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  1. Waiting For An Alibi - Thin Lizzy
  2. This is no time to be thinking about swinging!
  3. I've just had a brainwave, we're all trying to stop the sound at source, so to speak, but why don't we look at the other end. How pleased would your new neighbour be to receive a little gift when you move in? Noise cancelling headphones! Nobody can be angry at someone who's just given them a gift.
  4. I think sometimes them telling you, or not, is the problem. You clearly don't want to upset them but a lot of the time they feel this way too and refrain from complaining until they're ready to explode, all the while you've been oblivious to the irritation you're causing. As well as isolating and keeping the noise down as much as possible, the best thing is to really make them understand that if they say something then you really won't see it as complaining and would rather they acted like a noise meter and gave you constant feedback over bottling it up until breaking point. Most people just want to keep the peace and say nothing but that's not always best. Other than that, just get the smoke machine and strobes out, and when they knock to complain, fill the hall with smoke back-lit by strobes and answer the door in full Gene Simmons costume, make up and blood with an Axe bass strapped on. P.s. Flame thrower is optional, but a nice touch. Best of luck. 😉
  5. I live in a terraced cottage, 200 years old so really thick Cornish stone (slate) and granite walls. The living room and kitchen, each with a chimney breast, are on the adjoining wall of each house so reasonable sound isolation. The only way for me practice without disturbing anyone is to use headphones. I actually prefer to be able to really lose myself with headphones on rather than use an amp and always be aware others can hear me. No matter how nice my neighbours are about, the reality is they'd rather not hear me so I use headphones, in fact I haven't even got an amp in the house anymore. Unfortunately I feel there are three options/outcomes for practice at home. 1, Headphones, no noise so no neighbour agro. 2, Amplified or acoustic instruments, Discuss with neighbors and set boundaries, but accept they still would rather you were quite and annoyances will probably build over time. 3, Who cares, play loud and f 'em all, pretty guaranteed outcome of fall outs. Electric instruments are easy, plug in headphones and there's guaranteed peace with the neighbours. Personally I don't see the need to have a big speaker in an amplifier turned up to a decent volume for my ears in a room when I can have little speakers in headphones which will supply that same volume direct to my ears. Acoustic instruments are trickier and I don't think there is any perfect answer. When let rip on, a piano is a very loud instrument.
  6. I suppose it depends on how they are produced. If it's pure production line, as in one man stands there all day long just screwing on bridges with an electric driver, then he can do hundreds a day. If all the other parts are done in the same manner and there are multiple people doing the same component then it's thousands per day. Also how much is actually automated, are frets just cut and pressed in by a robot? You'd have to know the exact manufacturing process to work out how many actual hours go into each bass.
  7. That's it, I'm sure they will sell so it's all irrelevant. The fact that I don't feel they're worth it just means I won't own one. Or will I? 😉 😄
  8. Again, I agree, to a degree. If £5.5k (Rick 4005xc) was a reasonable recompense for the labour and materials involved then why don't all their guitars and basses start at that price. They obviously feel £2.5k is fair for a 4003 so why double it for the 4005, unless cashing in on the vintage values, which they're entitled to, it's theirs after all.
  9. I agree that as an investment it might be a shrewd purchase, going on current original 4005 prices. But as an instrument I'm not sure it's worth double the price of a 4003, which is arguably a better instrument, although that's obviously subjective. I adore the 4005 but it's definitely a flawed design. The differences on the new xc might improve on these, but they might also impact on it's future value as it's not like the vintage 4005. Only time will tell I suppose.
  10. Apologies if it came across as a dig, it wasn't intended that way, and I hope I'm not one of the "certain folk" you refer to as I try not get into debates. I've probably quoted the wrong reply really as my post was more in reply to the quote below and was just pointing out that it definitely exists in many industries. Back to bass prices. 🙂👍
  11. You might not want to buy these things but plenty do. The relic thing happens everywhere including the motor industry. 'Rat Look' is most definitely a thing, along with 'Shabby Chic' furniture, distressed look clothing, vintage look garden accessories, the list goes on. In most fields of retail there will be a vintage, worn in version available to those that do want it. For those that don't I assume it's as simple as not buying it.
  12. For me at the moment the new Rickenbacker 4005xc is heading the 'not worth it' group, in fact it's an absolute pee take. The original 4005s do sell for ludicrous money, we're talking between 8 and 10 grand roughly, and Rickenbacker have finally caved in to requests to remake it. But they've made something which is different to a 4005, which is fair enough, but I think their pricing is a desperate attempt to ride the coat tails of the crazy vintage 4005 market. They're now available new for £5.5k. https://www.kennysmusic.co.uk/rickenbacker-4005xc-bass-amber-fireglo?utm_source=tag&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=1795&source=googleps
  13. Following on from stadium concerts heard far away I heard The Who's 'The Who Roar In' concert at Wembley from my grandparents garden near Brent Reservoir when I stayed in the summer holidays. The line up was Nils Lofgren, AC/DC, The Stranglers and The Who. I was only six at the time so didn't know who I was listening to but I knew it must be something really cool to be able to hear it clearly from the garden. I shouldn't have been up that late but I pestered my nan and she caved in as all grandparents are supposed to. 😁
  14. Excellent album, so much more than just acoustic versions of their songs.
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