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  1. Build your own. I have a Mexican body and bridge, pretty much identical to a 70s bass. Because I also became enamoured of slimmer-than-usual Jazz necks, I bought an American Special Jazz neck in maple. Add suitable tuners, pickup to taste etc.
  2. Telebass

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    Tavistock. Unfortunately, the surgery has gone wrong, up to and including a remote possibility of not plyaing again...
  3. Telebass

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    I'd really like this to be my first bash, but the recent op means I can't drive, and possibly only barely play. I think it's a non-starter... 😭
  4. Telebass

    End of an Era

    Surgery done, very awkward typing this one-handed with my left hand. Now just the joy of waiting for the nerve block to wear off..
  5. Telebass

    Triggers Broom Bass

    My triggers broom is a 2003 MIM P-bass, and the only original parts left are the body, bridge, and knobs.
  6. Telebass

    Completely fresh start.

    And tomorrow is the other reason for going ultra-lite - reverse total r/h shoulder replacement. Should be fun. Not.
  7. Telebass

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    Whoever was featured, whoever presented, the programme wasn't made by anyone who had much of a clue about bass. Just like the general public, in fact... Still enjoyed it, just for its acknowledgement of our existence, if nothing else!
  8. Telebass

    Completely fresh start.

    But think how my poor abused ears will feel!
  9. Telebass

    Completely fresh start.

    The idea is to keep it utterly minimalist. I may even reduce to one cable and a clip-on tuner!
  10. Telebass

    What is it with BC and hostility??!

    Certainly among the better forums I've been on, along with Cyclechat.
  11. Telebass

    Completely fresh start.

    OK, not that fresh...
  12. Telebass

    Completely fresh start.

    But heavier than the Elf-One 10...
  13. Telebass

    Completely fresh start.

    Lotta dosh for an effects box! No, my needs are simple - the Elf will do nicely. P-bass - Elf - One 10. Job done, single carry.
  14. Telebass

    Completely fresh start.

    It's a good rig, but the Elf is still winning in my brain...I'll never need 500W again.
  15. Telebass

    Completely fresh start.

    TH350 definitely on the radar...but pricey!