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  1. Bang on the money I've seen this done before sometimes not just with ink but shoe polish buffed in I'd send it back mate
  2. Boss lmb-3 and a digitech bad monkey with the drive set low
  3. As soon as I saw this I thought of you stew 👍
  4. Great pedal and a great guy to deal with glwts
  5. Cort basses are awesome glwts
  6. I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you lol lovely bass just awesome would not mind one of these but alas I'm poor glwts mate
  7. I agree with this very good point I had 2 squier mb4 basses that I modded and loved them only sold them on as money was tight at the time really miss those 2 they were immaculate also and uber light nowadays the prices of them are a joke seen a couple on ebay not in great nick for 500 quid
  8. I would agree with this and like to add that my cheaper basses are the ones I've enjoyed the most and have loved modding them it's like a custom bass without the custom price point imo
  9. is about top whack for one maybe he's chancing it for more?
  10. Donner yellow fall delay is great and about 25 quid new maybe cheaper
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