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  1. Yes, I do keep watching it... I imagined shw was a similar age to REM, ie younger than me, but no she's OLD!
  2. Shiny Happy People. Less and less sure I like some of Mike Mills' lines...probably not good when I'm in an REM tribute. Ooops. Edit: at least the Youtube clip has great harmonies from Kate Pierson.
  3. Welcome, from Tavistock!
  4. Definitely only talking musicians here, in terms of what I said. A collector is not even neccessarily a musician.
  5. No such thing. If you're happy with your kit and it does the job, then it's as professional and posh as it needs to be. Amp and speakers must obviously be able to do whats needed. My main, in fact only, bass is a parts bass. Best I've ever used, bar one, which was another parts bass I stupidly sold...
  6. It went well!. Reasonably quiet, and the Elf/,One10 did the business easily. There were many Telecasters!
  7. I suppose I might need a new set of strings... Nah, these are only 5 years old!
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