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  1. The output on my late 70’s Jazz Bass seems to have been decreasing over the years. I fitted a MEC pre-amp to it years ago but the output still seems low. So I decided to put it back to standard Jazz condition. On testing the pups I’ve found the coils of both pups are shorting to the pole pieces. Is it worth having them rewound and if so where’s the best place to have them done or is it best to just purchase new ones? I see from another thread re some Entwistle pups seem good value for money. Whether Enwistle pups would have a too modern sound for a 70’s Jazz for their price could be worth a punt.
  2. Thanks for the reply. It would seem by the lack of replies this mix and match build it yourself , these days is not an option for many. In the 60’s when I started we were always doing this out of necessity . A Vox AC 15/30 or nothing. After playing support to bands like Johnny Kid and the Pirates,Sounds Incorporate etc. I always pounced on the bass players and quizzed them re their gear. They were usually using American speakers by Altec Lansing or Gause. Their amps came from suppliers of Cinema sound equipment. Rows of KT88 valves which by the end of the night you could fry your breakfast on from the heat they gave off. So my first serious bass setup used a Leak Slope Hifi preamp into a 100watt leak mono amp with KT88’s,weighing a ton. Two Goodmans 15” speakers,again weighing a ton. The Sumo amp certainly looks like a serious option. I’ve not heard of the Hypex modules and they seem an option. Pity there’s not a British firm doing these units. It would appear reading between the lines, amp manufactures seem to be outsourcing their output section and only designing the pre amp sections. Peter Thanks again for the Sumo info
  3. Having reached a “certain” age all of my amps are also from an era of weight. Trace Elliot 250 SMX combo with 15”, still sounds good, but not light. Hartke 5000 BiAmp head, a lot lighter than above but ! Mark King Ashdown 500 head as above ! And last maybe the saviour. Trace Elliot GP12 SMX pre amp. Has anyone put together a pre amp with any of the Class D modules now available? One module keeps cropping up is the Ice power 700ASC/X. It would seem this module is appearing beneath the “hood” in quite a few of the top Bass Amp manufactures. Unfortunately it would also appear that this module is not easy to get ones hands on. Other Icepower modules especially a 1000 watt unit seems available for DIY. I could go down the “power amp” route but most would have to be bridged for single cab use and they can be restricted to their ohm output restrictions. Anyone tried DIY ?
  4. Hi my name is Darren, only been playing Bass Guitar around a year, I have a Fender jazz and a Hofner Violin Bass, both from GAK, I'm still at the watching YouTube videos for tuition, in the house on my own I use a Few 60 amp for the guitar and a Marshall 825 to play my MP3 through, with company I use Skull candy headphones, I have a couple of the Hal.Leonard tuition books really enjoyed playing them, with one of them being especially for left-hand playing,  Is anyone or are you aware of a Bass Guitar publication with download either MP3 or WinZip that has Dion Demucci Runaround Sue, given my not being a music reader I would need the number tabs, I have been able to screen shot the number music pages and tried to listen to YouTube videos must say not very successful, I have contacted Hal.Leonard but they sadly have not included Runaround Sue, hopefully you will be able to help, very much appreciated. Darren

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      Here you go...but there are 3x versions on this site. 


      BTW, welcome...

    3. Darren 5563

      Darren 5563

      Hiya thanks so much for your reply, I have downloaded the App and paid for Guitar Pro but sadly when the tune for Runaround Sue played it was the whole song with the vocals, only wanted the Bass Guitar section, have paid for the year, hopefully soon I will be able to separate vocals from the song if I get any better at playing, (I say hopefully) practice a lot and really enjoying, thanks again, cheers Darren

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      Good luck Darren :crigon_04:

  5. Thank you for the reply. I thought you could do this but always a bit wary of leaving an output “open” with no load. Did toy with putting a wire wound resistor 8ohms across the connection in a separate box. Perhaps the “unused” part of the amp shuts down if a speaker is not in circuit. For a 250w amp in single channel mode it can certainly get loud.
  6. The GB is Flame Maple Sunbust with a reddish tinge, Spitfire model. When I bought the Bass from Bernie he had the EBS UK distribution at the time. He lent me a EBS Neo 2*10 and a Neo 2*12 with the EBS TD 660. Foolishly I let him have it all back as funds were a bit tight. Big mistake,along with the GB and the EBS, this setup would do anything asked of it and more. Oh the foolish things we let slip through our fingers.
  7. Those that may not be familiar with this amp, here’s a rough guide. It consists of two 250w amps which drive two separate cabs. The amp can also be put in a biamp mode,with one amp driving lower frequencies into a cab and the other amp driving higher frequencies into separate cab. Does anyone know if just one channel amp can be used to drive one cab only. The other channel not being connected to any cab. Thus saving having to lug two cabs about? The amps can’t be “bridged” or you get “magic smoke” . Hartke don’t seem as contactable as they were years ago.
  8. I was on here years ago but having left the music scene for a while tried to log on only to find my original “I’d” been nicked. Much to the wife’s annoyance I kept all the gear “just in case,you never know”. And one phone call and I’m depping for a mates band who’s bass player seems to be in more bands than I’ve had hot dinners. A bit of blues and soul etc. The gear consists of 70’s Jazz Bass, a GB 5string and a very old and battered Burns Artiste. Trace 250 SMX combo, which I can’t lift anymore. Trace 12 SMX preamp driving the power section of Mark King Ashdown, which I can just about lift and Hartke 5000 amp. Cabs are Hartke 4*10 Transporter and Mark Bass 2*10. What I have noticed in trying to catch-up is the amps and cabs getting lighter and able to push out more power. Perhaps the wife’s right for once, time to get rid of all this. And sneak in some lighter stuff.
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