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  1. BBPH for sale on facebook in Brighton if anyone's looking. Nice woodgrain on front and back. Bit pricey but that's probably the way they're heading. Not mine BTW.
  2. My last LaBella flats had dark grey silk rather than the usual black. I'm don't know if they've changed or if they had an issue with black silk supplies.
  3. I wondered why he was on the radio a lot today. I was never a massive fan of his music but will happily enjoy listening to it. Watched a documentary a couple of years ago and he was very down to earth and humble, especially with his fans after shows. No rockstar pretensions, even though he absolutely was a rockstar. RIP ... actually sod that, make some bloody noise wherever you might be Mr. Loaf.
  4. Maude


    I still need to pull my knob off and loosen my nuts. I managed to pull the film from under the knobs with some tweezers, but I really need to remove the knobs and nuts and do it properly.
  5. Maude


    Mmmm, can I lick it?
  6. Just seen this BB on the Facebook group and I went a little weak at the knees, gorgeous. It used to be a 1000s. https://www.facebook.com/groups/219406111488370/permalink/5026087770820156/
  7. Love in a Void - Siouxsie and the Banshees
  8. Strange Fruit - Billie Holiday 'Country'. A tree with strange fruit.
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