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  1. Thanks for all the comments. I'm playing more guitar recently, tempted to keep this to save the Ampeg valves. End of the week it'll be coming off.
  2. Such a shame, as his early stuff is so good
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. The three I have now: My first bass a squier bronco, bought new 18 years ago for £114 (found the invoice the other week). The neck has a natural "vintage" tint now. It's stored away, but I get it out occasionally. Warwick thumb BO4, I instantly liked this bass when I got it, the feeling and tone. It's the one I play the most. Fender elite jazz, always been a fan of jazz's, especially black block maple necked. I had this one resprayed in Oly white by Dave Wilson and I've made it passive VVT with a set of dimarzios. It's now a perfect jazz bass for me. Just need to source a decently priced BT-12 d-tuner.
  5. Dabble in some Sourvein and Church of Misery, not sure if they're classed as doom, but it's pretty epic. Often have desert/stoner metal playlist playing on youtube, can't remember many artists on there, but enjoy the tones.
  6. Just bought some flatwounds from Dylan, good comms/dispatch etc. Thanks.
  7. Keeping the radial pedal. Wah and trem are now on eBay.
  8. Scott bought a Warwick bass I was selling, top guy to deal with. Comms were great and payment as promised. Nice guy too, which is always a plus. Cheers
  9. Thanks guys, it'll probably be eBay'd next week. It does punch above it's weight in regards to sound and features
  10. WarPig


    Another smooth sale to Andy. Many thanks, good luck with the wiring.
  11. WarPig

    2X18 feedback

    Another smooth transaction with Will, many thanks.
  12. This looks just as nice as some of the boutique basses you see. Glwts
  13. *going to the post office tomorrow* bump. Offers?
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