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  1. Just discovered these from an old project. First to claim gets 'em free.
  2. Originally a 2003 MIM with rosewood board. The only original bits left are the body, bridge, and knobs! My only black bass and my only bass!
  3. Telebass

    Hey! :)

    Welcome! Great taste in basses. You don't need a Jazz. Best of both worlds? Get a Jazz neck and fit it to the PJ!
  4. As an indication of what the Elf can do, it kept up with a moderately loud rock band rehearsal with just one BF One10. Definitely not something to gig with often, but could do it at a pinch. With two cabs, easy-peasy.
  5. On the original post, Tom Anfield seems to be oop north somewhere, but unless there are two, Tom is to be found in SE Cornwall, see http://www.tomanfieldguitars.com/.
  6. As someone who cannot now lift anything remotely heavy, it means I can still play. I do like me some valves, though. Trained in electronics on thermionics!
  7. Little Marks II and III. Reliable and never failed to sound good.
  8. Both my Little Marks were analogue versions, so my Elf is my one and only class D. It's tiny, weighs nothing, and sounds great through my BF One10. So my extrememly limited experience so far is overwhelmingly positive! Edit: and it came in its own little handbag. Sweet!
  9. Ha, that'd be a bonus, for sure! To be honest, I'm thinking that, what with last year's shoulder shenanigans, this is a bit of a wake-up call. While no spring chicken (67), there's plenty older than me still prancing about. But I am a bit riddled with arthritis, so this isn't going to go away. In many respects, I've been incredibly lucky - the arthritis has stayed away from hips and knees so far. But I'm already unable to walk far without a marked stoop, and need to use sticks if I'm to walk far without crippling pain. So maybe, just maybe, it's time... I'm certainly not giving up altogether. Will still be trying to get the jazz trio off the ground - C-19 paused that - so there are things to do!
  10. Aaaaaaaand...not yay. Music was fine, no issues, but physical things came back to haunt me. I lasted about 10 minutes standing, and still can't walk properly. So, that's it. I hereby resign from band gigs forever. Sit down stuff only now, if at all... On a more positive note, two guitars, bass and drums. And the Elf and One10 owned it.
  11. Welcome, from Tavistock!
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