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  1. Change them more than once a year, maybe two years, I haven't looked after them well enough...
  2. Ahem, no, no one else saw that... Can't unsee it now, though!
  3. Ignore me, I'm waffling... EL84s are small B9A base tubes as opposed to 6L6 being much physically larger octal base tubes. Bigger is louder in this instance...
  4. Have just joined the TE family at the teeny-weeny end. Very inpressed so far!
  5. Not forgetting @KiOgon and @obbm for looms and cables - every wirey bit bar the mains lead and pickups is theirs!
  6. Hard to take in just how tiny a rig this is! And it sounds so nice, and will get nicer yet as it breaks in a bit. Astounding!
  7. Just waiting for the delivery slot time for my One 10! Kid at Christmas...
  8. Well, he's the only audiologist/ENT consultant I've heard of who's saying that. It's the exact reverse of everything I've ever been taught about it (as a punter, that is).
  9. Sounds like new band time to me. Also extremely suspicious that it was the guitarist's father that said this. BIG alarm signal to me, that... Depending on rig, bass is almost always louder at the back. Ye cannae change the laws of physics, Captain...
  10. Indeed, KT88s are big in high-end valve hifi, and I doubt 6550s would cut it in that scenario.
  11. They are not equivalent. You might well be able to plug them straight in and bias them up to work well, but they are not the same tube at all.
  12. Telebass


    New Cab Cover Day! So now I have a new head (Elf) and a Roqsolid dust cover for a Barefaced One10, but no One10 yet. Frustrating...😕
  13. Yup, datsa ma noo rig...
  14. Yup, had some before, really good. A quick big up for Obbm's cables, too. The best.
  15. Update: 95% back to normal, then...due to the deltoid being where all my arm power comes from now, and it all flowing over the top of the acromion (outer end of shoulder blade), 2cm slice of the bloody thing has snapped off. Hmmm... So, I have my Trace Elf, waiting on delivery of the BF One10, and I'm STILL in a farking sling. It's been a bloomin' long year so far, I can tell 'ee...☹️ Edit: have spent some time and money buying new bits from @Kiogon and @Obbm of this parish. It eases the pain a bit...
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