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  1. They all have their own feel, sound and mood. I'll always have a P in stock, but gravitated myself toward faster necks and active eq! Good to enjoy them all Lozz.
  2. Congrats, Sandbergs are loverly. I'm a recent convert, own a VM, would love a VT /TT as well.
  3. I have had and probably will again.
  4. for what it's worth, I'm new to Sandberg and found that the VM's are fairly modern sounding if you're used to the Fender thing.(like I'am) they are just a bit different (the reason I bought one). Only used mine at practice a couple of times but found it fills the space nicely and not left wanting.
  5. Wow! Even more gorgeous.
  6. Sandberg has it as a Matt- burst finish , but yes it is deep but smooth , you can still see the grain. I think the black makes it look deeper. The first photo was taken in direct sunlight and the 2nd in the shade.
  7. Some new Sandberg VM4 love. NBD is always a great day. Wasn't really sure 100% about the burst, but it's doing it for me.
  8. Very nice. I would of been tempted as well if I played 5's. My first Sandberg is incoming next week..
  9. It would have to be the Wal, spent nearly 2 years waiting on the build. Don't think I could afford another if it went.
  10. I never seem to be GAS free Hot on the top spot is a Sandberg VM4 or VT4 (aged and used) The Jaydee lust is still there and not going away. That's it at the moment I think. Just sold the 3rd pre-eb Stingray that I have owned, it's like some on going tease for me,
  11. Thanks sorry, yes it is the VT version. Reverse P, J and Passive.
  12. I'm looking at getting a Sandberg California VS4. Now the thing is this one seems to be only passive, has the reverse P and a single coil jazz at the bridge position Are they a rare breed? Can't seem to find any detailed info on it anywhere.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Paul Deman, that played bass on all those great recordings with Sade managed get a pretty smooth sound out of his Stingray. Also the guy from Culture Club used a Ray a lot. They can be dialled back
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