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  1. Collection in person

    I know which is all the more ironic that I used a specialist instrument courier oh well
  2. Collection in person

    I always used to post but after some tool courier smashed a bass that was sent in a hardcase and cardboard box I'm wary now as that cost me a lot of money to sort out and the insurance wasn't worth the paper it was written on so lesson learnt
  3. Mr Pink on a Harely Benton P bass :)

    Cool and some one who can actually record a bass demo where you can actually hear the bass over the backing track
  4. Squier Classic vibe p bass 70s

    I had one was a decent bass but was bloody heavy so I got shot of it I understand these basses vary a lot in weight though
  5. Things you'll never have GAS for again

    P basses Jazz basses Shortscale basses Tried so many of the above wanted to like them but just can't get on with them
  6. Location, location, location!!!!!

    Bump lol
  7. DEAN Jeff Berlin Standard ** SOLD**

    Some one is after one of these in the items wanted
  8. Pedal board power supply

    Harley Benton junior power plant
  9. Merry Christmas

    It's nearly over Christmas is stinky poo 😕
  10. Might be a after market bridge cos my old hohner had one either way it's a good bridge glwts
  11. Looks like a 70s hohner bridge to me mate
  12. As above please must be in great condition with all the screws etc cheapest I've seen is £85 new online so looking for one cheaper than that cheers
  13. Sold - Hofner Galaxie - short scale bass - Sold

    I have played this bass and it is great punches well above its price point GLWTS
  14. Sold BASS DOC 60's PRECISION Sold

    Just had the pleasure of playing this bass and can confirm that it is a stonking bass won't be around long ?

    Massive cort fan here would buy this if I wasn't broke glwts