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  1. Spoken like a true addict! Personally, having GAS issues like many on here, I love to think up of justification for a bass related purchase.
  2. Many moons ago I was a Pali scholar. Pali is the language of the Theravada Buddhist scriptures and is not spoken by anyone living. I took Sanskrit at university solely to improve my understanding of Pali (a bit like learning Latin to help with Italian studies). Using my experience of language study as a younger man I thought learning to play other instruments would help my bass playing, and it has. I started learning the guitar, through the Justin Guitar online lessons and started to gain an understanding of chords, of course. This was the main thing I wanted to learn. Something else has helped my bass playing though. I bought a 5 string in the Spring and spent quite a lot of time getting used to it, and swapping back and forth between my 4s and the fiver. The narrower string spacing of the fiver meant that I would fluff the fretting on occasions. To overcome this I have started fretting my fiver more like I fret my guitar: with the tops of my fingers not the pads and this has really improved my accuracy, particularly when playing across, say, three strings, as in-root, octave, fifth, root etc. Perhaps this would be obvious to many people but it wasn't to me; I'm self taught (with help from Scotts bass lessons). Does anyone else have experience of study of/proficiency in another instrument being helpful for their bass skills?
  3. I'll come along to this too. 1. MacDaddy - Custom Shukers / Rob Allen Mouse / Peavey Vypyr VIP III 2. Binky Bass - Binky 10 string, USA Conklin 8 string, ACG 9 string, 3 x ACG 6 strings, Reiver 7 string (geeeetar), GR Bass Dual 1400 & GR Bass AT410+, Helix LT, Pinegrove straps, Richter straps etc. 3. Cetera - Spector (USA NS2 & NS2X, Euro Classic, Euro LX (w/Haz),Euro 'Rachel Bolan', Pulse II ) Wal Mk1 'Geddy Lee', Fender FSR PJ with East pre, Hamer Impact, Pedulla Buzz 4 fretless and maybe Jackson TBird, GK400RB, GK Legacy 800 & Tech21 VT500 Heads, Genz Benz Neox212 cab. 4. Frank Blank - Jabba short scale fretted, ACG SS Recurve, Ibanez SRC6, QSC K12.2, HX Stomp. 5. Merton - various ACGs, Zoots, Conway Instruments basses, Glockenklang Blue Rock, Barefaced Two10/One10 6. Eude - ACG Finn SC Classic 6 string, ACG RetroB 5, ACG TKO Modern 4, ACG ChubstRR Mikro 6 string, 2 X ACG Mule 4 strings (on loan from ACG), GK Legacy 500, 1 or 2 Barefaced One10 Cabs, Dod 250(r) modded with @Sibob 7. Stingray5 - MusicMan Stingray5, Tune TWB6, Tune SWV4-BB, Boss GT-6B, Eden EC15 combo OR Trace Elliot GP12SMX combo. 8. NancyJohnson - NS Design NXT5a EUB, Lull JAXT4, Darkglass A/O900, Darkglass 112 cab, Tech 21 dUg. 9. prowla: Obligatory Rickenbackers, a Warwick or two, maybe a Kramer aluminium necked bass, some pedals, Ampeg & Tech 21 preamps (subject to change), maybe the Minitaur & MIDI bass pedals. 10. Lozz196: US Precision, Ashdown ABM600 & Ashdown ABM PRO NEO 210s x2 Ampeg SCR-DI, Sansamp BDDI v2 11. Silverfoxnik: G&L SB1, BC Rich Eagle, Godin Shifter Classic 5, Sprackenbacker Ricky copy, Mesa Walkabout 15 combo, or Handbox R400 + Vanderkley 1156 MT. 12. Happy Jack: an assortment of weird 5h1t that I can guarantee nobody else will bring 13. WalMan (hopefully!): Wal, Status S1 & S2 & Zon Legacy Elite. One of the rigs (probably Mesa D800 & BF One10 or BBII as there's already One10's on the list) or Helix & Headrush. SkarBassOne pedal. May have an old case & 2U rack to sell/raffle 14. Steve Browning: Mesa TT-800 and Mesa Subway 1x15 cabs. SVL basses. 15. OrangeFriday: Latest homebuild items - Tubular Bass and Basscape effects plus maybe Jellybean Bass (the one with a few LEDs in the neck) 16. BillyBass: Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas V (J) and IV (reverse PJ) , Balaguer select series Goliath (HH), Tech21 GED 2112 pre amp, Barefaced Midget, maybe a super compact too. Not sure about which head yet. Jam pedals Lucy dreamer, Hamstead Subspace, Jam Pedals Ripply Fall. I am looking forward to trying out some of the basses you good people will be bringing along.
  4. I have had several bad experiences buying stuff from PMT. I only order stuff from them if no one else gets near on the price. They are always fine on the phone, apologising and promising to sort it out etc but it shouldn’t be sent out like that in the first place. I personally have never had bad experiences with Guitarguitar, Andertons or GAK. There is a first time for everything I suppose.
  5. That Shavo amp is mow out of stock ☹️
