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  1. Yep, that one annoys me too. Also from Holiday in the sun: I wanna see some history, Cos now I've got a reasonable economy
  2. He is the bassist I admire more than any other, my bass hero if you like (followed by JJ Burnel). I learnt Limelight over the latest lockdown, mainly using Songsterr bass tabs. There is quite a bit of divergence from the Songsterr bass tab and the isolated bass clip in the link, particularly during the guitar solo, so that was useful for me to hear. I was told once that all online tabs have to include errors, for reasons of copyright? I like the phrase 'traditionally flashier instruments' at the end of paragraph 6.
  3. You just need a daisy chain cable. Analogue pedals are usually ok with sharing a power supply though it helps if the 9v outputs on your power supply are isolated. Digital pedals prefer their own dedicated supply but you can always try it and see if you get much noise. https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/guitar-pedals/pedal-power-supplies/tourtech-5-way-dasiy-chain-pedal-power-cable The above is for a 5 way but search around and yo'll find a 2 way somewhere.
  4. I reckon the only person at the venues you play that cares about your age is yourself. You wrote that you could do a 2 hour gig and I presume you can remember the songs, so what's the issue?
  5. On the subject of Bob Seger, Rosalie was done better by Thin Lizzy I think.
  6. Revisiting this thread and I notice the above posts. Yes, my mistake, was thinking of Stepping Stone. I never saw them play unfortunately, left school in 1979 and went to my first gig shortly afterwards, a year too late😢
  7. I remember reading that Robert Trujillo's then 12 year old son played bass for Korn on a tour. I was quite impressed but after hearing the clip posted by @SteveXFR I"m even more impressed. How could a 12 year old boy throw filing cases down a fire escape for 4 minutes straight? Not bad.
  8. One of my customers is a cellist. Retired now, but she used to play in an orchestra. I commented on how professional I thought classical musicians were etc and she commented that she was impressed by us lot as we can improvise. In all her 40 odd years of professional cello playing she never had to improvise. It was always doing what the conductor said!
  9. No, not unfair but creativity and an ability to play an instrument are two quite different skills. If you can do both then marvellous, you are in the premier league. If you can play an instrument but aren't, perhaps, quite so creative, then you are doomed to a life playing in covers bands...like me. My main issue with Juliaplaysgroove is that she does it all on a £350 bass. Whereas I need my next GAS fuelled purchase to continue to live.
  10. Yes it is sold. I bought it😀
  11. We haven't played in front of paying customers yet, that will hopefully come later. We play a few songs together that I have found very difficult and it is normally me that decides on those songs. I want to be pushed and by picking something out of my comfort zone I am obliged to develop and stretch my comfort zone. The day I stop learning on the bass is the day I finally put the instrument down. I would like to learn how to slap as it's another weapon in the arsenal so to speak. I am unlikely to use it much with my current band and, RATM and RHCP aside, there isn't much slap music that I listen to but having an ability is never a bad thing.
  12. Do you have to be so judgemental? I posted something pointing out difficulties I was having and you seem to have taken it personally. You don't know anything about how much time I spend practising so don't lecture me on what I should be doing with my time. And no, I'm not a great bassist but I am trying to improve; I normally get about 2 hours of practice in on days off work. 'By the way' is something we decided to learn and have a go at. We managed one rehearsal with it before the last lockdown in December. I was under the impression the open E in the riff was slapped, maybe I'm wrong.
  13. Bee Gees: Massive Chew sets
  14. True but if you don't like most slap bass music but need to learn it for a song your band covers, as in my case, it is difficult to find the motivation. I generally have the action on my basses higher than optimum for slap; one of the first things Phil Mann says in his course on slap in SBL is that a low action is essential. So that means either using two basses or fret rattle and buzz, particularly when using a pick, or leaving the action higher and struggling with slap...which I'm not a fan of anyway. I will knuckle down and learn it eventually but until then I'll try and wing 'By The Way' with finger style.
  15. I'd love a TT-800 and perhaps a Barefaced 210S to go with both my One10s, that would sound amazing I'm sure. Not necessary though and she would kill me, so its not going to happen. The fact that there don't seem to be any TT-800s in the country and probably won't be for several months does make it a bit easier.
  16. I once tried my Octamizer after my Jam Ripplyfall chorus and it was just mud. Don't feel the need for any more experimentation there.
  17. But there won't be an adjoining wall to their house. The conservatory will be off my back wall, there will be a double glazed sliding door in between the house and the conservatory and the other three sides will be out in the garden. The survey is this afternoon, so I'll ask the surveyor about this. Conservatories have moved on a bit in the last 20 years so condensation shouldn't be an issue but I'll be doing the electrics so I'll make sure there is enough heating.
  18. These really are quite good. There's a good YouTube clip of a performance on an American Radio station Thanks for tip @Nail Soup I think I'll go and see them when gigs happen again
  19. I'm having a conservatory built in a couple of months. I live in a semi so my plan is to leave my heads and cabs in there so I can practise at all hours without disturbing the neighbours. Whether I leave basses in there or not depends on how the temperature fluctuates in there, I'll see. The neighbours I don't want to disturb were burgled, in 2019 I think. They used to leave the porch door unlocked, for the postman, and the main door locked. They have cameras and 3-4 pet dogs. The burglars wore hoodies to avoid cameras and fed the dogs drugged meat that knocked them out for a few hours. We, on our side of the semi, have no dogs or cameras but weren't burgled! The police said that the unlocked porch door was liked by the miscreants as they could get into the porch and then, inconspicuously, pick the front door lock.
  20. I'd never heard of 'Yerasov' so I googled and found their website. I love the names of some of their stuff: The 'Black Formica' and the 'Brown Creature' 😁. The reviews on their site would suggest that this stuff was introduced about 15 years ago. Any good?
  21. Latest change: Ampeg Optocomp out, Cali76 in. Signal chain: Polytune>Cali76>Octamizer>Hamstead Subspace>Di-2112 into my amp's input, then the jam Ripply fall and Atlantic Reverb/delay into the fx return.
  22. There's a name from the past! Catchy jingles like: 'We are all prostitutes' never made it on TOTP, can't think why?
  23. Don't tell the EU, they'll never put Astra-Zeneca back in pharmacies
  24. You could try Viagra
  25. The nails on my plucking hand index and middle finger I keep really short as I hate the clang when the nail hits the string. Most of the songs we do work just fine with fingers but there are a few, stuff by the Stranglers, Decode by Paramore for example, where speed or tone dictate the necessity of using a pick. I would like to be as proficient with a pick as with my fingers, so I've just got to put the hard work in.
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