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  1. Wow you've had lots of muffs lol
  2. Gear4music have ss red label strings
  3. I think my gears from all over the world Slightly different but really all this made in the US Or UK or anywhere else is not exactly true as 99 percent of the time the components used are made in countries such as China so things are really only assembled in the US or UK etc etc
  4. Just put a nut on the pot at the the back so you can adjust the depth the pot sits in the control plate if it sticks out to far
  5. No idea I'm the same as you would have thought the yammy would be much brighter as the pups are pretty hot
  6. I used the exhaust for a neck but doesn't sound right need to practice on my fretless playing lol
  7. I had the full size version of this and really liked it but some tool stole it Great pedal glwts
  8. Well what a week firstly my bass pickup went wonky donkey then my car went bang and is financially it is to much to fix even if I do it myself and to top it off last night the cooker decided to die and it is only just out of guarantee I must be cursed lol
  9. I tried the lead free really hated it went straight in the recycle bin
  10. Hi guys was just wondering what brands and gauges of solder you are using I use the standard weller 60/40 solder in 1mm and 2mm gauges depending on what I'm soldering 👍( and christ ain't the stuff rocketed in price)
  11. The banjo scares me every time I see one I hear duelling banjos and picture hillbillies chasing me lol Glwts mate
  12. Sounds like the title to a porno film the big fat bash pwoooor lol
  13. Wow some tasty sounding gear there I always find it interesting seeing other people's gear and hearing the stories that go with it good first post
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