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  1. Bought as back-up about a year ago though it has seen very little use in that time. Fantastic condition, plays nice and the Hot-Rod Yellow looks awesome. Strings could use replacing Includes UK postage Happy to answer any questions No trades please
  2. Bought this in 2016 and have taken good care of it over the years. This is the model before they started calling them Vintera basses. I believe the colour is called honey blonde, it certainly looks great with the gold anodised pickguard and bridge/pickup covers. Has not seen live gigs though I have used it a few times jamming with friends, other than that it has never left my house. Superb condition other than the mark on the end of the headstock (no idea how or when I did this) Strung with Pyramid flat-wounds, has Schaller strap-locks fitted that I will include (original standard strap mounts will also be included) Includes Fender gig-bag Price includes UK postage Happy to answer any questions and listen to offers 🙂 No trades please.
  3. Hi, Great, warm sounding 250w amp. I bought it as a spare just before lock-down and in that time it has barely been used. I never like to use the word immaculate though I can't find a single mark on it. Works perfectly and sounds great In original box, with power lead Includes UK postage No trades thank you, happy to answer any questions 🙂
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. I owned the 900 before the 500. The extra features on the 900 are definitely nice though the only one I personally miss is the gain control (and I don't miss it that much) Volume wise they are almost identical, and obviously the tone is identical. Here's a pic showing the size compared to a MB.
  6. The Darkglass Super Symmetry setting (SYM on the HL)
  7. No, they only include the footswitch with the 900
  8. Re-Listed due to previous sale falling through. Selling my 3-4 month old A/O 500 - £500 including DPD postage I am impressed with this amp in general, the build quality is excellent, the compressor is great and it runs very quiet. If it does not sell it won't be the end of the world though I would ideally like to move this on so I can start to save for something else. The amp works perfectly, is in as new immaculate condition, in original box with cables and manual etc. Happy to answer any questions. Thanks for looking.
  9. Ha, these last two images make it even more confusing 🤣 They do not look even close to the same colour I'm going to have to wait and look at some I reckon.
  10. Hi, I've been looking at getting a Pro II P-Bass, I want a white one. The colour of Olympic white seems to vary depending on the seller Is it closer to Arctic White like this? - https://reverb.com/uk/item/36368718-fender-professional-ii-precision-bass-olympic-white Or a more cream colour like this? - https://reverb.com/uk/item/36160105-fender-american-professional-ii-precision-bass-olympic-white-rosewood I've picked on 2 Reverb listings though I've see variation everywhere (or is that the answer right there - it's never the same?) I get that Arctic white is a 'cold' white and Olympic is 'warm' white though I obviously can't go and look at any basses in person and the above examples show the same guitar looking very different. Thanks in advance 🙂 Apologies if this has been acknowledged before, I had a search, could not find the answer.
  11. Stew was super friendly to deal with. Highly recommended and trustworthy 😁
  12. Hi Guys, Boss LMB3 limiter enhancer in great condition. Does have one small chip I forgot to take a picture of. In original box and has new battery fitted. Postage included in price
  13. Now - £100 Hi Guys, Custom shop version of the Solidgold FX BETA bass overdrive/distortion in fantastic condition. More aggressive than the standard BETA though with the same character Recently modified by Martin Owen of Owen electronics to have improved grounding, the pedal was a little noisey at first, it is now silent 🙂 In original box with manual. Price includes postage Offers welcome
  14. Hi Guys, Tech 21 BDDI in great condition and working perfectly. I have owned the pedal around 18 months and I honestly can't remember ever taking it out of my home. Comes in original metal box, with manual. Postage included in price Happy to answer any questions
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