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  1. Very sad news, another great passes John
  2. Never had one of their basses but I have an SX Tele style six string electric guitar and it's terrific, well built, great finish and plays and sounds great John 😎
  3. Happy birthday John 😎
  4. Just watched this on YouTube, The Record Company are am excellent band, both of their records are fantastic and this live acoustic session in the backyard is a fun watch John 😎 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nBNiq-wKkw
  5. Loved this, that little girl has the Rock 'N' Roll attitude John 😎
  6. Very sad news, fantastic guitar player and singer, RIP Leslie West John
  7. This link below to the manual for the Ampero One has the info Ampero One Manual John 😎
  8. Yes quite a few bass related amps, cabs, effects on the unit, only about 10 actual bass presets but I've created a few and I'm happy with it for bass but I'd say it's more targeted to guitarist's as a lot of these kind of units seem to be, sounds great though through headphones and the HEADRUSH FRFR108 I have, really happy with it John 😎
  9. I have an Hotone Ampero One and it's terrific, similar to this but has an expression pedal John 😎
  10. In the end they are his songs and he can do whatever he wishes with them, will he have to pay a fee now though when he plays them in concert ?? 😛 John 😎
  11. Thanks for posting this, really enjoyed that interview, what a life he led !! John 😎
  12. To me it sounds like the speaker can't cope with the low B, is it OK with the rest of the strings on the bass?, have you checked the screws holding the speaker to the cabinet, are they loose? John 😎
  13. Utterly disgraceful for any big company/corporation to act like this, total scumbags !! 😠 John
  14. Just started watching this now, Peter Hook being interviewed by Dagan from PMT, fun so far Peter Hook Interview At PMT John 😎
  15. Got the book he wrote, fantastic book quickly delivered John 😎
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