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  1. This every day of the week and twice on a Sunday - compact, lightweight, extensive feature list, versatile and bang for buck there';s nothing out there that comes close.
  2. Surely it's always 1 per bass/guitar that you own hence a total of 7 for me
  3. Retribution hit Nottingham with their female fronted "modern classic" rock set - strictly no dad rock!
  4. Nah - strictly a Thunderbird zone again these days!
  5. Does buying a van to carry your PA in count? Of course, it also doubles as a mountain/road bike carrier plus day-to-day commuter to the station so it's not strictly for band use...?
  6. I'm still all-in - just been spending my money on new cycle bits instead!!!
  7. I'm with you BS not afraid to admit it. I always listen to the bass in the song...not just the bass itself. I'd rather listen to an AC/DC track with Cliff thudding away root notes that fit the song rather than a load of pretentious fret-womble of the bass kind demonstrating just how technically amazing an individual may be. I can admire their ability but it leaves me cold
  8. Just the three for me - 2013 Gibson Thunderbird as my main bass, an Epi Thunderbird Classic Pro IV as a backup/drop D and a Bass Collection B310 for around the house. I do have a 4th (Cort headless Flying Vee) in bits so it doesn't count!
  9. Have to agree with that - I've always had great gigs there
  10. Sadly I'm not up to Mr Murray's standards - I tend to keep it simple through the verse but run around the chorus section as per a few of the later recordings. Cheers fella - went back to them this year after a few years with a Limelight P...love the T'bird 😍
  11. Cracking gig at The Old Wine Vaults in Eastwood, Nottingham. It's a new venture being run by the former staff/owners of the popular/well know music venue The Greyhound in the Beeston area of the city which was forced to close it's doors due to a 200% increase it rates by the council. Great little venue, smaller stage than it's predecessor but the venue has a lot going for it and I wish them every success. A few new tracks crept into the set, notably Republica's "Ready To Go" which went down an absolute storm - I have to admit that I'm preferring the variety and flexibility of a true cover band rather than a tribute act. A few pics for you all
  12. Female fronted rock cover band Retribution play at The Old Wine Vaults in Eastwood, Nottingham on Friday 19th October. A new venue out of the ashes of the former Greyhound owners/staff, they're really hoping to make this venue their new home and a great new live music venue for Nottingham. 8:30 start
  13. It's new old stock as the s/n dates it as April 2016. The new Vintage Pro ones do indeed have chrome hardware and a bridge/tailpiece rather than the 3-point bridge fitted to mine. The model is still in the Epi stable but a lot of places are out of stock.
  14. DaytonaRik


    The T'bird body is not very deep hence the light weight. At the thickest, the thru neck section is approx 4cm deep with the body 'wings' being approx 3cm deep. Both my Gibson and Epi come in at 8.8lbs
  15. So a nice new and shiny Epi T'Bird landed on the doorstep to join the Gibson yesterday and very pleased with it I am too! I'd expected some subtle differences, obviously, but what I hadn't expected was there to be so much similarity between the two. I was dreading a look alike without it sounding anything like but I have to say that within a few minutes of plugging in those fears were blown away - there is a very authentic T'bird snarl from those USA pickups - a very Duff-esque "You Could Be Mine" tone - growly, snarly and with a edge. I've been A/B 'ing it most of the afternoon and the Epi is definitely brighter although I expect that this is due to a large part in fresh lighter strings. It would be a good idea to continue the comparison is a few days when I restring the Gibson. The build quality is very good - no flaws/blemishes - with a very neat and tidy control cavity. The truss rod is free moving (the neck needed a minor tweak but nothing of any great seriousness) and the bridge dropping a couple of mm but that was about it. Despite the blurb saying a 7 piece neck I can definitely count 9 laminates as per the Gibson? The vintage sunburst definitely has more of a paduk red to it and is very pleasant on the eye - makes a nice contrast to the true vintage sunburst of the Gibson. A worthy spare and one I'm not going to dread having to reach for in the event of a string break or failure. Anyway - as per the rules, pics or it never happened.
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