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  1. I think a PJ and a P bass will always sound different from each other anyway. Less full wood on the PJ body for example having the extra pickup routed, IMO. and yes the make and gauge of flats will play a major difference as well.
  2. Picked up a 77 Stingray a few weeks back, plays nice but had some trouble getting the action to my liking so took it to my local Lutheir. He told me the frets were uneven and had been crowned a few times in the past and that there was nothing left on them that he could do. He advised me to think if I wanted to sell how it is now (totally original) or that if I was going to use it the re-fret is a must to get the best out of it. I guess I just wanted to ask if you think it will lose a lot of resale value being re-fretted? I have decided to get the work done anyway, hopefully a keeper.
  3. I can remedy that quick, but wanted to do the bass justice and not show my ugly mug
  4. Feeling happy Been a while since a NBD for me, but traded an old P I wasn't using much for a natural 77 Stingray. It's a bit beaten up but plus nice. Pics to follow tomorrow.
  5. I think it was an early to mid 70's job. (and stock) The one he plays now I think was a fretless (might even be a jazz neck) that he got fretted, seems the neck and body might be from different basses. Not sure but that's my guess.
  6. Nice enjoy, I have had the fretless version for a while now and one bass I will be hanging onto, great build quality playability and sound.
  7. the strap I have started to use again from about 82.
  8. I also use one of the newish bassman 500's , which I'm loving now I got the right sound dialled in.
  9. I have had a few MM's and EB's over he years, nice basses but ultimately not for me. Never tied the sub or Sterling but I do have a Japanese Ibanez ATK 300 that gets me pretty close to the Stingray sound and feel whenI'm in the mood. They are very well made and get you 90% there in the sound imho. Good luck, enjoy the search.
  10. That certainly added to it. Bought 5 off here, that I can remember of.
  11. I did have just the one bass from 89- till around 2003, but then it all got a little crazy.
  12. I'm a bit of a sucker for vintage instruments and a bit of boutique, tho I do have a few beaters.
  13. Hadn't heard or seen that before! Well worth the watch.
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