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  1. I've found cutting the hi mids at the amp really bring out the richness of the piezos. And Labella white nylons are perfect for this bass ( in my humble opinion)
  2. Bought Dan's Zoom B3. No fuss transaction, lightning fast postage, and all as described. Thanks Dan. Cheers, Sean
  3. Bought some bits off Russ. All very smooth and trouble free. Thanks, Russ
  4. Julian bought my Ibanez. Communications were excellent, payment instant, all went very well. Thanks, Julian.
  5. I second that emotion. My son was telling me about some of the online interaction around the games he plays, and I was happy to tell him about the courtesy shown on here...
  6. Just bought Alan's Dean B2. Communications were good, packaging was awesome, all went really well. Cheers, Alan
  7. Not had this very long at all, but increasing arthritis in my hand means the wider neck of a sixer is really hurting my thumb. I bought this for chordal, upper register stuff, so it's a no-go for me, unfortunately. It's a great bass, as Ibanezes ('s?) always are. Excellent build quality, good pickups and preamp, with a particularly lovely neck. Jatoba is a very tactile, smooth wood. I have it on my Aerium, and is my favourite neck, by a long way. The two blemishes are pictured, (pics 6 & 7),other than that, it's as new. In the past, I've had 2 SR sixers, one Premium, one Prestige. This one is just as good, just less fancy looking, and considerably cheaper. £300 posted in the UK is a great deal of instrument, I humbly suggest... Pictures:
  8. I'm curious about this bass. Does the eq cover the piezo? I read somewhere online that it doesn't, just volume...
  9. Bought Alex's Small Stone. All went smoothly, would happily deal with him again. Cheers, Sean
  10. Bought Lloyd's Ibanez 506. Good communication over a delay (not his fault), really well packaged, and an honest description. Good all round. Cheers Lloyd. Sean
  11. Neil Young/Crazy Horse Live Rust Wishbone Ash Live Dates Vol 2 Genesis Live Kingfish Live'n'Kickin And Genesis Live...
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