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  1. I'll suggest this to my wife and let you know the outcome
  2. It's with a heavy heart that I advertise this bass. I acquired this earlier in the year from another member on this forum. It's everything I had hoped it would be, however, with another baby on the way and the need for a car with a bigger boot, I can't currently justify having an instrument of this value in my collection. It plays fantastically with a low action - bell-like clarity across the scale of the instrument and sustain for days. Fantastic balance also, not a hint of neck dive. The condition is good, there are signs of wear but nothing significant. It comes with the original Fodera case and toolkit. Certificates of Authenticity were not issued during this era however if you wish to email the serial number to Fodera, it matches up with the records they have on their database. The specs: Fodera Imperial Elite 5 string made in 2001 34" scale Buckeye Burl top, Mahogany body, Maple tone block, 3 piece maple through neck, ebony board, ebony ramp, ebony truss rod cover. Pope preamp - a couple of months ago this was sent to Mike Pope for some refurbishment - volume and tone pot replaced along with new battery terminals. The switches are for active / passive, single / dual coil and a kill-switch. Weight - 4.75kg I am happy to ship this anywhere but it would need to be insured - I have plenty of sturdy packaging. Collection from Cardiff would be ideal. I have lots of feedback here on Basschat: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/192340-feedback-for-woolf/?tab=comments#comment-4279789 Any questions - please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm looking for a straight-up cash sale on this one but would consider part-trades with cash in my direction.
  3. Shame it’s collection only - otherwise I would be tempted!
  4. Yes - no problem at all - if you PM me your address I can work out a delivery estimate.
  5. I have these two Badass bridges for sale. One is chrome and one is gold effect but fading in places to show the chrome. The gold one is missing a single height intonation screw - easy enough to replace I should think. UPDATE - thanks to the kindness of the fellow bass-chatter below, the grub screw is now replaced and the bridge is back to full functionality. Chrome - £70 posted Gold - £65 posted Want both? - £130 posted
  6. Hi there, I’m not really sure how to answer this! This is my only reference point of an electric guitar - I’ve never owned another, so not really sure how it would compare to others. Neck feels nice to me! It’s straight! I think the frets are standard size for this guitar. Sorry I cant be more helpful.
  7. The serial number is H31035 which I believe dates this to 1991. The weight is 4.65 kg.
  8. Time to shift another bass that’s not getting enough use. The build quality of this is phenomenal. Great neck with Ebony fingerboard that is soooo dark! It’s in superb condition, a small paint chip (circled) is the worst of it. A thumb rest has been added which can be removed but will leave two screw holes. It’s been modded with a John East preamp that contains vol, pickup pan, bass, treble, mid, mid freq and separate piezo blend, piezo tone, Active / passive switch. 33.75” scale 19mm string spacing I don’t have a case for this but I have a box and can wrap it up in a large quantity of bubble wrap. EDIT - I now have an old Ritter gig bag I will include to offer some additional protection in transit. I’ve also acquired a sturdy Sandberg packaging cardboard box (not a hard case). £975 delivered in the UK.
  9. £13.56 seems like a good price for these: D'Addario EXL165 XL Nickel Wound Regular Light Top/Medium Bottom Electric Bass Guitar Strings https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0002LI5W2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_NM1HFbF30GX1R
  10. Hmm - I wonder if the seller used an alternative account to bid on the item creating an unofficial reserve. I like the look of this bass but something just doesn’t feel right. Also - does anyone think the nut width looks like more of a jazz ?
  11. This is an awesome ‘player’ grade Les Paul with a fair amount of real road wear from many many hours of play. It’s a 1995 model and has an ebony fingerboard which is a little more desirable than the rosewood which many of these typically possess. There’s plenty of scratches and wear spots but nothing significant that impacts playability. Recently strung with a new set of super slinky’s. Includes a hard case (not photo’d) Trial / Pickup in Cardiff. Happy to post but will need to source a suitable box.
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