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  1. Looks great! Been turned on to Guild basses recently...they sound fantastic. Matlock isn't too far down the road from me. There's a small, but great old amplifier shop there on the main strip. Don't know the name, but one of the places that seems stuffed full of nostalgia and simpler times. The guy sells old vinyls and 1970's valve amps. Brilliant. Enjoy the new bass!
  2. Had an MBD-1 for about 12 months now. Love it, best drive pedal I think I've ever heard for bass.
  3. Received my third (or fourth??) harness today from John. Top quality, as usual. Thanks!
  4. I paid just over 300 I think. No more than 350, including shipping from Germany too. Going to invest in a good head case for it I think. Not sure if I'd pay 500 for just the amp, as much as I like it.
  5. I picked up an AlphaBass a few months back. Really enjoying it so far. and great for my needs. Don't need masses of power, but don't want anything too small that distorts too early. Like Pow_22 says, it's reasonably lightweight and has a good general tone. It doesn't seem too coloured like an SVT, but it also isn't super clean and sterile sounding. Just a nice medium. Don't know if you use effects, but it handles drive and fuzz pedals nicely. I use a Damnation MDB-1 with mine to add a bit of grit. Not had chance to try it with the band yet, but don't anticipate any problems. I've been really getting to older Peavey gear lately. Often maligned, but good quality, USA-made stuff that's tough as old boots. Can't argue with the prices either.
  6. Not at all! Yeah, thanks. Heard some mixed reviews, mostly to do with lack of volume, but I'm only noodling at home so not predicting any issues. Can't beat an all-valve amp for the prices they go for. Cheers
  7. @Woodwind - thanks. It definitely does have 220/240, but I have read that it doesn't make much (any?) difference. The adapter is only short term, will rewire a UK plug when I can, but I just know I'll want to play it as soon as it gets in Amp is a Peavey Alphabass - 160w valve amp from late 80's/early 90's. @itu thanks. I agree that it's an extra part that can go wrong so will change it shortly after it arrives. Appreciate the plug wiring
  8. Hi all, I've got a new (old) amp coming in the next few weeks which has a hard-wired cable and plug, however it has a European plug on the end. I am planning to eventually remove the EU plug and add a UK one, however will I be able to test and play the amp with one of those travel adaptors we all take on our jollies? The amp has switchable voltages between 220v and 240v on the back. I will be setting this to 240v, correct? Thanks guys
  9. Had one of these a while back. Great sounding and this is a great price. They keep up with drums and guitars no problem. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Persevere with Zilla. They're top quality and when I got mine a few years back, they were really helpful with sizes, speaker types and cloth and tolex options.
  11. Jazz loom from John arrived and installed today. All good, great comms and quick shipping. Thanks buddy.
  12. Whatever it is, it's beautiful! Those old Schecter's are fantastic quality.
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