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  1. Mcgiver69

    Reaper Help please. Using FX when recording and playback

    Hey if you need any more help with everything Reaper, just subscribe to the channel "ReaperMania" in Youtube. Everything is organized in playlists.
  2. I play "Living on a prayer" on a 5 strings and still that open "E" rules.
  3. Mcgiver69

    Recording software for laptop

    You may want to give Tracktion a try T7 is completely free and it is fully featured. It is very easy to use.
  4. Mcgiver69

    Best computer for audio recording/production

    If you chose 16gb ram but don't have 64bits OS you are not doing anything at all as 32bits will only recognize 4gb ram. The computer looks great though
  5. Well not entirely for free but for as low as $1. 1- Go to Plugin Boutique and create an account (free) 2- Go to deals and buy any plugin, you can buy any of those really cheap ones they have from $1 to $5. 3- Once you complete your purchase, they'll send you a code to download your version of Ozone. 4- Once you download Ozone follow the instructions to register your copy for free. Please notice this is the basic version of Ozone but it is still a great mastering tool.
  6. Mcgiver69

    Bass effects plug ins

    Go to VST4FREE and see if you can find something in there
  7. Mcgiver69

    Mackie Onyx - bargain USB audio interface

    There's a review here and to be honest I'm not very impressed
  8. Mcgiver69

    First Band what amp set up (purchase made)

    Maybe the most sound advice you'll ever receive.
  9. Mcgiver69

    Best computer for audio recording/production

    If you like Mac and don't have the money for a new or second hand one then another alternative lots of people are using is Hackintosh which is basically a PC with Mac OS installed in it. Lots of musicians are going for it and it works very well.
  10. Mcgiver69

    Where are all the live music, TV shows?

    That would be great news!! that program is everything I wanted from a music show. Great musicians playing together and working out new versions of their own songs or even new covers
  11. Mcgiver69

    Where are all the live music, TV shows?

    I love the program but in all honesty it seems that after selling to MTV they are not updating the website with new content regularly. IT's a shame.
  12. Mcgiver69


    I got one of the Surveyors and it is not leaving any time soon, what a well made and versatile bass. I love how it plays and the B string is just Thunder from the Gods. Love it Love it Love it. I like the H series too, wouldn't mind one of those too
  13. Mcgiver69

    Les Claypool with Metallica?!

    Wow from Death Metal to Prog Rock in 2 seconds
  14. Mcgiver69

    Sonar Cakewalk is back and now Free from BandLab!!

    Yeah but that's for now, I think they are developing the parts that link to their web based applications. Yes it is totally unlimited.