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  1. Kevsy71

    SOLD Bass Centre Bruce Thomas Profile P bass

    Available again. All boxed up and ready for rapid dispatch!
  2. For sale only: Ibanez SRX 505 5 string £250 inc. UK courier A decent first fiver, with a very playable upper register to the 24th fret. Tasty finish too! Fully working, no major dings, most noticeable are the thumb dents near the pups (see pics). String spacing is 18mm at bridge, 9mm at nut. Nut is 44mm. Weight 4.26kg. Comes with a set of Ken Smith taper cores and I'll also include a set of flats. Payment by BACS please, or collection from Tonbridge, Kent. Cheers!
  3. For sale only, Bass Centre Bruce Thomas profile P bass, gigbag and bag candy. £350 inc. UK courier Full working order. Excellent cosmetic condition, I can't see any marks other than thumb wear on the pickguard cellophane (which is still attached). Gorgeous satin neck, 41mm nut and Mr Thomas' custom profile, not far off an oval C. Powerful pickups! You'ld think it was active, it's significantly louder than other Ps I've owned, but not muddy or bloomy. 4.04kg on the kitchen scales. Lovely to play, only selling because my P and J have made way for a PJ Can courier in original (and very cool!) Bass Centre box. Payment by BACS or cash/BACS on collection (with £20 discount for collection). Location: Tonbridge, Kent
  4. New PJ day! And it's only 7lbs 4oz!! That's less than the PJs I'm wearing...

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    2. Kevsy71


      Only at weekends...

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      Don't forget that NBD thread... with photos, of course
      I was really tempted by a medium scale Jake a few years back on here.
      These days, given my advancing years, I now realise the importance of lightweight basses ;)

    4. Kevsy71


      Same here Marc! And I see a 7.5 lbs Jake 5 has just appeared here: http://bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/SH_Maruszczyk_Jake_5.html

  5. For sale only: FenderJapan 62JB-75US Jazz Ocean Turquoise Metallic PRICE DROP NOW £550 inc. UK courier Location: Tonbridge, Kent Year: approx. 1994 from serial Body: I believe it's alder, given the weight and the '75US' designation Neck:maple with rosewood board. Back of neck is lacquered but smooth from playing, no stickiness. Weight: 4.3 Kg Nut: 38mm Fingerboard radius: 7.25" Modifications: new Tusq Graphteq nut Repairs: small fill repair at fingerboard edge of 3rd fret (see pic above), I have not noticed, heard or felt it whilst playing Cosmetic: minor dings and dongs and buckle rash as per pics. Fully operational with no electronic issues Strings: new Rotosound Swing bass 66 .100s Comes with: generic (non-Fender) soft case Full album of hi-res pics here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157698911988191 Payment by BACS or cash I'm based 15 mins from J5 M25. Any questions please ask! Cheers for looking! Kev
  6. Price drop to £125 inc UK courier. Please note: I can't get the XLR *input* to work, see https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/310428-trace-elliot-gp11-xlr-input/?tab=comments#comment-3354396 , but the regular jack input works fine.
  7. Kevsy71

    What features should all bass guitars have?

    Certainly my Squier Bronco ticks those boxes, and is a fun bedroom bass! It's a good list because it allows you to build on it, adding those personal/situational preferences: e.g. I've added my personal 'must haves' for a gigging/recording bass in italics - and probably add well-dressed frets, no neck-dive, and a weight that I can bear for a set too.
  8. Kevsy71

    What features should all bass guitars have?

    Slot load bridge BUT with a simple press-latch mechanism over the saddle so that the ballend can't pop out when you start installing a new string (not sure if such a beast exists though) Well-shielded electronics Satin neck (no gloopy gloss) Fretboard on both sides of the neck and pups on both sides of the body. One side has rounds, one has flats, and each side can have different pups/preamps. Of course this requires an inflatable belly guard (bit like the Gretsch White Falcon), and fingerless gardening gloves in the case candy, so the strings on the side you are not playing can't hurt you...
  9. Kevsy71

    FS : Ken Smith CR 4-on hold

    Lovely! Where are you based..?
  10. Kevsy71

    Heart Of The Sunrise

    Excellent stuff! This is worth a look too, solo take on the song with a '68 4001
  11. That's a great pic, because (1) it's gorgeous and (2) it shows well the sleeker contours and depth for the special. Cheers!