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  1. Hello all! This is a very tentative feeler for my awesome condition 1973 / 74 Fender Jazz bass in Sunburst. Its RW board, block inlays and bound. Photos are here in my photobucket album - http://s1341.photobucket.com/user/bassintheface/library/Fender Jazz Bass 1973 - 1974 It's in really excellent condition with only a couple of minor chips which I've tried to clearly show on the pics. The serial number on the neck plate is 509063 which is 1973 / 1974 which puts it as one of the last 4 bolt neck versions out of Fullerton before they went to the bullet truss rod and 3 bolt neck in 1974 / 75. The CTS pot codes date the bass to 5th Week 1974 - Jan / Feb (1377405) so the feedback on the age was that it was likely put together very late 1973 or very early 1974 - as you know with Fender around this time, its a combination of date stamps that help you get an age of an instrument. It comes with a generic hardcase and re issue versions of the pickup cover and ashtray from a USA 70's reissue. I will get neck end photos and pickup photos - from memory, you can only see a stamp on the bridge pickup now since the rewind of the neck pick up - its 5 years or so since Matt had it open, so will check his photos and hopefully add to the photobucket album above - if not, I'll have to get it opened up. I bought it from a friend around 5 or 6 years ago and the story was (note that this is completely unsubstantiated) that it belonged to Andy Scott of the Sweet and was used for recording /demos and never gigged, hence the condition. I really don't know if this is true and no one will ever know, but Andy Scott is from my hometown of Wrexham so it is plausible. The bass had been unplayed for a number of years prior to my purchase and upon getting it, the neck pickup didn't work and the elecs were intermittent and crackly. I swiftly sent it over to the very excellent Matthew John Bascetta in Chester - http://www.mjbluthier.co.uk/ for a full clean, pro set up and a rewind of the neck pick up - Matt is also the guy behind the excellent 'House of Tone' pickups - https://www.houseoftonepickups.com/ and he did a full rewind using period correct wire and hand winding, inc wax potting - you can see him at work below. It now plays beautifully and sounds, IMO awesome! Feel free to ask any questions - I'd just appreciate PM's with an expression of interest initially as I really don't want to sell it being honest, but it lives at home (non smoking household) and don't gig it our of fear of damaging it. You won't find many in this condition. No trades, viewing welcome. Cash on collection or bacs. I don't want to post this out of fear of it being damaged!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Black Dog - Led Zep - crosses in and out of 4/4 and 5/4 IIRC.
  4. 1973 Fender Jazz Bass! 😳 fortunately, the festival organisers saw it left backstage and knew it was mine, so put it somewhere safe and I was able to collect the very next day!!
  5. They say the camera adds 10lbs! Look like it added 10 stone with me! 😂😂
  6. Nowt wrong with that! I mimed with my other 3 band mates to being Diana Vicker's backing band - 5 of her songs, she sang live, we mimed (pads on drum skins etc) and it was in front of 70,000, pitch centre at Old Trafford! Also had a Director's box, free booze and a 3 course meal. Easiest gig I ever did do!
  7. I've recently bought a TE Elf as my spare to go with a Barefaced One Ten. It really is tiny!! Cheers
  8. Totally fine with me gents. Honestly! im old enough and ugly enough to take any comments on board! I appreciate all/any constructive feedback and views. I appreciate what we’re doing won’t be for everyone and it’s still very much a work in progress, but it’s somehing we’re very much enjoying doing and picking up decent gigs. in fact, we’ll be playing at the Principality Stadium (Millennium Stadium) on sat 21st July as in Stadium Ents for the international speedway motorcycle racing. we’re constantly writing and have tonnes of songs written. we’re very much an ‘alternative’ blues band, and certainly trying to stay away from the current trend of ‘blues by numbers’ and trying to do our own, and in our opinion, uncontrived thing. Only time will tell if we manage to convey that and it works of course!
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