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  1. Kevsy71

    Bass Collection, anyone?

    My 2018 Bruce Thomas was fantastic, I miss it and will buy another. Pickguard cut seemed fine to me, and pole alignment can be seen here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/333115-sold-bass-centre-bruce-thomas-profile-p-bass/ I've owned a '64 P, a Custom Shop '64, a Limelight P and the Bruce Thomas; and they were all pole-aligned slightly differently and all sounded superb. But the BT was the best value
  2. Kevsy71

    Bass Collection, anyone?

    Great track Si - I love that tone and it sits very well in that mix, very tempted by these now. I just hope the picture above is not to scale!
  3. Kevsy71

    NBD - Custom made 70's jazz buzz

    Love that look Pawel - the cream pup covers are a great touch!
  4. Lightweight bump (a nudge perhaps?)
  5. Indeed Sir! Thanks for posting your video of it 40mm - now added to description, thanks!
  6. For sale only: super light Maruszczyk Jake L4p P/J Green Valley Metallic P/J with Haussel pickups History Purchased new a few months ago from Gorny Music in Switzerland, but recent purchase forces me to move it on...you can get some lovely pics from Gorny's gallery here: http://gornymusic.ch/sold/maruszczyk_jake_4p_green_valley_metallic.html The colour is *very* similar to Fender Ocean Turquoise Metallic - I had an OTM Jazz which was a *slightly* deeper blue than this. Gorgeous colour regardless! Spec and condition Super light alder body (3.28 kg, 7lbs 4oz) Rosewood board on maple neck. Nut: 40mm Neck profile feels like a Fender 'C' No neck dive Neck finish is a very light satin - no stickiness 21 fret with zero fret Hausell P/J pickups, passive electronics High mass bridge and wearing Maruszczyk nickel strings. Comes with the soft gig bag and all bag candy. No sound/playing issues, gigged once, and one ding on the headstock edge (see pick) - possibly when it floated away when left unattended for a minute... Payment and postage Payment by BACS or PayPal with fees paid by buyer. UK courier at £15 in original cardboard box with the gigbag padding. I'm in Tonbridge, Kent, approx 15 mins from J5 M25. Cheers!
  7. Kevsy71

    Feedback for Alzamatt

    Alberto sold me two preamps from Italy to UK: amazing packaging! And a fast delivery with communications throughout. A very pleasant transaction; grazie mille Alberto!
  8. Kevsy71

    Modern compact cab recommendations or an old Trace Head

    Hello Nick, Would this be for a band, or practice? If in a band, would you have PA support, and are you competing with guitarists who don't never turn the volume dial anti-clockwise, and what size venues? And what is your budget..? Certainly lots of options at the lighter end: e.g. I play a Barefaced One10 with a Quilter Bass Block, but supplement that with PA. For bigger rooms I sometimes add a 1x15 but for the majority of pubs it's fine. And the classifieds here are a great way to source a bargain! Cheers Kev
  9. Kevsy71

    The best headphone amp available today?

    E.g.: https://en-us.sennheiser.com/sennheiser-he-1 $52,000 may seem a lot, but as it has a marble plinth, it doubles as a high-end cheeseboard. And of course you could hack in these $120,000 cans: https://audio46.com/shop/foacl-utopia-tournaire/ ...although what shocks me most about those is that the stand is extra: $12,000! For that I would expect the stand to be a tame velociraptor that I could ride to the shops.
  10. Kevsy71

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    An excellent lesson, and just at the right time for me as I'm finally learning theory after 3 decades. Also proof that you should judge a book by its cover...thanks for posting!
  11. Kevsy71

    Weight Of The Bass

    Another budget option just tested: my son plays bass too and is 2/3 my weight, so my bass is heavier on him than it is on me. We took turns playing the same riff and he sounded miles better. Ergo, heavier basses are better.
  12. Kevsy71

    Weight Of The Bass

    Very happy with my 3.28kg PJ - through a Tech21 VT pre at SVT setting it has a superb low end. I suppose the only way to tell if weight makes a difference is to isolate weight as the only test variable - not variance in cellular structure between woods, etc.. So best to measure low end response on Earth, and then take the bass to Jupiter for an A/B test (tip: bring headphones rather than speakers to reduce back strain).
  13. Playing 5-a-side tonight. Head height rule applies so I'll bring my low-pass filter....

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