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  1. Picking up an old thread , but just wondering if anyone since is now using one . Now got 2 really nice basses , and looking at the idea of selling stuff and trying one of these .
  2. Pedulla has retired I believe. And yes, I’ve just got to lower the action how I like it on the Modulus, and I’ll be sorted. It was up for sale on here last year some time. Did a google search, contacted him and took a while for me to sell stuff to have the funds
  3. Picked up the Modulus today. Had to sell two MusicMans, a combo and loads of pedals. Bitten the bullet selling the 4’s, to force myself to stick with playing 5 strings - the only way I was going to do it. Dingwall 5P will do the Northern Soul band. Modulus will do the function band deps, and the Bogart was my ‘Folly’ bass.
  4. Modulus QW5- just bought this today. Yet to check, but this is the 21mm spacing I think
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. I think that's the nicest one of these that I've seen to date .
  7. So regarding what you’ve said, is it in the same ballpark of the Aguilar DB750/1?
  8. Sold Lee one of my pedals . Straightforward and super easy communications . Prompt payment - even though I said I was in no rush . A gent .
  9. There was one a few years ago, and it took an absolute age to sell. As did the one at The Gallery. As good as they might be, I don’t think they’re that popular
  10. The early USA Eden WT amps were great. I’m still rolling with a WT400 (the micro amp of its day), and bar the Aguilar DB751 I had, it has royally pi**ed over everything I’ve tested out.
  11. It’s on hold currently for someone who’s coming to pick it up. I can let you know if it doesn’t sell
  12. Does the X on the back denote 4 ohms , or 'not' 4 ohms ?
  13. Me neither , yet it did for ages with the guy who owned it a few months ago - don't think he hardly had a sniff at a sale . Suddenly re advertised and loads of interest . Funny 'ol site this is sometimes , regarding sales
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