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  1. Maude

    Line 6 Variax Bass -strings

    Different strings do make a difference to the Variax. I'd wondered the same and whether the electronics would override the strings and make them all sound similar but it doesn't. I use D'Addario half rounds on mine as they're my fave string. I've got a second one I was going to defret to see how that works with the synth and upright bass settings, I just haven't got around to it yet.
  2. Maude

    Line 6 Variax Bass -strings

    Well it's lucky I'm wearing my heels then 👠 😁
  3. Maude

    Charvel Surfcaster Bass

    Oh thank god for that, I'm out! I've been stuck in never ending, link clicking vortex since the original post on Sunday night. I thought it would never end. Right, I've got to get something to eat, I'm starving.
  4. Maude

    Bright Flatwounds ?

    Chromes then 👍
  5. Maude


    It probably is stable but it just looks like the bridge mounting part would want to flex under string tension.
  6. Maude

    It's back!

    Is there anything to stop someone using his photo and title and making their own listing explaining exactly what the bass is to warn woukd be buyers? Ebays algorithms would suggest the new listing if you'd viewed the scammy one. Obviously put a rediculously high price and explain why. Ebay aren't doing anything to stop this so maybe the public should.
  7. Noooo! 😁 I love it with the black plate, proper 70s. Plus you've got black binding and blocks. But it ain't my bass is it Guv'nor, so whatever makes ya sun shine Sunshine 😊
  8. To be fair if you had paid by PayPal then there is no way I'd be letting you or anyone collect a bass,or anything else for that matter. A very well known scam is to do just this and then claim that the bass hasn't been delivered, paypal will then refund you and take the money back off the seller. You get a bass for free and the seller has nothing. I'm not for a minute suggesting that this was your intention, but I just wouldn't be risking it. And that's a lovely bass BTW 👍
  9. The chorus always used to trip me up for some reason. I knew exactly what to play and the phrasing etc high up on the D and G strings, but I really had to concentrate, it never came naturally. Great bassline though.
  10. Maude

    Warwick Tubepath 5.1 ebay dud

    This is exactly what I was thinking, solder some sort of fuse holder directly to the remaining fuse holder. No stripping and minimal expense. If you solder, or glue, the fuses directly then if one blows it'll be a pain changing it.
  11. Maude

    Using headphones on stage

    If wireless they can't be Bluetooth, as all modern wireless headphones seem to be, as bluetooth has too much latency. The old type (infra red?) work OK.
  12. That's what came with the bass, two pairs of the single piece buttons with a larger thread. The holes would need plugging to use standard button and screw types so I've got a new strap for it and bought some cheap Schaller type locks, which came today and are pretty good for a few quid.
  13. "You can barely see it yourself", I said. "Nobody else will even notice it", I said. "Under stage lights it's impossible to see", I said. I can't live with it 🤔😂 I'm going to rewire it to either add a series switch or just wire it in series just through one tone and volume to add some mid oomph so while I'm working out how to do that I'm going to refinish it. It's just bugging me too much, a beautifully made bass let down by an OK paint job. A really nicely applied re-lacquer will (to me) lift this bass to the next level, and it's a good bonding process, I love playing instruments I've refinished or reworked, there's that little bit extra pride.
  14. Maude

    Reducing the width of a neck

    How hands on are you @petergales? Is it worth buying a few nut blanks and a cheap set of needle files, if you don't have any, and have a play around with different string spacings. It can totally change the feel of a neck and you don't need to make a perfect nut just to try out different spacings. If you do find a different spacing makes it feel nicer then you can make a decent one or get one made if you're not confident. Any rigid plastic will do for trial nuts and will be reversible if you carefully remove and keep the original nut. Would cost less than a tenner to make a few replacements.
  15. Maude

    Elwray Basses - Amani 5 on the way

    I love them @Marcoelwray It's the little features like that that make a bass special.