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  1. Just the Shadhowhills and Oberhausen for me but others may benefit from a few new toys!
  2. Great bundle from Plugin Alliance for free - https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/blog/blogpost/items/introducing-soundwide.html Details on the page, plug ins include , Ampeg SVT, Brainworx Master Desk, Shadowhills Compressor and a bunch more FOC!
  3. Never had an issue with the weight of any bass...although maybe playing a bloody great hefty Les Paul for years taught me what having a heavy instrument was REALLY like!
  4. I use wireless not because of the distance but mostly to keep myself away from some of the horrible electrics in venues!
  5. It's a struggle getting it all in and set up! At least I have crib sheets so that each band member can take care of their own mics, know what they need to plug in where etc. Time between arriving and sound check slips through the hands like sand!!!! Digital stage boxes - one upstage, one downstage - makes cable runs much easier though
  6. I have no idea where to start...I own the band Pa/lighting so all that comes with me!!! Subs (if needed) Tops Stand bags Mic stand bag Audio cable trunk - everything fro, 1ft lot 60ft XLRs, various length 1/4" instrument cables, speaking cables Power cable trunk - extension cables, 6 way sockets, 13 amp power cables Stage boxes Mixer rack - self contained with a rack-router, IEM TX, wireless mic RX, X32 Rack and RJ45 network cables for stage boxes Spare Mixer (XR18) Wedges/drummers IEM pack Mic case LED par cans LED Mini Spot case iPads 2 x basses Guitar rack DI Pedal Spare Ashdown mini head Wireless rack Think that's about it! Yes, I have a van!
  7. I went for the DiMarzio clip locks ages ago and they are now on all my gigging basses. It's bolted to your guitar - it's not going anywhere!!!! https://www.dimarzio.com/straps/cliplock
  8. Oddly enough, I really like the fact with some of our tracks we remain as true as we can to the version that we're playing...we just choose different arrangements sometimes e.g. Gothard's version of Hush, Muse's take on Feeling Good, Taking Dawn's take on The Chain - but they offer their own challenge to get right. I'm not one for copying an exact bass tone as they're all rock tracks with pretty much a similar bass through each with the odd exception that can be managed by tone/volume adjustments. My old original's band rehearsed relentlessly to make sure that we *DID* play everything exactly the same way as we recorded it each time.
  9. I started my stringed journey as a guitarist and still have 4 kicking around - an SG, a Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro Elite, a BC Rich Assassin super-strat and a Godin Telecoustic. Lockdown saw me start drumming and I've not stopped - the original Alesis Crimson II kit has been augmented with a Jobeky 13" hybrid piccolo snare trigger, a 3rd 8" pad, the original 12" snare pad moved to the rack as a 5th floor tom, the electronic hi-hats have been replaced by some LV hats from Diamond Drums along with a GoEdrum controller and operated by a Gear4Music remote cable hi-hat pedal, and an additional dual zone ride is configured as a china. Also added a Roc'n'Soc throne and it's the most comfortable thing I've sat on! The latest addition has been an eDrumin10 interface which will replace the Crimson II module and link everything to Slate Drums 5 running under Gig Performer on a Mac Mini. I'll stick with this setup for the rest of '22 and look to moving to more LV cymbals and maybe a Jobeky kit in '23 A few shots of the development of the kit from it's original standard format, along with some pics of the 'trick' bits
  10. I've always said that the once the bad starts, in the punters mind they're listening to the memories of the track, and not what is actually being presented to the brain via the ears! Whilst to the punter the 'close enough' works, for professional pride I do like pulling apart tracks and getting the nuances of various bass parts just right! I'm currently revisiting Velvet Revolver's Fall To Pieces and trying to work out just what Duff is playing at certain points is a fun challenge.
  11. Not with regards to live playing, but when it comes to recording then I've found that a combination of clean DI, amp (real or simulated) and a gnarly Tech21 style driven tone really works for rock stuff - isolated it's horrible but in a mix it's lovely!
  12. Not expensive either - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08T9VVMQY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. As promised, some shots of the silicon cable guides in place. I'll get a 9v supply with a 90 degree connector too at some point
  14. Our guitarist just bought a '75 TV Logo Tele - absolutely lovely thing it is. It won't find much joy in the rock band we play in together (he has a bunch of things including 2 x PRS McCartys, EBMM, SG, Les Paul etc) but I suspect it'll get plenty of use in the southern/blues rock style writing/recording we're planning on pulling together in 2022
  15. Our gigs are just run of the mill pub affairs - sometimes you get a rogue foot but I usually have a mic stand between myself and the punters, and the Dapper will live at the base of the mic stand. Once I fit the silicon cable tidies I'll post up another photo
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