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  1. That is sweet....... fair price ad no 9 month wait! what's not to love........ one of the very best super jazzes out there. I love mine.
  2. Hi this is my Purple Burst Anaconda UltraJ5E incoming shortly. Always been a strict J man myself but with the material I'm playing I needed a wider range in one instrument. So intro the Purple PJ. Swamp ash body, figured maple top & head, Roasted Maple board, Delano PUPS, Aquilar OPB3 prom and gold hardware.
  3. Wonderful instrument and sadly the last of its kind.......
  4. I took a Steinberger in a hardcore overseas..... I got stopped in the airport by armed police because they thought it was a gun...
  5. If you are a musician at heart and its part of you, you will always find a way to be yourself. As for the hassle.................I discovered that the best way is to be the most hassle and then everyone has to put up with you 🙂 My band members bugger about I sack them. T'others soon get the idea.
  6. Anaconda's now standard basses are out there and his shop is up. I played a couple at the LBGS great sound. Anyone got one yet? https://www.anacondabasses.co.uk/store/Ultra-P-J4-Essence-c35920201
  7. starting out again....... I did that 6 years ago. I suggest Bergantino 12's light, powerful and stunning tone. Get yourself a sadowsky pre amp pedal and it barely matters what amp you use. get something light.
  8. Last bump before this goes to a dealer for sale. Make your offer its comming down in a week.
  9. I'm on my Nth reincarnation of setting up my pedalboard and I have been looking for guidance and the wisdom of ages on the Internet so I can incorporate the best practice. I realised I should be asking you guys. What I''m interested in is: Signal chain, pedal order i.e. compress first or last, which effects before others, what doesn't work, what does Cables & leads best worst and tricks cabling The old nutshell, pedal fixing methods, velcro, alternatives, boots, corners, six inch nails.... Board format, types of boards, makes of board best & worst power supplies Problem pedals and reverse polarity issues Earth loop fixes Best way to lay out OK that's enough................. Spill the beans, I'd like as much feedback as I can get before I set about rebuilding my board again.
  10. I grew up on pedal steel and gave it up when I realised I hated country music, sorry for any out there who love it. Lap steel is not the same as pedal steel. It's as different in its on way as Dobro. Your best bet is to shop around and find an old pedal steel from a decent maker that can be serviced. They are like piano''s all rods and levers underneath but the basic bit of the instrument doesn't warp or wear out so old is good. Sho Bud, Emmons or an old Fender E9th tuning is ideal. Don't forget there is a C6th tuning as well ( and double necks) which is more disposed towards Jazz. If you can find the recording look up Buddy Emmons album 'Minors Aloud' its not my thing but it will give you an idea of non country steel.. If you are serious there is only one way to get in and that is to take the plunge -its not cheap but a pedal Steel is really not the same, its a totally different instrument and you either get one or you don't. Finally tuning a pedal steel is not like tuning a guitar, more like a piano you have to tune to Hz not keys on a guitar tuner or it will be out and sound like shite. You need a top notch tuner or the sound of cats screwing will forever reign.
  11. Saw this back in the early 80's they were about.
  12. I have & have had a few pre cbs P's from 59-65. The only modern instrument out there that hits the P mark square on is the Moollon. The tone and feel is there in spades and better IMHO than a custom shop. Nuff said.
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