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  1. Wow some tasty sounding gear there I always find it interesting seeing other people's gear and hearing the stories that go with it good first post
  2. Fantastic basses and seriously cheap at this price someone will get a bargain glwts
  3. A short scale section would be great lots of short scale players on here
  4. I'm kinda the same got 20 basses I think all long scale but injuries have got me on shortscale basses only don't really want to sell my stuff but if its not getting used may as well
  5. Its cos your poo at soldering lol Ill do it for you if you want when I pop round
  6. I think someone is after a c4 in items wanted mate ignore that it's marked sorted now
  7. Selling the above Mr Hall serviced this and checked it out before he sadly passed away since then its been unused in my effects box these have an odd power supply which is not included in the sale and I'm not sure what psu is needed as it's been that long since I used the pedal anyway I would like £50 plus a fiver for tracked delivery which is an absolute bargain I must mention that if whoever buys this please use the correct psu Check out my feedback thread Cheers
  8. Belcat F tuner brand new in box don't think I have ever used it anyway 17 quid posted via tracked delivery UK only Cheers
  9. Ammoon chorus pedal boxed in as new condition works as it should 12 pounds posted via tracked delivery UK only
  10. Selling the above pedal it's in really good condition and everything works as it should price includes UK tracked delivery
  11. Cheap pedal tuner does everything it should and is in good condition selling as I seem to have lots of tuners anyway 15 quid posted UK via tracked delivery
  12. Selling my joyo pedal I think it's a fulltone ocd clone it's in great condition No box I'm afraid 25 pounds posted via tracked delivery UK only Check out my feedback thread thanks
  13. Hi all Up for sale is my boss chorus it's pretty much immaculate and has had very little use I seem to have lost the box so just the pedal 45 pounds posted via tracked delivery UK only Please check out my feedback thread cheers
  14. Just bought a pickup from Lewis all went really well the Pickup arrived the next day and communication was great Cheers mate
  15. Hi on the off chance I don't suppose you are selling a bridge version of this pickup I'm after a pj set cheers
  16. I rarely comment on here now but the poor guy has paid to sell the bass here maybe it would of been better to pm him than have a wobbly here The bass isn't my cup of tea but no need to sabotage the for sale thread Glwts anyway
  17. I was only pulling your leg fella Any hope this bass sells soon they are great fun
  18. I don't think you need to bumb anyone or anything before listing on ebay lol
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