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  1. E sharp

    Aguilar GS 412 trouser flapper

    Oh my ..... I just bought a DB751 and this would be excellent with that . Alas , I've cleared myself out , buying the amp - ho hum . GLWTS - doubt it'll be required though
  2. E sharp

    Ah, the naivety of a more innocent era.

    A made up one , I know
  3. E sharp

    Epifani UL210 - but series 1 or 2?

    Series 2 , state it on the grill . See below , my old cabs . Series 1 , just has the badge , whilst Series 2 have the writing under the name
  4. E sharp

    Lottery Bass

    Yep - once seen on Jack Bruce's wall . Ebay ain't half full of chancers
  5. E sharp

    Palladino discusses THAT bass line

    I agree . Hands on the best Bass outlet I've ever been in . I only went twice - 1st time to try out gear , and 2nd time a decade later (2001 I reckon) , to buy a rig . Can still picture it in my mind
  6. E sharp

    SOLD - Diamond Bass Compressor BCP-1 ON HOLD

    Bugger - was looking for one of these , and just ordered a new one from Thomann yesterday
  7. E sharp

    Show us your rig!

    How are you getting on with that Stingray Classic? Also what's the bridge spacing on them - 18mm?
  8. E sharp

    I think I'm in love...

    I heard this years ago on the radio . Jeremy Vine was on , and it just came on (probably around 10 yrs ago now - maybe more) ; and it just mesmerised me - that bass line . Went out and bought the album (this was pre download) , and I've only ever played that song off it . In a way it reminds me of The Waterfalls bassline - track by TLC , I think - another laid back masterpiece .
  9. E sharp

    How very dare they!!

    My kids bought me this T shirt years ago - I've even worn it at gigs
  10. E sharp

    Eden wt405 schematic

    Top work Dood . Also saved him the indignity of having to join the competition - he he
  11. E sharp

    Any Blue Basses Out There?

    Not great pictures , but it's sort of blue/green - difficult colour to pin down really . Status Jazz
  12. E sharp

    Eden wt405 schematic

    I can't give you a schematic , but I will say this though . I'm a real Eden fan , but this sort of thing is why Eden has such a bad name . What sort of company doesn't have a schematic , for what was one of their best selling amps? Beggars belief really . On a lighter note - join up on Talkbass , and I'm certain that there'll be someone over there who can help you out - they have a massive user base
  13. E sharp

    P-Bass with 2 MM pups

    The trouble is , is that all of the double Stingray pickup'd basses , all have the rear pickup way too far back - so not getting that 'Stingray sweetspot' . The only mainstream maker that I've seen 'dong it right' (subjective, I know) , is Warwick, with the Doublebuck
  14. E sharp

    Built-in DI vs External DI?

    As has been said before - that's just lazy sound men (or more kindly , sound men up against it with time / turnarounds etc) . Never the same argument with a Guitarist ; and most Bassists look after their gear far better than Guitarists do - IMO . So why not the same logic with them . 9/10 , you're left with a lifeless plod noise