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  1. I have recently acquired this mini rig too. Sounds lovely.
  2. I’ve just taken a day off to buy one. I drove to darkest Essex, to Peach Guitars to try one out, and compare it to an American Performer PJ (and a Reverend Thundergun). I was underwhelmed. I was hoping the way the tone and volume pots were done, I would get more tones out of it than the American Performer PJ. Not really. Maybe if I had played around with the controls a bit more or was listening to it through a different amp I would have heard something more. The Roasted maple neck is nice but it doesn’t really fit with the Man City colours of the body and pick guard, in my opinion. It definitely isn’t Bisto like, more Knorr pork gravy colour. The Reverend Thundergun is really light, at least compared to a Fender P. Good of you need to stand with one over your shoulder for a couple of hours but it felt like a toy compared to the Fenders I tried. Tone wise it’s fine but I’m really after a P or a PJ to put rounds on, so it wasn’t for me. So, I went to a guitar shop, with money, with wifey’s permission and I walked out without buying a bass! Peach Guitars is great for basses though, if anyone lives near Colchester they are well worth a visit.
  3. I’m starting to gas after this, not for the roast maple neck or daphne blue limited edition finish though. I like the idea of a pj with separate tone and volume controls for each pick up. Has anyone got any idea whether Fender are likely to mass produce pj basses like this, with their usual colours or Is this likely to be as limited as they say?
  4. I have been tempted by the beat buddy (if only it didn’t cost £300) not for the headphone out but the drum machine with the ‘sobriety’ level. If the Zoom B1on makes a good headphone amp it could be a cheaper alternative. By ‘new one’ do you mean the Zoom B1four?
  5. Thanks for that, I will invest in new headphones.
  6. Thanks for replying gentlemen, I’m using AKG K701 headphones. They are hi fi headphones not studio or ‘bass’ headphones. Out of my humble Fender Rumble 15 they sound a bit light but I get enough volume. I assumed the Elf would be a step up sound quality wise but not so with headphones. I wasn’t sure if the amp was faulty, but perhaps, following La bam’s experience, maybe the Elf is just built that way: Good with a cab but poor as a headphone amp. I was umming and arring about whether to buy the Phil Jones big head but I thought the Elf could serve as a headphone amp and also as a practice/gigging amp, so I pulled the trigger. It looks great and is tiny but maybe not appropriate for my needs?
  7. Hi all, I have just acquired a Trace Elliot Elf to use as a headphone amp. My thinking was to use it for silent practise at first and then to buy a cab to go with it later. I’ve only been learning to play the bass since August 2018 and this is my first head purchase. Anyway, I have been a little surprised at how much I have to turn the gain and volume on the Elf to be able to hear anything out of my headphones. I assumed I’d have to be very careful with the volume and gain as the amp is rated much higher than my Rumble 15 practise amp that I have been using, 9 times the wattage into 8 ohms. But no. I have to turn the gain up to about 4 o’clock and then the volume to about 10 o’clock to get the same volume level as my Rumble 15 with the volume level set at 9:00 o’clock. The green light above the gain knob then comes on with each pluck, and after playing a little while the fan kicks in, with every pluck. So, any Elf users out there, is this normal? Or should I get more volume without cranking up the gain so much? I was using a G&L 2000 tribute, in passive and active mode, and the active mode does give a bit more volume, so it isn’t the bass. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  8. I’m dealing with the first symptoms of GAS at the moment. I’ll make do with my Ibanez For now but the London Bass guitar show in September will probably see the addiction take over. I’ll have to start thinking of how to explain my shiny new bass to she who must be obeyed.
  9. Judging by your avatar I guess you are a Crass fan? I saw them play a couple of times, back in the day. Once at the 100 club on Oxford street and once in Walthamstow at a small venue whose name I’ve forgotten. This was probably 1980 or 1981. I loved the first album, Do they owe us a living, securicor cares etc
  10. Hi all, I’m Bill, I live in north London and I have been learning the bass for about 9 months. I’m an electrician and I was replacing the lights in a local music shop and I couldn’t stop staring at a beautiful bass guitar hanging from the wall in front of me; it was a Yamaha with beautiful wood grain. So I decided to buy a bass and learn. I ended up with an Ibanez SG500 and am now addicted. I wish I had started to learn earlier! I’m 56 and still love the stuff I listened to as a teenager-punk rock, and what later became known as ‘post-punk’. But I also like most other rock, some jazz and classical music and opera. Bass heroes are: Jean Jacques Burnel, Peter Hook, Chris Squire, John Paul Jones, Geezer Butler, Geddy Lee, Bruce Foxton and loads of others. I am looking forward to learning from you all.
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