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  1. To be fair, the *only* homeowners that should be throwing stones are those that live in beach huts and have the door open...
  2. Yeah, but is it good for metal? GLWTS! 😎
  3. Very bothered - even when I'm just on the home DAW. For our only EP I practiced flat out for two weeks before. Made one blatant mistake on the day; a fumble of a fast 8-note lick that I got right for the other 39 bars it featured. Couldn't get back to re-record it but was not too ashamed at having it copy-and-pasted for that one glitch. Very pleased with the recorded tone too, again a lot of tweaking leading up to the recording during the band practices.
  4. Kevsy71

    ACG Uber Art Recurve 4

    Hooray! Very glad it's back in the Basschat fold. Such a versatile bass and amazing to look at too
  5. Fixed, looks like there was a minor update to the article the next day, and as a result their date-based URL changed. Gotta love content management systems
  6. Gorgeous, especially that neck wear! GLWTS, where are you based?
  7. Kevsy71

    Play with a Man Utd legend!

    Wouldn't work. I assume he dominates all of stage left, which is where I set up...
  8. Seems genuine: the article claims that "MIN has learned that Future Publishing’s Bass Guitar Magazine is to be merged with its newly acquired US title Bass Player." Visit each website and click subscribe, and in each case you will be taken to MyFavouriteMagazines.co.uk, "the official magazine subscription store of Future Publishing".
  9. http://www.musicinstrumentnews.co.uk/2018/08/30/bass-guitar-magazine-to-merge-in-fresh-blow-to-print/ Been a while since I picked up either print copy tbh, but the best of both in one could well be worth it, especially for the tutorials.
  10. Kevsy71

    P Bass - Which Brand?

    I love the Bruce Thomas Profile bass from Bass Centre: excellent pickup, very smooth neck finish and the perfect nut width/neck profile for my hands (between a vintage P and J). Only comes in one colour though! Secondhand Fender MIMs are often excellent value and nice and light.
  11. Botheration!!!! Sod's Law once more - after last year's Rescheduled Mother-In-Law's Birthday Party™ , this year it's Once in a Decade Visit From Far Flung Relatives™ . Gutted to miss you all again - although at least it means you won't need the Deaf Tone Test, whereby I play and you all try and get out of earshot as quickly as possible. Have a great time!
  12. Kevsy71

    Tom Petersson's Hamer FBVIII - when things went weird.

    Very strange. "Timewasting" would agreeing to meet up and then not showing. Whereas photos, provenance and descriptions are useful for any potential buyer, and don't need to be redone each time. I can't understand the seller attitude there. Looks an amazing bass though - I can't recall seeing a reverse split P at the neck before.
  13. Now on sale elsewhere...thanks for all the kind comments
  14. Sadly few nibbles, so a final bump before I put it up for sale elsewhere tomorrow.
  15. Kevsy71

    Trace Elliot GP11 preamp

    Still available bump!