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  1. Dave Swift's one is here - yummy . https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/sadowsky-nyc-p5
  2. Jimmy Dewar had one of the greatest male rock voices of all time - just my opinion . Just epic
  3. I learnt this finally for a dep the other month ; and that middle bit is a real finger twister, and I found it difficult at proper speed - still unsure about it . Had a run through with the guitarist/good mate a few days before , to be told that they miss that bit out completely - he he
  4. Higher and Higher is the same for me too - not in itself tricky , but my left hand always aches by the end . Keep the Faith - used to play this years ago , but like a lot of players , I tend to 'rake' moving down across the strings . This makes it a bit trickier than it should .
  5. I don't understand how a pub gig can be cancelled , whilst the said pub , decides to stay open .
  6. Then they should check out some of the lesser known album tracks - delve in with headphones and soak it up .
  7. My opinion , is that Benny and Bjorn are ahead of Lennon and McCartney , in crafting perfect pop songs . Some of them are perfect
  8. Nope . I asked this a while ago , and was told it was long gone - yet still the ad is up
  9. I know a few local bands who've booked out The Apex . Worked quite well - just need a massive promotion to make sure that you don't lose the cost of hiring it .
  10. Ipswich has quite a few good music pubs . The Black Horse is a regular for us , but it has been slightly quieter this last 6 months - Landlady said it has been across the board . Might be a blip Pete - who knows
  11. He he . Last compression thread didn't end up well with him
  12. Do you think that Vail Johnson is going to post?
  13. Why do they keep making them with 20 frets? Only the 5 string has 21 . I know it's hardy a deal breaker for many , but always thought it was strange
  14. Everything seems to arrive at the 'wrong' time . Awesome mate , and just up the road from me - ahem . Edit from spoiler below - there's nothing there . No idea why I hit the tab
  15. "We can't hear you at the back . Can you turn up?" "Oh go on then"
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