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  1. Sansamp RPM

  2. Valve Replacement - DB750

    Lol - cheers anyway - it’s good to laugh on a Monday😊😁
  3. Hi All, I need to change the pre valves in my DB750 - anyone got an opinion on what I should use and where to get them please? Many thanks Pete😊
  4. Sean's Feedback

    Bought a Hipshot D-Tuner from Sean - top guy to deal with - highly recommended!😊
  5. Sansamp RPM

    [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/311321-new-pre-amp-day-tech21nyc-sansamp-ged2112-from-fx-pedal-rental/page__p__3382331__hl__ged2112__fromsearch__1#entry3382331"]http://basschat.co.uk/topic/311321-new-pre-amp-day-tech21nyc-sansamp-ged2112-from-fx-pedal-rental/page__p__3382331__hl__ged2112__fromsearch__1#entry3382331[/url] There's a thread here...
  6. Well I pulled the trigger on one of these and it was delivered last Saturday, gigged it in the evening. Have to say after a bit of tweaking it sounded superb - well chuffed, I sent a feed from the deep channel into our drummers sub - plenty of heft. Interesting to read about blending the channels, shall try that later, cheers for the heads up.
  7. Feedback for Walbassist

    Purchased a Kiogon wiring loom from Gareth - nice & straightforward transaction - thanks Gareth
  8. Sansamp RPM

    Sansamp Tech 21 RPM preamp for sale - always been rack mounted so pretty much mint condition,still has original box. Only selling because I bought the Geddy Lee signature preamp. Pics up later, £200 posted to mainland U.K.
  9. Geddy Lee Signature Sansamp - Tech 21

    Anyone tried one of these yet? General consensus?
  10. Feedback for FerDeLane

    Bought a lovely P Bass from Christian - exactly as described and a super easy transaction. A real nice guy to boot, Cheers Christian Pete😊
  11. Feedback for 6feet7

    Bought a Levys strap off of John - top fella to deal with 😊 Very happy - cheers John
  12. I'll take the black please😊