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  1. John sold me one of his varitone style controls, I'm yet to fit it, but it looks quality and no doubt will sound it too. Thanks.
  2. Lovely colour Kev, enjoy 👍
  3. WarPig

    Fender options

    Cheap, but slightly divisive option could be stick on blocks? Great taste in colour and neck combo.
  4. Just picked up a case from Ciaran, top guy to deal with. Cheers
  5. This is pretty much the set I have. I've found it's really good for the price. I've done some kit work with it and I'm currently doing some work on a bass with it. The adjustable heat is useful. Good buy IMO.
  6. Hi Nick, if it's not too much hassel that would be great, cheers.
  7. The only one I kind of miss and it's for senitmentality is the SX jazz bass I sold to @silverfoxnik years ago. It was a bass a mainly used in my old band and I'd played a lot of music on it. Nic, if it's still about let me know eh? 😉
  8. I can't believe I'm saying this, but bass-wise, I'm GAS-free. I've bought 3 basses in the past few months and between them and my older ones, I have everything I need. I just find myself going back to my warwick thumb.
  9. Adam Neeley and although not a bassist, Rick Beato for good overall content. Coversolutions, Luke from become a bassist and Talkingbass for lessons and such. Never really got into Davie504. Andertons are good, especially now chappers isn't about. Ed Friedland is great, not so keen on Scott Devine, too much noodling. BassBuzz can be pretty good for beginner stuff.
  10. I've bought a couple of bass harness' from John, I must've forgot the feedback. A true gent to deal with. Thanks
  11. Phil sold me some straplocks. All good, thanks.
  12. I bought a Warwick $$ from Stuart, he's a great guy to deal with. Comms were good, the bass was well packed, as described and he even included a case. Thanks.
  13. Great choice in bass to go with the best birth year 😉
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