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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. `Not sure why the pictures didn't go up with the initial advert but they are on now, case is included as is the tuner
  3. Head is in lovely condition not used much, you know how fantastic these are Korg Tuner needs a power supply , not in mint condition but looks good and a few small scratch marks it will come in a functional padded gig bag No fee PayPal or bank transfer Uk shipping £10, and will send as is in the hardcore with tuner will ship internationally at cost No trades
  4. 4 x subs Hk system, in lovely condition, you have 2 x active subs and 2 x subs that run off the active ones, they are 1200 watts each x 4, killer sound, class D so nice and light weight for the size, they come with the wheels also plus all have covers. they haven't been used much at all and in lovely condition, i can ship but they will be around £20 each to ship, but will be worked out at the time of sale, no money is made on shipping. These are made out in Germany and of the highest quality not made out in china etc Collection and cash on collection is fine also the total including wheels and covers for the 4 if you were to buy retail would be around £3800 Thanks to its highly efficient 1,200W class-D amplifier, the HK Audio L Sub 1200 active subwoofer has a powerful voice. This subwoofer combines a stellar performance with a compact, lightweight housing, making it a great asset to any band's PA setup. The L Sub 1200 A works according to the bass reflex principle. Two powerful 10-inch woofers accurately reproduce the low frequencies in your music. Moreover, the ultra-solid housing is fitted with four handles and a built-in stand adapter. There's a great metal grille to protect the valuable innards, allowing you to use the L 1200 anywhere without worrying about its well being. L Sub 1200 A with class-D amplifier The HK Audio L Sub 1200 A is driven by a muscular 1,200W class-D amplifier, making sure the sub doesn't run out of breath soon. The subwoofer warrants excellent bass reproduction from your favourite music. Additionally, a rugged, beautiful housing made of birch plywood and covered in a scratch-proof lacquer protects the tried-and-tested bass reflex construction. Naturally there's a built-in crossover, along with several other safety features that include thermal, short-circuit and over-power protection. With the HK Audio L Sub 1200 you can enjoy a worry-free, impeccable bass reproduction. Specifications Product features Speaker connectorsXLR / TRS combi input, out / link / thru Woofer diameter2 x 10 inches Weight per speaker31 kg Maximum SPL130 dB - 139 dB Maximum frequency subwoofer130 Hz Minimum frequency35 - 39 Hz RMS power in watts750 - 1,499 W Locking speaker connectorsyes Weight and dimensions including packaging Weight (incl. packaging)32.0 kg Dimensions (incl. packaging)66.8 x 38.0 x 56.0 cm Product specifications powerful active subwoofer compact, light housing built-in 1,200W class-D amplifier perfect as a part of a band's PA setup frequency range (-3 dB): 55 Hz -crossover frequency range (-10 dB): 38 Hz -crossover sensitivity low: 95 dB full-space, 101 dB half-space amplifier: class-D amplifier power: 1,200 W protected from low power, thermal protection, short-circuit, too much power maximum sound pressure at 10% distortion: 128 dB half-space maximum sound pressure peak at 10% distortion: 130 dB half-space theoretical maximum sound pressure: 131 dB half-space power consumption: 3.3A at 230V connectors: 2x XLR in, 2x XLR through, 2x XLR Mix Out woofer: 2 inches with 2-inch coil impedance: 8 ohms built-in crossover: 100 Hz, 130 dB/octave built-in stand adapter 4 integrated handles housing: birch plywood grille: 2mm thick metal scratch-proof black lacquer dimensions: 380 x 668 x 560 mm (W x D x H) weight: 30.7 kg
  5. Hi , sorry yes been away due to a death in the family, the pedal has had a lot of mails so it went to the first one sorry for the delay it was purely circumstantail Harry
  6. Lovely pedal, beautiful bass tube sound i haven't used it much as my amp has a tube pre in it made in Germany check out the link below, this is the fully loaded version, they sell at 555 Euro shame to have it sitting on the shelf £10 uk postage will ship internationaly at cost £350 no fee PayPal our bank transfer Pedal site http://www.wra.lu
  7. Excellent condition not used it much spare cab £600 plus shipping bank transfer or no fee PayPal My feedback https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/137382-feedback-for-harry/?page=5
  8. Just came through replied cheers
  9. Hi, i am in Margate Kent now cheers
  10. Great condition including Barefaced cover Happy to post within the Uk £850 plus shipping Bank transfer or no fee PayPal My feedback https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/137382-feedback-for-harry/?page=5
  11. Absolute beauty of a bass, maple board and neck Block inlays weighs around 9.5 lbs on bathroom scales Lovely condition comes with Atelier soft case £1250 plus shipping bank transfer or no fee PayPal Feedback link below https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/137382-feedback-for-harry/?page=5
  12. USA made Fender Super jazz plus v from around 1992 i think, it has the silver Fender lacer pickups Kubicki 9 volt active pre-amp. 34" scale pau ferro fingerboard nice tight neck joint Comes with Fender hard case which i will get pictures up tomorrow There are stacked master and pan knobs, stacked treble and bass boost/cut knobs, and a 4-way selector that works as follows: passive/active/active with boost and standby (off) all original and in really nice condition as you can see from the pictures, these don't come up often No fee PayPal for bank transfer No trades £900 plus shipping will ship international feedback link
  13. should fit fine, i had a td660 in it and the ears came out as far so should be good
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