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  1. I had one of these and for the price it was a great pedal glwts
  2. They sound like biffy Clyro to me from the couple of tracks I heard on YouTube not really for me I'm afraid
  3. I know wish I never got married lol
  4. I've talked to the wife about a 3 way but she said no lol
  5. You can't just force the poor little pedal out have you not ever thought why he hasn't left the house? Pedals need love not just casting out for gods sake man lol Seriously though glwts 👍
  6. I'd be more worried about the drummer farting lol
  7. Thunderbird

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    You can download the English manual from zooms website if needed 👍
  8. I don't need any cables but they look really good I have never seen those jack plugs before and they certainly look very beefy 👍
  9. I like planet rock but for some reason I have not been able to pick it up in my area for ages in fact its a nightmare getting any dab stations 😭
  10. Yes I agree I just don't think it was happy with active basses shame as it sounds great on the posted YouTube clip 👍
  11. Karl I think you have had more basses than I have had hot dinners lol Glwts though mate and sorry about the fingers I feel your pain 😢
  12. I'm quite a fan of behringer stuff but I didn’t get on well with this pedal I found it a bit fizzy for want of a better word I'm not sure it liked my active basses though so not really the pedals fault I guess
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