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  1. Last week while playing at Butlins with Elvis tribute, there was a Cliff and the Shadows band on and it reminded me of the days of Jet Black in the early 90's playing Shads etc, and was lucky enough to have played for Jet Harries (the original bassist with the shads) and a couple of other names in that show. Jet was playing guitar then. A really nice guy. As always the bass is removed from the track and headphones are best for the bass. also there is a little tube distortion on the bass. Jet helped compose this in 61, and for that time to have a bass driven song was pretty rare. The notes are not exact, more of a close busk.
  2. Hello. I'm lucky to play for some of the top Elvis tributes and with that goes those great 70's Jerry Scheff Vegas bass lines. On stage i use an Ampeg all tube set up, but this little Mark Bass vintage pre gets very close to that real tube sound of the 70's. Just a quick recording before my dog walks. Bass is my 75th commemorative P bass.
  3. This is my favourite P bass an original 81 it's like brand new. I have done away with the PC and using the zoom live 20 as a multitrack recorder. Find its more like the old days of tape based recording.
  4. I have not touched this bass recently set it up cleaned it, and forgot what a gem it is...I'm not really a five string player but nice to do a video with it. I have played the drums a bit different to the original, just for the fun really. I use a multitrack recorder as i like the old way of recording more so than PC based.
  5. I was lucky to get these shows in as it seems there might be another Lockdown, so that means my Butlins shows may be off, but fingers crossed for us all it will all be ok, Anyway here i was using my KK double bass for 1st set and my Fender 75th Commemorative for the 2nd, i also picked up a stunning mint 79/82 verified P bass while i was in London...
  6. The bass is a Jap Duck Dunn with a humbuker pickup (not my doing) but makes this P bass a bit of a beast..
  7. fantastic! i did a show recently with him at the Norfolk showground, as you say a top guy, and he called me about these shows after that, so thats cool.
  8. This is a very nice bass, the bass line is just busked but was nice to give this bass a play.
  9. nice guy easy to deal with and great communication, thanks Rich.
  10. Hi, forgot what a great bass this is, just a quick recording, no preamp, its just the bass plugged in.
  11. We just wing these shows, no practice as a band, just turn up and do it, and in fact its the first time I worked with the drummer, and both the Elvis guys on this show, i was using the Warwick infinity, but a P bass is better for this.
  12. Great was not sure of the model..thanks for that ..
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