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  1. pmjos

    Redtenbachers Funkestra

    Mega excited that my funky little ole band West54 is in support to the amazing Redtenbachers Funkestra 30th November at Colchester Arts centre, Colchester , Essex. Its going to be a beast of a night that damn near 20 funk musicians on stage in one night. Boom!
  2. Just wondering out there amongst al you seasoned players. Do you have favourite London venues to play? What gave the best vibe, best audiences. Who was good to deal with?
  3. pmjos

    1978 BC Rich Eagle Bass KOA

    Oh.. now I'm in trouble........
  4. pmjos

    (Sold) Shuker Fretless

    A thing of great beauty. Possibly my favourite Shuker design.
  5. pmjos

    Won NoTreble's 'Bass Of The Week' again !

    Another great looking instrument.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiAqcxlwwws One of these.... https://uniqueguitar.blogspot.com/2010/02/kapa-guitars.html
  7. Nope just bought a QU24 and I need to sell this
  8. pmjos

    Demeter Hbass 1600

    Don't you mean BOOM!
  9. pmjos

    Fender 1955 Precision Relic

    Would be great to hear this. Is there a sound file?
  10. pmjos

    1959 Jazz Bass

    Does anyone actually care? Does it matter? Herbie is a legend and his instrument sound like it does when he plays it. Think about what you are saying? a man who has played on iconic tracks for damn near 60 years is pulling a fast one? What for, why would he bother? Is he trading up for a Fodera? Cmon guys. If he forgot - is it important? Just because we are anal about acquiring instruments of a given date doesn't mean he was. He lived it. Guys (girls) most of us are just looking back and just wondering what it was like to be one of those first people to discover modern bass.
  11. pmjos

    What gear exceeded expectations for you?

    Well my Moollon J5 is a dirty filthy snarling tone monster. My 62 J is better and maybe a Stenback might top it but for a bit over 2 grand you'd be daft to buy anything else. One of the very best working musician's J form bases out there by a country mile.
  12. NOW SOLD Guys I have a year and a half old Allen & Heath QU 16 Chrome version Flight cased digital mixer with dog box. In perfect condition cased form new.. it cost me almost 2 grand and I need to sell because I need to go up to a 24 channel mixer. Insanely good mixer, I pad control, auto sliders, live recording, scene memories, onboard effects....... its the dogs, This is priced to sell - I am suggesting collection but I will ship at cost. I'll put actual pics up soon but they are the sane as the ones on the net - it is what it is.
  13. Demeter or Vanderkley. I favour Demeter - light uber powerful and beautifully warm and musical. Valve pre amp through an isolation transformer into the class D. Works magic.
  14. pmjos

    Nice Trace Elliot Suprise

    The reason they sound good and big for their relatively low wattage is the bloody great toroidal transformer and big old smoothing capacitors in the power supply. Bass transients eat current and although the wattage is low the 'heft' comes from the current that gets sucked into the class AB mosfet power stage. You cannot replicate that with even the best switch mode power supply. Its old technology but its damn near bomb proof and still sounds good today. Yes the cabs are heavy but that's big magnets and strong old ply. Mine sits sadly in the rehearsal room but its a perfect match for a lovely old Ray. Its a bit like an early 70's Jazz with an Acoustic 370 or maybe a 62P with an Ampeg B15. Its one of those classic sounds. This one is a British Classic and I think people forget that.