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  1. Audio Assault have their drum plugins going for a song Druminator & Westwood Drums are $5 each. https://audio-assault.com/druminator.php https://audio-assault.com/westwood.php
  2. You can't go wrong with plugin boutique, if I was you I would get EZ Keys Dream Machines too, it is going for £22 right now.
  3. OK Guys, Here's maybe the most complete Black Friday sales list ever!! https://vi-control.net/community/threads/tiger-the-frogs-alphabetical-list-of-november-2019-sales.86694/ Organized by vendor and there are some real nice things to be had Realidrums for only $99.95 (Dollars) is a steal.
  4. Was going to offer to sell you my Tour 450, not the 700 but still packs a mighty punch. Played this one at an open air festival some time ago through my BFM Omni 10 (2x10 only one cab) and the sound guy had to ask me to turn it down because they couldn't hear the guitar player who was playing through a mic'd Marshall full stack You don't know how proud that made me
  5. Another nice little bundle for those who produce film score or that kind of music all for £15 https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/58-Inst-Bundle/1856-Film-Score-Companion
  6. Ok people if you produce Metal or even if you don't, here's a nice little bundle containing plugins that will work in any genre of music you produce for just $49 (US Dollars). https://audioassault.mx/blackfriday.php
  7. Guys & ladies!! Another heads up! Harrison MixBus Ava Deeser for just £9. The AVA series is simply great. https://harrisonconsolesstore.onfastspring.com/ava-ds-offer-2?mc_cid=5f4a426d9b&mc_eid=c1f7210c46 BTW if you subscribe to the Wave Newsletter they are giving away a secret plugin on Black Friday for FREE!! They do this every year, last year they gave away Sibila (Deeser) which goes for $40. I'll keep you posted for more bargains.
  8. If you find yourself interested in something that saturates and really alters the sound of your recordings then this one's for you. I'm waiting for black friday to get my copy. http://kazrog.com/products/true-iron/ Another one is Front Daw which saturates very nicely too.
  9. In my opinion it is getting silly, so much that the other day me and my band were recording some demos for our website and the drummer was complaining about his drumming because it wasn't up to a radio standard (by that he meant to the click) even though we played the demos live. We ended up discarding all recordings because he wouldn't consent to put the recordings in the website as he thought he played terribly. He asked me to edit the drums but because we recorded all at the same time it would've entailed me editing bass and guitars too which I wasn't going to do. Go figure.
  10. Oh YES!! I'm with you on that one it was a bloody pain in the derrière
  11. No need, just remember prior to upgrade to go to iLok and deactivate your licenses. Then re-install iLok in your new machine and re-activate the licenses.
  12. Yes that's one of those plugins you wonder how can it be free, another plugin is Oril River (reverb) it is free and it is awesome.
  13. He really doesn't need to have the plugin, just print the stem with the tone you like and send him the wav file just make sure you don't over do the tone to leave him enough rope for mixing.
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