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  1. Awful news. I loved ZZ Top but never got a chance to see them. R.I.P. fella
  2. either that or the man at the back says everyone attack...and we all have a go.
  3. Yes but if you are in a Sweet tribute band you will have to dress up like a plonker anyway so the audience would assume it was part of the show
  4. 😀 yeah probably! It would ruin the end of the show..
  5. So basically, having drugs outside is fine, you just have to dump them there if you are going past! Glad that's clear then. You don't say!
  6. We had a Filipino lead singer for a bit, unfortunately her UK visa ran out and she had to go back. Im trying to get hold of one of a bass from a shop in Metro Manila https://ddmusic.ph/product/dd-awingan-4s-bass-black/ I'd never heard of Jason Astete but 11250 Filipino pesos is so cheap that even with import duty and VAT it would be worth taking a punt on it. I'm hoping that as its a signature bass it might be well made. I like the idea of a Humbucker at the bridge and a P pup at the neck. The shop are still sorting out how to export their stuff so I've got to wait.
  7. I heard some gun stories about the Philippines when I was travelling. Though Thailand never had a gun problem, do you remember seeing the signs by the roads when entering the larger towns 'Kaed bPlawd awud' It was mainly to stop farmers bringing in shotguns and the like I thought. You see the nice side of Thais when you are a monk, so maybe my experience is different to others. 'Decent music scene' should be taken in the context of Asia in the 1980s, no punk or metal but lots of cover bands in pubs doing Creedence Clearwater Revival songs etc. Don't compare it to the west but decent by Asian standards.
  8. Slightly edgy, for Thailand at least. "Om Pra" might have upset a few old people but the song is still full of phrases like: 'chan rak ter" which was what all the syrupy pop I heard in the 1980s had every second line. I never went to the Philippines but I heard they had a decent music scene when I was travelling, back in the 1980s.
  9. Things have improved a bit in Thailand then. I lived there for 4 years, from 1986-90, the music I heard was pure shi*te. There were some places in the south that would have music blearing out of loudpeakers after 10pm, I asked my girlfriend why? She said it was to help everyone get to sleep! The last 3 years I was a monk so didn't listen to music anyway and then I went off to live in Burma. I don't remember any music that wasn't pop or traditional.
  10. I saw sweet play once, it was about 40 years ago. At the end of the gig they all unplugged and smashed their guitars up. At the time I thought it was such a cliche and a waste of good guitars. Now if I was to form a Sweet tribute band I could use a bass like this at the end of the set to get into the 70s cliche vibe.
  11. Oh, ok. Poor customer service can leave nasty taste in your mouth. I've never been there but they seem to be thought of quite highly on here.
  12. I like the new Italy logo with 'Italian lifestyle' on it. After all, when the upper middle classes are making over their homes, an Italian bass head will be a must have, along with the Maserati, Italian furniture, Gucci and Prada clothes and Smeg appliances. Yes, with MarkBass, its not only about tone, its a lifestyle choice
  13. I'm struggling to keep my credit card in my wallet with this. I think I need a sponsor.
  14. Cabinet ratings are down to the drivers; a 600 watt 410 implies the drivers are rated at 150 watts each. I practice its not as straightforward as that; a clean signal, for example, will be easier for a driver than a clipped signal.
  15. Question for those of you that have one of these beauties. I hear, via YouTube reviews, that the volume and compressor knobs are notched and not continuous. I read above, however, that the compressor also acts as a volume boost. Have any of you found the notched volume knob limiting? Or does the use of both volume and compressor always get you the volume you need?
  16. I have a couple of BF One10s and I sometimes think it would be nice to be able to add a third should the occasion require it, but its not a deal breaker, 1200 into 4 ohms...colour me interested too.
  17. I'm surprised its into 4 ohms. I assume it won't go down to 2 or 2.67 ohms, which is surprising as they will be competing with the likes of Bergantino, mesa Boogie and Gallien-Krueger, who all do amps of 800-1200 watts into 2 and 2.67 ohms. Still, the TE 1200 through a super compact should mean 600 watts through the 8 ohm load so still lots to be excited about.
  18. My alter ego 'Git' on TalkBass (the name BillyBass was already taken) asked 'Fred from Peavey' some questions about the new amp and this was his reply: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/trace-elliot-elf.1264229/page-134#post-25478375 I'm looking forward to this.
  19. Do you mean the 230 volt AC mains supply for the PA amps? If an electrical appliance is 'class 2' which means it is doubly insulated, it doesn't need an earth connection. I haven't seen a class 2 amp, they always seem to be class 1, which require an earth connection, via a third pin (the top one). The powerCon leads have 2 conductors, not three, at least that is what I saw when I clicked the link above, so there is no earth connection provision with them. Class 2 equipment in the UK and EU will have a particular logo, a square inside a square: https://www.iso.org/obp/ui#iec:grs:60417:5172 If an amp is class 2, a 2 core cable and plug could be used to provide 230v AC, in which case a 2 core socket, like a speakon, could theoretically, be used, as long as it is rated for 230v AC and to at least 13 amps. Most class 2 kit in the UK is smaller stuff, mobile phone chargers, some lights etc but I have seen class 2 irons, so there are larger current drawing class 2 appliances out there.
  20. I bought a Yamaha BB434 thinking I would get the best of both worlds but my experience has been similar to most posters above. I have Di Marzio Ultra jazz pups on my MIM jazz and they are great, no single coil hum and they sound fantastic. I was thinking of swapping out the Yamaha J pup for a single Ultra Jazz, then this caught my eye: https://ddmusic.ph/product/dd-awingan-4s-bass-black/ In case you are wondering, 11250 Filipino Pesos is about £170. Still worth the punt even with VAT and import duties.
  21. As someone that owns a MarkBass head (the goldline ltd edition 500w) with a near invisible markings on the EQ and gain/volume knobs, I would appreciate something like the more recent Gallien-Krueger heads that have an LED light for the mark so you know if they are centred or are wherever, even in the dark.
  22. You live next door to a shop selling bass gear!😮 That's dangerous. My GAS would get so bad I'd need to go to rehab...and my missus would have probably kicked me out by now.
  23. I have been thinking of buying a power amp to put after my Geddy Lee Sansamp. I like the idea of being able to upgrade or alter the amp by just buying another pre-amp instead of a complete head. I spoke to Alan at 'Bassics' regarding the A900 power amp that they sell (when in stock), as mentioned by @MartinB above. Alan says it is having an upgrade at the moment and they are also awaiting parts for a new run. The new model will be able to put 850watts through a single 4 ohm cab, whereas the older model was basically 425 ohms per speakon socket and you only got the full 850 with two cabs. That isn't what I read on the website but that is what I was told over the phone. I was told the new version is likely to be out in about 3 months. Of course, if it sounds bad then the whole signal chain will be affected but I imagine its a lot easier to make a decent sounding power amp without all the EQ etc than a complete pre and power amp.
  24. I'm not sure which song you are referring to but we did "Run' for a while and that certainly was an exercise in staying awake. On the other hand, we have added 'You Oughta Know' by Alanis Morissette to our setlist and that is a great song to learn. The bass line is basically all in F# Dorian so there is a lot of scope for adding in your own short phrases from the scale in the song. I don't usually have this level of freedom doing covers.
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