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  1. I know he told me about that he had a great time and loves the cab
  2. Lovely colour hope you are keeping well Tom glwts mate
  3. Hipshots for me but schaller ones are supposed to be great
  4. 8mm nut the neck on this one must be super fast lol Glwts
  5. Fuzzmo is awesome maybe my favourite fuzz pedal glwts
  6. Dpd are really good and my hermes guy is pretty reliable also Royal mail has always been good for me The headache couriers for me are Yodel they are the biggest pile of stinky brown stuff ever DHL tracking is useless as is trying to phone them
  7. Steve is a right nice chap to deal with we did a bass trade and was so easy these bass collections are cracking basses too
  8. I hate sunburst finishes with a vengeance but it does suit this bass very well glwts
  9. Someone's Mrs said no lol Glwts mate
  10. I sold Bob a pedal and it was a great stress free deal with perfect communication and payment A top guy to deal with
  11. Hi yes still available if you want it 👍
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