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  1. Need to make room for incoming, so final drop to £625 for this weekend before it's on eBay...
  2. I was in Bass Gallery yesterday and they kindly let me have a noodle on this NYC: https://thebassgallery.com/collections/all/products/sadowsky-nyc-5-21-standard-21 The good news was that the 19mm string spacing felt very natural and the whole build quality was superb. The bad news was that the 19mm string spacing felt very natural and the whole build quality was superb, and now I can't stop thinking about it...
  3. This thread has well and truly opened the GAS pipeline - I'd be interested to hear thoughts on J vs P/J for a Sadowsky 5 string from those with experience of both configurations. Thanks!
  4. Now reduced to £600 - an excellent value first time EUB
  5. Very interesting, thanks for the write-up. I have a Behringer DI and a Noble and can't tell a huge difference at home volumes or into the DAW , but live I get a much cleaner in-ear feed and less FOH interference with the Noble (plus I love the tone). Whether I love it 40x as much of course is a different question! Hope the arm is better, looks like mine after my goal stints at 5-a-side!
  6. Wow that's a beaut! What's the weight please?
  7. I was accidentally sacked from my job as a rockabiily drummer once. All I said was "I'm not standing for this anymore..."
  8. Form an orderly cue! Love the tone palette on these Emperors, those Duncan dual-coils are superb. GLWTS!
  9. My one experience of this a few years ago: set finishes, I'm packing up the monitors, audience member approaches stage with a smile - 'Wow, you sounded GREAT. All those notes were clear and funky. Really drove the songs along, I danced all night!"", she says. "Why thank you!" blushes myself (Pause)..."So how long have you been playing sax?"
  10. Love that top grain @ead ! Seems to flow around the pickups
  11. I've had an amp and cab insured through New Moon.
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