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  1. People Say by The Meters. Struggling to transition between the A and D on the first part of the famous bass break, and need to tighten up the second part. May have to up the tension (currently on TI flats) for a bit more resistance!
  2. For sale only, Roland TD1-K v-drums kit. Bought at Christmas for my daughter but she just wants to play keyboard...this has had very light use and is near mint with original packaging and all parts and manual. Save £150 on a new one! UK courier for £15.
  3. Curious indeed! If you take the amp out of the chain, and go bass - drive - interface, does Logix record the effected driven signal?
  4. Kevsy71

    Your Go To Bass

    Here's Brucie!! Bruce Thomas Profile P bass from Bass Centre
  5. Serial numbers did not appear on the headstock until 1976, according to 'The Fender Bass: an Illustrated History'
  6. Yes indeed. I'm even tempted to put in an offer for the scales used to weigh it...
  7. Regrettably now up for sale :( https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/412057-ken-smith-bsr5eg-2006-quilted-maple/
  8. For sale only: Ken Smith BSR5EG , 2006 with Smith hardcase, £3500. No trades, thank you. Quilted maple top with walnut core. EG = Elite spec; Graphite-reinforced neck 18v preamp with Bass, Mid, Treble cut/boost, blend, volume (pull for passive) Series/Parallel switches for each pickup Mid/treble frequency selector switches Internal dip switches for bass, mid, treble range Weight: 4.45 kg Full working order and excellent cosmetic condition: I can't find a mark to photograph. Comes with: Smith hardcase in good condition: catches are tarnished but fully functional. Plush interior and compartment are fine. Smith leather and sheepskin strap (nicely 'worn in' and supple) Smith classic wax polish Wearing Ken Smith tapercores, and an extra set of Sadowsky Blue Label stainless steel rounds cut to fit. History Recently acquired from the US, and posted on the Ken Smith NBD thread here (which also has more pics): https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/344438-ken-smith-chat-nbd-inside-black-tiger-6/?do=findComment&comment=4015594 I meant what I said in the thread - amazing playability and tone. Sadly have to let this one go; in more solvent times I'll certainly be hunting down another! Payment by BACS Location: Tonbridge, Kent, 15 mins from J5 of M25. Can courier within UK. Please see my feedback link in my signature, and thanks for looking!
  9. I've been doing my part for social distancing by practicing Mustang Sally at battle volume. Clears cul-de-sacs just as quickly as it clears dancefloors.
  10. Sounds an excellent challenge, best of luck! Do you get one of these to help turn the score pages?
  11. Just bought a MIcrothumpinator from Paul, as always a friendly, rapid transaction and it arrived the day after payment! Top recommendation
  12. For the record here are pics of mine with a cream guard (looks more white in the pics than it really is). Ignoring the gap below the output and the rough fit at the pups, I really like it!
  13. "I promise I won't noodle over your bass solo" "This one's in G"
  14. 3.4 kg ?! That's super-light! I'm on my second (having sold one to @stewblack and then missing it...) and both were at the 4kg mark. No neck dive on those though, maybe because of the extra body weight. Both had the mis-aligned pickup poles, I briefly changed my current one to a cheap cream pickguard that I hacked to fit so that the poles would align, but I couldn't detect any difference in volume or tone. But I may ask Sims to do me a proper cream pickguard now that they have the stock measurements from you! Have you tried your with Bass Centre Stainless Steel Elites (the factory-fitted strings for this model)? It roars with them on A great fun P bass to play, hope you enjoy it as much as I have. PS the fingerboard is maccasar ebony, lovely and dark as you say.
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