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  1. Kevsy71

    Feedback for Painy

    Richard bought my Rolls crossover: very easy to deal with, fast payment, kept in touch throughout - the perfect transaction, cheers Richard!
  2. Kevsy71

    ...well here's a strange one

    My goodness...wonder if it has reverse neck dive - neck lift maybe?
  3. I've owned the following Ps: Sandberg California VS Fenders: 1964, 1978/79, MIM 2005, MIM Classic 50s, MIM Roadworn 50s, 2016 CS relic, CS Dusty Hill gold top Limelight Bass Centre Bruce Thomas Profile Vintage Tony Butler signature ...and have enjoyed them all. But it is the last two that I still own, because of the necks being just right for me. If I found another P with a perfect neck but dodgy pickup then I would happily swap out the pup and loom, e.g. for a Fender "Vintage P bass" or a Limelight if available. So neck profile and fretwork are most important for me, plus of course weight. The fact they were also the cheapest from that list is a bonus!
  4. Kevsy71

    ACG Finn headless with Sims leds.

    Truly beautiful!! Bet it sounds superb with the East pre too
  5. Kevsy71

    Went to Bass Direct this morning.

    Mine's not even close - I play Ps!
  6. Kevsy71

    Sadowsky USA Tal Wilkenfeld

    What a beauty! Is this a Tal Wilkenfeld signature model which is no longer made by Sadowsky..?
  7. Kevsy71

    Hello from Kent

    Welcome from up the road in Tonbridge Steve!
  8. Kevsy71

    New section for PA kit & usage?

    I think this would fit very well in a 'Playing Live' section, which would cover PA reviews, setup tips, IEMs vs monitors etc plus other recommendations for gigs: how to ensure you get paid, should you lend kit, safe power setup at pubs and so forth...
  9. One Way Street - Nine Below Zero Runaway Baby - Bruno Mars Back in the USSR - Beatles ...always give me a smile when I see they are next on the setlist. And some I love playing in isolation but can be cramp-inducing: Treat Her Right at battle speed, and What'd I Say (Ray Charles).
  10. Kevsy71

    SALE PENDING Bruce Thomas Profile

    These are the absolute business! The neck profile and satin coating make for the silkiest P outside of custom shop prices, and the pickup is simply mighty. So good I bought it twice! GLWTS
  11. Kevsy71

    Alembic Mark King Signature: Buckeye burl

    Cheers all Alemb-ump...
  12. For sale only: Alembic Mark King Signature Standard, £6500 I purchased it recently from Reverb: https://reverb.com/uk/item/11882171-alembic-mark-king-4-standard-2011-maple-burl-mahogany ...see that link for more photos (I shall also upload more of neck, back etc. tomorrow evening). I have not gigged it since purchase. Super-versatile with the two low-pass filters and the Q switches, which give a boost to to the attack of the frequency where the filter is set for each pickup. Plus you can blend pickups, and even set the pickup gain for each with trim pots in the cavity. Gorgeous ebony fingerboard with abalone inlays, and a super smooth and playable neck. Also has blue side LEDs. Best bass I have played. But needs must Comes with a fitted hardcore, wearing D'Addario Pro steels and also the half rounds it was wearing when I got it (both excellent sets of strings) Sorry but no trades or offers on this one - I'm taking a fair hit! Payment: Bank transfer Postage: I'll need to check insurance, so will update this part. But it made it to me from the US, so it's possible! Collection: Tonbridge, Kent, 15 mins J5 M25 Cheers and thanks for looking Kev
  13. Kevsy71

    Alembic SF-2 Bass Superfilter

    Cheers Jazzyvee - it is indeed hugely versatile! And...bump