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  1. What model Berg cab is that? I've got the HD212 . Is it one of those , or one of the neo ones?
  2. Hi . I'm thinking of dipping my toes into the EUB world - salsa type sound . Probably asking a stupid question , but how low can the action go on these - I know it's probably the wrong way to look at it regarding something like this .
  3. Up here is a nice little PJB combo Not had it long , and pretty much as new - still have box for it . Having a clear out , and realised that I don't really need it . Prefer a meet up with this , as had courier issues in past - anything above pedal size or cost , I like not to courier. Can travel an hour to meet up if needed . Thanks
  4. First gig in 18 months - Friday just gone . At 52 , I've never gone so long without a gig , since I was 17 . New band start up (Northern Soul band) , with some of the people I occasionally dep with - Ska or Function band . Got a Handbox WB100 last year and really didn't like it - no punch nor enough volume . Sold my Aguilar DB751 - big mistake . So back to my trusty Eden WT400 . As I'm still waiting to sell some gear , I haven't got the fund for one of the DB751's up for sale here , so hooked up the beastly Crest CA9 , and ran the 'effects out' from the Eden head into it . Just wanted a bit more of that DB751 slam . Worked really really well . Also , first ever gig on a 5 string - my 3rd attempt now after all this time , and now can't see myself ever going back . Used the Dingwall Super P5 all night , and the Bogart was there as a back up . Bass sound was epic . Bit of a quick pic as we were setting up , so not great .
  5. I made the mistake selling mine over a year ago , to go the all valve route . A mistake that cost me loads of money , searching for the sound that I'd already had - in true Basschat tradition . If I could shift my bass , then I'd be on this . Weird 'ol times when stuff like this don't shift easily .
  6. I saw this up for sale , and lusted after it . That looks really really nice . Sort of traditional , yet unique .
  7. I'm not going to bother sending it back to Stefan as you suggested Chris , as frankly , I just can't be bothered . Sorting out shipping and the like , it'll be easier to send to someone here . There's a guy in Beccles (Suffolk) , who did some work on the silver Modulus Flea that's up for sale . So he's used to working with graphite . Probably looking at a couple of hundred to sort . Can't really move it on as it is . Once fixed , I can see myself getting rid . Shame really .
  8. Update on my yellow one - bit disappointed really . It was a 50th present to myself , and I played it for a few months . Action was a tad higher than I like , but the main thing was making a real effort this time on a 5 string - my third attempt . Sold loads of stuff , and got a Dingwall Super P5 , earlier this year , and it's been hands down , the best bass I've ever had - and I've a load of the years . Lowered the saddles on the Bogart , and it was choking like a good'n . Martin Booth (who I haven't had work on anything of mine for 10 years) , remembered me , and fitted me in to his busy schedule for an hour one afternoon . And this is when the disappointment came in . He took one look at it , and said the truss rod was completely slack , then showed me the end of the neck where the cap is . I'd never thought to look , but it wasn't even on straight , and he couldn't get to the truss rod, as the hole didn't match up at all . Luckily it was brass and not stainless , so he had to open the hole up by drilling bigger holes , so he could fit an allen key in there . The cap also wasn't even screwed it right , there had been some sort of matchstick hole filling going on - it didn't look good for a bass that cost me over 2 grand . He also said it needed a fret dress up as they weren't good - he didn't have the time as he's really busy , so gave me a number of someone who he gives some of his set up work to , as he's rammed busy with building , and has a massive back log . I'm struggling to see how a QC issue could happen like this , with a one man band operation . This pretty much has turned me off the whole bass , and it's sat in it's bag for months now . In hindsight , I should've spent more and gone Status - no way Rob would've let that out of his workshop . Live and learn .
  9. I don't think you need any feedback mate ..... That's great .
  10. I saw this last night - it was great . I've really enjoyed watching Rick's posts - always entertaining and loads to learn .
  11. These look nice though . https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Eden-P1515X4-Bass-Cab-4-Ohm/3SO5
  12. Ok OK, thanks for the reply. I was just wondering whether to get my Eden Navigator fixed, or this might have been the cheaper option. Paul
  13. Anyone have an idea how this might sound as a bass pre-amp , into a power amp? Done some digging on the net and not found much
  14. I bought one of these new when I were a lad . These really are superb .
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