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  1. The bass often plays the root, but when it doesn't that pedal note would play hell.
  2. A typical 410 will be a lot louder whether it is 4 ohm or 8 ohm. You still won't hear it down on the floor on a small stage. Try elevating the 15 before doing anything.
  3. Two quarter turns a day is plenty if you want it to settle without over correction required.
  4. You need to determine your liability. It isn't hard but takes persistence in wading through web pages to find the bit that describes your residency and entitlement to bring household effects back.
  5. If the strings still sound ok then you may as well give it a proper set up. Otherwise I'd be putting some new strings on and playing the heck out of it with a simple intonation setup. Then go to town on the truss rod if required.
  6. Bass in case or gigbag? It makes a huge difference! You mentioned a need for a hybrid/ e car. Is that a hard requirement or not? You implied a requirement for something as small as possible, to contain bass and cab out of sight. I thought that was pretty clear. I don't know why every gig wagon on existence is getting a mention. A Rav4 is pretty big for a small car! What's the budget?
  7. There was a guy asking about getting his stuff back from Greece. Another guy had an amp needing repair in EU and sent back. Both cases involved deep diving the customs website....
  8. Users report the fan is on idle speed when not playing and spins faster when playing, louder > faster still. Too loud for some fusspots. Some say theirs spins fast all the time, suspect broken!
  9. That's a very unusual situation to be in. Your best bet would be to consult your H.M.Customs web maze for the rules on you dual residency types. I expect it will be simplified to a require time duration on the most recent occasion abroad and expiry since getting back to Blighty.
  10. It's not that the output is low, it's that it's output impedance is requiring a very high input impedance. Something in excess of 1Mohn.
  11. If it isn't pretty damn loud all by itself it's either worn out ( is that even possible???) or you have blown a driver open circuit.
  12. One of the best cover bands I ever heard played anything and everything as a funk band. You would think that impossible yet it was done perfectly.
  13. 32 bar bass solo time. Guest sax player takes his 32 bars and then has my 32 for dessert. flipper.
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