down the new range a little... slightly ironic given they’re ‘broad basses’. The new ones also have standard pickup dimensions which means more retro-fitting potential.
  2. I’d love to own this bass - would look lovely next to my ‘84 black BB3000! Unfortunately, I need to sell another bass before I do any further shopping 😭
  3. Here's my 1975 P bass. It's in great condition, the body has some marks where the paint has begun to crack in places however these are difficult to see given the black finish. The neck is pretty much unmarked and is a lovely, well figured piece of birdseye maple. Pots and neck stamp date to 1975. The pickup codes are not quite legible as the original pickup foam is stuck to the base of them and I don't want to tear this off. The case is in great condition, all latches working fine (no key unfortunately). Original pickup and bridge cover are present along with an old set of rotosounds, a lead and some old music that has always been with this bass. Weight is 10lb 5oz on my digital scales. To my ears, this bass has a really loud, hefty and aggressive tone with the current set of nickel rounds. The only thing missing from this bass are the original 2 screws that secure the chrome pickup cover (the 2 for the bridge cover are present), otherwise, everything you see is completely original. I'd encourage a trial in Cardiff, UK. I'm willing to ship at the buyers cost and risk. I frequently drive down to the Portsmouth area also if that helps anyone. Trades I’m interested in: Yamaha Attitude LTD, Fender Custom Shop 4 strings, ‘70-‘75 Jazz Bass, Yamaha BB3000S but will consider most 4 strings...
  4. At one point I owned a BB1024 and a BB3000. Now I just own the 3000. They both have a very similar tone however the reason the 3000 has stuck around was the comparatively lighter weight (my 3000 is 4kg) and the depth of the neck was slimmer front to back. Both awesome basses though and there’s really not much in it.
  5. Appears to be in excellent condition - very tempting!
  6. A well used jazz bridge pickup with plenty of signs of wear and tear. It’s working fine. The current wiring is a little short and might require extending or changing.
  7. Barely used with box. Condition as new. £50 posted to your UK address.
  8. A solid set of Gotoh tuners, made in Japan. These were on a Yamaha BB3000 when I took ownership of it, they weren’t the original tuners (or correct colour) so here they are... They work just fine. They have a pitted / matted / dulled appearance as I think they are quite old, perhaps 80’s / 90’s... £50 posted in the UK
  9. A set of Wizard Thumpers for your P bass.. £50 posted in the UK.
  10. I bought this off eBay a couple of months ago for a project that’s unlikely to happen now. Cost me £50. It’s a nice 60’s style relic with good attention to detail. £35 delivered in the UK.
  11. My decision to by an old Fender was informed very little by logic, reason or rational thinking! It was more an emotional decision based on the way the instrument makes me feel and play. If all musical decisions were rational and logical, I fear we might be culturally poorer for it. Additionally, I don’t feel my old fender is ‘better’ than my Yamaha or CV squier, just different.
  12. Ahhh, my bad - I thought Andy was asking about the 3000’s in general. 👍
  13. Perhaps this was a custom colour but this rather lovely BB3000 is in ‘black / redburst’ - looks like an original finish to me. http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Yamaha_BB3000.html Also, Tony Kanal is pictured here with some sort of burst finish BB3000...
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