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  1. Why Can't We Edit PMs??

    Sorry 😕
  2. Why Can't We Edit PMs??

    He only wants to edit his PM messages as he sent me a picture of his willy (geezers hung like a donkey) and had after thoughts but to late I cant unseeit lol
  3. Flabbergasted!

    Seems like a nice guy but I think he is in serious denial
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Best of blue oyster cult
  5. East J Retro fitting question

    Put the bridge ground in the same slot as a pickup ground all will be good
  6. Replied and sold pending
  7. Greetings from Northamptonshire

    4 of us by my reckoning lol welcome to the forum
  8. ALL SOLD - Big Muff Pi, Micro Pog, Zoom B2

    No worries fella and glwts
  9. ALL SOLD - Big Muff Pi, Micro Pog, Zoom B2

    Hi mate just thought I'd let you know that you are supposed to put a total price in the advert header
  10. Darkglass Vintage ultra

    And the guy may have been a darkglass fanyboy who thinks everyone should use darkglass stuff
  11. Cons of PJ

    I always think a PJ makes the P pickup sound slightly different just to a straight P pup
  12. Coil split in jazz bridge pup, cost estimate?

    Send kiogan a pm he fixed a pup for me and did a great job
  13. I have the above for sale they are long scale 45-105 nickel plated steel rounds these cost me just over 8 pounds a set plus postage on top so save a few quid and get these 3 sets to your door for £22 posted they are all brand new and sealed