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  1. My g/f may well get recruited as lighting operator!
  2. I'm just bidding my time on this one - landlords have enough [email protected] on their plates without being hassled by weekends warriors such as myself looking for gigs. Things will change but I'm in no rush to get out there from the word go
  3. As a massive AC/DC fan I'd quite like the Cliff Williams #1 Workhorse replica but not at $7k!!!! I'd probably be able to find a genuine late 70's/early 80's model and have lots of change for that kinda cash!
  4. Friends, band mates, myself - a gig is a gig...it's usually only for the company before and post-gig analysis/beach-fest after as I tend to lose myself in the live show anyway!
  5. Because of the channel count, we can do some neat things re monitoring with the X32 - e.g. we have 2 channels per guitar fed from the same input - there is a dedicated FOH channel and a dedicated monitor feed that has the guitar signal limited so not to rip everyone's head off in the wedges when a guitarist goes for a solo patch but the FOH is unaffected by the limiter - we set the limiter so the guitarist can hear his solo without overpowering everyone else's monitor mix with his solo signal.
  6. For reference @EBS_freak, ewhat would the industry 'statndard' method be that is expandable for multiple wireless etups, both IEM TX and wireless RX systems? I'd like to add a few more wireless mic's and maybe persuade some other band members that IEMs are the right way to go with one guitarist flatly saying after 2 mins that they weren't for him, and our vocalist saying, and I quote "there's a strange noise...like aliens in my head"!!!!
  7. I had long since expected it to be a completely run-of-the-mill router housed in a nice rack mount format Absolutely agree completely - in the past it took a lot of fault finding to identify which channels can operate without causing issues. As the rig is never hired out and we only use 3 channels of UHF wireless - 1 x IEM, 1 x mic and 1 x guitar (separate) then we've managed to find a compromise that works well without problems. If we wanted to go expand that count then have no doubt we'd go IEMs TX's in one rack and mic RX's into another, both served with paddle antenna and kept well away from one another, and probably all moved to a similar brand/model for ease of configuration. Your insight and experienced opinion is ALWAYS always welcomed when it comes to PA, wireless and a plethora of other audio related questions. You are the man!
  8. Router is pricey for what it is BUT there was no other rack mountable 2.4/5ghz router available so I really had very little choice if I wanted the aesthetics. Personally I think it's worth it for the convenience but others may not be willing to part with the readies for the solution. Performance-wise it's absolutely rock solid and no operational complaints.
  9. Could always go the X32 Rack route? I use an SD16 digital stage box upstage and an SD8 downstage - both have 8 XLR returns and either 8 or 16 inputs and connects via a single CAT5 cable making setup/strike a doddle as you can use short cable runs to a conveniently placed stage box. The SD16 takes care of the kit and backline mics/DI plus drummer's wedge and the SD8 for vocal mics, downstage wedges and FoH.
  10. I've never played that line in unison - that's the guitard's bit...I'm off doing my bit!!!
  11. Thanks - I'm pretty lucky to have some great photos of me playing over the years 👍🏻
  12. I'm another that uses this technique - it's pretty hard to play a massively overdriven guitar at gig levels without being able to effectively mute strings.
  13. How does it compare to the Slate Virtual Mix Bus or the Brainworx channel strips with TMT?
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