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  1. I used to have a sock filled with posh cat litter in my sax case (Which smelled like an unwashed jockstrap had been there for 60 years when I brought it) Litter sock worked eventually, had to change it a few times tho.... 🐈
  2. This "Feature Knot"... sold it for me.. Just look at the flame.
  3. Ahem..If for some wild reason you decide not to use the Benne's .. I would be interested in them 🙂 [too soon?]
  4. A very interesting fact is that the asking price of £1,372.95 is, to the penny, the exact cost of the cocaine used by the designer of the album sleeve to come up with the Idea...
  5. "I am not a bass player"
  6. "Check my other item" big seller then...
  7. "I have the entire bass for almost 30 years and i never had the need to put it together and play or sell it." thats one Holy Grail found then...
  8. Well, thats the best looker in their range by miles and miles imho GLWTS
  9. Thanks, and what is even weirder, is why was it PX'd in Coda Music in Stevenage? how on earth did it end up there.....
  10. quite a few... however, if you really need that tone... its got to be a mid to late 90's Haemmerlin..
  11. p4ul

    Boss TU-2

    Love that COG... if i had not spent all my money on toilet roll, i would be all over that...
  12. depends what I am playing...pick ups and f holes if available, but i tend to rest on the E string when fingering between the pups.... which is prolly a terrible technique 😉
  13. My 1st propper serious purchase for a good long while and so, Let me tell you a potted histooooooooooory. It's the 70's and we are all punks, just plug and play! I hated being the bass player for a long while, but being the youngest, all the cool instruments were taken by the big kids. I hated that effing Columbus.. but the selmer bass twin in Croc skin I would like back now please. thank you. I had to sneak into our 1st gig round the back door and played behind the drummer... I was 11 years old. The other guys told the promoter I had dwarfism.. I feces you not. The 70's ended and I could actually play a bit better, and had Larry graham and Boosty fever, then Mark King came along and the Bass Centre in Wapping... what could go wrong! The 80's were a weird time, I wore chinos, braces and a tie to rehearsals..5 years before that it was leathers and a red mohawk. It was the summer of 82, and brought my 1st real 4 string.. A Red Vigier Passion serial 002. SH from Coda music for about £500 iirc [deal of the decade] Slapped the actual feces out of the 80's..... and then... The 90's happened, and things went from baggy to grunge and i swapped, yes swapped the Beautiful Vigier Passion for........ A beat up Hofner a SH Gibson LP mk1 and a 1975 Orange super bass with matching 4x12 [deal of the decade 2] P-Funk, Nirvana and Ledzep ahoy! Start your own recording studio Ahoy! Bands and music! ROCK AND ROLL! and right on cue - I lost my mind. Then after some r and rehabilitation Some real life feces happened and I ended up on skid row playing percussion on a 1999 Hamerlin wheel barrow for money... Its now 4 kids and 30 odd years later I still have the 92 Gibson and the 63 Hof, and I decided that playing the bass was way better than not. So I got match fit and began to play in bands with drums again last year. All the time thinking of the beautiful Vigier.....The gibbo is good, but she is no lady. Joined Bass chat 2018 spent a ton of money on pedals... All the time thinking of the beautiful Vigier... some real beauties came up, all too pricey, all too graphity or new and none red enough... 😞 Then miracle of miracles! needless to say, i was skint... but as luck would have it my very great friend who is richer than I [and wearing the hat in picture 2] became my saviour. And now after driving for hours in the wind and rain, braving the plague-19.. I am the very proud and smiley owner of Red Vigier Arpege 126...and original case, one owner from new a Mr Theo Scipio [google him] Gaze upon her! ..................... Gaaaaaaaaaaaze! ♥️♥️ Simply Glorious.. TLDR? After looking for 2 years, I brought an epic bass from an epic dude.
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