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  1. I was only pulling your leg fella Any hope this bass sells soon they are great fun
  2. I don't think you need to bumb anyone or anything before listing on ebay lol
  3. His uncles knob is in the case for when he needs a whammy bar lol
  4. Always used to be this very forum but not so much now I'm afraid seems to be a lot of lowballing idiots on here now or people who never answer messages back not the forums fault its just the nature of the beast
  5. Not really the answer your looking for but I would try a decent tuner pedal most clip on tuners are naff imo
  6. Might be worth a try these are fantastic bet you like it more than the Mex and for this price with the upgrades is a bargain
  7. Was the first decent bass I ever had I would recommend to a new learner
  8. the files you have are best used by putting in a dremel or a drill and slowly move back and forth with the tool cleaning away the debris once in a while until the job is done very easy not as easy if you want to do it with the nut on the bass but why would you lol
  9. great stuff triangle muff sounded great I want one now lol looking forward to more
  10. Looking forward to watching this when I get time 👍👍👍
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