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  1. Here's my Bass Collection Jive Bass in beautiful King Crimson. Only mark on her is a 5p size ding just below the bridge strap button (see pics) East preamp removed, this is now with its original passive VVT control plate. These are probably the best bang for your buck of any J style in this price range and considering the new ones have just increased in price, grab a great bargain on a great bass. Only selling as I have far too many J style basses atm. Collection or meet within an hour of Milton Keynes preferred. Any questions, just let me know. PS. Dog NOT included, I just couldn't shift his lazy derrière when taking the pics. Cheers
  2. Found this and thought it might help to hear how the bass sounds. I used the Moises App to take the original bass out of the mix so what you hear is 100% this Aria. Straight into mixer with no effects and everything set flat. Apologies for any iffy playing, but it gives you a good idea of what this bass can do.
  3. This is my rare Japanese made ARIA PRO II Interceptor Bass Guitar! These are rare you can't find them often. I thought this may be useful for an 80's project which just hasn't happened so time to pass it on to someone who can make use of it. Also open to potential trades, drop me a pm if you have something in mind. Iconic headless style bass. Features volume and pickup selector knobs as well as 2 EQ knobs and active switch. This one is in great condition and comes with its original hard case (inc keys). There are a couple of really cool features about this bass. For one, you don't have to buy double ball end strings for this headless bass, you can use standard string (big plus). Another unique feature is that this is an active bass, but also can turned into a passive bass by the flip of a switch. Save your battery or just shut it off if needed. With the active switch engaged it will give you a really sweet mid rangy bite. Quality ARIA Pro II make and sound. Cut body for easy lap playing. Fine adjustment tuners. Amazing tone. 24 FRETS! Well set action. This is a really nice bass! Collection or meet up within a reasonable distance of Milton Keynes preferred. Any questions, just let me know. Thanks for looking
  4. Sold Tony a barefaced BB2 cab, top chap, easy to deal with, highly recommended.
  5. Great trade with Paul, nice chap, recommended.
  6. Here’s my Fender Player Mustang from 2020, in sherwood green. Shortscale, immaculate condition and it’s never left the house. I bought this shortly after I dislocated my shoulder but have never picked it up again since I’ve recovered and gone back to my long scale basses. Prefer collection or meet up within an hour of Milton Keynes. Trades may be possible, if you have something in mind, drop me a pm, the worst I can say is ‘no thanks’. Cheers
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Here we have my 2019 generation 3 BB2 cab for sale, this comes with its protective cover. You may well know about these cabs, however if not the link below is from the barefaced website. https://barefacedaudio.com/products/big-baby Collection or meet up within an hour of Milton Keynes. This is just surplus to requirements and in A1 condition. Any questions, just ask. Cheers Steve
  9. Hi Sorry but I’m not prepared to ship this overseas and have no idea of any import taxes which may be payable.
  10. Well, here goes...didn't think I'd be selling this but I just prefer the sound of a Jazz. So here is my Limelight P Bass with a jazz width 'C' neck, this was made for me last year by Mark down at Classic & Cool Guitars. This one is in Charcoal Frost colour with a medium relic finish, lovely hand rolled edges, custom wound pickups and lightweight tuners. It weighs in at a very manageable 8.4lbs. Also comes with a hard case. There is a Limelight thread on the forum for further details about these, or have a look at the website www.classicandcoolguitars.co.uk . Would prefer collection/meet and am prepared to travel up to an hour from Milton Keynes to meet if required. Trade Possibilities: Decent quality Jazz Cheers
  11. I've just withdrawn mine for sale as I've decided I would miss it too much, these sound epic. GLWTS
  12. I’m probably going to regret this, but as it’s not getting played and I now have a Limelight P bass, I’m putting my Bass Collection, Bruce Thomas Profile up for sale. I believe this is a 2018 model and I can’t find any marks or dings on it, I bought it for Bass Direct a couple of years back. It comes with its bass collection gig bag. Am happy to meet up to 50 miles drive or will put the kettle on if you fancy a socially distanced collection from Milton Keynes. Will consider a trade or part trade for a Jazz Bass as I am short of a Jazz at the moment, not looking for anything too pricey , but would be happy to add a bit of cash if necessary, if you have anything in mind drop me a PM. cheers for looking.
  13. Sold a bass to Graeme, great communications, prompt payment and no issues, a gent to deal with and a smooth transaction. Cheers, Steve
  14. Club gig tonight and a Theatre tomorrow....both still on a present but all the venues for the rest of the tour have told the promoters that ALL ticket sales came to a halt last week, it was the same experience for all parts of the country, so i guess we may get this weekends in and that may be the last for a while.
  15. Thanks Colin, glad to see the tour's going well. :-)
  16. Gigging across England at present so could potentially meet most areas. (except Scotland...sorry. :-) )
  17. Should have put it on when I bumped the post...she weighs a manageable 9 lbs 2 oz, not a ships anchor and built to last.
  18. Due dislocating my shoulder a few months back, I'm finding a 34 scale uncomfortable to play at present and so am now open to trades of a short scale 30 or possible 32 against this beautiful Jazz bass. Open to suggestions if anyone would like to trade (cash either way if required). If you have something in mind for a trade. drop me a pm. Also still for straight sale at a now much reduced price of £600. Right...I'm probably going to regret this but here goes. Up for grabs is my 62ri CIJ Jazz Bass (97-98), this bass has had a lot of nice changes (by previous owner and fellow basschatter) as listed below: Professionally re-finished in sea foam green, with matching headstock Earthing strip routed and hidden prior to re-fin Bridge Upgrade to Badass II Mint Green scratch plate Also wearing a brand new set of Bass Centre Elites 45-105 Has a couple of small marks to the body, which i have captured in the pics, but nothing serious, the neck is unmarked. Prefer collection or meet within 40 miles of Milton Keynes, only have an old generic soft case for this. Weight : 9.4lbs Any other questions, just ask.
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