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  1. As most “classic rock” bands tend to only play in pubs, I would say that anything that wasn’t pure “pop” but was quite successful from the early 60’s through to the late 70’s would be accepted as classic rock by the punters. The reason I say this is because in my experience of watching live bands, and playing in pubs myself, I’ve found that most of the people watching/listening will be in an age range of 45 – 70, because (I’m not saying this applies to all) I’ve noticed that a lot of the younger people leave once the band have started playing, as do a lot of the older folk, so the people left would have started getting into music from around the early 60’s through to the late 70’s.
  2. That's an interesting pedal, for what it does I thought it would cost a lot more than £102
  3. I've used foam in the past which does work, but in some songs I only want the muted effect in certain parts, hence the need for something I can kick in and out when needed
  4. Thanks I will look into what they can do
  5. That might be worth a punt Edit: Thinking about it, it would still prevent me from being able to change to muting during the song as and when needed 🤔
  6. When we do eventually get back to gigging again, I often use a different bass so I would need more than one of these. Out of interest, do they come off without damaging the finish? I'm a bit wary of sticking things on my basses.
  7. I've considered the bass mute but around £120 does seem a bit steep
  8. Is there a pedal that can give a palm mute effect? I know I should be doing it with my palm, but since severing a couple of tendons in my hand almost a year ago, and the onset of arthritis in both hands, I find it very difficult to do. I consider myself lucky that I can still play, albeit, with some pain, but some of the songs we play require some palm muting, so I was wondering if there is a pedal that I could just kick in to give me a muting effect as and when needed, I've tried foam which works well, but sometimes I only need the muting in parts of the songs so its not really practical.
  9. I'll never forget the Birds Nest in West End Lane, we used to go there regularly in the seventie's when I was living in Mill Hill, but one night me a some friends got attacked for no reason in there by a bunch of blokes with Stanley knives, blood, ambulances, police, absolutely everywhere, I was one of the lucky ones, but some of my mates were badly cut up and suffered for years from their wounds. 🙁 But back to the original subject, I was as guilty as most when it came to being prejudiced against artists and genres that I thought I "shouldn't" like, I definitely have more of an open mind nowadays. 😉
  10. I have a MacBook Pro with Final Cut and iMovie installed, which I use for video effects like titles and transitions etc, but when it comes to syncing audio to the videos, I now only use Reaper because it is so precise, I find that Final Cut and iMovie tends to snap a fraction either side of where you want it, even if I'm zoomed in as far as I can go.
  11. It won't be for a couple of months as I still have some DIY jobs to do first. ☹️ It's the shape of the body that I like most, but I do think it will mean horrific neck-dive, the neck will probably be similar to a jazz neck specs.
  12. That's true, I never thought of that. The scale length is 770mm and it looks like the top of the body to the bottom of the body is more or less the same as the distance from the 12th fret to the bridge, which would make it around 385mm, the width looks to be around two thirds of the length making it about 256mm.
  13. I'm thinking of making a bass similar to the VOX Bill Wyman Teardrop Bass, and would like a rough idea of the length and width of the body so that I know what size body blank I would need. Maybe if you own one, would you be kind enough to measure the width and length of the body for me please?
  14. Just bought a Zoom B3 from Russ, I received it within two days, great communication and a very smooth transaction all round. Many thanks
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