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  1. Ooof, must resist, been thinking of trying one of these for a while - and it's one of my fave colour combos too😍
  2. I'm sure it would provide lots of kindling....
  3. Beats me why someone would bother to modify a perfectly good original bass, that was worth a few quid in its own right, and is now left with a bit of a white elephant of questionable origin? I sold my Dirnt Roadworn for around £1200.00!?
  4. Whereabouts in Dorset please? 😊
  5. I messaged him to ask about the Custom Shop Certificate, sadly no longer available as all the contents of the tweed case we're damaged in a house flood.....it was listed on Gumtree when I'd seen it, £1500. I thought it looked like a Mike Dirnt Roadworn, I used to have one and the wear looks very, very similar, but I'm not sure why you'd swap out a perfectly legit Fender decal for a duff one? Bit of an odd thing swapping out the hardware and decal? Seems like a fair amount of effort for very little return, unless it's a Squier Dirnt I guess? Either way, I shan't be passing with any funds for that.
  6. I've got a big twin 2T as well and pair it with a DB750 - sounds immense and is seriously lightweight - love it! That 610 looks sweet - is it manageable on your own?
  7. I'll take the black one if still available please🙂 PM incoming
  8. Wow! Nice! I wonder how it sounds with just the one pup? 🤔
  9. Sweet basses these - I've got N2 006315, was my go to for around 15 years! Still gets the occasional outing😁
  10. I wonder if the DB750 would run two of these? That would make even my skinny jeans flap most likely!😁 GLWTS👍
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