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  1. Tech21 Q-Strip. Pedal board parametric EQ, with 4 bands, 40 Hz high pass, 6 Khz low pass, DI and 1/4 parallel out. Bassplayer review here: https://www.bassplayer.com/gear/review-tech-21-qstrip Comes in its original Tech21 tin, with manual. Price includes UK postage. Feedback in my signature, thanks for looking
  2. Alembic F1-X rack valve preamp with DI and crossover. Full working order, can post within UK for £10 Powerful interactive EQ with Deep and Bright switches. Includes plug lead. Thanks for looking, my feedback in signature.
  3. Hi all, I'm seriously considering committing to my first DB, but before doing so want to make sure I'm within reach of lessons. Any recommendations for a tutor near Tonbridge in Kent, please - ideally within a 30 minute drive? Many thanks! Kev
  4. Thanks in no small part to Tom's advice to ditch tabs and learn music notation, I've just started reading and transcribing too... At least for me starting out, the free "Sibelius First" is doing the trick, along with usage tutorial videos e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrPvjCknrPM . The playback feature really helps learn the acccidentals. Very pleased to be finally learning notation. Seems the best thing about tabs - that they tell you where to put your fingers - is also the worst thing about tabs!
  5. Mike bought a Jazz from me: absolute gent, fast friendly communication, rapid payment, and let me know it arrived safely Thanks Mike, a real pleasure doing business with you! Kev
  6. Here's a clip from last night's pub gig: Bruce Thomas P -> Quilter Bass Block -> One10 + Line out to PA. One10 is nestled in a fireplace! Band is drums, keys, sax, rhythym guitar. Drums are a folding Traps set so quieter than a full set, and we were quiet enough that people could still talk at the bar, but loud enough that we had dancing! :) One10withPA.mp4
  7. Good spot! I only bought it new 2 weeks ago so wrongly assumed 2019. Fixed
  8. Ungigged, as new 2018 Fender Player Jazz in yummy buttercream (or Bird's Custard if you prefer). Bought new a couple of weeks ago. Only selling due to incoming acquisition. Lovely fast maple neck and tone. In original box but did not come with a bag. Can courier in UK for £10. Feedback in signature, thanks for looking!
  9. NBD Fender Player Jazz in *gawjus* buttercream. Tremendous fun!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Soledad


      Buttercream sounds edible :) Need a pic of this bass on the Jazz thread.

    3. Kevsy71


      Will do - It's really Bird's custard yellow!

    4. SpondonBassed


      As long as it isn't the colour of Angel Delight.  Disgusting stuff!  Don''t remind me of it.


  10. @JohnA Tech21 VT bass deluxe is an excellent Ampeg SVT/810 and B-15 simulator - plus you get DI out and an additional uncoloured output. Worth giving a go through your HK active 12".
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