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  1. thank you all for the comments Am from spain so buying something out of the country seems complicated, i considered buy used instruments, but here ( in spain), people try to sell the used instrument almost like new XD so, buy used gear dont always means save some money, i was thinking on buy at thomann, in case i dont like it or whatever i can return it. for the band, they seem very clear about the sound , didnt said anything about the looks but, they dont try to make me change the bass, thats on me, probably for GAS or probably just curiosity and take me out of my confort zone you know Again, thank you all, will post here if i finally decide to buy a p-bass or something like it XD
  2. yeah, think that too, i always assume that p-bass will be bigger and less confortable for me that a SR ibanez, checking that options you said, i guess jaguar can make the deal, assuming that it can sound like a pbass, i saw a Player Series Jaguar that i like but dont know if is best or worst than squier
  3. I've always plays ibanez SR, so a precision its like a total diferent world for me i like modern shape basses and dont want to spend more than 800 maybe 900 eur
  4. i know a pbass will fix the issue but i want to keep my options open but , i think i get it now, thanks again for the answers ,
  5. so i guess i need something that looks like a pbass but dont have to be one thanks for the information
  6. Hi, first sorry for my speaking english is not my language Am in a new band, the said the like the sound of fenders precision bass, i never had a precision but i want to know, can i get this sound with any bass with that pick up configuration ? or i need a precision for that? has to be fender ? or any other brand will do the job? Thanks for any information !!
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