  6. I had a chat with the singer about where I stood and I think she is worried I'll walk out and so she has promised to back me up with pushing the guitarist on certain things, like being willing to travel more than a short distance to a venue to be filmed or gig, as long as I stop nagging him at the rehearsals. She also suggested setting a date to film a rehearsal at a larger venue we sometimes use, which will push the guitarist to be ready. I'll see how things go, we are auditioning a new drummer tomorrow; if he is a good fit I'll continue, for the time being. I know the guitarist won't change though, so part of me realises this won't work in the long term.
  7. Although I am the one doing all of the organising, it's not 'my' band and I've tried to keep it as democratic as possible but it hasn't really worked. I've been playing with the drummer since the day lockdown no.1 ended. The guitarist came along early in 2021, March I think and we've had a few breaks with singers coming and going (no.1's visa ran out, no.2 moved out of London, no.3 we kicked out and then no.1 got a work permit and returned to the UK and rejoined us). We have learnt and dropped quite a few songs, often due to the guitarist not being happy with them for one reason or another (he's a rhythm guitarist, sometimes not comfortable with lead bits). We then had about 28 songs almost ready to go, and the drummer left. New drummer to audition on Friday and we have added 2 of his songs. I'm not giving anyone a workload, the added songs have been agreed by all of us and I have made a point of letting all of us choose some. The guitarist has a thick skin and I really don't think it has registered that I'm not happy. I am not aggressive or angry, I just nag a bit after sessions. The singer is obviously sensitive to it but knows I'm unhappy as I tell her regularly (we work together, she is my part time trainee).
  8. Many thanks for all the replies. To give a bit more information, and answer a point @Happy Jackmade above, I joined a second band a couple of months ago. No singer yet (auditioning one in August) but the drummer and guitarist are both pretty much on the same page as me. This helps me put my other band in perspective. Up until our singer had a little chat with me yesterday I had no idea that me nagging the guitarist made her more uncomfortable than the guitarist did when he stopped the rehearsal to check his phone, cancel rehearsals at short notice or whine about having to travel more than a short cycle ride from his house to do anything band related. I have invested a lot of effort in this band and we were nearly there before our drummer left. I realise, as I type this, that a large part of the reason we are 'nearly' there is a lack of commitment from the guitarist.
  9. I've been a bassist for 4 years. For the last two years I've been rehearsing regularly with a drummer and for most of that time we've been in a 4 piece with a guitarist and a few different singers. The drummer and I were on the same page, both started playing at about the same time and our goal was to play live. The guitarist doesn't practise much at home and often wings rehearsals, getting his phone out before songs to remind him how the song goes. I regularly nag the guitarist to practise at home but it falls on deaf ears. Our drummer just bailed. I found a new drummer very quickly and we will audition him on Friday. I met the singer yesterday and she asked me to stop nagging the guitarist as this is a just bit of fun and I'm not making it pleasant for her. She is used to flaky musicians and doesn't find the guitarist's behaviour to be out of order. For me this isn't just fun though. I take it very seriously, I practise at home constantly and in some ways, treat the band like I treat my business: if it is to be done it has to be done properly. Am I being unrealistic? Should I just be grateful I am in a band and not take it so seriously? I've invested a lot of time in this band and walking away would be a big step but I don't seem to be on the same page as the guitarist and singer. Any advice from you seasoned band members would be welcome.
  10. I have Roqsolid covers for my two Barefaced One10s and Super Midget. I got the strap underneath for the One10s but didn't bother with the Super Midget cover, it's not necessary as the covers are a tight fit. I would recommend them. I have a Barefaced cover with my Super Compact. It has a Roqsolid label on it.
  11. Our drummer just sent us a message today; he won't be able to come to any more rehearsals, not for several months anyway.  He left our WhatsApp group and refused to give an explanation.  


