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  1. Club gig tonight and a Theatre tomorrow....both still on a present but all the venues for the rest of the tour have told the promoters that ALL ticket sales came to a halt last week, it was the same experience for all parts of the country, so i guess we may get this weekends in and that may be the last for a while.
  2. Gigging across England at present so could potentially meet most areas. (except Scotland...sorry. :-) )
  3. Should have put it on when I bumped the post...she weighs a manageable 9 lbs 2 oz, not a ships anchor and built to last.
  4. Right...I'm probably going to regret this but here goes. Up for grabs is my 62ri CIJ Jazz Bass (97-98), this bass has had a lot of nice changes (by previous owner and fellow basschatter) as listed below: Professionally re-finished in sea foam green, with matching headstock Earthing strip routed and hidden prior to re-fin Bridge Upgrade to Badass II Mint Green scratch plate Also wearing a brand new set of Bass Centre Elites 45-105 Has a couple of small marks to the body, which i have captured in the pics, but nothing serious, the neck is unmarked. Prefer collection or meet within 40 miles of Milton Keynes, only have an old generic soft case for this. Weight : 9.4lbs Any other questions, just ask.
  5. Great little system, used for pubs/ clubs/ weddings for the last 3-4 years no issues In over 200 gigs, just gone back to a wired solution for ease with pedals. These are £149 new (and currently out of stock) so this is a fair price. If you want to collect, I’ll pop the kettle on, if not postage will be about a fiver. Cheers
  6. Now surplus to requirements, only ever used for home practice, perfect condition, still have original box for it. Great little amp, got the fab toneprint control on it, a built in tuner, a mute button and an aux input, all you need for a home practice amp or even a small gigging amp/backup. Collection from Milton Keynes or could post at cost. Any questions, just let me know.
  7. OK, now's the chance to get 800w of workable, gigging amp with a built in tuner, 2x effects options, mute button, 4 band EQ, speakon out, effects loop and pre/post DI, aux in and phone out...all for £250! Now surplus to requirements, this is a solid reliable bass head which I have used for 50+ gigs with no issues, please note it has a corner dent on the right hand side of the front fascia where it was knocked by the previous owner but this has no impact on its performance. It has a built in tuner and 2 x TonePrint options which currently have compressor and chorus loaded but you can change to any tc effect in seconds. If you want a solid gigging head which is powerful enough for all occasions and let’s you ditch some pedals then grab this while you can. Prefer collection or meet within 40 miles of Milton Keynes.
  8. @EBS_freakThanks for the advice. As only 2 of us are using IEM it probably wont be viable to travel with our own monitor set up at this stage, but I really appreciate the guidance and again great content and a really useful thread....well done.
  9. Great content and really useful. I use IEMS and when using our own digital desk have my mix perfectly set up and stored for every gig, the problem is I have now also joined a band on a tour of the theatre circuit and every gig is a different house desk. Is there any way to 'store' my mix settings from one gig and pass these to the next venue, rather than rely on different engineers (as the mix's are varying a lot). I wonder, is there another link I can put into the chain to help with this, or would it be as simple perhaps as taking a picture of my monitor feed level settings on the desk when I have a great mix and then asking the next venue to replicate it (assuming the pre fade is being used & hopefully the signal strengths from each instrument/microphone remain consistent). Really would be nice not to have to re-create my monitor mix at every venue if possible. Cheers Steve
  10. Just dropped the band a fb message, I'm looking for a second band to bump up the gig numbers and am just down the road. Familiar with your set and all the venues on the website gig list I've played before. Also been using IEMS for years so no issues there.
  11. I have one of these and it's a fabulous bass for the money, if you want a great P bass at a reasonable cost you will never regret buying one of these. GLWTS and someones going to get a beast of a bass for very little dough.
  12. Hi The nut width is 40mm and I'd say the neck profile is about half way between P & J. my personal preference is a Jazz neck and the one this one feels more comfortable to me than my Fender Precision.
  13. Hi Our Keys player is stepping down so we are looking for a new band member. The band is a 6 piece Ska Tribute band, 80's not early ska, think Madness, Specials, Beat, Bad Manners. We have been established 16 years and have a great following and reputation, we play approx 40 gigs per year with the Summer Festival season being the busiest. All gigs are paid, with the exception of one large festival where we get 2 x weekend passes each as payment, the band is a good quality and made up of a great bunch of guys who perform to a high standard without any drama! If you know anyone who may be interested in joining us to become our new keys, please feel free to get in touch. Location wise, Oxfordshire would be a good Central point but we play over 4 or 5 counties. Website if you wan to check it out is: https://hope-and-glory.com/ Cheers Steve
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