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  1. That's very commendable Lozz but judging by another thread no one wants to gig anyway 😉
  2. Pah, Henry Rollings. If he started that sh!t with me I'd kick his @ss.
  3. A high pass filter and better EQ may be all that's needed. A lot of your amps power is being used to amplify frequencies that you can't hear, but will cause unwanted resonances in the room. Get rid of those frequencies and your amp has more power to use amplifying the frequencies you can hear and your general sound will be cleaner. The whole band can sound cleaner as the whole room is no longer being swamped with unwanted noise.
  4. I your bass strung through the body at the bridge end? Whatever it is, your strings are basically too short for the bass.
  5. I treat the load in and out as a bit of a workout. Some people pay to go to a gym and do a workout, this one pays you.
  6. Perhaps he's re-releasing Voodoo Ray and wanted you to lay down the bassline. You'll never know now. 😉
  7. The way I see it, and I'll admit I'm prone to over simplistic views, is that the 'high street' can only offer one thing over online and that is good customer service. If I'm expected to pay more (usually) on the high street then I expect more than casual indifference in return. In all honesty, not living near a town or city makes going into a shop a bit of a chore and I'd rather buy most stuff online even if there's no price difference. I can either drive to a shop, paying for fuel and parking, then try and find what I'm after, only to usually have to return home empty handed and order it online anyway. The shop may say 'we can order it for you', but I can do that myself and get it quicker and not have to drive back again the next weekend. To me it's just evolution, there weren't all the chains of identical stores in city centres once and people coped just fine, when they're all gone we'll cope just as well, if not better because of online shopping.
  8. We rent a basement as our permanent rehearsal space so I keep my doublebass and a few basses there. I get anything new delivered to work and then straight into the basement.
  9. Right, sorry to interrupt this game for a minute but there's something I need to get off my chest, and being into the music I'm into this isn't easy for me 😉 My name is Allan and I absolutely love Copacabana. There, I said it. It's epic, such an upbeat, happy feeling disco tune and yet the lyrics are as dark as they come. As you were 😁
  10. Join the Facebook groups, Musician Finder (Devon) and Musician Finder (Cornwall) as you're on the boarder, when you search for those two a couple of other groups similar come up which may also be worth a look, but may just be repeats of the ads in the first two. A quick look at the Devon one shows a couple of ads for bassists. What sort of music are you looking to play, or are you not worried as long as you're out gigging? I don't really do the 'music scene' thing but the singer and guitarist in one of my bands live in Plymouth so I'll ask them tonight if they know of anything. Another thought is searching rehearsal rooms in Plymouth and go and see if they have any noticeboards, and to put the word around if there's anyone there. Good luck 👍
  11. Yes they're usually just held on with a blob of hot glue.
  12. @PaulFenderJazz You've just touched on another point I was going make as to what style ifmusic you want it for. The HB doesn't have a tremolo so wouldn't be ideal for surf/western. I don't have the tremolo arm fitted to my Squier and think it overcomplicates a already lacking bridge/tailpiece design. If the HB had been available when I bought my Squier I think I would have tried it first.
  13. Also not exactly on a whim but definitely a quick decision was my Bex4. I'd sort of wanted a Bex4 in tabaccoburst for while since missing the end of an auction due to poor signal while away on holiday, usually they're the orange or the blue. There was a post on here linking to the sale of one as a recommendation to someone enquiring about hollow bodies. It was an old post but the Bex4 was still miraculously up for sale. I PM'd the chap and we did the deal, and I paid by PayPal. The email address linked to PayPal is the one Mrs. Maude now uses so I new she'd get the notification but wouldn't bother reading it as I'm always buying little bits and pieces, I thought the transaction amount didn't come up in the email heading so when she text me joking "what have you bought now?", I just told her it was some secondhand strings from someone on here. The next text read "What, for £280!?". So I just replied "Oh yeah, they might still be attached to a bass". 😂
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