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  1. Can strings suddenly die?

    I have only noticed a gradual drop-off before. (only been playing 40 odd years ) Had new strings dead out of the box and new strings that won't intonate before.
  2. St. Paddy's

    I used to love St Patricks day in my yuff when I was living in London. Most of my mates (like me) were plastic Paddies Still had some of the best parties and music and a huge 2 day hangover. Couldn't do it now Got to be some of this
  3. Second bass for a relative beginner?

    There is an Ibanez ATK 400 for sale on the forum here (not mine) But great basses for the money. I rate them.
  4. New Fender Rumble amps, modelling!

    I just gave my Rumble 500 and the extension cab a fairly loud try out with my (new) Wal and happy to say it's a good combo. Can't beat it with a P but the Wal works as well
  5. New Fender Rumble amps, modelling!

    Looks like it's a 4/ 8 Ohm switch?
  6. Dirty Old Town

    Slap it then! Only joking, nice tune.
  7. I must be dumb, I don't understand what software licence you would need? They can't have restrictions on the emulators surely?
  8. Fat vintage P-bass sound

    The tube amp is missing (I do have one at home, but never take it out lol) I have a SansAmp or Microtubes to try emulate a bit when I feel like it.
  9. Fat vintage P-bass sound

    These things are always so personal and open to interpretation but in my own experience and having owned a few P-basses, I have found that the old 50's style P basses with the thick necks and maple boards have the fat vintage sound in buckets. I have my roadworn P strung with flats just for that vibe. (bit like the video posted above)
  10. Try a modern class D combo, if you're not hung up on all tube, lots of good ones to choose from. (imo)
  11. Greetings from Finland!

    I don't live in Helsinki So don't know that many guitar shops, but I have bought from these guys before, pretty good 2nd hand collection for round these parts. https://www.kitarapaja.com/start
  12. Greetings from Finland!

    No, none that you won't be shocked at the prices,
  13. Road worn jazz bass? Sounds too thin!!

    I found that Jazz's always have a more focused sound when I play them and P bass's just have more thump in the frequencies I like to hear. I think it's just one of those things. I stopped messing around changing pick-ups a long time ago as I found it was never really worth it for me.