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  1. Never mind playing gigs, GAS needs feeding 🤤
  2. Hi Blue Do the band have a dep or 2 just in case you can't make a gig? In my 30 or so years of playing only the last 3 or 4 years have I been in bands that went down the dep route. Before that if someone couldn't make the gig we didn't play the gig.
  3. It's happened 3 times so it's rare, it's a bit like Monty python's Spanish inquisition - his 2 main weapons are fear, the element of surprise and... My last 6 years playing bass have been all about making improvements and moving up the bass playing ladder so I try to take positives when something bad happens. When I depped I skim learnt some of the songs just to get through a gig with 30 or so tunes. Now I'm in the band I'm learning the new songs plus going over the old ones and picking out where I can improve them. Having the occasional kick up the derrière is a pain but I get a few pointers nonetheless 😃
  4. I'm in a strange situation where the band I depped for last year asked me to join full time. The original bassist got shifted sideways (or demoted!) to guitar where he's much better than the old guitarist. I've asked for help with basslines a couple of times as he is a good all round musician (plays drums too) but every now and then he'll stop a song halfway through and do this kind of angry way of telling me where I'm going wrong. I kind of get the feeling he hasn't quite left the bass behind and he thinks I'm a bit crap on the more complex numbers (we do a lot of Motown, soul and funk). I have a young family so time learning, practicing and rehearsing numbers is limited. Keeps me on my toes I suppose and I've spoken to the BL about why he picked me to replace him so I'm happy for now 😬 but feels like a ticking time bomb!
  5. I've just looked at the line up and I've heard of just 10 of the bands/artists and the Foo Fighters are the only ones I can claim are in my music collection...😯 ... but I reckon my dad wouldn't have known any of the line up from my 1st Reading in 1990! I'm not a big Foos fan, the early stuff is good, but I quite enjoyed their set (ok,ok Rick Astley was a bit cringey!).
  6. More from the Durrington gig (above) as of previous vids. We've recently done a showreel of 5 of the songs from that gig so the accompanying 'live' video is of us miming to Stevie's 'Uptight'. Some overdubs on this but the rhythm section is from the night of the gig.
  7. YouCut_20190808_224424216.mp4
  8. Does anybody do anything different with it or just play it like Mark Ronson and Amy's version? We've jammed it in rehearsal a couple of times at a slower, funkier tempo. Sounded quite good but we haven't taken it to the stage yet.
  9. We do 7 of these in our soul band's set. I love playing Higher & Higher, definitely a great set opener that gets people up on the dancefloor.
  10. I managed to avoid Superstition (in E) all my bass playing life until 2015... now played it in the last 3 bands! Love it though, you can't beat a bit of Stevie Wonder.
  11. Not just me but the whole band! Only the 3rd time we've all been together in the same room since the brass and drummer joined!!! Check out my new (2nd hand) PPI bass, the Lakland, thanks to the wife for that.
  12. Another Barefaced user here, bought two one10s to go for the mighty bass stack look.
  13. Aaaaaaaargh! Inglush waz nether moi strong pownt Spent too much time watching Spinal Tap!
  14. You wouldn't even get Spinal Tap's Stonehenge in that room! (A quick edit from " to ' and know one will have a clue what I'm on about)
  15. This happened just last weekend when the family went on their annual festival jaunt. We were at Larmer Tree Festival and it was about 5pm so everyone is hungry, next up on our list are Gomez but we have plenty of time. There's a bit of queue for the Persian grub but I join it anyway. In front of me is a guy in a light blue tee shirt which I think to myself "nice colour, very clean and uncreased, must be here for the day". The queue is getting longer and right across the pie stall next door. Blue tee guy turns round, takes a look and then starts chatting to me about the queue blocking the pie stall and how he feels bad for them. He's doing all this in a joking way but he gets the queue shifting away from said stall. Later on we're watching Gomez and I've seen them live 2-3 times before and a big fan of their music since the start but put me in queue for food with Tom Gray and I haven't the scoobiest. There he was on stage in the same tee!
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