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  1. That must have been fun @joseb84 ! Very lively, I wish we played more like that. Although it's the sort of song where you really don't want a last minute key change :)
  2. That' a good tool Trevor, looks better than Music Stand where only the Worship Leader can transpose (at least on my version). Option 3 on OnSong (showing the scale degrees) has saved my bacon a few times, when either the key has been changed following 3 rehearsals in the original key, or a lead instrumentalist has simply started in the wrong key! Which is also the reason I favour a 5 string for church, as I find it easier for rapid transposition.
  3. Great bass, great tone, great demo! GLWTS
  4. Some ace recommendations above! I like Space Witch (from Stoke I think?) - which may qualify as "space doom".
  5. Great stuff Trevor, enjoyed that! Very good mix as you say. And a bonus point for dual 'TrevCam' ;)
  6. I'm guessing you've heard Sunn O))'s Dømkirke - immense sound on the record, but must have been incredible to hear it live. Our church like many others has lots of glass instead of stone, soft coverings on seats rather than wooden pews etc., so not in the same league acoustically - however it does resonate at A, which has resulted in some bass shocks to those sitting near the back!
  7. HI Caz, I've been using this video tutorial: ...which links to this notation chart: https://www.talkingbass.net/the-coolest-bass-line-in-the-world-ever/ The page also has a breakdown of each part and drum backing. Enjoy!
  8. Arbiter 4001 copy, bought 1985. £135 from local music shop Then a big gap until 2012, when the floodgates opened....and have only recently closed JHS Stingray 'tribute' Music Man Bongo Sandberg California VS P custom build, 'Goldfinger' ACG Über Recurve with ART maple Limelight P in Sonic Blue Limelight J in Fiesta Red Fender 1979 P Vintage Tony Butler P Music Man Reflex Gamechanger Fender CS faded surf green '64 P Fender MIM P Fender Classic 50s P Fender Road Worn 50s P Fender 1964 P Xotic XP-1T Vintage Icon relic fretless Wal MK1, Olive Ash facings Rickenbacker 1975 4001 Alembic MK Music Man Classic Stingray Alembic Essence Fender CS Dusty Hill P Gold Top Ibanez SRX 505 5 Maruszczyk Jake L4P Fender Vintera 50s P Fender Japan 62JB-75US CIJ Jazz Ocean Turquoise Metallic Bass Centre Bruce Thomas Profile Fender MIM Player Jazz Fender CS Sean Hurley P Fender Japan Jazz (black) Xotic XJ-1T 5 Ken Smith BSR5EG Moollon P Yamaha TRBII 5 Bass Centre Bruce Thomas Profile The one I still own is in bold The ones I miss most are the Alembic, ACG, Wal and Fender '79 P. The biggest surprise was the Xotic XJ-1T 5, so easy to play for a 4-stringer like me. The ones in italics I've sold to Basschatters, having bought several from Basschatters too. I let you guess when I joined Basschat
  9. I've just changed my YOB by Deed Poll just so this can be a YOB bass...
  10. I can strongly recommend the Bass Centre Bruce Thomas Profile, both with its stock roundwounds or La Bella flats. Superb playability and pickup! http://www.basscentre.com/british-bass-masters/bruce-thomas-profile.html
  11. The Members have no original Members...
  12. Yeah just been watching it too! Cracking band Did you recognise the bassist's second bass? Very nice looking 5-string J with maple board but I couldn't work out the logo...
  13. For sale only: Yamaha TRB II 5 string. 35" scale for a mighty B string, and an active B/M/T pre with volume/blend. Purchased from Brother Jones of this parish but now need to make space for impending house move... 43mm nut 4.6 kg 19mm spacing at bridge Condition: Cosmetically as per photos, one small dent on front shown. Fully working order and a lovely player. All controls work well, although the centre detentes don't 'bite' as much as they maybe should. But the pots hold their position and I've never had a problem. Comes with gig bag, of which the pocket zip doesn't work but the main bag zip does. Will ship for free in UK by Parcelforce 48 My feedback: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/235157-kevsy71/ Cheers! Kev
  14. Great news Mick! I can't imagine how good your Sean Hurley sounds through it
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