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  1. Isn't there a luthier called Bernie Goodfellow (GB guitars and basses) Could be made specifically for a shape of theirs. 🤔
  2. I'm happy to stand corrected. If fender use nylon as standard then it must me fine. That said, personally I'd still go with metal for no other reason than the cost difference is negligible, and it would satisfy my mind. 🙂
  3. What's this obsession with knackered old Triumph cars on here lately? 😉
  4. @Dad3353 has pretty much covered exactly what I was going say. Hofner Club if you don't want the Macca comments, same sound and weight but different style. With rounds they're a lot brighter than you'd expect but they are lacking in sustain due to design, no bad thing though I feel. The Ignition series or a proper German made one will be lightest as they are both fully hollow, the Contemporary series has a centre block to improve sustain, but it adds weight. Or something by Danelectro for a more 'usual' bass sound, a surprisingly aggressive tone with rounds and plectrum if needed. They have centre blocks so similar weight to a Contemporary series Hofner.
  5. I'm not sure nylon washers will be tough enough, there's a fair bit of compression on the end nut.
  6. To get enough 'milk' from the males they'd be going at it until they were blue in the face.
  7. Not forgetting "ring in peace".
  8. I don't like any Christmas songs until a week before Christmas, when I enjoy them all. Apart from that warbling, hamster faced monstrosity, Carey, who can shove her song up her hole! I'm particularly fond of the Jona Lewie and Wham ones though. It's great though isn't it how music can evoke such feelings and emotions. My daughter always says she only has to hear the opening synth stab of 'Wonderful Christmastime' and it instantly feels like Christmas, yet it was released 20 years before she was born. So I'll nominate that one as well as it'll be our first Christmas without her at home. Oh god, here I go.
  9. There were indoor gigs happening in pubs (not music venues) in Plymouth by bands (not duos) comprising of non professional musicians for a month or two leading up until this last lockdown, to the point I was getting fed up of explaining to people why my bands weren't gigging.
  10. I Believe I'll Dust My Broom (Robert Johnson)
  11. This could be an expensive video to watch. 😁
  12. Ouch! That's pretty steep, unless it's something special, and even then.
  13. Another Girl Another Planet (The Only Ones)
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