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  1. So you clubbed him round the head with one.
  2. I think so. Earlier in the thread someone said they'd put the Entwistle PBXN and JBXN in theirs, which are standard size, albeit very deep. The Entwistle neos are animals, and very competitively priced. If I choose to upgrade mine, I reckon this'll be the route I take.
  3. Well Jimi asked the question, and according to the new ranking things, the answer is yes!
  4. There's a yellow one for sale locally on facebook marketplace, like new, £100 including case. Bargain!
  5. Struttin' With Some Barbecue - Louis Armstrong
  6. Great stuff! I really like these type of posts. You hear too much negativity about businesses, sometimes justified, sometimes just that things don't go as planned, but it's always great to hear when deals are done where everyone comes out happy, and the black dog called Greed is banished to the kennel. Wells done for being the 'fixer'. 🙂👍
  7. I can't remember the exact tale, and probably no one in the band tells the truth about it anyway, but The Cure were signed to German label 'Hansa' in the 70s. The label wanted to promote disco and tried to steer the band in that direction, also the band were contractually obliged to record another single so they recorded this little nonsensical gem as two fingers up to the record company, so the story goes. Who says Robert Smith doesn't have a sense of humour. I actually really like it.
  8. You might be better off putting this request in the 'Build Diaries' section. That's where all the wood whisperers gather. Stay down wind of them and don't make sudden movements and you should be alright. 😉
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