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  1. You don't fancy the one on Reverb for £2250 then? 😂😂
  2. There was also a BB714BS on ebay I was keeping an eye on. I ended up having a snooze yesterday afternoon and missed the ending. It went for the starting bid of £325. I fancied trying one of them.
  3. Yes I've seen that they're working towards a second run. Kind of a shame as it was nice thinking you had something really quite rare, plus the added bonus of it probably only going up in value. Don't get me wrong, I bought it to use, not lock away, but it would be a bonus if it had gone up in value if I ever sold it.
  4. A BBPH has just ended on ebay at £1400. 2 bids 1 bidder, so bid the starting price of £1400 and then put in a higher amount to make sure they didn't get outbid. Obviously happy to pay more than £1400. Anyone on here?
  5. I could well be interested in this. I'll PM you. 🙂👍
  6. Highlight of the set for me was 'Nobody Wierd Like Me'. They've still got it when they want it! After seeing the last half of Thundercat's set I was worried about the sound. From where I was sat the drummers kit sounded like it had several differing bass drums instead of toms. Yes PA subs are amazing these days, but just because you can doesn't mean you should. Thunderous mush, and dull anyway, like being on hold to a call centre. Then Anderson Paak came on. Blew me away. Sooo much energy from all performers and good sound too. Solid, crisp drum kit with every part distinguishable. Never heard of him/them but thoroughly enjoyed it. Top class entertainers. Chilis, I thought, had found their way again. Anthony's voice was on form, probably more so than I've ever heard it live. John's BVs were good too, none of that shrieking that used to happen far too often. The whole band just appeared to be having fun again. The sound for the Chilis was great from where I was sat. It's a huge stadium so won't be like a small indoor venue but it was on the whole very good. Yes at a big gig you need screens for everyone to see what's happening on stage, but they put on a fantastic show with special effects on the screens. The centre screen which flowed over the stage was brilliant. Whether their doing or the stadiums, I don't know, but it really added to the show. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  7. Baboonska - Kate Bush (It was a cover of Monkey Man 🙈)
  8. Except that it says 'Slack Casady'. Once seen it never leaves. 😄
  9. I Love A Man In A Uniform - Gang Of Four
  10. I've never seen this photo before. Duck Dunn with a BB1200.
  11. I bought an Aria STB Jazz bass on ebay. It arrived in a black bin liner and nothing else. It was only £40 but even so. I don't think it got damaged though, had a couple of tiny marks but I think they were visible in the listing.
  12. It's hard/impossible to see in that clip, but does the neck heel end like a traditional bolt on, with the bridge and pickups mounted on the metal body, or does it continue through the body like a neck through and the bridge and pickups mounted on the wood centre through a metal skin? If it's not neck through then it is a very different take on building a bass. If it is neck through then it's just the same old same old, but with a fold of metal rather than a pair of side wings fixed on. Kind of like taking a Steinberger 'cricket bat' bass and fixing anything you like to the sides for cosmetic appeal.
  13. It must made out of 'Tone Tin' surely, or else it would sound terrible? 🙈
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