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  1. Kind of on topic... I had two mini AV reissue cabs that were ace. Light, loud and reasonably cheap. Wish I'd never sold them.
  2. Looking for a female singer to help write melodies and lyrics. Have loads of melody ideas/chord structures and partially written songs. I can't sing so need someone who can help me write and then sing. Predominantly looking for someone who can work online - email collaboration/sending files back and forth. I'm a 37 year old guitarist/bassist and can appreciate most forms of music. Been in a few bands, mostly bass playing although did do some guitar teaching years ago. I grew up with Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi and Metallica. I have a feeling the music I am writing is mostly softer stuff - think more Sheryl Crowe and Howling Bells. I'm not looking for the best singer in the world, I just have a few ideas I want to record. Want to get something down for my kids before I die... Want someone who can share ideas every few days and record bits once per week to be sent to each other. Decided to try this online as I work shifts and have been let down by someone who consistently failed to turn up. If you live in Yorkshire we could meet up every month or something. I'm in Hull.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Unlikely I'll ever touch midi. Won't be recording drms just yet, this is just as an introduction. The only pain is having to set the laptop up every time I want to use it. No one has suggested hardware so daw it will probably be...
  4. I'm completely confused. I have recently come back to music after a 5 year lay off and have hooked up with a singer to write some original material. I had a dabble with Cubase and a powered controllable mixer years ago but have since sold the lot. I have a background in computer programming and am quite computer literate. Have an i5 laptop and a Galaxy tab s. I need to record and am debating whether to get a sound card such as a Focusrite Solo into a daw or whether I'd be better off keeping it simple and using a portastudio such as the dp006, which I could then stick the tracks into a daw at a later date/if I run out of track space without bouncing. Added to my dilemna is the need for guitar effects - I was going to buy a cheap Pod XT to tide me over. I like the immediacy of a hardware recorder but are they a bit old hat now? I can only really spend around £100 otherwise a Pod HD may have been the solution using as an interface and for effects. Any thoughts people?
  5. Bump. Really need a tablet now... I'll accept £180 plus postage. No offers below this though.
  6. As the title really. Not a lot to say. Been used in my Precision but only had light use. Comes with the PSU. Collection/can be heard working in Hull, East Yorkshire.
  7. I've decided to thin the collection. SX jazz with audere two band preamp, hipshot ultralites, gotoh bridge. The neck was professionally sanded back so its matt and not plasticky. In very good condition with straplocks. No trades as I don't play. Based in Hull. Postage possible and I'll pack it well. Could trade for a decent tablet ie Galaxy tab s/ipad or similar. Can add cash to the deal if you have something worth far more.
  8. I've decided to sell a few more of my basses as I'm not playing now. This started life as an mij Dimarzio collection bass. Paid £800 from Ishibashi for it. Couldn't get on with the neck so swapped it out for a USA ri Jazz neck. Added an East P retro circuit and Sadowsky tuners. The East circuit knobs are a bit loose so will include a passive new circuit. The body is definitely nitro as it was bought with the intention of relicing. I've made an OK job if you like that type of thing, was planning on gigging it for a couple of years to help! Comes with a Fender deluxe mij gig bag (with the red letters) and straplocks. Will need a good setup as it's in BEAD currently. Really growls with a band! Will deliver for £15 within 100 miles of Hull but you must pay me in advance. Sorry no trades as I don't play now.
  9. Bump. Still for sale, sold one last year but still have this one. I won't accept low ball offers as took a big hit on the other one!
  10. Now up to issue 14 - later issues still sealed.
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