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  1. I've bought gear from Andertons, Thomann, Gear For Music and GAK, all with no problems John 😎
  2. That's a beauty, great purchase John 😎
  3. That's a beauty, it's a ripper cobber !! John 😎
  4. The Ampero One has three foot switches and an expression pedal. really well built with an all metal casing that really feels solid, I like the fact that it has a touch screen that a lot of similar units don't, it makes it really easy to adjust stuff I think the sounds/tones from are excellent and with 99 user programmable presets you can really shape the sound, there are more guitar patches than bass one's but I have created new bass ones overwriting guitar ones that I wouldn't use. It has loads of effects, amp and cab models for guitar and bass (again more guitar than bass). You can also load your own IR's into the unit though I've not done that yet. It sounds fantastic when using it silently through headphones (so I don't annoy the wife !!), so it's great for practising and playing when ever you want to. When I play it through my HeadRush FRFR -108 speaker it's terrific and bloody loud !! Really happy with it and I use it for a couple of hours every day John 😎
  5. I have an Hotone Ampero One which is terrific, sounds great with guitar and bass through a FRFR Headrush speaker https://www.hotoneaudio.com/products/multi-effects/ampero-one John 😎
  6. All The Young Dudes - Mott The Hoople John 😎
  7. I have a HOTONE Ampero One which presets that can be altered to the player's taste, terrific presets for bass and guitar John 😎
  8. That's a beauty John 😎
  9. You must be all oranged out !! πŸ˜›, fantastic buys
  10. Got HUMAN TRAFFIC and been listening to it this morning, terrific stuff, fantastic catchy songs, superb playing and singing, well worth buying IMHO, top notch !! John 😎
  11. That's a looker, beautiful bass, GLWTS
  12. Just to say enjoyed the track so much and the others on the band's YouTube channel that I ordered the HUMAN TRAFFIC CD, looking forward to listening to it John 😎
  13. Fantastic looking bass, great buy John 😎
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