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  1. bassintheface

    Clever time signature changes.

    Black Dog - Led Zep - crosses in and out of 4/4 and 5/4 IIRC.
  2. bassintheface

    SOLD: Limelight/House Of Tone '62 Reissue Jazz Bass In Black

    sweet bass Tim
  3. bassintheface

    Things you've left behind at a gig

    1973 Fender Jazz Bass! 😳 fortunately, the festival organisers saw it left backstage and knew it was mine, so put it somewhere safe and I was able to collect the very next day!!
  4. bassintheface

    Paid NOT to play? Update.

    They say the camera adds 10lbs! Look like it added 10 stone with me! 😂😂
  5. bassintheface

    Paid NOT to play? Update.

  6. bassintheface

    Paid NOT to play? Update.

    Nowt wrong with that! I mimed with my other 3 band mates to being Diana Vicker's backing band - 5 of her songs, she sang live, we mimed (pads on drum skins etc) and it was in front of 70,000, pitch centre at Old Trafford! Also had a Director's box, free booze and a 3 course meal. Easiest gig I ever did do!
  7. bassintheface

    What makes a good bassist?

    To know what not to play
  8. This is lovely. if it’s still here next month, I may well be in touch!
  9. bassintheface

    New tiny amp options

    I've recently bought a TE Elf as my spare to go with a Barefaced One Ten. It really is tiny!! Cheers
  10. bassintheface

    Delta Radio - EP and free music

    Totally fine with me gents. Honestly! im old enough and ugly enough to take any comments on board! I appreciate all/any constructive feedback and views. I appreciate what we’re doing won’t be for everyone and it’s still very much a work in progress, but it’s somehing we’re very much enjoying doing and picking up decent gigs. in fact, we’ll be playing at the Principality Stadium (Millennium Stadium) on sat 21st July as in Stadium Ents for the international speedway motorcycle racing. we’re constantly writing and have tonnes of songs written. we’re very much an ‘alternative’ blues band, and certainly trying to stay away from the current trend of ‘blues by numbers’ and trying to do our own, and in our opinion, uncontrived thing. Only time will tell if we manage to convey that and it works of course!
  11. bassintheface

    Delta Radio - EP and free music

    Hey guys, I've been working on a new project with some buddies for a while and we've finally put our first EP out. We recorded it ourselves, but had the mastering done by none other than Charlie Francis (yes, as in REM 'UP' Charlie Francis). We've picked up a few smart support gigs - we've supported Aynsley Lister; Stevie Nimmo and Toronzo Cannon with lots more planned. If anyone wants to hear more, we've got a bandcamp page with free downloads - pm me and I'll give you a free code - 1st come, 1st served. You can download or stream on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer etc. Be good to hear what you guys think. Give us a like on facebook / twitter / instagram etc..... https://deltaradioband.wordpress.com/ https://en-gb.facebook.com/deltaradioband/ https://twitter.com/deltaradioband?lang=en 'Embassy' from the EP -
  12. bassintheface

    Combo help / assistance req'd

    Great thanks. will check a midget out, but that may mean getting a smaller head which can be kept at home and used as a spare.