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  1. Thank you both! I also heard back from Alan at J-Tone with similar advice so I'll give that a go.
  2. Thanks - definitely looks like grain at the ribs and the grain of the top continues over the shoulders.
  3. HI all, just picked up a 'J-Tone Black' pick-up. This fits into the bridge slots, but it looks like mine are too narrow, even when squeezing the pads. Any advice please, e.g. is it ok to sand the bridge slots to the point where it is a snug fit? Cheers!
  4. I've just acquired a secondhand "Andreas Zeller for Stentor" 3/4, it's my first db, and I'm having great fun with the discoverdoublebass beginner course. As far as I can tell it is one of these: https://www.stentor-music.com/brands/andreas-zeller/andreas-zeller-double-bass,-solid-63/ Forgive the simple question, but does "Carved solid spruce front; Solid maple back, sides and neck" make it a hybrid?
  5. FOR SALE ONLY: Marleaux Consat Custom 6 Walnut EB 6 string bass, FINAL PRICE DROP TO £2500 Maple body, walnut top, bolt-on maple neck, ebony (Dispoyros crassifolia) fingerboard, Dot inlays on fretboard, 24 frets, 34" scale. String spacing 18mm (I think this may be adjustable at the bridge but I've not tried). 2x Häussel pickups in wood housing, 3-band EQ, volume, pan, active/passive switch, three-way coil tap switch for each pickup (single/split/humbucker), black hardware, walnut headstock top incl. Marleaux gigbag and all case candy, including Allen keys and Thomann's professional photo of the bass. Made in Germany. Brought brand new from Thomann earlier this year. Near mint condition: I can't find any dings, dongs, scratches or other marks. My first 6 and a dream to adapt to with the 18mm spacing. Not gigged as such, but played at one church service, the low B was a delight through the PA - far more solid than most 5's I've played. Only selling because it's too getting too little use - I'll get a more modest 6 as I've loved learning some Bach pieces notated by Heiko Jung on his Marleaux Contra! Trial/collection welcome, I'm near Tonbridge about 20 mins from J5 M25. Insured courier: I'll get some quotes. Sorry to my European friends but this one is for delivery in UK only Payment by BACS, or I can issue a PayPal invoice to Basschat members with a feedback history. Thanks for looking!
  6. Sunday's service with no drummer- songs at 7m45s and 56m. Kept it simple to help keep the beat; except for missing the ending of the last song with a gratuitous harmonic! Brought along an EBS Studio 30 combo for monitoring, worked a treat. https://tbc.jwpapp.com/m/YP6XgktL/the-woman-at-the-well-service-led-by-nicola-foot-and-neil-durling?list=ZvKJTIPy
  7. Good thing I'm out of vino or I'd be on this like a shot 🍷 Excellent Ps these and very versatile - Duck Dunn for sure but snarls with rounds. GLWS!
  8. I briefly had a Moollon P in the root beer sparkle: it's an amazing colour! GLWS
  9. Now THAT'S a worship bass prayer!
  10. Will do - and remember, it's unlikely any mistakes will be noticed by the band, and *really* unlikely they will be noticed by the congregation. A bit like improv jazz...
  11. My old Toyota Auris/Corolla would take a 2x15, bass, head, pedal bag with the seats folded down. My Yaris takes a 2x10, head, bass, pedals. In both cases keeping the passenger seat free/useable. I suspect you can't go wrong if the vehicle name matches the bass: or even
  12. Dave bought a Sean Hurley P bass from me - excellent communications, fast payment and a top chap all round. Highly recommended buyer
  13. Thanks for all the recommendations! I've made a YouTube playlist with all the tracks so far: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2nhCmYKWmUJ47nYau5y81fRD6IOrQ_Ze
  14. For sale only: Fender Custom Shop Sean Hurley '61 Precision (2019), £2750 This is my second Fender Custom Shop Sean Hurley signature ’61 precision - I had sold my first one (in charcoal frost) to the mighty @Old Man Riva , who had prophetically wondered if I was sure - as I would miss it! Indeed Mick was right, and so when this one appeared secondhand at Bass Direct I snapped it up. Specs and condition It has a slab rosewood board, 1.75” nut width, 7.25” radius. Weight is 3.98kg. Full specs in the 'floorwalker' photo below. Relic-ing is on the back of the neck only, meaning it’s beautifully smooth and fast. The nitro finish on the body has some level faint ‘crackle’ lines but is otherwise un-reliced. Strangely when it arrived from Bass Direct the rocker mute was on the wrong way around (!), which has left a faint mark I’ve tried to capture in the photo - not noticeable unless you look closely. The rocker mute is a nice feature to toggle between muted/unmuted quickly, and is adjustable in terms of pressure applied to the strings. Personally I’ve left it ‘firmly on mute’ recently as I’ve been practicing Jamerson lines. I love the playability with the stock La Bella light flats, and it pairs beautifully with my Noble pre. Case has a couple of scuffs (see pics), but otherwise in excellent condition with keys and case candy including unworn Fender strap. A splendid bass, but having picked up a gorgeous Marleaux sixer for solo playing, and not gigging, it must make way! And yes, I will miss it Courier delivery (UK only) @£15, or come and test in Kent (approx, 20 min from J5 M25, near to Tonbridge/Maidstone). Payment by BACS or PayPal (buyer pays fees) My feedback thread: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/235157-kevsy71/ Pics Some demos of this general model - they sound very simlar to mine (except the playing!) A nice 'unmuted test': The man himself (with mute) …and without And a comprehensive test from Bruno Tauzin’s excellent “Bruno Bass” You Tube channel:
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