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  1. Meant to post the sky blue one, sorry
  2. https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/J-D-Bass-guitar-JB-Vintage-1975-BK-Black/art-BAS0004370-000 Cheapo option?
  3. Bought Dylan's Columbus Jazz. All went well, good communication, I would certainly deal with Dylan again
  4. Collection or a meet would be preferable, but I'll post for cost...
  5. I am not a guitar player, I am a bass player. I got this very competent guitar from Thomann, maybe 2 years ago. I was attracted (and still am) by the colour combo, and by the very positive YT reviews. It's as new, can't find any flaws, strings are still good, it's had hardly any use. I thought it was a bargain new at £100, it's most certainly a good deal at £50... May I direct your attention to the following pictures...
  6. Yes, not Bill Dickens, just noticed on YT he's referred to the same way...
  7. Anybody know where the Bass Buddha is? The site is unavailable, and I haven't seen any YT videos lately... I always enjoy his playing, and the relaxed vibe...
  8. Sold my Ibanez Roadster to Bjorn, in Sweden. I very cleverly used the wrong banking codes, which meant a long delay, search for the payment, a refund, then a new payment with the right codes. Throughout all of this, Bjorn was patient, polite, and appreciative, even though it was my fault. I would happily deal with Bjorn again (geddit?) in the future. Thanks Bjorn. Sean
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Bought Keir's Ibanez Ashula from him. It arrived safely, and perfectly as described, after really good communication. Very trustworthy guy. Thanks, Keir
  11. Nr Barrow, Sth Cumbria. I'd be happy to meet up at a reasonable distance...
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