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  1. Mcgiver69


    I got one of the Surveyors and it is not leaving any time soon, what a well made and versatile bass. I love how it plays and the B string is just Thunder from the Gods. Love it Love it Love it. I like the H series too, wouldn't mind one of those too
  2. Mcgiver69

    Les Claypool with Metallica?!

    Wow from Death Metal to Prog Rock in 2 seconds
  3. Mcgiver69

    Sonar Cakewalk is back and now Free from BandLab!!

    Yeah but that's for now, I think they are developing the parts that link to their web based applications. Yes it is totally unlimited.
  4. Mcgiver69

    Ever find your cheapest bass has the best tone?

    My Aria STB5 after a Bartolini MM5 and a new preamp? Definitely YES, before that the sound wasn't bad but not what I was looking for. Having said that it has always played great.
  5. Mcgiver69

    Yamaha bass rumours...

    That news only made Billy Sheehan's day! As for me? Ho Hum!!!
  6. Mcgiver69

    Music stand for singer

    Oh great someone is talking about my pet peeve! Listen he might be the singer but lets please create a rule, if you've been singing the same songs for more than 3 months you do not need the lyrics book! Unless the songs are new or relatively new to you, YOU DO NOT NEED THE BLOODY STAND WITH THE LYRICS BOOK BLOCKING THE STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to learn all my parts why don't you? /rant
  7. Mcgiver69

    How many mistakes per gig do you make?

    OH LORD!! do you have a calculator??? Life has taught me something, if you don't make faces, or stop playing or the error is not too egregious people won't even notice.
  8. Mcgiver69

    Bighead, iPhone and Garageband (OSX)

    Unfortunately the only output that will come from the Bighead is the bass. You can always load your favourite track into your DAW and record the bass on a separate track. When done then render the whole mix into one final track. BTW that Bighead USB interface is fantastic. I hope this helps.
  9. Mcgiver69

    NBD - Sire content!

    Dude you can kill small dogs with that rig, nice Sire too..
  10. Mcgiver69

    Which Audio Interface?

    In all honesty I think working in Focusrite Tech Support should be the easiest job in the world, those products are made with such quality that I don't think they might have too much to do. I even help a friend record some stuff with his 1st gen 2i2 and I can't say I found a problem with it. I got an old Saffire 6 which I absolutely love, so easy to install and still records with no issues.
  11. Mcgiver69

    Sonar Cakewalk is back and now Free from BandLab!!

    Yeah take your time to peruse around, there's a browser too where you can pick up the plugins manually.
  12. Mcgiver69

    Sonar Cakewalk is back and now Free from BandLab!!

    Try Proch For more info check this guy
  13. Mcgiver69

    Sonar Cakewalk is back and now Free from BandLab!!

    I think they have two plugin sections, I think those are under the PRO tab
  14. Mcgiver69

    Sonar Cakewalk is back and now Free from BandLab!!

    Here you go https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X3&language=3&help=Plug-ins.1.html