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  1. Hey mate, contact Thornybank on here. Chris has a friend who is a top amp technician, probably the best in Scotland by a country mile. It would mean sending the amp to Edinburgh though. all the best, andy
  2. Motley Creu at the moment, the Netflix movie 'Dirt' is awesome
  3. Did this V4 come from Glasgow by any chance? It looks remarkably like my one. If so, it's a monster! My second favourite amp ever next to my old SVT Classic. Good luck with the sale, Andy
  4. Wow! Never thought anything other than Barefaced being top cabs! Heard Neil Murray (Snakecharmer) playing through one recently and was well impressed.
  5. Loving the tone out of my Hartke HD112. Small box solution and very adaptable.
  6. Got the best of the Quireboys for Christmas, what an album!
  7. I always use this lot: http://www.hotroxuk.com/ Never had an issue and always well packed.
  8. As I said on text, that is pure porn lol looks amazing to see it again.
  9. Hartke cabs for me, have always worked well with Ampeg amps. Its a strange one as I have tried lots of cabs with an SVT3-Pro, it hated the Ampeg b115 and 410HE cabs but loved the Ashdown Mag 8x10. I currently own an Ampeg PF50T it sounds fab on my Hartke AK410 and HyDrive 112. I did though, have the opportunity to try it wth both and is what I would advise if thinking about change. Good luck, Andy
  10. Loving my PF50T and have just paired it with an Hartke HD112. Sounds incredible 🤭😱🤭🤘😎
  11. My PF50T is running through an Hartke AK410 beautifully. Gotta be careful though as live in a flat ...
  12. Remember I still have the two vintage style Rm-110 cabs
  13. Thought that myself! However, when trying it out with my pbass and BB714, the amp is thunderous. Rich deep vintage tones all waiting to be explored
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