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    Tonbridge, Kent
  1. How best to mic a 2x15?

    Thanks Dad - Correct. Cheers for the tips, I'll give that a go later this week and also see (hear) if there is a difference between micing the upper or lower speaker - I'm guessing the lower will have more lows due to being closer to this floor. Much appreciated, I'll post the results!
  2. How best to mic a 2x15?

    Morning all - any tips please on mic placement for home recording of a greenboy Dually 2x15? I have a Warm Audio WA87, and a cheapy vocal condenser. Cheers! Kev
  3. Fender Precision Bass 1960 Refinished

    My word! Brazilian rosewood, clay dots, slab board, the back of that neck....nurse! The screens!
  4. Superb - I'm listening to Stretch your Rubber Band as I read this, which I'd choose especially if I could play George Porter Jr's P: Also the live version of Orgone Accumulator from Hawkwind's Space Ritual
  5. Beauty - what's your location..? Cheers
  6. very lovely, my Limelight jazz growled beautifully GLWTS!
  7. *SOLD *Vintage ICON VJ74 Fretless jazz bass

    Perfect beginner fretless these, GLWTS @Marc S in my experience no - tried both a Vintage fretted and fretless neck on a MIM P and my Limelight, and the neck pocket was too large for it in all cases. So I think the Fender neck would be too large for the Vintage pocket.
  8. Using more than one input at the same time

    Indeed, that's what I was doing on my Mac before making it a lot simpler with a Scarlett 2i2. Much easier; my playing, however, remains ropey at best
  9. Ampeg V4-B 100w valve head (2016)

    All valve bump...
  10. Music shop fails

    That was my very first bass shop experience as a young teen 32 years ago. After being handed the slapped bass, I think I played each open string slowly twice whilst wishing the earth would open. I've often thought I'd like to walk back in with a Wal and a Ken Smith, point out to the shop assistants that they make commission on sales, and that they made a HUGE mistake not being nicer to me decades before...and then I remember that I'm not Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
  11. For sale only (no trades thanks!) : Limelight 00196 P-bass in Sonic Blue £750, includes lightly-used Thomann hardcase. Can courier at cost. Lots of hi-res pics here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157691657567541 Having recently bought a CS relic with what turns out to be my perfect neck profile, I'm going to regretfully move this on as it's far too good to be a backup... I'm the original owner, this is the spec I asked for from Limelight: ’62 P bass ('62 in terms of the pickup wind) Sonic blue over Olympic white Medium relic Amber tinted glossy maple board with the rolled fingerboard edges 41mm nut 70s logo 'Aged' white pickguard Weight: 4.1 kg I think the neck shape is 'U', it feels fuller in the hand than my CS oval C but still plays and feels fast due to the 41mm nut and rolled edges. Pickups are superb with both flats and rounds - currently strung with Fender 9050M flatwounds. Trial/collection welcome: I'm in Tonbridge, Kent. Can courier at cost, will be well packaged within the hardcase and in a guitar cardboard box. Payment by BACS, PayPal wih fees paid, or cash. Feedback in my signature. Cheers! Kev
  12. Using more than one input at the same time

    Ah, I wasn't sure (and can't test because I don't have Windows) whether this part was relevant: " If you have two USB microphones or any other separate sound devices you can aggregate them as a single device for recording in Audacity, or use other recording software to record the two devices to separate tracks. On Windows you can try the following. Some applications can route two devices to one stream. Use Voice Meeter (donationware - see this YouTube video tutorial) or Virtual Audio Cable (not free). It may also be possible on Windows to use the "Listen" feature to route inputs to the output, though this is slightly lossy. Right-click over the speaker icon by the system clock, then choose "Recording devices". Right-click over the first device, choose "Properties" then the "Listen" tab (if available). Check "Listen to this device" and set it to play through the required soundcard. Repeat the steps for the other devices. Use the "stereo mix" feature on your soundcard (if it has such a feature) to record the computer playback. Alis can capture simultaneous recordings from different soundcards." What USB mixer do you have? Less ability to process each instrument, but probably the option requiring the least Windows shenanigans...
  13. My first five string has just arrived! Now to teach this old dog some new tricks :)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kevsy71


      New Treat Day!! 

    3. ChunkyMunky


      If you're not used to it, take the low B off to begin with and play your regular material with it first. Think of it like a 4+1 rather than a 5'er to begin with. :)

    4. Kevsy71


      Cheers Chunky - actually it's gojng better than I thought! What works for me is to play familiar lines whilst looking at my right hand to better gauge the string spacing. It's a lovely budget 2nd hand Ibanez SRX505, only issue is the string spacing is quite narrow for me (7mm at nut) .

  14. Using more than one input at the same time

    Sure, as long as each is recognised by the PC as an audio-capable interface, then it should just be a case of connecting them all and then selecting the appropriate interface for each track. E.g. for audacity, https://www.uwec.edu/help/audacity/basics.htm#input And for simultaneous recording: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/faq_recording_how_to_s.html#Can_I_record_from_two_microphones_.28or_even_two_soundcards.29_at_the_same_time.3F Alternatively you can plug multiple inputs into your USB mixer, but then you're relying on the mixer's capabilities to tweak each instrument/voice and then apply post-processing to allof them en masse - whereas multiple inputs can each map to a single track, and you can then apply the appropriate processing (EQ, compression etc.) to each track as required by that instrument. Hope that helps!