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  1. holy cow! what an absolute beauty..♥️
  2. Does any body know if Mr Bobby is ok? We had a transaction going on and i seriously doubt he moved to Mexico on 25 quid...
  3. yeah... radio silence... heat wave in wales... basically surfing off baggy point forever
  4. Bobby on Holiday? last contact 1st July
  5. Thanks for the COG.. lovely job.. sorry for late feedback.
  6. Yes that was a bargain
  7. All the players who buy them and stick with the Rotosound "sound" are endorsees. You don't need to be a legend to play legendary strings.
  8. Hi, you have a DM about the MOD Factory
  9. I am interested, what tube did you put in? and why change it?
  10. thats a clincher 🤣
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