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  1. Lost output last night so, off it went back to Thomann today. Bias was set at 33.1mv got it to bang on 25mv, worked a treat, turned it off and back on again - no sound.
  2. Just bought a multimeter and will follow the Youtube dude's helpful information.
  3. Awesome cheers for this. Andy
  4. Love these has someone burnt off the serial number?
  5. I might still be in the window, have emailed them now. Cheers fro the tip will check it out now Made it worse but definitely got more microphonic sounds now! Getting there. Andy
  6. Hi guys, For all of you who know me a bit, Yamaha Attitudes and Ampeg SVT-3pro are my thing but not specialism So, bought a new Ampeg SVT-3pro form Thomman a few weeks ago. When I unboxed it and set it up it was fine. However, it has sat unused for a further few weeks because I'm enjoying my Hotone Thunder Bass and my Burgera Veyron so much. I decided to set the Ampeg up and it sounds awful some mid mush and artifacts like distortion and or phasing is coming through quite clearly when playing notes, harmonics and worst offender chords. I set master volume tube to full, eq on almost flat line and work lightly on the gain. This combination has always worked for me. Never had this problem before with a 3 pro so, did the usual, opened the hood, ensured the valves were sitting properly and checked to see they were heating up properly. All seemed ok on that level but tone remained same. It is a Chinese Ampeg - please forgive me - I know they have issues but surely not as bad as this for a pro amp? All advice, help, hints, tips welcome Stay safe and well folks, Andy
  7. I love that and the story behind it! Real rock n roll. good luck with the sale mate as some one will be investing in rock history! Superb 😃🍻 ps, cannot help looking at that bass, it’s super [email protected]#£&ng cool 🤭😎
  8. Enjoy the research worth every penny.
  9. They are fantastic! Lots of presence and SVT tones in one little package! My thunder bass is running a TC Electronics BC208 beautifully.
  10. Got a Hotone Thunder bass driving my Hartke HD112, unbelievable! Sound like an mini SVT and has so much presence. I love it
  11. I guess it depends on your budget? I would recommend Sterling by Musicman, their Stingray is outstanding! You can pick em up used for around £400. Made in Indonesia or Korea and set up in the US EBMM factory.
  12. Just bought a CV4 in ivory, it is outstanding! Straight out the box beauty and set-up perfectly to my taste. https://www.schecterguitars.com/bass/cv-4-ivory-detail
  13. Definitely interested in the veyron You are absolutely right on that. I guess some of those looking at it are techy geeky dudes wanting to find ways of making the cheap expensive. Was a very interesting read nonetheless.
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