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  1. thebrig

    Does anyone ever monitor Join My Band? 

    It's now been deleted
  2. Along with all the time-wasters, Join My Band seems to be full of these sort ads these days, does anyone ever monitor this site? Buy counterfeit money, Buy fake pounds UK, Buy fake dollars https://www.joinmyband.co.uk/classifieds/buy-counterfeit-moneybuy-fake-pounds-ukbuy-fake-dollars-t1125651.html
  3. thebrig

    Worst Audition Ever!!!

    Just thought I would update you. I put an ad on Join My Band the following day and had two singers message me almost immediately (Friday), both saying how much they loved the sort of stuff we play and would love to audition with us (their words, not mine), so I replied to both of them straight away with a bit more info about the band, I also said we can set up auditions next week if they are still interested. It's now Monday and I've not heard a thing from either of them, I know they both read the messages on Friday because you can see on JMB when they read them, I don't mind if they've decided against it, but why could they not spend a minute or two replying to say they are no longer interested, then we can dismiss them as potential candidates and move on? This has happened so many times over years when seeking musicians, it would seem that courtesy doesn't exist much these days I'm afraid. 😐
  4. thebrig

    Worst Audition Ever!!!

    We auditioned a singer last night, and to say he was awful would be an understatement. Normally we would ask someone auditioning to learn five or six songs for a 45 minute slot, I sent him a list of 16 songs to choose from, and he said he knew them all and would be happy to do all of them on the night, so we thought that we might as well have him there for the whole two hour session seeing that he is familiar with them all. So we left it to him to choose the running order, guitarist plays the intro, singer comes in over it, next song, same thing happens, third song, he doesn't come in at all, and all night he was singing over solo's, singing chorus's when it should have been a verse and vice-versa, and to make matters worse, he was just about the worst singer we have ever heard, the type you often get doing a drunken karaoke badly. He did say after a few songs that it wasn't going too well, so we asked if he wanted to call it a day and finish early, but he said he wanted to carry on and we didn't have the heart to tell him to go, I know a lot of bands would have told him to go after the first song, but he was so bad, we actually felt sorry for him, and we know it takes a lot of guts to audition with strangers, and he was obviously nervous, but he was totally under prepared as well as not being able to sing at all. Has this ever happened to you, and if so, how would you have handled it?
  5. thebrig

