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  1. Thanks @LukeFRC for the extra info 👍. FWIW - it does the active-jazz sound pretty damn well to my ears. Lots of clarity and beef where you want it 😉.
  2. Q1. Correct - both are 1/1+2/2 Q2. As far as I’m aware they are all true single coils. Not sure about the hum-cancelling? Never noticed any hum in any position. Each pickup is a Bartolini 9W5 - there may be more info about these online.
  3. I picked this up on this forum around Xmas time. It’s a modified, well used but not abused early example. Absolutely fantastic and versatile bass however I’m accepting it’s not going to get the use it deserves and I’m really hankering for a 70’s Jazz bass or a Pre-EB stingray, as such - I’m interested in a trade for either of these. I will add that it’s missing a small retaining black screw that secures one of the mini switches - it came to me like this unfortunately and I’m not sure where I can source a replacement. Price includes UK delivery. Please see my feedback on this forum. Description and pictures from previous sale: Here is a quite unique old Sadowsky J5. This beautiful light blue thing bas been played and modified but it remains to have that Sadowsky DNA all over the bass. Admitted, to some the adding of 2 ‘period correct’ Bartolini pickups may be an acquired taste but with a three way toggle switch per pickup it ads very musical tonal variations. The great early ‘94 maple neck, these necks are special really (Anderson?). The finish seems original to me, at some points it is becoming a bit greenish: same discoloring that happens with old blue Fenders. The neck seems to be refinished in a yellowish clear coating at some point. It’s done professionally. The pickguard seems custom made, don’t know by who. The bass has signs of playingwear all over but no abuse: generally speaking it looks pretty good. Most important is that it sounds and plays awesome, it is light (unchambered!) and well balanced. Other than mentioned modifications the bass seems 100% original. In the early nineties these Bartolini’s, Gotoh tuners and bridges were the ones that were used by Roger and they still work perfectly fine. The Gotoh bridge allows for afjusting the string spacing which I find to be a nice feature since I like the spacing to be just a little less than 19mm. The truss rod and the electronics work flawless as well and the frets have enough life in them for many years to come. The bass comes with an original Sadowsky soft case...
  4. Paul bought some strings from me. Fast payment / pleasant transaction. Cheers Paul.
  5. All prices include UK delivery: LaBella 750N - cut for Fender Precision - less than an hours use - £30 EB Super Slinky 2824 - unopened - SOLD EB Extra Slinky 2835 - cut for Fender - less than an hours use - £15 x8 sets of D’addario EXL 165 - all unopened - SOLD
  6. woolf

    Ghost Rider

    Anth purchased some tuning machines from me. Great comms and quick payment. Thanks Anth.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. HI Carl, Yeah, no problems. If you PM me we can work out a shipping quote.
  9. Made the mistake of playing this again and now I'm getting cold feet. Withdrawn for now...
  10. I've owned this bass for about four years and I've really enjoyed it. Of late - it's spending a lot of time in the rack as I've began favouring five strings... This is a great sounding bass and the build quality is immense. I replaced the P pickup with a BB2024 equivalent ordered from Yamaha. I have the original pickup which will be included in the sale. The BB2024 pup is hotter than the original, but the original one is fine and works great. The tuners are also replacement Schallers. It's in 8/10 condition. A few dings here and there but nothing significant. There is a small part of the decal that has flaked off. Weight is 3.95kg Made in Japan - 1984 Don't have the original case or any hardcase for that matter but I can ship in a Ritter gig bag + sturdy box and plenty of packaging. I'll take a number of better pictures when there's a bit of sunlight as the black sparkle finish is really great and these images don't really do the bass any justice.
  11. A fine set of the much coveted (and discontinued) Wizard ‘84 Jazz p’ups. £100 posted to your UK address. Now £80 posted
  12. A set of tuning machines that have come off my nineties Fender Japan Jazz Bass (I’ve replaced these with Res-o-lites). They’re a little road-worn but functioning properly. £60 posted to your UK address. PRICE DROP - £50
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