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  1. Highfox

    I just sold my soul for YOB Jazz Bass

    outstanding, enjoy, I'm sure you will
  2. Highfox

    Show your Wals... Appreciation Thread

    Is it Jonas?
  3. Highfox

    Show your Wals... Appreciation Thread

    That's different!
  4. Highfox

    Albums you've really tried to love...

    I give up easily so don't try force myself, lot's of great other stuff out there to like.
  5. Must of missed any threads about this, but just listening now. Great idea and sounds very professional. Well done all involved.
  6. Highfox

    Show your Wals... Appreciation Thread

    Very nice!
  7. Highfox

    In a bit of a dilemma!

    "Nail on the head" I think. I have a fretless and some beaters already. Slap and tickle I have been perfecting at home now for many years
  8. Highfox

    In a bit of a dilemma!

    Thanks. The Wal does now do it all Very happy with it and what I use all the time now with the bands I play in. I still fancy the idea of that old skool vibe with the jaydee and light strings for a bit of slap and tickle at home. Maybe I'll take Si's advice and take time to save a bit and see if I really want to move the Roadworn on. The 73 I have a lot of history with and has done the majority of my gigs until getting the Wal. Edit. Wish I could get my hands on one locally, might extinguish the Gas
  9. Highfox

    In a bit of a dilemma!

    I have 2 P's so I'm covered there. The P's are great for recording and a live band, but a bit boring to play on their own at home (if you know what I mean?) the Wal is doing all the live work for me now and I'm loving the results. I'm not in any hurry to make a decision, but have been gassing a bit more recently for one.
  10. Highfox

    In a bit of a dilemma!

    Since getting My Wal at the beggining of the year I have hardly touched any of my other basses ( 2 Fender P's mainly) except for a bit of play at home and out in the garden Been gassing to get a Jaydee for a while as something I'd enjoy playing at home and might use for some recording and jams. Now the hard decision is that I would have to sell the more valuable of my P basses to be able to afford a (used) Jaydee, thing is the P is a 73 and the best sounding and playing P I have ever had and I have had a few older and newier. I'm thinking that maybe one Precision is enough to own and the Roadworn is a close 2nd to the 73. Not sure what to do,?Thought I'd put it out there for any advice.
  11. Highfox

    What gear exceeded expectations for you?

    I have been using the Fender Rumble 500 v3 for about 3 years now, used nearly every gig and practice at least once a week, Ben a bargain and I'm still happy with it.
  12. Highfox

    I Do Everything Wrong!

    what you like, is what you like
  13. Highfox

    sold- pending payment

    Lovely! I wish something like this had come up whilst I was looking for a used one. .
  14. Scared to post this but here goes ...
  15. Highfox

    Show your Wals... Appreciation Thread

    Thanks Rob. It is and more... Thanks for all your sound advice during the ordering stages