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  1. I've no idea what it sounds like but the colours are beautiful
  2. Here is my practise board. It has only got 6 pedals, so I am aware how pretentious it looks.
  3. I remember seeing racks of 'Flogging a dead horse' in the Virgin Megastore, probably about a year after the Great Rock n Roll swindle came out. Malcolm McLaren just milking the last penny out of the Sex Pistols name.
  4. The first album was a masterpiece, the second was ok, English Civil war, Tommy Gun etc, and then it went downhill. They stopped being punk, I'm so bored with the USA was put to one side and off to America they went.
  5. Every little thing she does is magic - The Police
  6. I'd love to sound like Tony Levin, though I would need a bit more than a new pedal for this to happen!
  7. Except the Elf's fan is a bit noisy. I'm guessing that due to its form factor, the fan is more important. It is certainly louder than the fan on my MarkBass Marcus Miller 500W head
  8. I have to agree with you. You pay a premium for a made in England pedal, it certainly isn't good value for money compared to some Chinese made pedals, or even the Cali76bass. I don't mind paying a bit more for something made in England but I am also put off by the large form factor and the awkward power supply requirements. I ended up buying an Ampeg Optocomp, because it was very cheap and is as configurable as I need a compressor to be (and I like the Ampeg tone).
  9. Billericay Dickie - Ian Dury & the Blockheads
  10. Nicotine Stain - Siouxsie and the Banshees
  11. I’m saying that it will be extremely difficult with the Boss and BeatBuddy because you will have to time your foot pressing down on the looper to the exact milli second, whereas with the Ditto Jam and BeatBuddy, the looper alters your loop to fit your drums. How the Boss loops with its own drum beats I have no idea. you can have the sound of the drums as part of your loop with the ditto jam but it doesn’t sound as good as the BeatBuddy by itself, along with a bass loop on the jam. that should all be as clear as mud now then.
  12. The sound of silence - Simon and Garfunkel
  13. I have never used the Boss loopers, so I don't know what I'm missing. With the BeatBuddy, however, getting a looper to sync with the drums is very difficult, with the Boss loopers you have to press your foot down at just the right time. You would mess the timing up 19 times out of 20 before getting it right! The Ditto Jam syncs with the beat buddy, or whatever drum machine you use with it, it sort of stretches or flattens your loop to play in time with the beats! So you don't have to worry about the timing so much, get it near and the Ditto will do the rest. If you are looking for the best drum machine around then go for the BeatBuddy and Ditto Jam but if the looper is more important to you then you probably don't need the BeatBuddy. Currently I mainly use the BeatBuddy's metronome and use the Ditto to listen back to my playing...but that is because I joined a covers band in July and my practise sessions are mainly taken up with learning songs.
  14. My looper is the Ditto Jam. I got it to fit in with the Beat Buddy mini on my practise board, and it does that very well, so I won't be looking at the Boss loopers. The OC-5 is tempting but I'll wait. I have an Aguilar Octamizer that doesn't get used very much but then it doesn't do that synth sound the OC-2 does. I reckon we'll be getting plenty of feedback on here as to how good the OC-5 is and I'm sure GAS will get the better of me. In some ways, the release of the OC-5 is the bass event of the year!
  15. I have a Pedaltrain Metro 16 and I have a MXR mini iso brick underneath, fits well (cable-tied), doesn't touch the floor. I think the Nano will have about the same clearance as the Metro 16, but you'd have to check.
  16. The OC-5 will probably fly off the shelf, possibly a licence to print money.
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