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  1. Kevsy71

    Favrite bass solo?

    The Ox's menacing bass breaks in My Generation; Roger Glover's demented banshee howl in Fireball; and Lemmy's restarts in Overkill, have given me thrills and chills for over 30 years. But Cliff Burton's solo in Orion (also the intro) is for me, perfect.
  2. Just fixed my old Fender Rumble 150! Had to swap the input socket for the headphone socket because I couldn't source a new one...and use A500K pots because I couldn't find the exact A250Ks needed. A doddle to solder, but a nightmare to get the head back in the cab....!

  3. Kevsy71

    Heat and setups

    Played a scorching beer festival set last week with the Bruce Thomas Profile - very slight tuning adjustment, but it was the neck finish that saved the day. No tackiness at all despite the near 30° heat! Love it.
  4. Kevsy71

    Feedback for tombura

    I sold Tom an Ampeg V4B from the UK to the Czech Republic. The whole transaction was very straightforward, Tom kept in communication the whole time, paid and arranged the courier to pick up from me. A recommended international buyer, welcome to Basschat Tom
  5. Kevsy71

    Free entry music/beer festival, nr Tonbridge 30th June

    Oops well spotted 😁 I'll have a word...I really hope it's a typo and not a homebrew tribute!
  6. Both my and my son's bands are on the bill for this Saturday at the Hildenborough 'Party in our Park', near Tonbridge in Kent. In aid of the Scouts, with a proper stage and PA from a team who do the major festivals! The last two years have been a great family day out, with beers, BBQ, bouncy castle (hopefully not in that order). Say hi if you come along, I'm on last with the Expändables, with the first major outing for my Bruce Thomas Profile bass
  7. Kevsy71

    New Bass - But Does It Exist?

    Now I come to think of it, I had a MIM P with those specs a few years ago! Cracking bass and very light, sounded terrific with flats.
  8. I used to do the same as Lozz above, which works great. Now I leave it wide open and switch between an 'SVT' and 'B15' present on my Sansamp VT. When playing live I'm less likely to forget which tone I'm on when there's a glowing red light!
  9. Any of the Indian or Pakistani Elvis tributes that go by 'Patelvis' Also 'Mike and Tina Turner'
  10. Kevsy71

    Ridiculous requests

    Eh?! That really is an odd request for a dance party, both tempo and lyrics: "I spill my tea - oh silly me" isn't quite "boom, boom shake shake the room", is it?
  11. Kevsy71

    New Bass - But Does It Exist?

    GIve Maruszczyk or Sandberg a look, they can make a lovely custom for you at a good price https://public-peace.de/configurator/jake-c http://www.configurator.sandberg-guitars.de/ In both cases you can ask for extra options too.
  12. Kevsy71

    Ridiculous requests

    'Encore!' always strikes me as a very odd request....