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  1. Sonar Cakewalk is back and now Free from BandLab!!

    Yeah take your time to peruse around, there's a browser too where you can pick up the plugins manually.
  2. Sonar Cakewalk is back and now Free from BandLab!!

    Try Proch For more info check this guy
  3. Sonar Cakewalk is back and now Free from BandLab!!

    I think they have two plugin sections, I think those are under the PRO tab
  4. Sonar Cakewalk is back and now Free from BandLab!!

    Here you go https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X3&language=3&help=Plug-ins.1.html
  5. Hamer B12A (Jeff Ament model)

    He looks like Charlie from Lost
  6. Private Rehearsal Space - Central Scotland

    In all honesty it wasn't a walk in the park for me to sell it to my band but after some convincing they decided to try it out and they now are glad we went that way. I remember that after the first rehearsal the singer commenting that it was the first time in a long time her voice was not affected after a rehearsal.
  7. Private Rehearsal Space - Central Scotland

    Isn't it cheaper and easier to just buy a Jamhub and a used e-drums kit and rehearse at home? that way you spend your money in beer and snacks? We did that and: - Haven't missed playing and hauling our gear around - Never looked back as once you get used to the headphones everything is better and your singer won't end up voiceless and your neighbours will not hate you. - You can rehearse anywhere at anytime for as long as you need it.
  8. Sonar Cakewalk is back and now Free from BandLab!!

    Yeah even if you won't use it as your main DAW only the plugins are worth the install.
  9. Yes as I said it's back and now the Platinum version is totally free here (Only Windows) https://cakewalk.bandlab.com/
  10. Which Audio Interface?

    Another great piece of kit, the pres are great too which was my main concern but they are darn good.
  11. Which Audio Interface?

    Now that's a great piece of gear.
  12. Which Audio Interface?

    Yes I've seen the reviews and to be honest I wasn't very impressed, for that money I can get something better.
  13. Mini midi Keyboard

    The pads are more pressure sensitive which means you don't need to bash them to produce sound, great built even though it is plastic, great key response and the pitch/bend works great with that joystick. What not to love about it. Forgot to mention drivers are up to date so no problems with W10.
  14. Mini midi Keyboard

    Akai MPK Mini II is the way to go, £74 in Amazon and cheaper second hand on eBay.
  15. Hey are you including the software in the package?