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  1. i have 3 cases , 2 have Shuker branded on them and one has Mayones branded on it All in great condition and been in storage so only used to get the basses here pretty much £60 each plus £10 postage No fee PayPal or bank transfer
  2. Hi ian yes i think it is , and yes thank you its a lovely bass, plays really well, lovely low action etc , i only recently got and don't actually want to sell it but need some finances for a start up
  3. Mint condition as new, bought form Bass direct hardly played , only reason for sale is new business start up Weighs in at around 8.5lb nice weight Bass is fully loaded , lovely low action, plays beautifully Eye poplar top Natural gloss finish Matching headstock Pay ferro fingerboard Block inlays and neck binding Aguilar pick ups New Mayons 3 band eq , active/passive with passive tone control which works in active mode also 24 fret comes with functional hiscock hadrcase ( not in perfect condition works well will protect well) £1800 plus shipping down to £1600 plus shipping Bank transfer or no fee PayPal Not looking for trades My feedback 100% https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/137382-feedback-for-harry/page/5/#comments
  4. lovely, i have 4 also, well 5 with this one which i am really trying not to sell, purely circumstantail
  5. It is a shame, but you know its a great bass
  6. Hi Andy, i am in Margate if that's somewhere you can get to easily , and yes no problem at all cheers
  7. Beautiful Shuker Jazz bass 5 , very reluctant sale due to illness , you are getting a fantastic bass at this price Swamp ash body maple neck and fingerboard Emg pick ups and circuit 34" scale weight 9lbs comes with a functional hardcase no fee PayPal or bank transfer £1200 plus shipping
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. `Not sure why the pictures didn't go up with the initial advert but they are on now, case is included as is the tuner
  10. Head is in lovely condition not used much, you know how fantastic these are Korg Tuner needs a power supply , not in mint condition but looks good and a few small scratch marks it will come in a functional padded gig bag No fee PayPal or bank transfer Uk shipping £10, and will send as is in the hardcore with tuner will ship internationally at cost No trades
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