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  1. So would a belt sander but there's more than one way to skin a cat. Actually the belt sander would do that as well
  2. A good set up will transform a fretless far more than a fretted bass. Give it a go and then decide, it doesn't cost a penny and can be quite rewarding.
  3. Sellers can be freaks as well, I had a right one on a Facebook selling page. I wanted to buy a VCR to convert some old videos of the kids to DVD. I work in Plymouth and saw one for sale in Plymouth, ideal I'll swing by one the way home from work. "Is it still for sale?" "Yes." 'I'll have it, I'll pick it this evening at half five." "Yes." “Can I have you address please?“ “Yes." After about an hour, " Can I have your address please so I can pick it up this evening?“ “Yes." Another half an hour goes by, “Address?“ “I'm not giving out my address over Facebook, here's my mobile number, if you text when you're five minutes away, I'll give it to you then". "How the feck will I know when I'm five minutes away, five minutes away from where? This is too difficult, you can keep it!“
  4. My knowledge on IEM is lacking somewhat, but I do know that no bluetooth device is suitable for monitoring, there is just too much latency.
  5. I think that's the joy of the internet. You used to have to put work into buying an instrument privately, first buy a paper or whatever it was advertised in, then make a phone call with one of those things connected to the wall and have an actual conversation to discuss and arrange a viewing. Now you can just sit on your sofa, see an ad that takes your fancy and send a quick message, before really thinking about whether you actually want it. Then decline on a whim without having to speak to the seller. The upside is, obviously your ad reaches a far wider audience though. Yes there are lots of numpties out there, but it's still better selling today than in the days of FreeAds.
  6. Could you get a clear scratchplate and get a DIY emporium to scan that bass, or whatever you have in the pink you want, and mix you some paint, not emulsion though. Then paint the inside of the scratchplate, once covered it will appear even and glossy from the outside. If you go to a trade supplier to vehicle bodyshops they can scan it and mix you an aerosol of car paint which would be even better, still paint the inside of a clear scratchplate though as it will look like plastic once done.
  7. Maude


    Welcome to the forum. A 1" paint brush (and vacuum cleaner if you want to suck it away) will flick the dust out from under control knobs, around pickup cavities, tuners, Bridge, etc.
  8. How do the Chinese get away with building and selling blatant counterfeits? Do copyright laws only apply in certain countries or something? Mr Hall's flying monkeys get all over private, individual sales on ebay etc, yet seem to ignore the abundance of Chinese sellers on Ali-express and the like. This is a genuine question, not a troll.
  9. Maybe speed this up a bit to make more punk?
  10. I never want to hear any of you lot moaning about neck dive again, it's not worrying this little lad one bit, so the rest of you just get over it! Lovely pics @josie and @ped 👍
  11. Late 90s with my rediculous 2x15 plus 4x12 bi-amped rig........ ..... to last month supporting The Chords at Exeter Cavern.
  12. Guys, you seem to be missing the most important part, it has a tone pin............. a TONE PIN. O,M and freakin' G my bass will sound awesome with a tone pin. 😀
  13. Dunlop do the twisty ring with the turny keyhole type, I have a feeling that's not the correct name 😁 They just fit over the original strap pin like a grolsch washer but you then rotate the outer ring to lock the on. I've never had any problems with them and they're cheap, £3.99 a pair on Amazon.
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