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  1. I'm on my Nth reincarnation of setting up my pedalboard and I have been looking for guidance and the wisdom of ages on the Internet so I can incorporate the best practice. I realised I should be asking you guys. What I''m interested in is: Signal chain, pedal order i.e. compress first or last, which effects before others, what doesn't work, what does Cables & leads best worst and tricks cabling The old nutshell, pedal fixing methods, velcro, alternatives, boots, corners, six inch nails.... Board format, types of boards, makes of board best & worst power supplies Problem pedals and reverse polarity issues Earth loop fixes Best way to lay out OK that's enough................. Spill the beans, I'd like as much feedback as I can get before I set about rebuilding my board again.
  2. I grew up on pedal steel and gave it up when I realised I hated country music, sorry for any out there who love it. Lap steel is not the same as pedal steel. It's as different in its on way as Dobro. Your best bet is to shop around and find an old pedal steel from a decent maker that can be serviced. They are like piano''s all rods and levers underneath but the basic bit of the instrument doesn't warp or wear out so old is good. Sho Bud, Emmons or an old Fender E9th tuning is ideal. Don't forget there is a C6th tuning as well ( and double necks) which is more disposed towards Jazz. If you can find the recording look up Buddy Emmons album 'Minors Aloud' its not my thing but it will give you an idea of non country steel.. If you are serious there is only one way to get in and that is to take the plunge -its not cheap but a pedal Steel is really not the same, its a totally different instrument and you either get one or you don't. Finally tuning a pedal steel is not like tuning a guitar, more like a piano you have to tune to Hz not keys on a guitar tuner or it will be out and sound like shite. You need a top notch tuner or the sound of cats screwing will forever reign.
  3. Saw this back in the early 80's they were about.
  4. I have & have had a few pre cbs P's from 59-65. The only modern instrument out there that hits the P mark square on is the Moollon. The tone and feel is there in spades and better IMHO than a custom shop. Nuff said.
  5. Guys can anyone recommend someone good for a regret on my 77 ray. She's just go to that point where I can't put it off any longer.
  6. Sold my 1965 P Bass to Arnaldo. Great Buyer, good communication and a fine fellow. Buy/Sell with confidence!
  7. Lots of interest but it still here for now.
  8. Demeter + Bergs...... end of story for me.
  9. This is my L series 1965 Fender P bass - Weight 7.8 Lbs This bass is simple the best P of its age I have ever come across. Not only is is a really good one in terms of aesthetics but its got an incredible action and its super light and resonant. ( I need to weigh the bass , but its the lightest P I've played) Everything is original down to the last screw and it's all complete including hard case. The sunburst is bright, the frets are original and in great condition having been on flats its whole life. The fretboard is something else. Gorgeous figured rosewood and there is a bit of flame in the neck. I keep using superlatives about this instrument but they are genuinely deserved its a cracker and sounds incredible - Proper Jamerson P thump. This bass, given its quality could sell for bit more but think I'm being realistic. I am also selling my 1966 Ampeg B15n ( all original) so you cab do the whole package if you feel the urge. Talk to me about shipping depending on where you are - but anywhere it goes it has to be fully insured. Ideally collection would be best, insurance won't replace this bit of history. Cites is gonna bite I'm afraid and I don't have a certificate. It has one chip in the lower horn at the back and flaking of the chrome on one knob. Other than that a few minor dinks and rubs but nothing through the paint. There's a bit of checking on the back of the headstock.
  10. This is my Ampeg B15 1967 in full working order - gonna regret this.....She thumps especially with that P and bit of foam rubber. This amp has been a joy and I have kept it at home to play along with my 1965 Fender P (seen in the pictures and also or sale - don't ask or I might cry....) The amp works fully with no issues, the transformers are original, the speaker is original, even the illuminated plastic light is all good. I've had this for a few years and I have had my fun and its time to pass it on. This is the 1966 version when they made it covered in black tolex with a gold trim so its a rare beast. There is no dolly, but the catches work although they are a bit loose and the carry handle on the top has lost its leather. Powered by a step down transformer. Its a good price pls no silly offers. I don't want to ship as valves will get knocked or something silly, a meet and hand over would be best.
  11. I have been suffering with cramp in the plucking hand, doing stinky poo loads of work on my right hand technique to try and improve the efficiency of my playing. Its working, putting less stress on my hand.
  12. Thanks but he's north of Peterborough, bit far out. But thanks for the suggestion!
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