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  1. What a beauty Si! What are your thoughts on the neck playabaility?
  2. Further to Si's answer: for me it was particularly the neck, based on praise from Scott Devine (as well as the aforementioned Tim Lefebvre and Kevin Scott). It's the first J width neck I've really got on with, fantastic rolled edges and a fast feel. Would love to try one of their Ps with a P neck too! Plus I really love that colour, can't image what the Fender CS cost would be to replicate that...
  3. Rumble because it was feared it would incite gang fights (rumbles); The Man with the Golden Arm because the title of the theme tune relates to drug use.
  4. I believe this is one of only two instrumentals banned by the BBC! Excellent tune, also love the Guitar Wolf version.
  5. Machine Gun by The Commodores. Bonus points for bassist Ronald LaPread having his name in big letters on his Acoustic head, and for Lionel Ritchie going full on Space Rock at one point on keys: ...and my favourite music video of all, space-surf legends 'Man...or Astroman?' with 'Miracle of genuine pyrex'. Caution: not a hit.
  6. Moollon P classic in Root Beer Sparkle. P classic with J neck, gorgeous player! I love the colour, although I haven't yet compared it with actual root beer as the Co-op only had Dr Pepper: Really pleased with it, very high quality craftsmanship throughout. Looking forward to stringing it with incoming La Bellas as I'm on a lockdown Jamerson journey! Will record some tones when I get the chance.
  7. I love the Ramones -saw them live a dozen times -but that's crazy. And there shouldn't be any fretboard wear except for 1cm-deep divots at E3, A3, D2 ;)
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Thanks, it is! A cracking amp, but we have an all-in-one mixer/amp now, another Behringer
  10. For sale: Behringer iNuke 3000 power amp, £100 UK courier £10 Full working order with plug, manual and special Speakon for a bridged connection. Very easy to use with various DSP modes. Cosmetically: has scratches the depth of the top panel (see pic) from when I housed it an old Fender combo cab and the tough foil shielding scraped the amp as I removed it - but it's only on the surface.
  11. Kevsy71


    Sold an electronic drumkit to Mark who drove to collect it - a very straightforward and pleasant transaction, just sorry we couldn't chat over a cuppa due to lockdown! Throughly recommended, thanks again Mark.
  12. For me that should be the First Commandment of bass ownership
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