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  1. I suspect that would be a desk specific feature - you most certainly can with the Behringer digital desks and I'd be more that a little surprised if the same functionality was not offered by other manufacturers in this market sector. The pan for each stereo pair will most likely be found in the sends section of the channel so perhaps look there first. If anyone else has experience of the qu16 maybe they can confirm the pan on sends functionality
  2. I can only confirm the comments from @EBS_freak - moving from a mono IEM with my XR18 to a stereo mix from the X32 Rack is night and day - instead of the everything being sonically stacked on top of itself, making it sometimes tricky to distinguish between different instruments in the mix, the audio is now panned across the stereo image with each instrument being placed as it is on stage, with the option of bring each artist's own instrument/voice to the centre of the mix if required for added clarity and being 'dominant' in the mix without swamping the levels.
  3. Not only that - if you're on the pro scene the chances of you getting passes for future events with that label/promoter are seriously hampered! Not that a pro would use a flash! The rider usually reads 'First three songs, no flash!"
  4. Last Friday we played a belated Halloween gig at The Vat and Fiddle in Nottingham which also coincided with our vocalist's and a mutual friends birthday weekend - a fun night was had by all!
  5. Having upgraded from an XR18 to and X32 Rack, the X32 Rack has several major advantages - 16 Aux Outputs - this means 4 in the rack for effects and 12 for monitors, or 6 stereo pairs 8 FX slots - usually setup as 1-4 for insert FX, 5-8 for global FX such as reverbs, delays etc The ability to connect digital stage boxes using a single Cat5E cable Improved input/output routing Matrices The lack of a GEQ on the aux channels was a minor irritation but it took moments to add a stereo GEQ to the FX rack and assign them as inserts to each pair of channels and the FoH As always, use a good external router - I use a rack-mounted dual band Swissonic Pro router that is rock solid
  6. Not so much live videos, but live audio tracks for you. As the sound of the average phone/cheap vid camera is pretty poo we decided to collect a montage of live photographs and show these underneath the live audio captured from our desk. We used our XR18 to feed direct channels into Auria LE on an iPad, the tracks were then exported in Reaper and mixed using Slate Everything Bundle plugins exclusively. Absolutely no overdubs, drop-ins or corrections other than the above plugins, mostly for EQ, compression and saturation. Drums were recorded using a D112 and a pair of overhead Behringer C4 condenser mics, guitar cabs were close mic'd with Sennheiser E906 mics, bass was DI'd, main vocals from a Sennheiser EW145 wireless mic and backing vocals through Shure SM58s There are a couple of annoying clicks on occasion which I suspect is from some cable cross talk from our lighting but overall I'm happy with things. We play Thunder's cover version of Play That Funky Music which is pretty stripped back and rocked up. As I've expanded my collection of GoPro Heroes, we'll probably start to record gigs with multiple video feeds and mix with live audio mixed as recorded above for future gigs.
  7. If it has to be same value then nope, I'll be sticking with my T'bird
  8. I went to see the chat/acoustic event with Luke Morely and Danny Bowes front Thunder - two incredibly talented musicians who can take an out and out rock track and play it on an acoustic and still make it sound great! And boy, does Danny have a set of pipes!
  9. A shame that you've absolutely set on a combo as a single 1x12 cab with a lunchbox head would do the job perfectly - amazing tone at low volumes and extremely versatile https://www.victoryamps.com/rd1-rob-chapman
  10. I did this on a semi pro basis for 6-7 so... framing, framing, framing - move your focus point so that the entire subject is the frame, headstock, the lot. You can always crop afterwards Spotlights *will* cause over exposure and lens flare so watch out for that and roll the exposure back a touch You'll need at least 2 bodies - one with either a short prime or a short telephoto - I always took a pair of Canon 1D's the 35-70mm f2.8 L on the 1st body with the 70-200 or a 300 2.8 LIS f2.8 on the 2nd. Sometimes I took a 3rd lower spec (20D) body with fisheye/semi just in case. Shoot like crazy - 7fps min, pref 10+ Anticipate - know the material (if possible) so that you know if there's a solo/vocal section/whatever coming up
  11. I opted for Slate Drums 5 when it was on offer at $99 - absolute bargain with a phenomenal selection of 'out of the box' kits before you even touch the expansion packs.
  12. This every day of the week and twice on a Sunday - compact, lightweight, extensive feature list, versatile and bang for buck there';s nothing out there that comes close.
  13. Surely it's always 1 per bass/guitar that you own hence a total of 7 for me
  14. Retribution hit Nottingham with their female fronted "modern classic" rock set - strictly no dad rock!
  15. Nah - strictly a Thunderbird zone again these days!
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