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  1. Hi Ruben, and welcome! A friend of mine from here in Devon now lives and plays (a lot!) in Austin, a certain multi-istrumentalist called Katie Marie, aka Funkeegirl. She loves the place, and has done really well there.
  2. Colin bought an IEM transmitter. Easy, all-good transaction!
  3. That's a *fat* cable... Edit: I'm assuming you wanted pictures of the cable, not the burned out dryer???
  4. OK, I have to be clear about this. I will not courier either part unless FULLY insured. That's not a cheap option, but previous experience dictates that this is so. So to eliminate any further confusion, it's now strictly collection only.
  5. For almost everything I did until 1987, I used valves. 15W Selmer TnB combo, 50W Selmer TnB combo. Then Vox AC50 into Roost 1x15 folded horn. Then a solid state 120W head into the same cab. Then nothing at all until 2003!
  6. Normal service resumed... Sounds good! Didn't appear to like the Smoothhound much, bit poppy and crackly. Perfect on cable. Cracking little amp! @obbm's cable is a work of art, and looks capable of carrying the National Grid. The cable is well over 1cm in diameter, and the jack is enourmous! Well done, that man! Edit: cable resistance 4.5 ohms per kilometre? That means the2x 0.75m conductors in this cable have about, well, no resistance. Wow.
  7. No, oddly I'd just checked it for recalls...
  8. Well, proceedings interrupted by a tumble dryer fire...so unlikley to test it today...OBBMs cable arrived in the middle of all the mayhem! 🤓
  9. This is a well-known problem with BBOT style bridges. The screws or threads aren't worn (new bass!), just a bit loose. Nail varnish or weak threadlock is the answer.
  10. It's here! But until @obbm 's custom speaker cable arrives, hopefully very soon, I can't try it!
  11. True. Didn't know they were in the offing, tbh, but anyhow, I likes me some Barefaced!
  12. Welcome, Jim Bob! After a 17-year break, my amp choice, in 2003, was an EB15-150. Cracking amp. Paired it with a Mag 115 Deep, and that was a good rig, if slightly quiet for a raucous rock band. These days, I'm at the end of using a Markbass rig, because even that is too heavy for me now. The joys of aging!
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