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  1. Bought Keir's Ibanez Ashula from him. It arrived safely, and perfectly as described, after really good communication. Very trustworthy guy. Thanks, Keir
  2. Nr Barrow, Sth Cumbria. I'd be happy to meet up at a reasonable distance...
  3. Ibanez Portamento. Wonderful instrument...
  4. Any pics/description of the back? Woods used, etc...
  5. A mixture or two Ibanez's : Aerium and Portamento
  6. Bought this 5 string set from Oldman a month or so ago (original ad still here). The B was reportedly dead, but sounds ok to me. I don't really use a B string, so my opinion might count for nothing. Used them on my Elwood fretless, they sound fine, but don't really float my boat, so offering them up here. £15 posted. Cheers
  7. I can meet up somewhere, but I'm happy to post...
  8. 40mm at the nut. 20mm depth at the first fret. 9.2lbs (bass weight deducted from our combined weight on home scales method)
  9. An awesome bass, built like a tank, but not quite as heavy. Pj with vol, tone, and pickup selector. It has an active 2 band eq, but sounds much better passive. Very powerful sound, strung currently with TI flats. The pictures speak for themselves. It is for sale because I have decided to use only my fretless live, so the Ibanez will not be getting enough use. And it needs to be played- the sound of the P used in anger is a thing of great beauty and power. NOW BACK UP FOR SALE FROM 22.1.20 Thanks for reading. Weight and neck measurements etc to follow....
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