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  1. Tecamp Puma 900 Bass head, with metal foam lined carry case.£450.00 inc postage.
  2. Bass Preacher, Compressor/Sustainer. Electro Harmonix.£60 inc postage
  3. Aguilar 4x10 bass cab 4ohm 700watt.With soft cover,with wheels.VGC.Possibly swap for a Aguilar 1x15 or Ampeg PF115LF
  4. I had the same rig (carpeted),sold it to a mate 10 years ago, he still gigs it every weekend.
  5. SOLD SOLD ....Ampeg svt 2x12av bass cab,new condition .4ohm 600w,30kg .Castors,Roqsolid slip cover.Would possibly trade for ampeg 4x10.. Collection only. PRICE DROP NOW £350.00 Its got to go! These cabs are £750 new.I now have my 4x10
  6. Bought a Aguilar amp from Mike,good guy to deal with and great communication!
  7. Ampeg V4B valve head.As new condition,with fitted cover.Not getting any used at all so has to go.
  8. I have one of these basses,the weight has never bothered me,if you have a decent strap it feels no different to any other bass.Great instrument.
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