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  1. Another shout for anaconda. Andrew just built me this PJ. Its really something.
  2. I had a sixer of this for years. Really solid beast. Always played well.
  3. It's a bit like discovering the opposite sex when you were a teenager. It's different and really quite pleasurable. After a few fumbling attempts at the unfamiliar bottom end you soon feel at home🙂
  4. Hi Goran myes noted I know you have the B524. I played on over in YJ's workshop - outstanding instruments. He had on hollow boody left - I was so - tempted. As for the pre CBS yes its true they are different. My 66 was sweet and aggressove but the neck was not great. I've playes a couple of amazing 66's tho
  5. I had a 66 and I have a 62 jazz. My Moollon is darker ( less bright harmonics) then my 66 was, a little less output than my 62. It has warmer tones of the pre CBS basses. It's more stable less 'quirky' than the early fenders. If there was such a thing I would call it a 'recording quality' pre CBS. Its very organic and the feel is really natural. It doesn't smack you in the face and sits in the mix better than any J I have had. It's oddly more like a p than a J in that regard but it has all that J tone. Mine is a 5 so a little different. If I wanted 4 I'd have had this by now. I don't know if this is a 60's or 70s bridge position but for £1850 ..... enough said.
  6. The only reason this is still here is that enough people just haven't played one yet.... this is a steal.. I have one with one, & on the way. Hands down the best pre cbs tone without selling a kidney.
  7. That'll be your bass then....
  8. That is just a thing of loveliness.....
  9. I've tried one and they are very good. I was pretty impressed. Andrew has a few in at the moment.
  10. That's a lot of bass for the money!
  11. Finished, ready to collect next week............... what u think?
  12. Ohhhh, that makes my teeth itch.........
  13. Nope, lookl like shipping is going to be held due to the little bugs, Export ban................. Ah well......... I'll have to wait.
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