    He has been a rock for the last 2 years, always dependable and really committed, so this is all out of the blue.  I suspect he may have health or family problems.  He doesn't want to talk to me now but he did say "Give me time".


    I'm gutted about the band collapsing and also concerned for my friend.  It's been a bad day.

    1. Old Horse Murphy

      Old Horse Murphy

      Sorry to hear this. I fear your suspicions are right and whatever's going on he probably needs time to digest it all. 

      I'd give it a few days and then make contact letting him know that you're still there and thinking about him. I'm sure he'd appreciate that and may decide to share whatever his burden is. Stay close though; if he's going through issues he'll be grateful to know you're there and when things get better for him, the band will hopefully be okay too. 

    2. alyctes


      Doesn't sound good.  He's obviously in some sort of bind.  Good luck to you both.

  12. Sonically, I prefer the Xotic, I prefer a brighter tone and always have my (passive MIM J bass's) tone knob on fully. With a pick the Xotic was a bit too bright for me and the other two sound better, but one could always dial back the tone. Visually I'm not a fan of any of them but dislike the Alleva least of all-nice body, some about the headstock.
  13. Lovely bass mate, enjoy! How heavy is it? and is there any neck dive?
  14. I would visit Bassdirect and try out their extensive selection of basses. They are in Warwick. https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/CONTACT.html
  15. That is pretty good. Where do you keep finding them?
  16. They have been advertising for quite a while. After further investigation, it seems 'they' are a 3 piece that are advertising for a drummer and a bassist! So the main man, a certain Julian Molinero, appears to have been dumped by his bandmates and is now looking for a new band!
  17. I have had two issues with my Barefaced cabs. Firstly, a One10 I bought new made a rasping sound when played at anything above dead quiet. The Bass Gallery took it back and over a video call with Alex or someone else at Barefaced they took it apart and saw that a piece of plastic that came with the cone had been left in after it had been fitted. Problem solved; The Bass Gallery apologised and someone drove it over to my house when it had been repaired. Secondly, a Super Midget I got second hand (and slightly worse for wear) from eBay made a noise when certain notes above the 12th fret on the G string were played. I had a long Email conversation with Alex. He thought it would be the tweeter so I bought a replacement from him and changed it. Nope, new tweeter made no difference. I ended up playing something through a looper whilst running my hands all over the cabinet. I found if I pressed the handle down the noise disappeared. So I removed the handle, cleaned it thoroughly, unbent a bit of metal and all was good. Alex refunded the money for the tweeter and I have a good cab. Alex and Barefaced were helpful to me and I have not been put off Barefaced at all.
  18. Lovely looking bass that. I would have kept the gold pick guard. Cream coloured pups and knobs would be nice with the gold, but you like the stock pups so never mind. Enjoy your new bass!
  19. There is a video on YouTube of an interview with Robert Gallien. He says the amp isn't designed for home use and sounds clanky and bright; this is on purpose as the amp is designed to stand out from the mix. This sort of made sense to me, and your post confirmed it, i.e. not a vintage amp and not for the Jamerson/Pbass/flatwound tone...but would probably suit me down to the ground. GAS is getting worse
  20. Loads of bass players stand out for me. Special mention goes to (previously nominated) Geddy Lee and Tony Levin. @Lozz196 has already mentioned Bruce Foxton; one of my bands does punk/new wave stuff and the Jam covers we do really are a cut above, bass line-wise, and Bruce Foxton did all that while jumping up and down. So, as no one has mentioned Jean Jacques Brunel of the Stranglers, he shall be my nominee. The bass in the Stranglers stuff when I used to go and see them really stands out, like Lemmy's bass in Motorhead...as Paul Del Bello points out in this YouTube video:
  21. I will be interested to hear how you get on with this, after the honeymoon period. I have never played through a Gallien Krueger but I get the impression they will be my sort of head. I like a brighter tone, I use nickel round wounds, and leave the tone knobs on my passive basses full on. My Ashdown RM800 is fine but I have a markBass head that is too dark and I might swap it for one of these Legacy 800s.
  22. Very possibly, but is that FRFR with their heads or a truly flat response? I had been led to believe the MarkBass cabs worked well with their heads and I thought my experience of them was due to not playing them through their cabs. But maybe I was wrong; perhaps their tone just isn't for me.
  23. Welcome to Basschat. I live in Barnet now but I'm originally from Tottenham, which is, I'm guessing, what you mean by 'North east London'.
  24. Peach Guitars near Colchester has possibly the best selection of Fenders in stock in England at the moment. Bit of a trek from Hereford though. https://www.peachguitars.com/guitars/bass-guitars/
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