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  1. This bit is the least of your worries! Didn't start in The Rock n Roll Outlaws until 55, and cracked it for 12 years! It really is what you play, and we played what they wanted to hear. Works every time. Sorry to hear about your back issues, quite similar to mine at the start. Tip: if you end up down the road of fusion and extending that fusion, make sure they keep your lumbar curve intact. It's failure to do this that has finished me off, and trying to fix it now is pretty desperate, tbh. Don't let it get that bad. If they can fix that with me without making anything else worse, then I might, just might, be able to start again. Assuming they agree even to try...
  2. Standing is one of the big no-nos, and has been for a while. I'll not sell the P-bass, ever, even if I don't use it. Bass uke...Hmmm, will check some out. Much appreciated, everyone. I do hope that they can do something. The main problem is that other surgeries have removed the curve in my lumbar spine, which means I'm falling forward all the time. As there's not much left of the lower back muscles after 5 dissections, it's very difficult and painful to stay upright, despite lots of core work. One of the struts, as it were, is simply not there. If they can bang some titanium cages into the gaps where discs once were, well and good, they might be able to restore some of the curve. But this means breaking apart a fusion that melds L2 to L5. It's a big, delicate job. And it might leave me paralysed, like any back surgery. But nothing to lose, what, because that's the end game anyhow. Sinsonido...hmmm.
  3. That's it, I'm done. No more playing. Physically disintegrating, more major spinal work a possibility. Left shoulder now packing up too. Time to walk away. Even have to do that on sticks now. When I can bear it, stuff will be appearing in the Marketplace... Cheers, y'all, it's been great.
  4. Yes, I do keep watching it... I imagined shw was a similar age to REM, ie younger than me, but no she's OLD!
  5. Shiny Happy People. Less and less sure I like some of Mike Mills' lines...probably not good when I'm in an REM tribute. Ooops. Edit: at least the Youtube clip has great harmonies from Kate Pierson.
  6. Welcome, from Tavistock!
  7. Definitely only talking musicians here, in terms of what I said. A collector is not even neccessarily a musician.
  8. No such thing. If you're happy with your kit and it does the job, then it's as professional and posh as it needs to be. Amp and speakers must obviously be able to do whats needed. My main, in fact only, bass is a parts bass. Best I've ever used, bar one, which was another parts bass I stupidly sold...
  9. It went well!. Reasonably quiet, and the Elf/,One10 did the business easily. There were many Telecasters!
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