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  1. Just sold a Custom Shop P to Mick, who drove to test and collect it - had a great chat about bass and music in general, and he's a fine player as well as a fine fellow! A very pleasant transaction, deal with full confidence. Many thanks Mick and enjoy playing
  2. +1, I run an XR18 for an in-house PA and the fact that each player can customise their own mix on the fly is very neat. Plus bags of DSP included. Only downer is that you need a separate power amp, but you could easily rack case a class D amp with the mixer for a light lift.
  3. Long answer here: https://www.soundonsound.com/sound-advice/q-why-do-i-need-use-di-box Short answer: if you're getting a decent sound (and no interference) don't worry. Amp/cab sim pedals like the Tech21 range are worth trying but simply for tone experimentation, rather than fixing something that is broken.
  4. Have played approx 50 pub gigs with a cheerful Behringer mixer/power amp and gear4music 12s with horns plus 2 basic active monitors. Band is vox/bass/keys/drums/sax/rhythm guitar. About £500 including stands. Vocals and keys only through the PA. If I bring a 1x15 I don't go through the PA, but did when I had a Barefaced 110. Our golden rules are: must be able to hear vox clearly, and people should be able to hear each other at at least some point in the pub (these aren't music venues as such :))
  5. @gorandelac lovely pair of Alembics there - is the 5 string an MK with Signature electronics? Oh and big thanks for the excellent video of your Series I on YouTube - a must watch for anyone considering an early Alembic!
  6. Lovely bass, this was pretty much new when I sold it to Mike recently. Looks even better with the tort! Cracking bargain, GLWTS
  7. For sale only: Fender Custom Shop Sean Hurley "1961" Precision , £3200 Charcoal frost nitro with the rocker foam mute. 7.25 fingerboard radius, 42mm nut. Lovely low action with La Bella lightweight flats. 3.96 kg Bought from new earlier this year, ungigged and in 'as new light relic' condition. Includes unused original hard case, CS certificate, pickup covers and case candy (Cruz toolkit, lead, strap, booklet, sticker) Some YouTube clips: ...and with foam mute engaged by the man himself: Location 15 mins from J5 M25 in Tonbridge, or can courier in UK. Payment by BACS, no trades this time thanks. Thanks for looking, feedback link in my signature. Cheers!
  8. £300 is a stupendous bargain! I love mine, I'm tempted to get this one too simply so I can have one with rounds and one with flats simultaneously
  9. Ha! @cetera I was just about to post that too - but I ended up listening to it all the way through! Perfect choice :)
  10. SOLD, thanks for all the interest!
  11. The good news is that I have recently acquired one - the bad news is that it's my first time playing any form of upright bass, so I can't give a comparison! The screw in 'shoulders' seem to help in resting it against the body like a DB, at least from my understanding from discoverdoublebass videos It's a second-hand Studio (their basic model), about 5 years old. I found it quick and easy to set-up and I'm very happy with the tone through the piezo pickup into a Quilter Basss Block/Fearless F112. I suspect I may need a notch filter though as it resonates around (I think) A. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I will say I'm pleased with it!
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