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  1. Maude

    Solo artists who outshone their original band

    Ah yes, I've led myself away from the OP. Although the first album (and best, all downhill for the next twenty years Davey Boy) was all young Master Grohl I seem to remember.
  2. Maude

    Solo artists who outshone their original band

    And Dave Grohl I suppose. Although I preferred Nirvana.
  3. Maude

    Solo artists who outshone their original band

    Nobody mentioned Michael Jackson yet?
  4. Maude

    Pickguard bevelling?! Help

    I was going to say use a Stanley or single sided razor blade but hadn't thought of making a little jig to hold it in, really liking that idea.
  5. Maude

    The greatest bass lines to learn ?

    Currently trying to get The Real Me by The Who nailed. Being in a Mod band with quite a following on the scene people will notice if it's not bang on so near enough isn't good enough. It's like a three minute, hundred miles an hour solo.
  6. Maude

    Split Gauge strings

    This is all just guessing but it's a common thing in the doublebass world to mix and match to get a set that works on your bass so back when he started it possibly didn't seem so strange. Also if he was predominantly slapping then two diffent techniques are applied to the two pairs of strings, so maybe heavy strings for the slapping and light for the popping. 🤔
  7. Maude

    Does anyone knows who makes this bass?

    Individual stacked volume and tone for each string, and left and right buttons that double up as a controller for running in Daley Thompsons Decathlon. Or, I'm buggered if I know 😅
  8. We yes, but apart from buy for yourself, play for the audience, play for the song, the aquaduct and sanitation, what have the Romans ever done for us?
  9. Totally this. If you want an expensive bass or amp or whatever then go for it, similary if you're happy with a cheap gear then crack on. Whatever you do though don't think anyone but yourself will really care as long as you sound good. I have a £40 Aria P copy with a 1/4 pounder in it, I could use that bass for the first set and then use a matching coloured Fender Custom shop P for the second set and nobody would know or care. If some geek did notice I would probably get more praise for getting such a good sound from the cheap bass, it would be expected from the Fender. Buy for yourself, play for the audience.
  10. Maude

    Another in-ear question, sorry!

    Bluetooth won't work for for monitoring for exactly the reason you've discovered. As far as I'm aware there is no way round the lag, it's just too slow to process sound.
  11. Maude

    My frets are in the wrong place...

    No, not at all, that's everything that's right with rock music. I never have and never will like the notion that you have to know what all the notes on the board are called and know all about music and composition to be in a band. Terribly boring and stuffy IMO. Some of the best music can a bunch of scruffy Herberts with no real musical knowledge of what they're doing just making their instruments make the sound they like without knowing why it sounds so good, just that it does. Of course a lot of knowledge can help you on that road but also might make you not try something bizarre because it's not how you are supposed to do it. From the comments this bloke has joined a band, made the sounds he wants to, entertained millions of kids and made a fortune, all without really knowing what he's doing. I think that's brilliant and was probably the sort of inspiration that made more than a few of us pick up an instrument.
  12. I seem to be the opposite to everyone else here. As long as I can get the sound out of it that I want I don't really care what it is. I've never wanted flash or expensive gear for fear of looking like 'all the gear, but no idea'. I use a Variax bass into a Line6 X3 Live, then straight to the desk, no amp. We nearly always use our own PA and monitors which are good so no need to be lugging extra gear I don't need. I don't even have my monitor very bassy, a nice middy sound for clarity and it won't mess with FOH, I get enough bottom end back from the subs. I can get more different sounds from my Variax and X3, (guitar, amp, cab, and effects modelling) than I'll ever need and from a lot of feedback they do sound good enough so I can just concentrate on my performance. In my other band I play doublebass and will take an amp as it's imperative that I can hear myself. For this I used to use an Ashdown Perfect Ten minirig but picked up a second hand PJB Suitcase and extention cab for very little so use that. If we're not using our own PA with electric bass then I'll take the Suitcase only, in case their monitors aren't good and it's quicker for me to get the volume I want. I have lots of basses at home for my own entertainment but live it'll always be Variax and X3 in one band and cheap Gedo doublebass and PJB in the other. None of this is high end at all and I don't need or want anything else.
  13. Maude

    Hayman 40 40, complete!

    If only it was aged white then it would be perfect. Pretty damn close as it is though but I can't justify another bass. Or could I? 😁
  14. I'd like a rail running from bridge to neck to anchor my thumb on so all playing positions are available and equal, make it the same height as the neck and the transition to playing over the neck would be seamless.
  15. Maude

    NGD, well christmas...

    He would be if he wasn't nine months old . Lovely guitar BTW 😉