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  1. De Gier Soulmate #21 *On Hold*

    Utter Steal.............
  2. Anyone feeling flush?

    It looks like something an overzealous amateur chef would to a root vegetable, its not pretty. It probably sounds the stinky poo though an in 20 years will be worf miwlians like.
  3. West54

    In 2014 after not playing for 15 years I went back to bass. After a year of bedroom work I formed a band which ended up being called West 54. We set about doing covers of modern funk tracks and we did 30 Days by PB Underground ( Pete Ray Biggin's Band other than Incognito and level 42)... Recently We recorded a cover of the track live and put a video together. Today PBUG messaged us after seeing the video and told it was a great job. I'm just so chuffed......... I don't want this to be a boast post - I cant believe its just 3 years since I really was really struggling to play. So if you are new or back to bass just go for it. Happy day for me.
  4. 1966 Fender Jazz - All Original

    BUMP - C'mon you know you want to.........
  5. Laurus T800 6 - Withdrawn Keeping it

    Been playing this over the weekend - decided I'm mad to sell it. I have too many guitars but its too go to go.
  6. Fender Jazz Bass 1966 Sunburst Dots&Bound

    This bass was made exactly 3 months after mine, thought it was the same day for a minute.
  7. Eventide H9 Core **SOLD**

    is it as purchased - ie one algorithm or did you download more?
  8. 1966 Fender Jazz - All Original

    Lollipops, dots and binding type bump for this rare and lovely instrument........ This is a transition year for Fender, especially the Jazz Bass. CBS had taken over the company a year before and was already implementing some big design changes. The Jazz now had a bound neck and soon after would have the faux pearl block inlays too. What makes this year special is the Jazz Bass changes and the fact that the quality control was still high with Leo Fender remaining as a consultant and many of the original builders still on staff.

    Where are u based?
  10. Where are you based
  11. 1966 Fender Jazz - All Original

    PM's replied Weight confirmed at 3.977Kg
  12. This is my all original 1966 Fender Jazz bass. Purchased from the US a few years ago, I have decided to mover her on. She is all original and as far as I can tell down to the last screw. The finish is clean and bright and the bass has that big bold 66 funky tone. She has a slight buzz on the 15th fret on the G which I could sort out with a bit of fret work but never felt the need as I use her as a funk bass. She has a few nicks in the body but nothing major - I have posted pictures to show but she is very clean all over. This bass was an under the bed find and the case smells a little of that but It's not nasty and I don't want to put anything in the case that might affect the finish over time. I'm open to sensible offers and will ship overseas - bear in mind this has a rosewood fret board and does not have a CITIES certificate.
  13. Best Dual Channel amp head?

    Much under rated and I feel wrongly so..... The Warwick LWA1000. Not the best but very well made and pop a sadowsky pre in line and its a cracker My main amp is a Demeter Minnie 800 - my reserve is the LWA - solid as a rock.
  14. AER amp 3 experience?

    I have an AER Three. They have the most astonishing bottom ends of any compact amp bar none. I mainly run with Demeter into Bergs 2x12's and 4x10 but I have to say that the AER is my go to compact. It is the one I will take to any small venue. Bass or Eub in one hand Amp Three in the other. fits in the boot of a small car on the front seat. The pre amp and controls take some mastering but once you find 'your sound' it will be as good a sound as anything out there. Less crisp than the small marks, but the bass reproduction is out of this world. If you are using a P / EUB or micing a DB they are incredibly good. They require a bit of work to master control wise and many people don't get there. The Compressor is also really useful. I actually had 2 at one point and ran them a as a stereo pair but I just couldn't use the power. One is definitely loud enough. Every conceivable back panel out and feature - and of course stupidly high quality components and build. Those two 8" drivers kick like a mule but there is not as much brightness as an aggie, berg or mark small cab. You can wind plenty of treble in and its a sealed cab so it does respond well. It just doesn't have a horn for that very top pip.