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  1. I don't disagree with you at all and I do appreciate the time, development and costs factored in when designing new products. IP is extremely important and to see it violated in never good. Perhaps the loophole that enables this to happen needs tightened? 20 years for IP but when a product is discontinued, the IP freed up and is then released into the public domain - that is major loophole. The links you put up were a great read. Re the Bugera Veyron: https://www.ravepubs.com/bugera-debuts-2000-watt-veyron-bass-amps/ https://www.pressebox.com/pressrelease/music-group-macao-commercial-offshore-limited-philippines-rohq/NAMM-2015-Bugera-Releases-2-000-Watt-VEYRON-Bass-Amps-and-New-Speaker-Cabinets/boxid/722708 The complex nature of IP: https://www.walkermorris.co.uk/publications/ip-issues-for-artists-and-authors-the-often-blurry-line-between-copying-and-inspiration/ Response from Behringer: https://cdm.link/2018/06/behringer-responds-to-reports-defends-reverse-engineering/
  2. Ha ha yes! My comment was meat to be tongue in cheek.
  3. I think we all need to come to consensus on IP. IP is there to protect an individual's creativity and endeavours to ensure a quality product gets into the market place of which, we as bass players, reap the benefits of and we need to recognise this as necessary. However, Music Tribe, have found away round this by seemingly buying up discontinued product IP that has enabled them to shamelessly copy deleted products and related equipment now benefitting the bass player enormously and again, we need to recognise that this is good thing. So in essence, no crime has been committed, it is of great benefit to our community and perhaps, we could view the IP copy as tribute to the original manufacturer? It's all good folks.
  4. GB Streamliner 900 released 2011 discontinued 2013, Bugera Veyron released 2015. I guess 2 years isn't much but I think Music Tribe have a habit of buying discontinued IP.
  5. Would have to check ongoing IP law as I think when a product becomes discontinued then deleted, the IP goes with it so, then becomes available for use by anyone. Will check though. Update: lots of articles out there re IP, Patents and Copyright. Seems IP only lasts for 20 years and as said above, if a product is discontinued the IP is removed with it and can be sold on or becomes available to the public domain. Although cannot get a definitive page, most come to a consensus. Found this link interesting: https://midimagic.sgc-hosting.com/copyrong.htm
  6. For all intents and purposes, it certainly does look like a GB on the outside but, it is what it does after that that impresses me no end. It is an incredible amp in its own right and does everything I need it to do and then some. I'm sure GB would have their lawyers all over it if it contravened their patents inside although, I'd have thought they would be on it already for the looks alone. Folks, dare any of you who haven't tried a BV T or M to give it a go and then tell me you don't like it!
  7. Very interesting bass. As said above, would be good to see neck heel and pocket, and the pick guard off. It shares some similarities with a Fender MIJ 51 precision and Squier VM Telebass. Clear to see the string through ferrules were an afterthought. What is the finish like on the neck, is it glossy, matt or satin? If it were an MIJ, it would have ‘Crafted in Japan’ written on the back of the neck just above where it joins the pocket. Do you know who the pickup manufacturer is? Cheers, Andy
  8. Token coming your way 👍 I’ve just discovered Spector, Bugera and Hartke.
  9. Ok if we are doing this … I’m Andy, I have a black, black & maple US precision and I need an SVT classic plus fridge!
  10. I own the following bass amps: Ampeg PF50T Ampeg SVT-3Pro TC BH250 TC Bam Joyo Badass Hotone Thunder Bass Bugera BV1001T They all do a job that works for me in various scenarios. However, having previously owned an Ampeg SVT Classic, this would be my first choice of amp if I could carry it! Love all valve power and tone and that would always be my preference but the PF50T and 3Pro are both good compromises. But, the Bugera of which, I stressed about buying - just because (you know what I mean!) - has turned out to be the wild card from bass player's Valhalla! I adore it! It is light, powerful, lots of tone options, has a three valve pre amp section that mirrors the Ampeg SVT 3Pro (for me) and just sounds fantastic for an amp I paid £229 for! It has impressed me so much that it is my go to amp for both rehearsals and gigs.
  11. I have the tube version, it is now my go to amp for practice and gigs. They are indeed sublime even monstrous in volume and tone.
  12. Loving it! Keep posting the image updates please
  13. Those look cool but your cherry burst one is lush 👍
  14. Geez, I just quickly looked over it and thought it was ok. Didn’t notice that much damage and those photos are quite damning. You always have the option to send it back under their warranty guarantee. Saying that though, a restored natural bex would look amazing.
  15. Hope it is everything you expected.
  16. Lot of bass right there. GLWTS, Andy
  17. Made in Japan or Taiwan in October 96, brilliant basses, made to a very high standard.
  18. There is a BEX page on Facebook that may be of help but if all else fails, 3d print it 👍
  19. That is fantastic mate so pleased for you and very well done.
  20. Needs new strings and a clean up but aside from this, it’s in pretty good nick.
  21. You could call and ask for a stock transfer and they do post.
  22. Hey folks, was in my local cash converters today on Leith Walk in Edinburgh. Sitting in the shop is a Yamaha BEX-4 in blue, cost £219.99. That is very cheap for a bass this rare so, thought I'd give someone the opportunity to snap it up. CC Edinburgh Contact: 0131-554-2266 Andy
  23. Steal for an all valve amp at that price! Good luck, Andy
  24. That's a lot of bass for sweeties! Best of luck with your sale, Andy.
  25. Just bought a pristine Spector from George and absolutely delighted with it. Great meeting with you yesterday George and thanks very much for your patience in the eventual conclusion of this superb deal. Top man 🤘😎👍 Andy
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