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  1. Could be Lozz.i think i remember bringing my bro to get it!,How long ago was that?
  2. Fender Precision. immaculate condition..Stored away and not being played..Its a 1997.Obviously needs new strings.This bass has not been played for 8 years..It is owned by my brother who doesnt play..There,s a black scratchplate shown in pics which is included..Collection preferred but can post for approx £25
  3. Hartke Hy Drive Bass cab 4x10 8 ohm 1000 watt
  4. Tecamp Puma 900 Bass head, with metal foam lined carry case.£450.00 inc postage.
  5. Bass Preacher, Compressor/Sustainer. Electro Harmonix.£60 inc postage
  6. Aguilar 4x10 bass cab 4ohm 700watt.With soft cover,with wheels.VGC.Possibly swap for a Aguilar 1x15 or Ampeg PF115LF
  7. I had the same rig (carpeted),sold it to a mate 10 years ago, he still gigs it every weekend.
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