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  1. A pleasant transaction of goods for money with Stew. Thank you.
  2. Gary bought some pick ups from me, top guy to deal with. Thanks 👍
  3. I've just got my bass back from Dave, it's a Fender Elite Jazz and I've had it sprayed Olympic white nitro from it's original natural. So here is my experience with it.... I bought this bass from @andybassdoyle back in May after being on the search originally for a '75 RI which seem hard to come by. I love the black block on maple look. This bass was in my budget and I thought the modernisations of compound radius, active (although we'll come back to this), matte neck and the possibility of string through bridge were worth a try. After receiving the bass, it felt right and was a joy to play. But that preamp just wasn't doing it for me, so out it went (as well as the Gen 4 noiseless pick ups) and in went a set of Dimarzio Model J's and a VVT set up with the 4th knob being a capacitor switch. Lovely. Then after seeing @AndyTravis 's MM jazz respray, I thought about a spray job on mine. The body on my jazz was a bit plain, so a paint job would help it stand out and I've always liked the idea of a white nitro finish which will age nicely. I believe this model did come in white, but I couldn't see any for sale anywhere with a maple neck. So got in touch with David at the end of July and we went over what I had in mind and such. I stripped off all the hardware and sent it off 11/08. David kept me updated along the way while sanding and prepping and when it came to mixing the colours. And finally the finished bass: Everything fitted (extremely carefully) back together as it should, so happy days. I couldn't be happier with the job David did on it. He is such a nice guy to deal with, the price was very fair (IMO) and the turn around time good too. Over time it will mellow out to a more cream colour and will show wear and tear. So yeah, if you want something resprayed, David is your guy. And now my bass is exactly how I want it. Thanks.
  4. Bass body en route from David Wilson 😁

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    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      He has my jazz body. I that might be next.

    3. WarPig


      Ah nice, what are you getting done? He's a great guy to deal with, he kept me updated with pictures as it was going on etc. Hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow.

    4. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      It’s all in here....


  5. Bump for price drop. Collection only now (or local delivery 25mile radius)
  6. The offset bridge and neck is still bugging me
  7. Bought a preamp from Jarek, posted promptly, well wrapped and as described Thanks
  8. Warwick I am a fan, but not this much.
  9. Julian bought a pedal from me. All went well, Comms were great ect. Thank you.
  10. I'll try to get something recorded later.
  11. Bump with price reductions and removal of sold items
  12. Put the ebay item number into the BC search 👍
  13. WarPig

    Ceebass Feedback

    Will bought a jazz neck from me, top guy to deal with. Paid instantly and Comms were good. Thanks
  14. Jonny just bought a precision I had up for sale, top guy to deal with. Thanks.
  15. Dan bought a few items from me, top guy to deal with. Comms were good and he paid quickly. Thanks matey
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