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  1. I really like this new bass from Fender, sounds and plays great, and very well made. I fancied slapping this. 1st take, quickie Thanks Headphones are best for any bass video.
  2. It's funny how many people said the same thing about this bassline and Dave was singing and playing it as well...
  3. Just a bit of fun but nevertheless a real fab bass part.
  4. Just got this back to life.. lovely old thing near 60 years old. Sounds very much like my double bass. Nice and thumpy.
  5. A little different i guess but has a very cool bass part, Played on my CS jazz bass. I did not ever play this half hour before I recorded it, but heard it and thought it was a cool bass driven song. Bass removed from the track, and you can get these custom tracks from karaoke version.
  6. hi I hope its ok to post another video, just wanted to play around the neck a bit more, and the notes are very even all the way up and down the neck and across the strings. The pickups have loads of power, and pretty sensitive, almost like an active bass. I know it's not exact to the record but I like to make things up as I go. Thanks. Please use headphones.
  7. Bass removed from the track. I love this version to play live and will be on Friday at the Theatre Royal in Wakefield, in JD king's Elvis show, and it's almost sold out. This custom shop Jazz is just wonderful with a touch of overdrive those high notes are just awesome. This is the fast on tour version.
  8. hello i thought i would share this quick recording of one i play live quite a bit. The bass is a fender 1960 CS. I can't really dig in too deep on this as it will overdrive the preamp, but for live i dig in hard. It's in the style of Jerry Scheff. Thanks
  9. bass is an old silver series squire jazz and a blackstar 250 unity which has a very good overdrive on it, and much lighter than the Ampeg rig.
  10. yes just shows you really, even the cheaper jap basses of the 70s were very good.
  11. bass removed from the track, just a quick recording, not played this for ages.
  12. I thought this was a cool one for our show.
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