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  1. FA cup bump!
  2. How Do You Define A Great Gig?

    Would only add to the above that a parking space near a double-door entrance to the playing area makes a big difference for setup/tear-down, especially in tipping rain!
  3. http://www.angelfest.info/entertainment.html 3-day beer festival and music in Tonbridge, Kent - we (the Expändables) are headlining the Saturday, hopefully just after Liverpool win the Champions League!
  4. For sale only: Alembic Essence 1991, £2000 Lots more hi-res pics here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157669007537898 ...and you can also see the orginal Reverb listing: https://reverb.com/item/9229599-alembic-essence-4-walnut Purchased recently from Edwin at Bass Connection - it's a gorgeous gloss walnut, with a 3-piece maple neck and recently lemon-oiled ebony fretboard. One ding: a 1-cm wide shallow dent + scuff on the side near the output jack, which I can't seem to photograph due to the gloss reflection. Controls: Volume, blend, low pass filter, 3-position Q switch (from the Club Alembic FAQ: "The Q switch is a 3 position switch and works in concert with the filter. It provides 0, 6db, and 9db of boost at the cut off frequency you've set with the filter. When the switch is off you get a flat response up to the filter setting.") Width at (brass) Nut: 41mm Weight 3.7 Kg Has a Hipshot D-tuner fitted for drop-D. Includes a non-original/old but functional hardcase. Collection: Tonbridge, Kent approx 20 mins from J5 M25. Thanks for looking, my feedback is in my signature. Cheers! Kev
  5. Unique, and superb! I bet it cuts through any mix... GLWTS
  6. Ovation Magnum Bass II

    Even the neckplate is amazing! Get your Jah Wobble/Kim Gordon vibe on GLWTS
  7. How important is the band name for you?

    Probably the ideal pub band name is 'Free beer and barbecue sponsored by local cab firm', just need to agree on a font.
  8. How important is the band name for you?

    One important consideration is accents. Although possibly apocryphal, I love the story that Mötley Crüe were greeted on stage in Germany to chants of 'Mertley Cru-ee'... ...in fact this is why my band, the Expändables, has an umlaut : we're all getting wider (expandable) and if one of us can't make the gig we play anyway (expendable)
  9. Many thanks, much appreciated
  10. Trace Elliot Leather Jacket

    Disappointed that the sleeves aren't carpet-lined and there's no UV lamp under the collar...
  11. 2 x 15" set up

    Just gigged my Greenboy Fearless Dually 2x15 (built by Tricky Audio) - as always, very easy to load in and out of the car and roll through a crowded beer marquee (or pick up and waddle with for a while where needed!). A lovely tone from the Faital 400s, suits a P in a blues/rock/soul combo beautifully. But most importantly, the colour matches the bass
  12. What bass would you get for your 50th?

    A secondhand Alembic Series 1 or 2 32" scale. Secondhand as otherwise I guarantee I wouldn't reach my 51st...
  13. No, 'twas a lovely '91 Essence from Bass Connection. Very pleased with it