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  1. Had a lot of interest but no-one has put up the readies yet
  2. On hold! Never thought I'd be doing this but needs must. Had this built for me when the waiting time was 2 years. Some extra's matching headstock and drop-D tuner. Asked Paul to make this as light as possible but still so that it would balance properly. It's in very good condition, some wear on the back of the body from use, no dings or nicks. Looking for a European sale only. No trades at this time thanks. €7000 ono.
  3. Congrats look's nice. I have always had a love hate relationship with Stingrays, love the neck's but can never get a sound out of them I'm happy with! If this has the playability of a Ray, it could be something I should try.
  4. Thanks. Those straps look ok and they have them locally, will check it out before I make any changes.
  5. Just grabbed myself one of these in the sparkling burgundy! Loving the sound and the way it plays but think the neck strap button has to move to the horn for me. Neck drive is a lot more than I thought it would be, even for a semi-acoustic. Not a fan of wide straps, so might have to think about a bridge change or lighter tuners to try get a bit more balance if the button change doesn't cure that a bit as well. Been spoiled by nicely balancing basses. It's a bass I'd like to try use live so need to find more comfort with it. Anyone moved the strap pin and did it help? Thanks. Will post pics later..
  6. Very nice. Still gasing for one of these... Colour choice is the hardest part
  7. One of these has caught my eye now for a while. Have a question for owners, are the 3 point bridges on these as bad as I have read in someplace's? Could do without having to upgrade.
  8. Highfox


    I think it can varies from bass 2 bass. The older ones do hold their value, I have always got back what I paid and in one case a little extra, So possible investments or safe bets. I have had 2 Pre EB's a 77 and 83. Both 2 band, both very slightly different in sound, the 77 had the epoxy preamp and sounded slightly less harsh in the highs to my ears than the 83. I have also had a couple of EB's (2eq's) laye 80's and 90's models and they have all been very good as well. The build quality has always been spot on. I'm just one of those people Stingrays just don't seem to work for no matter how hard I try.
  9. Yes you have seen them before, But got mine outside today for a play and a few photo's.
  10. Don't think you will need any luck with the sale. Going to make someone pretty happy.
  11. I ended up getting one in the end. No regrets, nice bass with the road worn feel.
  12. Only time I saw them was at the Rainbow in 79'ish. They were good then.
  13. Yes, I have had the roadworn P.
  14. The force is strong! These seemed to be a favourite on here a few years back. The upcoming release of a new roadworn line is interesting but think I prefer the feel of a U shape and 7.25 fingerboard and the colour is to die for Still using/ enjoying yours?
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