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  1. As a person who needs structure to be able to learn anything I appreciate that he decided to provide a proper learning journey to new students. I hate most online schools are all they do is chuck courses and let you to your own devices. This could be a real game changer which guide players much like traditional schools do where once you're done with the Syllabus then you can pick and choose any other extra courses targeting specific subjects but this means you'll be able to make the best out of them because you are well familiar with the material imparted because the foundation was already well laid along "The Path". Kudos to him, he has created a great online resource and now I think more people will be able to make the most out of it.
  2. Try Tonelib GFX, there's a free version on VST4Free http://www.vst4free.com/free_vst.php?id=3003
  3. Ok Guys, those of you that own a Focusrite interface and were smart enough to register it are now able to get Bias FX2 LE for free. Just login to you account, then go the My Software, follow the instructions and get the goodies. ENJOY!!!! BTW Waves are not giving 2nd licenses for any active plugins that you have. Go to the Waves page and register to get 2nd licenses to install in your second computer. ENJOY!!!!!
  4. For those who write movie, theatre or orchestral music. Spitfire audio is giving away a version of their BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover library. It is going right now for £49 but if you fill in a questionnaire they send you a link for a free download within 15 days. Here's the link to the library and some samples https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/bbc-symphony-orchestra-discover/ Here's a link to the questionnaire https://www.spitfireaudio.com/bbc-so-discover/application/login/ Enjoy!!!!
  5. Both are great interfaces Scarlet being cheaper but by no means worst. I would consider the new Audient EVO 4 same specs as Scarlet for only £100.
  6. Check the UJAM guitars they sound very good and are very easy to use. https://www.ujam.com/guitarist/
  7. Ok here's a great deal. IK Multimedia is offering a free guitar amp with the already free amps in their FREE Amplitube 4 CS. I know it is a guitar amp but hey free is free. all you need to do is to sign up for their newsletter and download the free version of Amplitube Custom shop. The free amp is the Orange Tiny Terror. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/
  8. The good people at Sampleson are giving away a very nice B3 vintage Organ for FREE!! https://sampleson.com/collab3-free-tonewheel-organ.html Enjoy guys!!!
  9. Download this one, it is like having a zoom pedal, it contains amps for guitars and a very nice SVT amp plus cabs for bass. All for free! http://www.vst4free.com/free_vst.php?plugin=ToneLib-GFX&id=3003
  10. Ok let me consult my bank (The Wife) and I'll come back to you very soon.
  11. It sounds good, I like the separation. Only one thing I'm hearing a lot of low end in places there shouldn't be like Synth, vocals, etc... My advice would be to high pass everything except for the bass synth and drums so that are don't feel so cluttered. make sure too that the low mids are cleared too because there's a bit of boominess there too. Apart from that? well it sounds quite good and I like the tune.
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