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  1. After grabbing the free one...it turns out I already had the full version bought in a sale with a loyalty voucher added in for extra cheapness! 🤣
  2. I've actually avoided the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales - looking through my plug-in list there's nothing that I really want/need...am I all plugged out?
  3. My grandparents still had an outside loo up until the mid 70's!!!!
  4. As I'm already running active 18" HK subs plus tops then I'm not really saving anything re bulk/weight - plus I can just run the L5 15" active tops on their own for smaller venues. I'm intrigued, but not convinced that it would be a cost effective or game-changing swap.
  5. Does anyone have any experience in using any of these systems in a full rock band setting? This would be a full band backline plus at least a partially mic'd drum kit (kick, snare, overheads) We run our backline very quiet (for a rock band) and rely on the PA for the FoH heft - the 2 x 10 subs seem a little wanting. We currently have an HK Pro/Linear 5 setup that's fantastic, but does take a little moving! The recent purchase of a loading ramp for the van definitely makes a huge difference!
  6. By no means a fan boy, I have stuck with Ashdown as they just give me the sound that I'm looking for. I started with an ABM 500 2x10 combo which I replaced with an ABM 2x10 cab/head setup and added a 1x15 NEO cab. As for basses - being a guitar player for 30 odd years means I struggle with larger, fatter necks and currently use Thunderbirds because of the narrow nut width and small, compact feel in my hands. I have no brand loyalty to either and would happily use other amps/cabs/basses if they suited my needs.
  7. Aye - a Korg DTR-1 which is pretty transparent after the wireless RX and before the Ashdown ABM head but I like many probably excluded mentioning my tuner as I suspect it has little or no sonic impact.
  8. As an IEM user I'm giving serious consideration to something similar, but with something like the Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig or maybe the SH1 pedal as I have little requirement for effects.
  9. Thunderbird - wireless - Ashdown ABM500...lovely. The material I play (rock) just needs a great bass sound which I have...never felt the need for processing/FX of any kind. The wireless probably gives a touch of compression but I add that on the desk anyway
  10. Completely different gig for me as I rented out and engineered my HK Linear 5/X32 rig to a 5 piece indie rock band playing a private 40th birthday party. Band loved the on-stage sound, punters loved the FoH sound - win/win!
  11. I find that the Slate VMR does pretty mutch everything I need/want, even with all of the channel strips that I have I invariably come back to it...it's just so bloody customisable! Any preamp/EQ/dynamics combination from the Slate arsenal that you can imagine is yours including some pretty out there multiple EQ combos. Here are some presets from the Slate library...
  12. I considered it but as a Slate Everything bundle subscriber with their plugins liberally sprinkled through every I do the thoughts of moving and swapping/replacing plugins everywhere made me shudder!
  13. I'm tempted, but as I already have the Brainworx SSL 4000 E, G and 9000 J, Focusrite SC, Neve VSX strips plus Lindell 80 (1073/84) and PEX 500 (Pultec) strips PLUS the Slate Everything bundle...!!!! Arghhhhhhh! Optionitis really is a thing!!!!!
  14. BX Masterdeak Classic for free - https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/bx_masterdesk_classic.html use code BX-FOR-FREE at checkout
  15. There are times when I wish gigs could be that simple but when you have IEMs involved then you really have no option but to mic/DI backline, which is the biggest PITA of the whole process! From there you may was well keep the backline down and go for your monitoring option of choice
  16. I can't think of an occasion where band members don't want guitars in the monitor mix (at least their own) except when the backline is used as a monitor, and then the whole on stage and FoH mix gets out of control quickly with the almost invariable 'volume wars' of volume nudging! I completely get the 'jack of all trades' thing - I play bass, sing backing vocals and run lights with my feet as well as running FoH sound and adjusting monitor levels for various band members etc. with both an XR18 and X32 when we have a bigger space. An iPad attached to a mic stand makes sure that I always have the 'desk' to hand, but even then, changes are kept to between songs rather than mid-song.
  17. In what way is this a 'faff'? Is there a genuine reason why other than the backline being used as a monitor? Our guitarists use smaller lunchbox amps in the 10-15w output range and keep the backline levels down, relying on the monitoring without swamping the FoH mix.
  18. Waves are running the Black Friday Early Deal including the Scheps Omni-Channel for $29.99 - https://www.waves.com/plugins/scheps-omni-channel#presenting-scheps-omni-channel
  19. Yes, but as @BigRedXsay, not with blue tooth. I've used a UHF wireless system into a bass head, run the DI into my X32 Rack desk and then taken the output feeds into my UHF IEM system with no noticeable latency. I have previously tried using BLE headphones as an output from my iMac as an experiment and it was just horrible - impossible really.
  20. Sennheiser EW100 G4 - it works, it keeps working, no issues/drop outs/problems/anything - just a solid, reliable wireless solution
  21. I found this video a while ago and sums up why these mixers are just so damned good!!!
  22. I played for 3 years or so in a Thin Lizzy tribute band - and I really don't like them that much at all! I think I liked 5-6 tracks max - the rest I hammed it up, did the front man thing and went home with money!!!
  23. And not because a guitard wants to have a 100w Marshall/Les Paul fuelled w**k-fest in front of the bar staff and 6 people who got there early!!!!
  24. Sounds like a disaster waiting happen!!! I've always found that the best approach was start at the back and move forwards - kit and any upstage lighting, backline, PA/front lighting, pedal boards then wedges and vocal mics. You may decide to put the PA in place if you're waiting for something else but we always leave downstage stuff until the backline, kit and upstage lights are placed. It just avoids accidents. Reverse the process to strike the stage and always, always, ALWAYS leave guitars in cases until they're absolutely needed.
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