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  1. Maude


    And Dave Navarro on guitar. It was One Hot Minute era.
  2. Maude

    Drummer Related General Band Moan

    We had the same problem with a guitarist a few years back, he was working away and struggling to make rehearsals, but wouldn't practice or learn the material while he was away. It came to head when my daughter attended a gig and while at the side of the stage noticed that he wasn't even hitting the strings a lot of the time, throwing shapes and looking the part but not actually playing as he didn't know his parts. We knew something was up (two guitarists so there was guitar) but we didn't realise until afterwards how bad it was. The problem was he was an old mate of all the band members in their own way, it was his band, he chose the name and got everyone into it. He got me and the other guitarist back into playing after pretty much giving up, a long break for me, and I'm loving it more than ever so really do have a lot to thank him for. We all organised a meeting with him in a pub (neutral ground) and had a good chat and told him it wasn't working. Really horrible situation, sacking someone from their own band but it had to be done. He asked to keep the name and we got another guitarist and a new name, so in a way four of us left his band and he was on his own. I think he loved the idea of being in a band but not the commitment.
  3. Maude

    Check out this stunning bass!

    I couldn't work out why a guitar would have a rotating outer frame when I saw the pictures. Then in the video I couldn't make out what the brace thing behind the neck and strange headstock design was. Then halfway through the video....... whoa! Cool!
  4. Maude


    I do have quite a thing going on for a 20th anniversary one. It's purely want and not need so I have to resist.
  5. Maude


    I must resist this offer. I must resist this offer. I must resist this offer. I must resist this offer. I must resist this offer. I must resist this offer. I must resist this offer. I must resist this offer. I must resist this offer.
  6. Maude

    So Many Questions

    I wouldn't even collect that from myself if I was giving it away πŸ€”
  7. Maude

    Best small combo for Stagg eub

    I'd say anything by Phil Jones Bass would be good. Which one depends on how loud you need/want to be.
  8. Maude

    Bass for a 6 year old.

    How about Danelectro of some sort? My Longhorn is 30" scale, rediculously light, slim neck, amazing access to upper frets so no stretching around, sounds great, especially if you wire in a series switch, and you can get them relatively cheaply.
  9. Slightly different in that the lyrics aren't misunderstood but simply not listened to is EMF's Unbelievable. Several times throughout the song the sampled lyric "What the f*ck (was that?)" is belted out yet no radio or TV station seems to notice. It always gives me a little chuckle that they still get away with it on daytime radio when other far less offensive lyrics get bleeped out.
  10. Maude

    Fender Bass VI, Lakland Decade 6 etc.

    You can, as with any guitar/bass, tune it how you want but normally it would be tuned the same as a guitar (eadgbe) but an octave lower. The first four strings are tuned the same as a four string bass but usually don't sound the same due to lighter strings. A six string bass, as opposed to a bass vi, is usually tuned beadgc and has 'standard' bass strings to sound like a normal bass with an extended range. A bass vi is great for playing guitar style lines but with more bottom end than a normal guitar. Think of a spaghetti western soundtrack and it'll probably be a bass vi. Likewise, surf music is great with that deep drippy twang of a bass vi. The Cure use one a lot to play guitar lines that sit nicely between guitar and bass. You can play it like a normal bass but the string spacing is usually a lot tighter to lend itself to holding chord shapes down. The second guitar here is a bass vi.
  11. Maude

    Covers that 'made' the Original

    I'd say a lot of the late 70s ska covers 'made' the originals, maybe not better but brought the original Jamaican Ska to a wider UK audience. A Message to you Rudi, Monkey Man, Pressure Drop, Police and Theives, Madness (the song) etc. While mentioning Clash covers, their cover was the first time I'd heard Brand New Cadillac. And were The Jam the greatest cover band ever? David Watts, Heatwave, In The Midnight Hour, So Sad About Us, Move On Up, Taxman (🀣 ) the list goes onπŸ€”πŸ˜
  12. Maude

    DIY fretless bass using old washing machine drum.

    I'll stop now 😚
  13. Maude

    DIY fretless bass using old washing machine drum.

    Before it all goes down the drain.
  14. Maude

    DIY fretless bass using old washing machine drum.

    Knocking out some top drawer tunes.
  15. Maude

    DIY fretless bass using old washing machine drum.

    Before long I'd be motoring.