    RIP Aretha Franklin

  6. thebrig

    Too old for rock and roll

    I've just auditioned for a band where drummer is in his 30's, the guitarist is 27, and the singer is 29 and she has the most amazing voice I've ever heard (think Joplin, Beth Hart, etc), when I applied, I did mention that I might be too old for them, but they offered me the gig after the audition even though I am 66, they said that they are not bothered at all by my age, they felt I fitted in well and liked the way I played, so don't be put off at such a tender age of 39, you've got many years left to rock! 😊
  7. Not really questioning whether this is genuine or not because it probably is, but it is listed at a "Buy It Now" price of £1300 which seems very reasonable, then I saw it again listed as an auction item with a starting bid of £1800, but what puzzles me is the fact that it is listed by TWO different sellers, one is in London, the other is in Bourne, both have 100% feedback so are probably genuine sellers, one is charging £20 for shipping, the other is charging £28 for shipping, all seems a bit odd to me. Your thoughts? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Precision-Bass-Genuine-1978-Great-Condition-Olympic-White-aged/323392507716?hash=item4b4bb20f44%3Ag%3AzUIAAOSwX4dbbSZ8&LH_PrefLoc=1&_sacat=0&_nkw=fender+precision+bass&_from=R40&rt=nc https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Precision-Bass-Genuine-1978-79-Great-Condition-Olympic-White/332762824639?hash=item4d7a35bfbf%3Ag%3Av9sAAOSwX3FbHq7Q&LH_PrefLoc=1&_sacat=0&_nkw=fender+precision+bass&_from=R40&rt=nc
  8. In the West Midlands there are a couple of Led Zep tribute bands, one is called Fred Zeppelin, and the other band who is fronted by a female vocalist is called Miss-Led.
  9. Garden/Patio Table for sale. SOLD!!! We purchased this table last week as part of a set costing £300, but unfortunately the hole in the table is too small for our parasol, we are keeping the chairs but have decided to buy a table with a larger hole separately to accommodate our extra-large parasol. Collection from Bridgnorth, Shropshire, would be preferred. The table dimensions are: Height: 74cm (2ft 5in) Length: 140cm (4ft 7in) Width: 85cm (2ft 9in)
  10. TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150 Vocal Processor + Gig Bag NOW SOLD!!! I purchased this around 18 month's ago for a solo gig which is the only time it has been used, since then it has been in the gig bag, so it is in extremely good condition, virtually as new, and I still have the original box. With the gig bag, this cost me over £300 so whoever buys this will be getting an absolute bargain. Mains power lead included. Description The TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150 Vocal Processor is a personal PA and Vocal Processor with all-round, all-sound control. Your music is important to you, but what happens when your stage or rehearsal setting doesn't let you control your sound or hear yourself properly? The VoiceSolo FX150 solves that problem by being an all-in-one personal PA, vocal monitor, instrument amplifier and vocal reverb unit, putting your needs and the front and centre of control. Clear & Loud A custom-designed 6.5" 2-way coaxial driver enables VoiceSolo FX150 to deliver exceptional musical clarity and a premium full range punch. The tone is kept intact and pristine by expert driver voicing, and more power is drawn from the 150 watts than any other system in its class, meaning that however loud it gets on stage, you'll always hear yourself perfectly. Outstanding Vocal Processing The FX150 is way ahead of the pack in terms of vocal processing. Vocal Tone is an intelligent EQ that adapts automatically to your voice and adds compression, de-essing and gating to make your performance tight and professional. There are 9 studio-grade Reverb styles to add an extra sheen to your vocals or insrtument. Superb Digital Mixer Dial-in a superb personal mix with the ultra low-noise, 3-channel digital mixer, offering an independent 3-band EQ on each channel and fast editing control of all features. It's as east as pressing the button for the level or parameter you want to change and then using the universal 'Edit' knob to fine-tune the mix to your personal taste. Connect your mp3 player to the Aux input and rehearse with your favourite tracks using the Voice Cancel feature to seamlessly blend in your voice. Simple Mounting System Your time is precious, and you don't want to spend ages setting up when you could be rehearsing! The VoiceSolo FX150 has a Friction Grip mounting system, letting you set up in seconds. Just snap the FX150 on to your mic stand and you're ready to go! There are no special parts you could lose. The monitor design allows for accurate wedge angling, whether stand-alone of placed on a desktop. Not Just For Vocals The FX150 takes care of all aspects of you performance, not just your vocals. It's the ideal full-range, flat response system for your guitar, and delivers a deep bass sound you would not believe. Throw any instrument at the FX150 and it will not disappoint. There are plenty of multi-purpose I/Os at your disposal and a mic control function to control the reverb with the TC Helicon MP 75 or Sennheiser e 835 FX. As well as the reverb function, there's a suit of state of the art voice effects such as Doubling, Harmony, Echo, HardTune, Flanger, Choir and more! Features 150W power Vocal Tone - EQ that adapts automatically with your voice, adds compression, de-essing and gating Ultra low-noise, 3-channel digital mixer Range of on-board effects 3-band EQ AUX input for MP3 player Easy attachment to a mic stand Hi-Z instrument switch on channel 1 48V switchable phantom power Mic Control compatible Efficient external power with ample stage cable length Specifications Amplifier Type: 150W Class-D Driver: Full Range 6.5" Tannoy 2-way coaxial ICT driver Mixer: Ultra-Low Noise 3-channel digital mixer EQ: 3-band EQ with individual channel control Preamps: High-quality mic preamps Inputs: XLR/TRS combo inputs with automatic mic/line switching Integrated TC-Helicon vocal processing: Adaptive Tone (Intelligent EQ, Compression, De=essing, Gating) 9 popular vocal reverb styles from VoiceLive 3 Smart Power compensation and protection Selectable output: Choose between Channel 1 or Full Mix Aux input: 3.5mm jack Weight: 3kg
  11. thebrig

    Bass player exclusion

    It's definitely the number of musicians in my area, most venues don't want to pay the money anymore so are hiring duo's and solo acts more and more, I know a number of landlords and they admit this themselves. Full band = £200/250 Duo = £100/150 Solo act = £50/100
  12. FENDER ROAD WORN 60s JAZZ BASS - SUNBURST - 2013/14 SOLD!!! This bass is in great condition and one of the best looking "roadworns" I've seen. You are welcome to try it out in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.
  13. thebrig


  14. thebrig

    Ding ding, who wants me?

    We might have considered taking him on, but we rehearse Tuesdays, and he "Can't do Tuesdays"