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  1. Variaxi (plural?) have lovely slim necks like a Jazz, 38mm nut. I really love the neck on mine.
  2. Time's not been kind to those!
  3. Someone give him a whack, he's stuck! 😉
  4. D'oh, of course it was a Hondo. His first bass, the one Barney sent him to buy when Hooky didn't know what a bass was, was some plywood SG I remember, probably a Kay or something. At least I learnt my lesson after my first bass also being a ply SG, I bought a Yamaha next, bypassing another plywood monstrosity, unlike my hapless hero. 😁
  5. And Peter Hook with a Shaftsbury. With it being such a 'punk bass', along with the Precision, I bet quite a few fakers were doing the circuit back then.
  6. Go With The Flow - Queens of the Stone Age
  7. Don't rule out the 70s Japanese fakers based on weight. I have an early 70s Aria which, although I haven't weighed, can't be anything like 11lbs. It's about an average Precision kind of weight. It's an early one with a toaster rather than a hi-gain neck pickup and sounds great, you'd be hard pressed to distinguish it from the real thing on tone. Although I say it's an Aria, that's only because it left the Matsumoku factory with an Aria trussrod cover, the same bass could be wearing another brand name. It's easier to base your search on the factory rather than the brand with 70s Japanese fakers. The 70s Japanese fakers were generally excellent build quality and pretty accurate, the newer Chinese fakers, mainly sold out of DH Gate, Ali Express and the like, are not IMO worth bothering with if you want a Rick type bass. Their looks and sound are in the right ballpark, but not quite there. Their build quality is lacking as well. But they're cheap so serve a purpose. The MIJ fakers have shot up in price lately though, as have genuine Ricks, good if you have one, not if you're looking for one. A decently priced 70s MIJ is an excellent way to dip your toe in the water. There's also a few excellent luthiers making superb quality copies, if you can nab one of them at the right price it would be well worth it.
  8. I was hoping the 'I'm out' post was a late night, alcohol fuelled strop. It seems it possibly was. Either way makes no difference as long as he's back in the fold.
  9. If She Knew What She Wants - The Bangles
  10. My daughter rang me last Tuesday to say that her and her partner had got tickets to the Saturday gig... ... and that they'd got my wife and I tickets as well. I'm chuffed to bits. 😊
  11. The seller is bilingual. He speaks English, and bollocks!
  12. I'd guess they had more than one in forty years. A few of their songs use one and I'd want at least a couple of back ups if touring a plastic 'toy'. But I know what you mean. 🙂
  13. Has it got a 3 band EQ? I usually like a scooped tone with the treble and bass controls on a sensible amount. But the... ahem, wait for it... ... silly mid off.
  14. Am I right in thinking Synergy aren't the people to contact anymore?
  15. I'm feeling the same about the Smoked Almond Metallic Embassy, a tort plate on this would look great. I nearly broke but just splurged my money on something else.
  16. Funny I should stumble across this old post as there's a Vintage Tony Butler for sale local to me that I liked the look of, but I favour the slimmer end of the scale neckwise so you saved me some money. There's also a vintage Tony Butler that lives local to me but that's an entirely different thing. 😁
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