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  1. NBD - LImelight P/J

    That looks loverly Congrats
  2. new bass on the way day (almost)

    Thanks Dr I think I read somewhere that Paul/Wal provides a CITIES certificate with all it's new basses now. Not 100% sure as I didn't think to ask!
  3. new bass on the way day (almost)

    Thanks. It's has a Padauk face,
  4. new bass on the way day (almost)

    I'm hoping all that will stop. I sold off 3 over the build time in order to pay for this! I still have a couple, but have been trying to cut down. Lets see
  5. new bass on the way day (almost)

    Thanks Guys. I'm sure it's going to make me a better player lol!
  6. Ibanez ATK300 trans brown (Made in Japan) SOLD!!

    These are great basses, pretty versatile and great value and well built. I love mine! Surprised this is still here!
  7. Bass lines that really only suite synth bass

    Thanks for that lowdown, that clears it up nicely.
  8. Bass lines that really only suite synth bass

    Very camp But this one back-in-the-day, could never tell if bass was doubled with the synth? anyone know.
  9. new bass on the way day (almost)

    I think I'll have to learn to live with it. Been years since I tried /Had a Wal..so shooting a bit in the dark. I did ask for any possible weight saving as well, but not at the cost to any possible balance issues.
  10. I feel I just have to share, the excitement is growíng So, after 20 long months of waiting my Wal MK1 is finished and soon to be on the way. Update photo from Paul.
  11. Free recording / mixing / mastering

    I could have something for you soon again Roman if that is ok?
  12. Call Me - Go West

    Nice. Pino
  13. We are in it together Discreet
  14. I can't answer that for you I'm afraid. Such a personal choice. I can say I have been through a lot of flats and have gone back to the La Bella's.
  15. The Chromes are a little bit more taught I would say, the La Bella's come in L, R and H, gauges if I remember correctly. I use the FL-lights.