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  1. I've just bought a couple of yards of brown material and a length of rope... ... but I won't be making a habit out of it either. 😐
  2. Best hope Flea keeps his undercrackers on then. 😁
  3. It's properly nailed his tone. I know he used a Clone Theory but I liked the idea of the Bass Clone and it's 99% the same tone. I like that the x over switch takes the bottom end out of the effects so it stays solid and punchy, not all swampy. The bass and treble then act as boost and cut to how much bass and treble gets affected. Kind of like a dry bottom end and wet top end, rather than all the same. It works well.
  4. This little box of fun arrived today. I such a sad silly billy! 😄
  5. To be fair, back in the 80s/early 90s his basses must've taken hell of a beating.
  6. Refinish, new scratchplate and a KiOgon loom. Job done. Is it a sensible price though?
  7. I like the idea of this. I quite like having two volumes and two tones. My Longhorn (stop it! 😉) sounds great with the tone down on the neck PU, with a bit of tone full of on bridge PU mixed in for a clear thump. Or both volumes on full with neck tone full but bridge tone rolled back slightly gets some thick clank going on.
  8. As has been said before here, it all goes around in cycles. A while ago I worked with a young lad who was really into Bloc Party, a band who appeared to have their own modern sound at the time, especially to him, and don't sound too dated even now another twenty years on. To those unfamiliar with Bloc Party, here they are. Then I blew his mind/shattered his illusion by playing him Damaged Goods by Gang of Four. He couldn't believe it was recorded twenty-five years prior to the Bloc Party track, before he was even born.
  9. Bring On the Dancing Horses - Echo and the Bunnymen
  10. Which makes using it the most punk thing to do. 😉 But yes, I get your point. Although I have gigged punk(ish) songs with mine. Until I started using my 4005, my Variax was my main gigging bass in my Mod/Northern Soul/Ska band, the Clash covers of old Ska tunes was about as punk as it got though, London Calling was almost there and our version of Stepping Stone was more Sex Pistols than Monkees or Merton Parkas. Gratuitous pic, Variax and attitude. I was probably trying to remember how to start the next song in reality. 😁
  11. They don't come up for sale very often. They're also heavy as hell.
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