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  1. The pups look offset and re the position of the tone on PG, my instincts tell me it may possible be a Sheehan BB clone attempt underneath the PG. The space between the tone and Jack May have been getting ready for a second volume.
  2. I see, will check it out on TB as is very interesting. 😎
  3. Where did you see the white BB800?
  4. Sent Billy Sheehan my Yamaha Attitude scratch plate to sign, he did so and sent back quite a lot of other merchandise too. It was my 40th then and I’ll be forever grateful 👍😎
  5. Funnily enough, my BB1600 was sold to a fella in NI.
  6. This is exactly the same as the BB1600 I had but it’s badged as a BBX: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electric-Bass-YAMAHA-BBX-Black-Alder-Body-Maple-Neck-21F-/114962828842?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  7. That is a lot of bass for no money at all! GLWTS, Andy PS, £287 inc postage, is still no money at all for the quality of that bass! £200 new for the pups alone, ex preamp!
  8. My BB1600 was black with matching headstock and back of neck. The gold hardware on it really set it off 👌
  9. Sure is! I sold my BB424 for £250 couple of years back.
  10. I had a TRBX505 and as good as it was, I couldn’t get on with the string spacing. It was either 16 or 17mm. The RBX 375 looks more like the old style Yams that had a much comfier 19mm spacing. Check em both put to see what fits you 👍
  11. The BB1600 is special, I so regret parting with mine.
  12. A politicians response! Not sure how to respond to that accept maybe to ask for expenses re cleaning and 50% of cost for replacement tuner?
  13. Any response or compensation from the seller?
  14. My tip to remember re EQ is, when empowering one, you disempower all others. As said above, small movements work
  15. Will be waiting a long time to get £950 for it!
  16. You need to look at all the items for sale from that person! Staggering and very fraudulent if any sell under those claims.
  17. R.I.P Roger https://ultimateclassicrock.com/roger-newell-rip/
  18. you'd never think it but I absolutely adore my BV1001T. It is just made to work and do the job!
  19. From my experience last night, all precautions were adhered to until in the hall with the band and then masks were removed. Was a more mature crowd in last night so , no madness but still freaky nonetheless. Must admit to feeling uncomfortable.
  20. I’m in two minds about reporting. *update, decided to email seller for the serial number and location of manufacture to confirm its authenticity.
  21. Seller removed the listing after I emailed him again insisting his details were incorrect but has since relisted with the exact same details.
  22. Went to Bannermans rock bar in Edinburgh tonight to see a band called Blackwater Conspiracy who were supported by ‘These Wicked Rivers’. Both bands were tremendous and I’d recommend going to see them. In Glasgow Cathouse tomorrow and Trillions in Newcastle on Sunday.
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