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  1. That's a horrifying thought - I really hope that the medical team (who can perform wonders) manage to retain as much use of his hand as possible so that with time, patience and physio your drummer continues to be able to play. When I think of the daft things I've done on motorbikes, snowboards, and mountain bikes I'm stunned that I've never had a serious injury. It does make you wonder!
  2. Thanks @Mcgiver69 - that looks perfect for buses/groups
  3. Thanks for the advice @Mcgiver69 - the more tools we have at our disposal the better. I'm using the demo of SW Headphone edition and the improvements in bass response, especially around 70-100hz are incredible, plus by flattening the response from 1.1khz everything just seems fuller and more weighty!
  4. Agree - home studio environment is a nightmare and far from perfect but anything we can do to flatten the response and trust what we hear can only be a good thing
  5. Do either of those actually work with monitors or just headphones? A quick glance would show that it's the latter? I also mix on a set of KRK Rokit 5's and want to apply correction to those as well which Sonarworks allows me to do. Sonarworks also include a calibrated reference condenser mic (which is useful for RTA) in the price and make the profile of that individual mic available to you for your room measurements. Black Friday deal is $179
  6. show was filmed 31/3/'74 and they were supported by a Liverpool band called Nutz who also supported (amongst others) Black Sabbath and they went on to appear at the Reading festival. The bass player and guitarist are still very active in the Liverpool music scene. Keith (bass) also played with Garth Rocket and the Moonshiners.
  7. Thanks @Ramirez- the results on the K702s have been impressive enough for me to consider the full studio edition. Have you tried it with your monitors as well? If so then I'd be intrigued to hear your opinion.
  8. Whole bunch of offers from Sonar Works -
  9. I've just downloaded a demo of Sonar Works Reference 4 Headphone Edition and the adjustments to the EQ of my AKG K702 headphones (which I always thought sounded great) were impressive, boosting the lows at around 90hz, taking a notch out of the low mids at around 1k and generally tidying up the whole response from 12k upwards (se attached before/after images) Just wondered if anyone uses this as there's a Black Friday sale on reducing the studio edition from $299 to $179 which includes a reference microphone to accurately measure the response with your own room/speakers. I know it's not a substitute for proper room treatment, but from my demo of the system the results seem to speak for themselves and the software seems to have a few fans, notably producer/engineer Warren Huart (Korn, Black Veil Brides, The Ramones, Ace Frehley, Aerosmith) who runs the Produce Like a Pro YouTube channel. The system will also emulate pre-defined curves such as hi-fi speakers, cinema system curves etc. Thoughts and comments appreciated.
  10. I've been getting by with a combination of an Apogee Jam, plus a Behringer XR18 and whilst both had allowed me to record neither are what you'd call leading edge on the old interface stakes. Both had limited options of 44.1 or 48khz sample rate but neither were what you'll call speedy. Using Reaper's built in latency The Jam has reported a latency of 7.0 m/s at 48khz with 128 samples. The Behringer does better and get's down to 5.8 m/s with the same settings. Enter - The Focusrite Clarett 2Pre! I had been looking for a Thunderbolt interface and had all but given up of hope of finding one as all of their current Prosumer are now USB-C but I happened upon a new-old-stock Thunderbolt interface for sale on eBay and jumped at the chance. The results are astonishing - running the same 48khz/128 samples setting the Clarett records just 3.3 m/s of latency according to Reaper's built in measurements, but upping the frequency to 96khz and 128 samples the Focusrite has an amazing latency value of 1.8 m/s. Build quality is excellent - external power supply aside - with an all metal case, satisfying relay switches when swapping between line and instrument level and a clear easy to read panel. Front mounted phantom power buttons per channel, and monitor and headphone levels are also on the front. The interface comes with the excellent Control software which allows you to route the various inputs to the four 1/4" outputs or SPDIF ports. It's a step up from the Scarlett, definitely more Prosumer than consumer. A very impressive piece of kit and an excellent addition to the home studio.
  11. I may have just purchased a Focusrite Clarett interface as well - oops! 🤪
  12. Don't really need Riot Drums as I use Slate Drums 5.5 but some of their other offerings such as their IRs have appeal 🤔
  13. Rode NT-1 KRK Rokit 5 Monitors AKG K702 headphones Reaper (finally!) UgriTones midi drum packs Think that's it...?
  14. Head over, click the link, get the new CLA plugin https://www.waves.com/lpn/black-friday-2020/free-plugin-signup?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=free&utm_term=midi&utm_content=image-v1&fbclid=IwAR3eOkuKWGdWmz9E73a7255dIO8SVbHGWv0RnJ0fSro-hXX5CGI2C7WbIAg
  15. I work in IT so I've usually been keen to adopt technology when I can see a benefit for it...things like the XR18 mixer which I use an an interface, DAW control running on the iPad as a Mackie control surface to control faders in Reaper etc. Any DAW is very logical if you've had any exposure to a recording studio or even a live mixer in some aspects. video-1600935710.mp4
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