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  1. i'm very near to Sheffield and for laffs and giggles would happily get said instrument underway on it's journey south! Can anyone meet in Nottingham/East Midlands to pass it along?
  2. Only if they provide my PA, my van, my rehearsal room fees, travel expenses, instruments etc then yes. If not...nope! All of the above don't come free...why should I or the band?
  3. Post-Covid implying that it's somehow disappeared...which sadly isn't the case.
  4. Part of me would love to convert my watch collection into a 60's SG!
  5. The transition happened after June 1958 which is why the exact number for that year is unknown, but there may be a few bursts in the gold top column and vice versa. They would have, of course, been recorded in the now legendary missing day books. The non-centre split top is a giveaway as to those which were either officially refinished at the factory or unofficially after the event.
  6. The Gibson day books for the latter half of 1958, '59 and '60 were lost during an office relocation. They do have the annual figures of each model, but not by type. Interestingly, Gibsons own records show 19 Explorers and 81 Flying Vs were produced in 1958. Another 3 Explorers were made in 1959, along with a further 17 Flying Vs making them infinitely more rare than the Les Pauls of the same era. For comparison, in 1958 434 burst Les Pauls were made, and 649 in 1959. Of those, only guitars made up to 30th June 1958 are accurately recorded with finish, model and serial number. As for total production numbers - in 1959 Gibson recorded the production of 34,123 guitars. Costs? Expect to pay from £150,000 upwards for a verified '59 Les Paul burst, and if you've won the lottery you can get a '58 Flying V for £256,000 from Emerald City Guitars, Seattle. There are reports that in 2016 a store in Denmark Street brokered the sale of a 1958 Explorer for $1.1m http://www.burstserial.com/index.php?/page/serial_log is a brilliant resource for burst Les Pauls
  7. Our drummer is a pro musician and plays in two bands and teaches. His gigging income has been reduced to zero but luckily with online lessons he's been able to retain a good element of his teaching work. For the rest of us in one of the bands who play with him - we have what would be considered 'professional' jobs and gigging is a fun outlet for us.
  8. A lot of clever stuff here - but after 4 pages NO ONE has yet commented that I Love rock and Roll by The Arrows and, of course, covered by Joan Jett has a 3/4 bar at the end of each chorus section!
  9. I currently have a pair of Thunderbirds (one USA as a main, one Epi Pro thru-neck as a backup) for gigs and could quite happily stick to those two. I have a Bass Collection that is currently on loan to our guitarist, and a Steinberger Spirit for home use. It will also likely get used in an acoustic trio I also play in as, well, the T'birds make a bit of a 'raaaaaawwwwwwwk' statement! The reality is though I could probably be happy with the pair of T'birds - I love the way that the neck feels, they are far more versatile than you think with judicious use of amp tones, after years of playing a Les Paul in bands I can play a T'bird for hour after hour live, and they're just cool! So - can you live with one bass...? If you're a gigging musician then you'd have to question the risk factor of not taking a spare, but otherwise I'd say yes.
  10. Talking of gondolas - I finally got around to editing my Bansko 2020 GoPro footage -
  11. If you don't mind walking a few km and heading further away from the gondola then just watch the prices plummet!
  12. Even the pistes are cheap - definitely by European prices - and the aprés-ski bars/clubs in the tourist areas are cheaper than the UK
  13. Until 4th July but still no live music. What's the Bulgarian situation like? Hoping to get back to Bansko for a bit of snowboarding in Jan...?
  14. Found? How on earth did you lose it in the first place?!?!?!?!
  15. Lucky you! In the UK live performances are still prohibited despite pub venues being allowed to open from July 4th - "1.23 Can I go to the theatre or a concert? At this stage, it is not yet safe for live performances, including dramatic, musical or comedy performances, to take place in front of a live audience. This is because of the increased risk of transmission associated with these types of activities or as a result of patrons needing to raise their voices to be heard over background music. There may be an additional risk of infection in environments where you or others are singing, chanting, shouting or conversing loudly. This applies even if others are at a distance to you. You should therefore avoid environments that require you to raise your voice to communicate with anyone outside your household."
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