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  1. Really pleased with this recording at my home via my x32 and cubase. We have all played the big stage with this Elvis, but have put this little band together to go and play what we can for now, we have a couple of bookings already, and Andy has good management...so lets see...This was a session the other day to see if we could get a sound...so it was thumbs up and go...will look to get a doghouse bass if this go well...Hope you like anyway, headphones are best..live drums will be just snare and HH bass drum cymbal so he was staying off the toms ..
  2. Just a bit of fun, bass/drums/sax removed from track .. tracks from karaoke version ..vocals to go on
  3. good morning any Jerry Scheff fans about? i do or did gigs for Elvis guys mostly theatre work, as well as other things ....all gone...bass is the new usa 60s vintage jazz...they really nailed this bass...excellent.
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