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  1. I'm fairly new to Spector basses myself but I do own a Euro LT4 with the Bartolini/Darkglass combination and I absolutely adore the bass and tone from it. The deals on the performer and legend look ideal. May be worth saving for a little longer and picking up a used Euro/Rebop/Eurobolt which may suit you better? There is a rebop on here: Good luck, Andy
  2. How are you getting on with the BEX?
  3. OMG 😱 £575 for a US built all tube Ampeg!! Steal!!! Wish could do this but no pennies. All the best mate, Andy.
  4. Bought this beaut from Geoffio a few months ago, Euro 4LT violet fade, it’s no.1 bass now!
  5. If you and Merchant City Music (they are cool ) can negotiate a suitable compromise then, that is really good.
  6. That’s a really good offer, what’s your thoughts?
  7. My practice rig:
  8. I'm sure that used to belong to our very own Andy Travis
  9. Superb bass! Thought it may be the Korean made Squier given the date but being made in Japan, takes it to another level GLWTS, Andy
  10. Wow! That came outta nowhere considering you were caught in between a 1200 and T40 lol
  11. One here: https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/1979-peavey-t40-made-in-usa-with-ohsc/1435499306
  12. Plays and sounds amazing. It has the Bart pups and Darkglass pre, what a combination. T40 is an amazing bass and seriously collectible. Prices are rising fast on them.
  13. I recently bought a Spector Euro 4LT VF, I absolutely love it and have no feeling for any other bass for sale.
  14. I like Eminence and Celestian speakers but I really like the HD speakers Hartke put in their cabs, the paper and aluminium neodymiums. They have lots of presence and punch just as I like it. AH please don't burst my bubble by saying they are Chinese pap lol 😮
  15. Nothing will ever beat my former Ampeg CL and 8x10e cab! The thunder was instant and awesome however, all good things come to an end. The weight and size factor was problematic on a few fronts for me. No permanent practice room nor storage capability because I live in a flat, and living in a flat comes with its own problems re noise. So had to move it on unfortunately. I do have a 3pro and PF50T of which are both great but I took a chance on the Bugera and haven't looked back since. I have a Hartke AK410 & HX112 that are great and are not too bad for lugging around if I need to. Quite happy with the light weight gear I have as is easy to move, store and transport. I love the tone and power of the Bugera and it performs well with all the cabs I have and others I've plugged it into.
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