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  1. Next in the list to fund my incoming is this wonderful blonde 1979 Pre Ernie Musician Stingray. It's all original and it has "That Sound' that you hope old Rays have. Pino Mwah in bucketloads. At some point someone added a thumb rest which has been removed and filled - its hard to see so I took a pic in really bright sunlight It has a few dings on the bottom as you might imagine being 40 years old - but otherwise it's in really good condition. The neck is sweet and worn in evenly and the fretboard is perfect. Playability is fantastic, resonant and everything you could want. It has a drop tuner on the E string but the original is included. Comes with a recovered hard case It looks like an original with a brown telex recover. Not great but its sound enough.
  2. I have two basses on order...... so money sadly
  3. I'm sad to be selling this but needs must. This is Warwick Thumb NT6 number 27 dated 1988. It is 100% original and in superb condition.It comes with its own fracking license because this will release gas when you look at the pictures. Please before we go further, I know that this bass is made out of solid Uranium 238 or the Brazilian hardwood equivalent and that will make it too heavy for many. I don't have a good set of scales to weigh this on but if you are really interested in this you won't care. Let's just say it's more than a Fodera and less than a Morris Minor, but only just. It's just the best, and sweetest handmade Warwick of its age that I have ever seen and it has been a privilege to own it these past years. The build quality is just the tops. Bubinga Pomele and Wenge as per usual but nice grains... If you write to Hans Peter Wilfner he will send you the obligatory email in which he will tell you that he felled the tree himself as a small boy, dragged it across the amazon using only his teeth, spent four months living on beetles with a lost tribe before whittling this bass into life with nothing but a Swiss army knife. The B on this bass is so solid and focussed that its almost digital. The upper register is sweet, bell like and precise all the way up, in the midrange its a snarling beast. I know these are about, but rarely this early or this good. It comes with a stagg hard case because when I got it it came with a gig bag. Shipping by Zeppelin only due to the weight. All jokes aside, if you are interested and you know what you are buying then you will see this lovely thing for what it is. This really is better than you can buy today and its had 30 years to season. I'll consider a serious but not silly offer.
  4. Nothing beats a Moollon JV for me....... its the best true J I have every played.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Amazing basses, I have a sixer which could be the sister to this one.
  7. I wanted this last time it was for sale......... I still want it............gdamn
  8. I've seen his Tardis......
  9. Well, here's my take. I set out after 15 years of not playing to scare the living B'Jesus out of myself. Threw myself in and after a year or practice started a band. Its 2 years down the line and it's going well. Doesn't matter what you do...... bite off more than you think you can chew and after a few more blisters you will be better. I play acoustic and other stuff but I could have been just as happy playing along to old Steely dan tracks on YT. Secret is be happy, bit of bass, bit of guitar , vocals all good just keep the music alive where it feels the best.Bass its just one outlet for your musical soul.
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