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  1. I picked up a 90's Peavey Alphabass which is a 160w all valve bass amp, for about £320ish. You'll struggle for anything cheaper than that which is all valve. Deals do come up on the big iron amps though if you're prepared to wait. I got an Ampeg SVT-II non-pro for 650 a couple of years back. It seems that big valve amps come in and out of favour every few years and people offload them cheaply when the gigs dry up.
  2. Schecter-style! My favourite pickups! Look great. What are the numbers on the bottom of the bobbin? Measurements?
  3. umcoo

    Feedback for Hooch

    I bought Yannick's Moon jazz bass body and parts. Great comms, quick shipping, top quality item as described. Thank you!
  4. Doug Wilkes is local to me. Looks like he does great work. Will have to pay a visit when I need some bass jobs doing. Bass is looking really great 😊
  5. Thanks for all the comments, guys. No WiFi powerline adaptors in the house so that's ticked off. I've got one of those plug socket testers already actually, and all was fine with the sockets. Worrying to hear this could be a T-Max issue. There's another thread on here where a guy has an old peavey head making similar noises, and that was a power cap issue. I'll try a different tech after lockdown and see if they can find anything. Ideally could do with booking out a practice place and keep it running for a few hours. Many thanks all
  6. umcoo

    Amp Headache

    I just posted a new topic as I have a Peavey T-Max which sounds like it's having similar issues, although I've never tilted the amp to try and make it stop....hmmnn. Did you get sorted with this in the end?
  7. Hi all, Please excuse the odd thread title. I have a Peavey T-Max from around 2000. Just before the first lockdown, the amp made a low rumbling sound when switched on, kind of like static-y thunder noises. No signal would pass through and preamp/volume settings didn't make any difference. After switching off and on over a period of time, it never worked right and always made the same noise. Fast forward a few weeks, I had a tech look at it who said he could find nothing wrong with it, and he had kept it running for 6 hours a day for 3 days with no issues. As soon as I got it back and plugged into the wall, I had exactly the same issue again. Tech suggested it could be an issue with my house electrics. I've run a valve amp on the same socket with no issue, and a small combo with no issue. Sometimes the Peavey works fine, but I've never got more than 20 minutes through before it suddenly (and loudly) pops and goes back to the rumbling sound. Again, no signal can pass through at that point and I switch it off almost immediately due to the noise. Just throwing it out there if anyone has ever experienced an amp doing something like this, or any issues with their house sockets causing significant amp noise. I'm tempted to take it to another tech after lockdown for a second opinion. For info, the Peavey has a solid state and/or valve preamp, and a solid state power section. Thanks all
  8. I picked one up for a guitarist buddy who wanted something to record with. £200 used, lightweight, classic P tones, had a great colour too....burgundy mist-esque. Fantastic bass, and not just for its price range.
  9. I bought Gerry's Ampeg combo. Great, quick comms...courier arranged super quick and delivered when he said it would be. Top deal, thanks!
  10. Looks great, whatever it is. I'm sure it has a few stories to tell.
  11. Just a quick update - my Thomann delivery came in on Tuesday. All good, and a day earlier than the (revised) UPS tracking stated 👍
  12. Still no delivery from my order on 15th Dec. UPS tracking says today is the estimated delivery date, but not 'out for delivery' as yet. Not holding my breath. It's in the UK according to tracking, but there is a note saying it was delayed due to issues at the channel tunnel. No updates from Thomann.
  13. I remember going to that hidden Bass Centre around that time, late 90's, very early 2000's. I managed to go on a bank holiday so it was closed, but peered through and remember seeing a sunburst Gibson G-3/Ripper type bass. I was big into Green Day at the time so lusted after it! Went in a few years later, but don't remember much in there. I was a penniless student so was probably in and out in 2 mins - shame it's no longer around
  14. Ordered a few bits on the 15th, and had my shipping notification on the 18th. UPS tracking now saying still in Germany and delivery expected on 30th Dec. Thanks for the information. Not in a rush for my order.
  15. First one that came to mind is Mike Burkett, aka Fat Mike, from NoFX. He plays a 90's Korean Danelectro bass, supposedly due to their light weight. They can be picked up for a couple hundred quid, and don't seem traditionally road-worthy, but he seems to manage.
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