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  1. Always use UPS for instruments, haven’t let me down yet 👍🙏
  2. I didn’t know the mk1 came in black, is it a refin?
  3. Nightwish: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=RD47e_961OQWE
  4. Definitely a boring player! Been told I look disinterested, I should move and smile more! however and in my defence, I’m not that good and have to concentrate so much that any change effs up my playing. Sometimes I concentrate so much I forget to breath!
  5. Don’t re-list the item until the buyer receives his strike for not paying. I think and don’t quote me, if you re-list within a few days eBay assume the issue is resolved and the buyer gets off with it. As one said above, wait till day seven and report on day eight.
  6. The pedals are great for sub £40 👍 it’s a Systemdek 2x, RB201 arm with internal cable upgrade, an old Audio Technica AT-F3 and coupled with a totally refurbed Cyrus 1. I love it 👍 HiFi is my other passion.
  7. On eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Silver-Yamaha-Full-Size-Bass-Guitar-/274702594634?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  8. In 1998, I paid £1050 for my MK2 Attitude. I guess I'm in equity
  9. Some are yep Cheapest I've seen a mk3: https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Yamaha_Billy_Sheen_LTD_3.html The 30th Anniversary model has an MSRP of $7,000, whatever that equates to in the UK. *just checked, $7k = £5033.80 😮
  10. No/Yes! It's a superb bass at the top of Yamaha's quality tree but £2k rather than £4k would be the more reflective price for me.
  11. I roll back the neck pickup a little because it’s a bit too muddy for my liking and when fully on, it seems to create a sort of phasing of the tones. However, it’s an awesome bass and I wouldn’t part with mine for anything! I have the attitude ltd 2 but much prefer the BB714.
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