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  1. I have a SIRE M2 4 string, great bass, the first bass I've had with an active circuit and it's sounds terrific to my ears, had a problem with a wire that came loose from the input jack but a bit of first time soldering fixed it !! John 😎
  2. What an incredible story !! John 😎
  3. Rest In Peace by Mott The Hoople, perfect now I'm dead song !! John 😎
  4. Both sound good, #1 edges it slightly to my ears John 😎
  5. Very sad news, saw them many, many, many years back at Wembley Stadium along with AC/DC and The Who, loved their first few records, RIP Dave John
  6. His supreme level of bodgery has gone to a whole new level with this neck !!, shocking !!! John
  7. Damn that's a terrible thing to happen, good luck with the recovery John 😎
  8. I had a problem with the SIRE M2 bass I bought from them and emailed them about it on 22/3 and got an automated email back straight away, it took them to 20/4 to reply and they asked for more info which I supplied on the same day and still waiting to hear back.
  9. I watched the final two vids yesterday and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of the bass build, very interesting and fun watch IMHO John 😎
  10. The Highwomen CD - fantastic all woman country supergroup, great songs, playing and singing John 😎 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxfDnMhZFi4
  11. Mine arrived this morning, useful little item, the sound is excellent with no hiss/hum, well worth £9.99 John 😎
  12. The band that got into music was Mott The Hoople and the bass player was Pete Overend Watts John 😎
  13. Ordered one from Kenny's, for that price I thought why not !! John 😎
  14. This sounds incredible, the way the music goes from one ear to the other by it seems your head is amazing !! John 😎
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