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  1. Sorry, I don't need any more basses, so my missus tells me. 😐
  2. Thanks for the kind comments Lozz, it definitely is a lovely bass. The only reason I'm selling it is because I have two other precisions that I assembled with custom parts, and both have Jazz necks fitted to them, which I prefer. The neck on this one is actually very nice, not too chunky like some P's, but as I have two other P's in my collection, I just can't justify keeping this one. 🤔
  3. FENDER AMERICAN STANDARD PRECISION BASS (2016) SOLD!!! £950 (Including Shipping) or £925 Collected I purchased this bass BRAND NEW a year ago from PMT. It has never left the house and only been played a handful of times in my smoke-free home. It is in fantastic condition and comes complete with the Fender hard case. It can be seen and tried at my home in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. NO TRADES
  4. "We probably did do it first... The reason is simple.... the silk wrap helps lock down the string as it’s wound around the machine post. At the ballend it’s cosmetic and we got rid of it a few years back. Hope this helps!" So all the strings without wraps are likely to slip then? I've never had a problem with them slipping
  5. Why do most bass strings have silk wraps, and why? Personally, I can't stand them but luckily for me I use D'Addario Nickels which don't have wraps, but on one of my basses I put Ernie Ball Flats on and they have a sickly purple wrap which I hate, although they do sound good. I find that after a while they start fraying and particles get everywhere especially at the bridge end. Is it just me that hates silk wrap on strings? 🤔
  6. Nope! Had it with guitarists and drummers too, don't know about bassists though because I've never had the need to advertise for one. Speaking for myself, if I respond to an ad and the person replies with more info, I always rely back asap, even if it's not for me, that way, they can cross me off the list and move on.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. I've just about had my fill with JoinMyBand, we have an ad on for a singer at the moment, FOUR replies almost immediately, I reply to them immediately, five days later, nothing back from them? Then this morning I receive another message. And this is the link in the message: I give up!!!
  9. I do sort of like the roadworn look but only if its genuine, or at least if its done properly like the limelights which are pretty convincing
  10. Yep! doesn't do it any favours at all does it?
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