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  1. Hi there - it's 8ohm. Here's the greenboy design spec: http://greenboy.us/cabs/view.php?model=FEARLESS F112
  2. Sold Chris a compressor: a very easy and pleasant transaction with rapid payment and communications. Many thanks Chris!
  3. Gorgeous!! It was this video of a similar MK 5 that made me import the MK 4 that I owned all too briefly: GLWTS Goran!
  4. Basschat Fantasy Premier League code is: ww1o97 

    See you there!

    1. 40hz


      I'm in!


  5. Just sold Paul a Moollon P and Noble pre, another very easy and friendly transaction! Cheers Paul and enjoy the latest addition to the Precision family
  6. An excellent head, used mine through 1x15s, 2x10s and the F112 and loved it each time. Really easy to dial-in a great range of tones on-the-fly in a gig. The locking lead is shipped with it, but, it is hard-wired to a US plug. Never had problems with my standard UK kettle lead which is a nice snug fit. GLWTS, bargain price!
  7. Hi there - just weighed mine using the 'weigh yourself on the scales and then pick up the cab' method and it came out at 17kg. The options are fixed for Fearless cabs (same speakers and hardware) so I assume the variants are wood and the duratex paint. The logo appears to be glued on, I'm not sure if it's removable. Cheers Kev
  8. For sale only, greenboy Fearless F112 £600 An outstanding one-cab solution, beautifully built last year by Guy at Tricky Audio (my second greenboy cab from him): with Eminence Kappalite LF neodymium 12", a 5" FaitalPro midrange driver, and the highs are widely dispersed by a B&C horn with a Faital Pro 1" compression driver bolted on. Read Ed Friedland's glowing review here: https://www.guitarworld.com/reviews/greenboy-audio-fearless-f112-cabinet Dimensions: 51 x 41 x 41 cm weight 17kg , with a very strong recessed handle for one-handed carrying. Gutted to have to put this up for sale but needs must! Fantastic cab that has served me very well for many styles (and basses). Collection only for now but I'll see if I can source a box. My feedback link is here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/235157-kevsy71/?do=findComment&comment=2430589
  9. For sale, a 2019 Keeley Bassist compressor in excellent ungigged condition. Tiny nick at edge to the bottom right of logo. Includes box and manual. Price includes UK postage. My feedback link here: Cheers! Kev
  10. Just added a new option, £2500 gets you the Moollon plus a Noble preamp (as demoed by Mr Lefevebre here)
  11. A gorgeous dog with clearly excellent muting technique! That must have taken some training
  12. Update 2: now £1800 on here as I'm about to list on Reverb at a higher price.
  13. First post-lockdown gig next week! Over a year since our last one...

    1. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      How did you manage to play a post-lockdown gig a year ago? 

      I think we should be told ...

    2. Kevsy71


      It's easy when you're a prison band. Now if you'll excuse me, Spider Murphy apparently has a breakout planned with the Purple Gang...

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