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  1. Advice on which Musicman

    If I were to get one again, think I'd go for the 2eq Classic, best of old and new.
  2. Vulfpeck, and Joe Dart

    I thought that as well listening to the more recent stuff.. mind you he could make rubber bands sound great
  3. NBD: Wal fretless goodness

    [quote name='leroydiamond' timestamp='1510312243' post='3405478'] Got it. When I saw your post a little panic set in. Asking myself "oh s@#t. Could this be a cheap Chinese knock off" [/quote] Well, if it was they did an outstanding job lol
  4. Set Up Time

    If it's the 5 piece plus pa load in set up, 45 mins or so, just me on bass 5 mins
  5. [quote name='Woodinblack' timestamp='1510252486' post='3405097'] I disagree, I put all into playing the music we play (well, a couple of tracks maybe not so much), just that I wouldn't actually listen to that music myself. [/quote] I get that.
  6. Right now I just got a soul, rock, reggae type covers band together where we play a good mix of what I like to listen to. I guess that is because myself and the drummer started the band with an idea on what we would play. I have chosen a lot of the songs uptil now and they seem to go down well with the rest of the band (and singer) We all have something in there we like and seem to gel on ideas. The other band I play in is a rock blues band and there I'm not so keen on listening to the material we cover, we do a few of our own tunes as well, which I hardly ever listen to
  7. Fretless bass - what would you recommend?

    I maybe wouldn't spend that much at first if you are not sure. For example, I picked up an old fretless Ibanez Musician a few years back and it's very nice bass, neck-thru and 2 pickups, active and passive mode. (roundwounds for me on it ) very easy to play. Might look a bit old school, but I like that. I did have a lined fretless jazz at one point, but didn't get on with that, prefer just the dot markers for some reason. If you can get to try a few basses out that would be best I think.
  8. Even the shipping is €133 I wouldn't personally pay that for the pedal and shipping together.
  9. Ampeg SVT 8x10

    Try Norman watt-roys settings No clank there. [url="https://flic.kr/p/jvuU1U"][/url]
  10. NBD - US Standard Precision

    [quote name='lou24d53' timestamp='1509713335' post='3401109'] My recently cleared Credit Card made me do it.......... I've just ordered a Fender American Standard Precision in Olympic White, Tort, Maple which is being delivered next Tuesday. The serial number is US1307####, which I believe dates it late 2013 / early 2014, but it is brand new from the shop, still even has the plastic covers on the tuners. Dougie is a happy bunny...! [/quote] Good choice White maple is very nice as well.
  11. Your Dream Bass.?

    [quote name='SimonEdward' timestamp='1509562778' post='3399956'] One more for the road... I once dreamt of owning an Alembic Signature 4. And then I got one. Ah well, that's dreams for you ~ be very careful what you wish for! I have neither the time, £$£$ or motivation to carry on searching for the dream Bass... I have what I need and that's that. [/quote] That sounds very sensible and wise. Wish I was that way. Still no real harm done they are only instruments.
  12. Your Dream Bass.?

    Hopefully being made and in my hands early next year
  13. NBD - US Standard Precision

    Very nice. Sunburst Maple.. classic combo
  14. Dream bass!

    Congrats. Looks different and nice. Some lowend from the pup placement as well I would guess.
  15. Not been too many this year A few best's, maybe the old Ibanez basses I seem to be attracted to, A fretless Musician and an ATK. The worst by far, was the Ric copy I bought new, played really nicely till I decide to change strings amd put a bit of relife into the neck, it now has a woeful action, the neck bolts are loose and won't tighten, the shim that was there isn't doing it. It's a piece of junk (firewood) not sure if I should try get my luthier to rescue it and throw more money at it. Lesson learnt. I won't name and shame, but it was over 300 notes new!