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  1. Shergold Fan from Sunderland

    Welcome! A 414 is my (just about) second bass!
  2. Mobile site preview

    I'm liking this, do a lot of viewing on a Note 3.
  3. Desktop site preview

    Excellent work, and looks good!
  4. Anone using two Barefaced One10s?

    Right, that settles that, then! Let the saving begin! Thanks for all your feedback.
  5. Thinking of moving to a pair using my LMII to drive - good plan? Need to ease my back even more!
  6. How was your gig last night?

    Two this past weekend. Friday night gig was so close to my pad I took the gear round on a sack truck. Small but well-packed pub. Went down a treat. Much too loud. Saturday in Okehampton, much larger pub, with a stage! Single 2.5 hour set, so the punters didn't decamp. Very hot! Went down a treat. Much too loud.
  7. How was your gig last night?

    First gig for several weeks. White Hart Hotel in Launceston. Well paid, very good crowd of 250+. Boss TU2 packed up...played straight in with a clip-on Snark.
  8. Do you take good gear to rough venues?

    Like most of us, I suspect, I don't have the luxury of that much choice!
  9. Hi from Essex👋🏻

    Welcome from another former Essex lad!
  10. Donald Fagen. Nightfly

    [quote name='Phil Adams' timestamp='1503295956' post='3356909'] Nightfly?? I'm on the "Masterpiece" fence. [/quote] Me too. Regularly stick Ruby Baby in my practice list.
  11. As above, please...
  12. Rickenbacker Bass Gets Outed For What It Is

    [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1501502110' post='3345044'] There's absolutely no way they are the best made and best finished basses out there, everything else is subjective I'll conceed. [/quote] This. The few times I've been inside a Ric bass, I was horrified at the low level of workmanship, especially at the price point. The designer was never the most coherent guy in the world of guitars, sadly.
  13. Cover band bass tone

    [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1501000107' post='3341674'] You know what I'd still argue that the attack from a pick played with some gusto but no big muff would suit the track better than someone with a Ricky and some dirt but tickling it finger style. [/quote] Yup, pick near the bridge and GO for it!
  14. How was your gig last night?

    Last Saturday, big wedding in a field. Last night, social club gig in Plympton. Good sized audience, all-round successful gig.