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  1. One of these has caught my eye now for a while. Have a question for owners, are the 3 point bridges on these as bad as I have read in someplace's? Could do without having to upgrade.
  2. I think it can varies from bass 2 bass. The older ones do hold their value, I have always got back what I paid and in one case a little extra, So possible investments or safe bets. I have had 2 Pre EB's a 77 and 83. Both 2 band, both very slightly different in sound, the 77 had the epoxy preamp and sounded slightly less harsh in the highs to my ears than the 83. I have also had a couple of EB's (2eq's) laye 80's and 90's models and they have all been very good as well. The build quality has always been spot on. I'm just one of those people Stingrays just don't seem to work for no matter how hard I try.
  3. Yes you have seen them before, But got mine outside today for a play and a few photo's.
  4. Don't think you will need any luck with the sale. Going to make someone pretty happy.
  5. I ended up getting one in the end. No regrets, nice bass with the road worn feel.
  6. Only time I saw them was at the Rainbow in 79'ish. They were good then.
  7. Yes, I have had the roadworn P.
  8. The force is strong! These seemed to be a favourite on here a few years back. The upcoming release of a new roadworn line is interesting but think I prefer the feel of a U shape and 7.25 fingerboard and the colour is to die for Still using/ enjoying yours?
  9. They all have their own feel, sound and mood. I'll always have a P in stock, but gravitated myself toward faster necks and active eq! Good to enjoy them all Lozz.
  10. Congrats, Sandbergs are loverly. I'm a recent convert, own a VM, would love a VT /TT as well.
  11. I have had and probably will again.
  12. for what it's worth, I'm new to Sandberg and found that the VM's are fairly modern sounding if you're used to the Fender thing.(like I'am) they are just a bit different (the reason I bought one). Only used mine at practice a couple of times but found it fills the space nicely and not left wanting.
  13. Wow! Even more gorgeous.
  14. Sandberg has it as a Matt- burst finish , but yes it is deep but smooth , you can still see the grain. I think the black makes it look deeper. The first photo was taken in direct sunlight and the 2nd in the shade.
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