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  1. Lovely bass!! But missing a trick there Walshy - surely we need a pic of it in front of Antigua on your wall map for maximum mojo
  2. My lot the Expändables are on last (945pm) at The Bedford Arms, Tunbridge Wells at this gig in aid of of the Jay Harmer foundation. Expect rock, soul, pop, blues covers; but mainly worth it to see how 6 of us squeeze onto the tiny stage....Say hi if you're there!
  3. Make sure you are all going off the same version - there's the '81 original and the re-recorded '86 version for the film. Worth listening to all of Talk Talk Talk (and their debut album) while you're at it, I love 'em
  4. A Series I for a 1 Series would be a neat trade! As would a Music Man Bongo for a Mazda Bongo, come to think of it...
  5. Yes, that approach works well in my experience :). Cab near the wall (and especially corner) will reinforce lows, which may or may not be ideal depending on room size/shape.
  6. Very much agree - never, ever put on a 'I messed up face' when this happens. Almost guaranteed that the audience didn't notice. After gigs we used to apologise to each other for our mistakes, until we realised that the rest of the band hadn't noticed either!
  7. Amen to that. Eddie Mercyx used to say of cycling GAS: "Don't upgrade, go up grades". I suppose the same phrase could apply to bass GAS!
  8. Just double-check that none of the neighbours in earshot wrote any of the songs you're covering. Had a close call when my soul band played Auntie Maureen's garden party in Detroit a while back...
  9. I sold Ian a P bass - excellent comms, fast payment, the works! Deal with confidence, a great guy
  10. Gator 4u case with keys and rail screws Fully working with external scuffs per pics. £5 UK postage.
  11. Tascam DR-05 linear pcm recorder Boxed, excellent condition and fully working. Includes battery and blank microSD card. Great for recording pub gigs or song ideas! Price includes UK postage.
  12. George Murray/Dennis Davis (David Bowie) Kelly Groucutt/Bev Bevan (ELO) Graham Simpson-John Porter-John Gustafson/Paul Thompson (Roxy Music) Barry Adamson/Martin Jackson (Magazine) Mike Watt/George Hurley (Minutemen) Dave Allen/Hugo Burnham (Gang of Four) Jah Wobble/Jaki Liebezeit (various collaborations) Bob Weston/Todd Trainer (Shellac) Jimmy Garrison/Elvin Jones (John Coltrane) Nathan Watts/Raymond Ponds (Stevie Wonder) ...and come to think of it: Stevie Wonder/Stevie Wonder (on the ones where he played everything)
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