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  1. I roll back the neck pickup a little because it’s a bit too muddy for my liking and when fully on, it seems to create a sort of phasing of the tones. However, it’s an awesome bass and I wouldn’t part with mine for anything! I have the attitude ltd 2 but much prefer the BB714.
  2. James LoMenzo with his custom attitude and you can see his custom BB in the background 😎
  3. Perfect deal in all ways Love my Fender deluxe bridges. Cheers Dan, Andy
  4. I bought one of these last week, an older version that is fully black on the back of the neck. It’s a powerful P and superbly well constructed. I am gobsmacked they go for so little as are head and shoulders above Mex Ps and close to US standard.
  5. All four are the cheaper range of TC Electronic pedals. As some have said, Forcefield, Afterglow, Nether and Skysurfer reverb pedal. All good and extremely well built. Not overly keen on the Skysurfer as is a bit overwhelming for a reverb pedal but the others are pretty good.
  6. Is the fender bridge still available? If so, consider sold cheers, Andy
  7. I’m not overly sure about the pbass yet. I bought it from my other half’s girlfriend who had owned it from new. What I know it’s an 86 MIJ either classed as a contemporary or boxer series. Front loaded pups with a control plate at the back, volume & tone and doesn’t appear active. It’s pretty awesome though 👍
  8. Absolute plug n play with those monsters! There is a reason as to why they are on stages all over the world and in my humble opinion, there is nothing like it nor will beat it!
  9. If you remove the gap and use S908282 - https://www.guitarinsite.nl/serienummers-fender_eng.php Similar headstock with no gap in the serial: https://www.12fret.com/sold/fender-precision-bass-1978/
  10. It's the gap between the S and 90 that gets me.
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