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  1. Just dropped the band a fb message, I'm looking for a second band to bump up the gig numbers and am just down the road. Familiar with your set and all the venues on the website gig list I've played before. Also been using IEMS for years so no issues there.
  2. I have one of these and it's a fabulous bass for the money, if you want a great P bass at a reasonable cost you will never regret buying one of these. GLWTS and someones going to get a beast of a bass for very little dough.
  3. Hi The nut width is 40mm and I'd say the neck profile is about half way between P & J. my personal preference is a Jazz neck and the one this one feels more comfortable to me than my Fender Precision.
  4. Hi Our Keys player is stepping down so we are looking for a new band member. The band is a 6 piece Ska Tribute band, 80's not early ska, think Madness, Specials, Beat, Bad Manners. We have been established 16 years and have a great following and reputation, we play approx 40 gigs per year with the Summer Festival season being the busiest. All gigs are paid, with the exception of one large festival where we get 2 x weekend passes each as payment, the band is a good quality and made up of a great bunch of guys who perform to a high standard without any drama! If you know anyone who may be interested in joining us to become our new keys, please feel free to get in touch. Location wise, Oxfordshire would be a good Central point but we play over 4 or 5 counties. Website if you wan to check it out is: https://hope-and-glory.com/ Cheers Steve
  5. HI Here we have my Fender MIM standard P bass, it was one of the last Mex Standards before the player series came out. Condition wise its mint, I cant find a mark on her anywhere. The only modification I have made is that I have had the fretboard edges hand rolled by a top luthier and it feels superb to play. Only reason it's up for sale is that in smitten with my Bass Centre Bruce Thomas P bass and this one isn't getting played. Its a mint Mex P, prefer collection (Milton Keynes) but could post if absolutely necessary. Cheers
  6. Here we have my Japanese Fernandes mid 80's PJR45 for sale. Price Drop £400 I imported this from Danny Stewart at Bass Direct Japan last year and while I love it, it just isn't getting played at all. As you would imagine for a bass of this age, it had a few wrinkles but nothing serious and the neck is in great condition with no lumps or bumps on it. I have tried to picture most of the cosmetic marks to the body, this thing has some proper mojo going on. I believe that this is all original and sounds great, the pick ups are hot and it plays really well. Because of its age and the few scrapes it has on it, I would prefer collection from Milton Keynes (or meet within reasonable distance) so you can see exactly what you are getting and ensure you are happy with it. Looking to sell this, but as always if there is something nice on offer in the way of a trade, you never know. Cheers
  7. Hi I used this for a 5 piece funk band, everything went through the pa along with a back line, used it for clubs, pubs etc, no problem with volume. The vocals are absolutely fabulous through these, really really clear. Also the sound quality is great even at an acute angle from the speakers so ideal for tight venues. One of the major benefits to this system is its portability, I can carry one in each hand in and out of venues, it fits in the book of a small hatchback and sounds great. this youtube clip give you a good idea of what there are capable of.
  8. Hi For sale is my nearly new RCF Evox 8 line array PA, system, this was bought for a project which didn't work out and has only been used for 4 gigs, its pretty much showroom condition. Also included are the padded carry covers which were purchased separately. If your looking to upgrade an older PA to a punchy lightweight and crystal clear sounding system, grab this and make a great saving on the new cost. Collection from Milton Keynes or will meet halfway if reasonable. Any questions, just ask. Cheers Steve
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Hi Here we have my 4 month old Fender Precision Standard MIM bass, not the player series but one of the very last standards. I have continually tried to bond with a P bass but I'm just a Jazz bass player at heart and so it's just not working for me. The bass is in great condition, no knocks dings or scratches that i can see, I've gigged it a couple of times but apart from that its been in the house. Ideally looking for a sale, but would consider a trade (+ cash) for either a Fender Roadworn Jazz or a Fender Japanese Jazz. Collection from Milton Keynes preferred but can post if necessary (at additional cost). Cheers Steve
  11. For sale, Super Booster pedal with DI facility. These aren't made any more, reviews available online. This one comes in its original box & packaging with instruction manual and power supply.
  12. Hi Up for sale is my Sterling Ray 34CA , for this not familiar with this, it has the slim Jazz style neck being 38mm at the nut rather than the standard Sterlings which on the whole are wider. Its in pretty much showroom condition, I certainly can't find any blemishes on it. I purchased it from another Basschatter about a 9 months ago, but have never gigged it and its just pretty much sat in its case apart from having a professional set up and service. Not many of these 34CA's around. It comes with its Sterling gig bag and the original Sterling Brochure and unused sticker I'm based in Milton Keynes and would prefer collection or meet up within an hour or so's drive.
  13. Not that happy to ship I'm afraid, prefer collection or meet. The bass weight 9.5lb by the old bathroom scales method.
  14. As new condition Yamaha 1024x bass for sale. This bass is excellent, they retailed at well over £1k new and are well worth the money. This one is in pretty much showroom condition and comes with its top quality Yamaha Gig bag. I have just had the bass serviced and set up with brand new DR Sunbeams, so a top quality bass with top quality strings. Only selling as new arrival is imminent (bass...not child!!) Collecton or meet within reasonable distance of Milton Keynes.
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