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  1. My set lists have Extras at the bottom. Sometimes we play some, or all of them, depending on what happens. If we have taken a bow it's not often we will play more after that.
  2. Not what you are looking for but should give you what you need, Trace Elliot TransitB. Clean blend distortion with dual band compressors on the mix.
  3. It only works if you remember to work it. No different to remembering to unplug it.
  4. As an alternative to potential trip hazard or nipple ring tearing out I suggest the following amendment. Get in the habit of saying ''I am putting down the bass, I don't want to Downunder my nipple, I mean run down my battery'' and unplug.
  5. Get your left nipple pierced. Attach clip from lead to nipple. Always remember to unplug before setting down bass!
  6. Wow, I hankered to do some composing a few years ago but Sibelius was OTT expensive for a dabble. Notion looks great value.
  7. Be very careful with substitute screws that they aren't too long. If they go through to the amp guts beyond the captive nut it's all over sometimes.
  8. I used to eat straps until I got onto straplocks.
  9. It has one end with the XLR 'mic' end wired up unbalanced and the other is standard TS 1/4". Agedhorse will fill you in or you can look up the Rane note for unbalanced XLR.
  10. It's a real gamble that it doesn't sound lousy with mismatched cabinets. Try before you buy.
  11. Some people get it. Some people don't. Happy collision.
  12. The reason for the simple lead insertion = on system is it is the most reliable for the most people. A separate switch is prone to be forgotten and the bass put away in the case to be found dead on next use. Those are the choices until you go for complicated electronics which would increase the cost. Tough luck Buttercup! Of the potential practical solutions I like the reminder loop of string around your leg from the lead plug. The first time you forget to toggle off your custom foot switch TRS lead combo you'll know I am right.
  13. Noodle with another bass? Get in the habit of unplugging it to put it down? Rewire the preamp power supply to a new switch? I think if you are going to forget to unplug you are going to forget to toggle off a foot switch. Velcro your good self to the lead when you plug it in so you can't forget?
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