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  1. Funnily enough one of my small claims to fame is spending an evening in a pub near Marlborough with Paul Martin just before he got picked up for Flog It. He was a friend of a friend and he pretty much talked all night! As we were all muso types, he regailed us with his drumming tales (including Dogs d'amour). Apparently he ran an antiques shop and a TV bod who happened to enter his shop was so impressed with his chatter he got the TV gig (so I was told thru the Marlborough grapevine!). Was shocked first time I saw him on telly ("isn't that...bloke from pub!")
  2. Hi Bassman666 Does this beauty come with a case?
  3. Me got that too! Got 'introduce yourself' on the strength of 'we care a lot' getting heavy airplay. Still have that tape somewhere, must be worn thin by now! Saw FNM at reading festival along with living colour, pixies, cramps, etc...happy times back then. Weirdly I liked RHCP more but didn't get to see them until '03. I feel a FNM car playlist coming on 🤘
  4. Thanks Stew, you're a star for volunteering. The old guitarist is filling in on guitar now and the new guitarist is the old bassist so jobs a good 'un. Thanks to BCers for their help. Love this forum 😍
  5. Thanks, I know it's a tall order wrapped in a long shot...thought I'd try here as I know the bestest, nicest and most talented bassists frequent BC 😊 Cheers for the tip, will try on FB too!
  6. Yeah, took me about 2 months to learn 30ish songs for my 1st depping job with this band (I'm not the quickest learner or a reader!)
  7. I know I'm probably going to get told off, this should be in 'bassists wanted' but time is of the essence! My band has a gig in Swindon this Saturday (18th) and I can't make it. Deps are proving hard to come by and I've asked everyone I know. Would any of you guys local to Swindon be willing to step in? We play soul music, Otis, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Jackie Wilson, Sam n Dave. It's not a big paying gig There'll be no rehearsal Most tunes are in original key but occasionally there's a key change If anyone is up for the challenge I will be forever grateful. PM me if you can make it and put in a good shift for pocket money. The rest of the band don't want to cancel the gig but it's looking likely at the moment Thanks
  8. Hi Andy, whereabouts in the South West are you?
  9. I should ask the old bassist if he did farty slides (in I Wish 😊). Good call on the band name, I was in a covers band called the Lava Trees one time and a drummer mate was in Hoof Hearted.
  10. Maybe one day... Too many other mountains to climb with the new band like 'I want you back' in F and now Earth, Wind & Fire tunes! Every day's a school day!
  11. I got back into covers again a couple of years ago (so much easier writing your own basslines for originals). I did agonize over the whole playing it note for note thing but in the end I thought if I'm not doing it right for the level of band I'm in they'll probably tell me! The punters aren't usually there to listen out for the bass player so I'll probably be safe not playing 'Footloose' like Nathan East! Does anybody play all the farty slide bits in 'I Wish'? I doubt it, play it straight and it sounds just as good (as long as the drummer doesn't speed up throughout the song!). I'm now playing in a band where the original bassist switched to guitar and he's very good on both instruments. It can be a help, it can be a hindrance (on my part, mentally), I'm not exactly the new boy but I don't feel I've bedded into the band yet. Having said that they're all great. Give an infinite number of monkeys bass guitars and still only Flea will play 'dani california' like Flea
  12. At the start of the year I was made permanent bassist in the band I depped for last year. Last rehearsal before the 1st gig the singer gives me a set list. At the soundcheck for the 1st gig I soon realise that apart from the singer and the horn section (horn section all have tablets with set list and scores!) I'm the guy that has the set list! Guitarist had printed off one from a previous gig and the drummer just didn't bother ("what's next Al?"). These guys are 'old pros' so it doesn't seem to bother them, I'm a bit of set list jobsworth as I always carry A4 paper and jumbo felt tips (sad). In answer to OP's question, I put my set list on the floor if there's enough room! My eyesight is going so I find myself bending down to pick up my water between songs to find out what's next 😎. May have to work on a new system, larger print, sheets of A3!
  13. If only it was a 5 string...🙁
  14. Quite a strange experience to see them live (they supported rhcp in '03), didn't know about them so 1st time hearing them. They sounded like 2 different bands playing simultaneously at times and there was only 5 of them I think! Got the album deloused on the strength of that strange performance, nuts!
  15. Haha... I did go off them a bit after trying to like the album several times. They should've had a competition, ask fans to whittle SA down to a decent 45 mins.
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