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  1. Love the interior of the case @Sagawa that's not being derogatory towards the bass, I just love that colour. I've never heard of Ninja basses, my 1st bass (and I still have it for sentimental value!) was a red Marlin Slammer P bass copy. Kept it nice and clean but then lent it to a mate's dad who just started playing bass again after 20 years. It came back to me a few months later with some mojo - chicken head knobs and some lovely dings! It now resides in the super al museum 😊
  2. Ok, another live recording from the same gig spliced with still shots for a video. This one is I Feel Good (I Got You) by Mr James Brown. Again, distortion on the vocals and a few mistakes due to one full rehearsal with band before gig. YouCut_20190629_155912173.mp4
  3. This is from a gig at Durrington Working Men's Club from February 23rd '19. Durrington is near Stonehenge for reference. The gig was to showcase our new horn section and new drummer and we only had one rehearsal as a full band so it has a raw feel to it. This was also the first time I'd played 'Tears of a Clown' live (played a semi tone down in 'c'). Video was shot but the quality was terrible. Our singer, Kurt, recorded this on his laptop. Feedback welcome *Made a video of stills to get the mp3 uploaded and playable. Some shots of the band live, some of artists we cover, none of Smokey Robinson!!!* *You don't have to watch the video just close your eyes* YouCut_20190618_231356689.mp4
  4. @Happy Jack is a lucky guy, marrying a bassist who can set up his basses too! I'm not much of a bass geek but I seem to have upped my time spent with my lovely basses. I keep a log (like James T Kirk 😀) of practices, rehearsals and gigs and this year I've gone up from about 13-14 times a month playing to 19-20 times a month. That can range from the 2hrs at gigs and rehearsals to the 20 mins to an hour home practice. If I had the discipline I would get up an hour earlier and practice every morning before the kids get up!
  5. I'm usually glum faced and staring at the fretboard so 2 rare shots! Left is a function band gig in Nov '17 and right is a depping gig before they made me full time (April '18)
  6. I bought a Lakland 55-02 from Andy. Great comms, pics of the bass and packaging before the courier picked up too. Coped very well with communication when UPS decided to make the bass disappear for about 90 minutes, very reassuring when things went awry. Bass arrived in tip top condition and was as described, buy with confidence! Thanks Andy.
  7. I hope mine's a keeper! I'm worried that having played the Ibanez sr1205 for 18 months I'm going to find the neck difficult to get on with.
  8. Yes, their website is strange. I came across it by googling lakland 55-02 review I think. Under basschat on their site click read more. Just bought one 2nd hand, looking forward to it's arrival!
  9. I've been doing my research on Lakland 55-02s and came across this review on Lakland's website! Fair play @bubinga5 a well written review that made it back to the manufacturer.
  10. I very rarely put the radio on for the school run so to catch 'lessons' was amazing. I often think the songs sound dated when played live but today the tunes were fresh. Credit to them, excellent performance (I loved the cover choice too!).
  11. Funnily enough one of my small claims to fame is spending an evening in a pub near Marlborough with Paul Martin just before he got picked up for Flog It. He was a friend of a friend and he pretty much talked all night! As we were all muso types, he regailed us with his drumming tales (including Dogs d'amour). Apparently he ran an antiques shop and a TV bod who happened to enter his shop was so impressed with his chatter he got the TV gig (so I was told thru the Marlborough grapevine!). Was shocked first time I saw him on telly ("isn't that...bloke from pub!")
  12. Hi Bassman666 Does this beauty come with a case?
  13. Me got that too! Got 'introduce yourself' on the strength of 'we care a lot' getting heavy airplay. Still have that tape somewhere, must be worn thin by now! Saw FNM at reading festival along with living colour, pixies, cramps, etc...happy times back then. Weirdly I liked RHCP more but didn't get to see them until '03. I feel a FNM car playlist coming on 🤘
  14. Thanks Stew, you're a star for volunteering. The old guitarist is filling in on guitar now and the new guitarist is the old bassist so jobs a good 'un. Thanks to BCers for their help. Love this forum 😍
  15. Thanks, I know it's a tall order wrapped in a long shot...thought I'd try here as I know the bestest, nicest and most talented bassists frequent BC 😊 Cheers for the tip, will try on FB too!
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