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  1. Haven't tried the other basses, but do have a fretless MC-940. Been with me the longest out of all my basses, rarely play fretless these days but one I'd still grab if needed. Mines fairly heavy as well, guess around the 4.5kg mark, but balances nicely. Enjoy the hunt.
  2. Yep it's true. Not quite as loud as the Rumble 500 on it's own as well. Just picked up the RB 210 to replace my ageing Rumble and happy with the swap. I'm looking to get a 115 to put under it at some point.
  3. I've also been through a few Stingrays, always loved the necks, but not the preamps Been using the P type Cutlass for a while now and hands down my best playing and feeling bass. The feel of a Stingray with all the goodness of a P bass, good for me.
  4. Just picked up a 75 Greco Jazz to go with the (older) P bass I picked up a while ago. Really like these old Japanese basses. Had to have a little work done on each of them but now in good ink. The J bass body seems to be cut from one piece of wood as far as I can tell, think it might of been one of the more expensive models? It weighs a ton compared to the P but plays nice.
  5. Hi folks, After a bit of advice from anyone that has any experience with the newish Ampeg Rocket combo's Long story short, I have been using the Fender Rumble v3 500 combo for many years now for small gigs and jams. I also have the 210 Fender extension cab (used sometimes as well for larger gig) Got a bit bored with the sound and looking to get a Rocket to replace the Fender. Really looking for a single cab solution (for ease) that can keep up with 2 guitars and drums, and like the idea of a 115, and would still have the 210 I can stick under it when needed. Never had a problem mixing speaker sizes in the past. Any thoughts? I also have a bigger rig for practice and large gigs.
  6. I picked up a used Orange Bass Butler di recently, not really used it in anger yet, waiting for a recording opportunity, but it's pretty flexible in terms of OD and distortion, if you like that Orange baked in sound. Been through some SansAmps, Ampeg and Aguilar. Aguilar tone hammer pedal maybe my fav for a cleanish tone.
  7. Looks the biz. I got the OTB head a few weeks back and the guys in my band have been blown away that I can get such a monstrous sound out of such a tiny thing Using mine with a neo 212.
  8. Been using mine since they came out about 6 years or so. I still use it for some gigs, normally just the combo minus the extension (for smaller gigs) Never ran out of volume with it.
  9. I did have just the one for 20 years or so, then discovered the internet and how easy it is to buy and sell and research. Been up to about 10, now down to 6 or 7 They all give me a different feel and make me play different, (better or worse, can't say)
  10. Still searching for the number one! Many have come and gone. Had custom builds new and vintage. I guess I just enjoy the hunt and excitement that comes with getting a new bass. I have had my Fretless Ibanez Musician the longest, I guess around 15 years now. So maybe that stays.
  11. I have 3 because of the playability and sound. Flea Jazz Jack Cassidy and Mustang JMJ. Just the right spec, sound and playability for me. I'd kind of rather they weren't signature models but hey ho.
  12. I'm late to the party but just took collection of a new OTB 500 and will get to try it out today at practice . Going into a 4ohm Genz neo 212. Had the cab about 10 years and it's handled everything I have thrown at it over that time with lot's to spare.
  13. I know State's - side, Fender mod shop lets you design your own bass. Not a great deal more than a stock USA Fender might cost. I like that Antigua also, good luck.
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