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  1. looks like the one i sold...must have been as its same area
  2. oh my god that is an utter tragedy BUT thank goodness the cats are safe, i think that would have been worse than losing gear...hope you get it all back, be hard to shift that kind of gear ATB R.
  3. hi where are you based please?
  4. hello these are great i have the V but just thought id let you know that in your description you have the specs for the v (heel mounted truss rod adjuster/4 position selector) i'm pretty sure are just on the V string version...hope you don't mind me pointing this out, Rich.
  5. am still up for a trade with my mint P bass usa (2016) with upgrades, and an amp but not willing to part with cash on top given the market...:-) and we are local...anyway don't blame you if your holding out for bass and cash it looks good, but my offer still stands while i have this bass.. but whatever GLWTS
  6. have just PM'd you am local to you (gorleston) and have the latest P bass to trade ... but not desperate for this, but have offered you a trade option via PM...thanks..
  7. Me (grey parrot) with Jerry Scheff and his USA Lakeland JS signiture couple of years back ... I stupidly sold my one a few years ago .... Good luck with the sale looks very cool never seen this version before .
  8. Have pm you with regards the hofner thanks
  9. Hello what would an immaculate unplayed white unlined fretless 87 xl2 be worth ? i think my last post was removed for some reason, is it not allowed on here? my estimation is 3 grand as im thinking of selling and dont want to come in wrong. Thanks
  10. I'm still thinking about this as well. I have a Steinberger synapse custom which I love and use for live and recording and sounds incredible, and not sure if I want the 2 basses. I am like one in one out.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. ah ok, iv got a stagg eub in exellent order doing nothing if you fancy a swap, on the 15th im going to bradwell norfolk so if you wanna swap let me know, but meanwhile the stag is up for sale. If you still have it then i may pop over for a look ...cheers
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