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  1. Just because I have the photo to hand Stingray gets my vote still.
  2. Now I get it, sorry so you did. Overlooked that somehow, thought it was another model lol.
  3. Bingo! Well done Lozz.
  4. Something out, something new, a trade. She's feeling at home already. Had the real deal at one point a 76 in the same config, this one is not a boat anchor and sounds and plays nicely. The previous owner put in some FV 63 pups and had some fretwork done. Do you know what it is yet? I'm not a fan of Sig models normally, but decided to trade in a bass I wasn't using much. Time will tell.
  5. They are very good for not a lot of money. Got mine just before Crimbo. Flats are the way to go if you like the old school sound and feel. I only used mine at one practice session so far, but it really suited a few tunes. I have to make the effort to take it out a bit more, gets a lot of home use
  6. on my 2 band, simple I just cut the treble if there is too much bite and the same with the low-end if it over -powers. Where you play and how you dig in makes a big difference as well. I'm on my 3rd Stingray now and have finally got the eq sussed
  7. Wow! Some serious craftsmanship going on with those.
  8. Thanks. That was the idea that they all give something a little different. The Wal I use 90 odd % of the time. The others get a look in for recording and when I fancy a change 4 too many basses still
  9. My bass collection Jan 2020. A few in and out last year.. most bases coverd now
  10. Yes, he played on a few tracks on Sandinist. Tried to nail him down to which tracks they were but he said he can't remember the names (except mag7) and said he knows them when he hears them
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Holly Sugar! Did anyone spot this? Skyhigh price's They must be good sunglasses. https://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_phil_lynott_precision_bass.htm
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