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  1. 2 pages in on a thread about Krautrock and nobody has mentioned Julian Cope have they? I'm sure the arch drude wrote a book about it...never read it myself but I love a bit of Can and Neu.
  2. Looks like they're over compensating for neck dive!
  3. I was a devout 4 stringer for 30 years but joining a function band changed all that. I tried to avoid buying a fiver by converting a 2nd bass into an Eb bass and buying a drop D tuner for my main bass but I found lugging 2 basses around was a pain. Occasionally I would forget to flick the drop D back to E too! I think trying an Ibby 5 was my epiphany and now 2 second hand fivers (from basschat!) and 30 months later I'm a very happy chappy playing 5s. Every now and then I pick up my jazz bass and that teeny tiny neck feels like I'm gonna crush it πŸ’ͺ
  4. I have a bh250 too and started out using an old laptop bag. Then I was given a Targus laptop backpack...a game changer! It has so many places to stow away leads, amp, screwdrivers, straps, nail clippers, bananas, marker pens, a towel, etc... I can hardly lift it now but it's perfect for gigging. Btw, I'm sure other laptop backpacks are available but I love my Targus 😊
  5. Love this...that Funkadelic sticker. And is that an Ozrics sticker? I bought a cheapie Peavey bass about 15 years ago (Milestone 1, Β£60 2nd hand). As well as new pups, bridge and tuners I covered the scratch plate in any stickers I could find. I was in an indie rock band at the time so it went with the image. 10 years down the line and I find myself in a function band and, only owning basses of the 4 string variety, requiring a bass to drop a semi tone. I just removed the scratch plate and hey presto...a future proof, multi tasking cheap bass πŸ‘
  6. Love these basses, bought mine on here a year ago, tweaked the preamp, lowered the action, it's now my go to bass, my work horse. This is a great price for a quality bass, if I didn't own one already... GLWTS.
  7. Do you think Guy shifting his basses and guitars around in the background is his homage to Joe Wicks' daily PE lesson 'spot the difference'? I've been enjoying the lockdown licks but having listened to Toy Matinee I don't get why people rave about that album...different strokes I guess, maybe it's a grower.
  8. I think I'm like one of those restaurants you see on Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. I look pretty good until you delve deeper, then you discover the freezer is full of shop bought, the fridge has mould growing everywhere and the chef is some dysfunctional idiot who taught himself to cook! I do a pretty good 'Tears of a Clown' though 😁
  9. Great album...the audience singing along always makes me smile, Weeks bass playing is spot on too.
  10. The 'Vulf' in the top left corner gives it away, didn't the guitarist from Vulfpeck post this? He's a pretty decent bassist apparently.
  11. Just 2 points... The dust mask is on upside down and my wife prefers me using duck tape over her mouth 😷😁
  12. I'll have to listen to that tune with my bass ears, I've never really taken much notice of the bass playing in the Tull (light blue touch paper, stands back waiting for fireworks of abuse! 😁). The last 5 years I've been playing Stevie Wonder tunes more and more. I love playing and listening to the bass parts in I Wish and Superstition. Very challenging too when you change drummers and they have a different way of playing their part. All the Stevie tunes we play are interesting, difficult and fun, as I'm not James Jamerson I've had to adapt (simplify) For Once In My Life, it would probably take me about 6 months to learn it properly...oh, hang on, I've probably got about 6 months of free time πŸ˜†πŸ˜·
  13. I want you back by the Jackson 5 has that bridge and I'm suffering to get that at the right tempo. I've played it slowly for a while then speed it up but it's a real sausage to get it right! Great tune to learn otherwise πŸ‘, I'll get it eventually.
  14. Higher and Higher was a challenge for me too! At first if my mind wandered I lost it, eventually I found that focussing on smiling (or clenching my teeth 😁) got me through it. Playing it live, everyone gets up to dance to it... this somehow made it easier if a crowd were up enjoying themselves.
  15. After years of playing in bands without a keys player I've now played with 3 very, very good ones in the last 4 years! The soul band I currently play with have 2 of the 3 and those guys play the piano parts, string parts, organ parts and the horn section parts too! (We do have a horn section but money and space dictate how often they play!). I think we've been blessed but the set we play attracts the right kind of guys anyway, what self respecting keyboard player wouldn't want to play Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, James Brown, Lionel Rich Tea, etc. If you have a set of songs where they can show off, the good ones will come knocking 😊
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