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  1. They look decent quality but I've already ordered one from Barefaced
  2. Despite saying I think I might go for the Roqsolid cover, after getting to the final checkout with 5mm padding, VAT, and shipping added on, I decided to pay a little bit extra go with the Barefaced cover instead.
  3. Thanks for the info Paul, I think I might go for the Roqsolid because its really just to give it a little bit of protection between the car and the venue
  4. Just got myself a Barefaced Super Twin and want to get a cover for it, but the Barefaced covers are extremely expensive being twice the price of the equivalent Roqsolid cover. Anyone have experienced of both, how do they compare?
  5. Here's an update. Tech support finally asked me to return the interface and fair play to them, within a couple of day they confirmed that it was faulty and sent me a replacement. The new interface works how it should, the signal is recognised by the DAW and the green light comes on as the gain is turned almost immediately. So its a big thumbs up for Mackie tech support. 👍
  6. Or just convert it to a QuickTime (.mov) file, then you can upload it direct because the file size will be very small
  7. Meeting up for the first time with three other muso's through JoinMyBand exactly a year ago, we plugged in, tuned up, and the first half-a-dozen songs we played all sounded great, everyone had done their homework and had actually worked on the songs we agreed to run through before turning up. Best first meeting I've ever been involved in, and we are still together now. 🙂
  8. Don't know whether I should admit this or not, but I had to search on YouTube for "The Gambler", I've never heard of it and didn't recognised it when it started playing. I have have always steered well clear of country music because I just don't like it, I respect all genres of music, but country just isn't for me. 😉
  9. 👍 I will have it. PM'd you
  10. PM'd You on Thursday, is this cab still for sale?
  11. I agree that thinking 'you gets what you pays for' isn't always a fair way of judging things, but in my 68 years of literally buying thousands of items for all things in life, 'you gets what you pays for' has come into play so often with many of my purchases 🤔
  12. This is not a dig at The Clash because I actually quite like them and think its a great song, but in what way did London Calling change music history?
  13. Just like Stew, most of the technical stuff goes over my head too, but thanks Phil, I now know that the 2000 watts claim is misleading and I will probably look for a 500W 15" cab manufactured by a company with a better reputation, I'm not saying that this cab is rubbish because I've not heard one put through its paces, but I have now read a number of reviews where users have said that it does go quite loud, but after a certain level, it loses definition. For just over £200, I suppose a lot of people will take a chance on it, but I'm worried that I would probably regret it after a while and wished I had payed a bit more for better cab, and be thinking "you only get what you payed for" 😐 Anyway, thanks for all your help guys, this is what BC is all about 🙂
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