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  1. I have to listen to music everyday !!, can't live without it, when I'm exercising - music , when I'm in the bath - music, before I go to sleep laying in bed - music, so yeah music everyday !! John 😎
  2. When I heard this yesterday it really upset me and I didn't really know why !!, maybe because of the his musical life panned out, love his guitar playing, singing and songwriting, such a loss, been playing his early Fleetwood Mac stuff since I heard the news. RIP Peter Green John
  3. Loving the colour of that fantastic bass John 😎
  4. The bass is in stealth mode !! 😛 John 😎
  5. Glad you like it, superb guitar for the money John 😎
  6. Wow that is a stunning looking bass !! GLWTS John 😎
  7. My Dan Armstrong bass guitar with the sliding pickup, broke and out of work and had to sell it, still wish I had it !! John 😎
  8. madshadows


    Really enjoyed this, thanks for posting John 😎
  9. I have one of these and it's great, played well out of the box and had a good gig bag with it as well, the candy Apple Red is terrific when you see it in person, great value guitar John 😎
  10. I have a SIRE M2 4 string, great bass, the first bass I've had with an active circuit and it's sounds terrific to my ears, had a problem with a wire that came loose from the input jack but a bit of first time soldering fixed it !! John 😎
  11. Rest In Peace by Mott The Hoople, perfect now I'm dead song !! John 😎
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