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  1. umcoo

    Gibson G3

    Stunning. These sound incredible...nothing else out there quite like them. Good luck with it!
  2. umcoo

    NAD - 1970 Orange Matamp OR200

    @boroman @Dosi Y'Anarchy Correct!
  3. umcoo

    NAD - 1970 Orange Matamp OR200

    Hi, Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll be keeping the OR200 for some time. Good Weezer knowledge, you are correct it was a B-15 on the Blue album. Pink was the OR200 for everything except Tired of Sex, which was a GK 800RB
  4. Great price for the OCD, they sound fantastic on bass. Good luck!
  5. umcoo

    High mass brass bridges

    I picked up one of the Double Eagle brass bridges off here a while back. Only every seen one other for sale on Reverb. Doesn't seem to be much info about them at all, other than good quality Japanese stuff from the 70's and 80's.
  6. umcoo

    NAD - 1970 Orange Matamp OR200

    I'm in Florida so yes, very hot but can't really say I've got my feet up 😂 I'm surprised at how high I can push the volume and it still be a reasonable level actually. I'll try and book a practice room soon and really crank it to see what it can do 😎 Shame you moved on most of your collection, bit it's defo worth experiencing a Matamp at full tilt at some point in bass-playing career! Congrats on the Masters! 👍
  7. umcoo

    NAD - 1970 Orange Matamp OR200

    Ok I found the serial numbers from pics sent by the seller. The front panel is OR215 and the main chassis is OR237. Initialed by "DK"
  8. umcoo

    NAD - 1970 Orange Matamp OR200

    Thanks guys, I'm out of the country at the moment so not sure on the serial number. I seem to think it's in the 250's, and the front chassis is different, very early 200's. I'll double check when I'm home. I have a Matamp GT100 from 1976 that Matamp serviced for me, Jeff gave me the build date from the book. I'll perhaps ask them to date it at some point. Was told it was a 1970 though. Have you moved on all your old Matamp gear now Dave?
  9. This is it...this is the holy grail! Shipped over from Sweden, this is a 1970 Orange Matamp OR200. As used by Jimmy Page and many others back in the day. I believe they were only built for a few years and they don't come up very often, so I snapped this one up when it became available. Fell in love with these back in my teens when Weezer's original bass player used one on their first couple of albums and been after one ever since. The UPS guy was pleased I was in to help him with the box, but out of the box it's not terribly heavy...the two handles make it relatively manageable. Not had chance to really crank it, but just take my word that it sounds really good 😁 Anyway, pics...
  10. Beautiful bass, such a classic look. Great playing, too!
  11. umcoo

    NBD - 1976 Greco Precision Bass

    Yeah, plays great! Need a bit more work on the setup but the pickup sounds great - nice and beefy but that just may be because I'm used to playing a jazz bass. Neck is quite slim for a precision too so not a baseball bat 😀
  12. umcoo

    NBD - 1976 Greco Precision Bass

    Ok, so this is all finished! I didn't get many pics of the last bits of work, but what I did was... made a new wiring harness with CTS pots and the original cap, cleaned up the bridge sorted the pickups out and got rid of the tape and spliced wires ordered a new tort pickguard left all the screws in a bath of apple cider vinegar to clean them up new knobs Quick setup to get it playing better and strung up with Ernie Ball's, it's sounding great. Nice to have a P Bass in the fold again. I've recently ordered a Badass II and I'm going to get a black pickguard too, just to see what it's like. Really enjoying this one and good fun to get it back into playing condition. Cheers for all the help along the way.
  13. umcoo

    Dave Hall has passed away

    That's sad news, I'm sorry to hear that. DHA pedals were all the rage when I first started coming on here back in the Bassworld days. Owned a few and sounded great.
  14. umcoo

    NBD - 1976 Greco Precision Bass

    Thank you, my friend! All sorted!
  15. umcoo

    NBD - 1976 Greco Precision Bass

    This is what I'm working with...