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  1. Don't know when you used it last, but they have a new purpose built building with new studios that are really nice and clean. Admittedly, ten year's ago it was a dump, but not now.
  2. Mill Hill Music Complex, Unit 1, Bunns Lane, London, NW7 2AJ Tel: 020 8906 9991 https://millhillmusiccomplex.co.uk I used to rehearse there quite a bit before I moved up to Bridgnorth, Shropshire, and it's not far from Barnet.
  3. Over the past ten years or so, I've owned a couple of 70's Fenders, three American Standards, an American 60th Anniversary precision, and a couple of Fender Roadworns, they all had great necks but the only two basses I use now are my two self-builds where one has a Mighty Mite neck installed, and the other has a Squier VM neck installed, they both feel nice and play great for me. 🙂 But you could be right with my latest build, I've not tried a Hosco neck before so its a bit of a gamble, and if it doesn't feel right to me, then it could end up getting sold. 😐
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I ordered one about an hour ago 👍
  5. I've just compared the templates of a 51/tele neck and a jazz neck and it can be done, but I much prefer the 38mm nut on a jazz which is the reason for I chose a body with a rounded neck pocket, nearly all square heeled necks have a nut width that varies between 42mm and 44mm which I find to wide for me.
  6. The neck pocket is a round heel as per standard Fender dimensions, I could certainly round off the heel of the neck but I was wondering whether the rest of the neck heel would fit, width, depth, etc?
  7. Thanks for the reply Dad, its for a self-build and I'm going to reshape the headstock to a 51/tele shape, so I'm not too bothered about how its finished, I'm really wondering about build quality and playability. 🙂 The main concern I've got with the Fender neck is that the tuner holes are pre-drilled and might not match the tuners I have already purchased. 🤔
  8. Has anyone had any experience of Hosco replacement necks? I'm looking for a Jazz bass maple neck and the Hosco's are available for £219 and are supposed to be a very accurate copy of a Fender neck, but I could also buy a Genuine Fender MIM neck for not a lot more, so I was wondering how the Hosco compares to a Fender MIM neck?
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. I'll ask the question tomorrow
  12. Not sure whether this counts as rehearing outside, but this is where we rehearse, and we are having our third rehearsal tomorrow morning because we are all retired. The marquee is in the garden of our drummer who inherited 12 acres of land, the nearest neighbour is miles away so no complaints about noise, and there is plenty of space to keep well away from each other. We have all the sides open when we are rehearsing, so I would say that technically, we are rehearsing outside with just a roof over our heads to keep everything dry 😉
  13. Karaoke Version, I've downloaded loads of tracks without the bass and then play along with them, they cost £1.99 per track which you can pay using PayPal. Once you have purchased a track, you can download it as many times as you like and you can change the key, choose which instruments to leave out, for example, when my mate who is a guitarist comes round for a practise, I will leave out his guitar part as well, sometimes I just download the drums of a song to improve my timing. To give you an idea of what you get, I've added a track without the bass ,and added the same track with me playing along to it. Here's the link: https://www.karaoke-version.co.uk Roll Over Lay Down 3 (Bass Cover).mov Roll Over Lay Down (No Bass).mov
  14. Yes it was good to have a session again and I'm not too bothered about us being a bit shoddy because I'm sure the next time will be a lot better. I was just wondering how others faired in their first knocks after such a long time. 🙂
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