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  1. Good idea stew it's a great pedal if you spend a bit of time with it so sus your settings
  2. Harley benton cheap and very good really
  3. lol joking aside you have a great little room there hope you enjoy it
  4. Whats the dildo for? lol
  5. Some one is after one of these in the wanted section
  6. Might be a good idea to mark as sold to save people wasting time reading the ad then seeing sold on the very last post
  7. I like the white stripes version and I'm not even a stripes fan
  8. Another mustang bass in a different colour I can't buy another due to my self imposed not buying until I've sold some stuff phase got too many basses I'm not using
  9. If it wasn't for injury and having to go shortscale I think I would of had to buy this glwts mate
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