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  1. Like many here, I’m really saddened to hear this news. I’ve been down there twice, and they’re absolutely lovely people. Had an old S11 5 string I bought cheap around 25 years ago, locally , and it was the best sounding bass I’d ever heard. Just couldn’t get used to the very narrow string spacing. It was one of the earlier ones, so could of been around 15mm. A battered S2000 scratched an itch I had- moved on. Lastly, one of the Jazz basses they used to make a while ago. Just can’t get used to the narrow neck, but it was hands down, up there with the top top jazz basses you can buy. Nothing fancy, yet the fit and finish was perfect. As Bogart has already been mentioned, I got a yellow one made for for 50th, as should’ve gone with Status- as was my original idea- 5 string Stealth. The Bogart is nowhere near the fit and finish of the Status basses I’ve had- nor my Modulus. I always thought I’d get down there again one day and order a new one, even though I was aware that Rob wasn’t getting any younger. Similar to Martyn Booth, who I now. He’s now 72 and desperate to retire, yet has a sizeable back log of builds. Hence why he can longer do repair work. It’s going to be a really sad day, if the brand stops altogether. As playing most of the top brands over the years, Rob’s work is up there with the best. Wishing him all the best with his health
  2. Tonight’s rig. Similar to before, but added a comp. Bass - tuner - SFX micro EQ - SFX micro Thumpinator - Effectrode LA1A - Sonic Farm 2DDI - Crest CA9 - 2x Bergantino HD212’s. Over the years I’ve said I’ve found ‘the tone’, but in true Bass Chat fashion, I’ll probably change around at some point
  3. You’re the only local bloke who’s gone through more bass rigs than me, Roy. For a smallish rig, that’s a killer
  4. Yes, that was mine that you tried. I still use it. I paid a grand for mine new, from the old Wapping Bass Centre. It’s outlived the other amps I’ve owned, as it’s such a lovely little amp.
  5. Only the Burninator left . Now I'm able to say , that this pedal is as cheap as a tank of petrol . Price includes signed for post .
  6. This afternoon’s effort- bit OTT, but it’d be rude not to really
  7. Didn’t know you were thinking of selling that one. How does it compare to the Handbox?
  8. There’s been loads of stories about people doing support, and main band has Norman Watt Roy on bass, who’s royally blown the support band bassist’s back line and walked off. But it’s alright, cause he’s a diamond bloke ain’t he ……..
  9. Blonde on Sky Arts now- 2010 Glastonbury gig. To my ears it’s sounds like they’re pretty under rehearsed. Clem Burke is still really good
  10. Trim pots fully open. Played notes whilst I turned trim pots up and down- nothing. Like the core sound of it, but I’m not sinking £719 for controls that don’t work. Thomann said they’re getting back to me
  11. Sending it back - just E Mailed Thomann , on how to do this . I've done months of research on the Sonic Farm , and was aware that the High and Low EQ switches are subtle , but they appear to do absolutely nothing at all . Thought it may be too subtle through speakers , but I've just been testing on headphones , and both switches seem to do naff all - and I mean zilch . Disappointed really .
  12. Trying this new mic pre out with my power amp, as a possible new rig, as a change to my trusty Eden head. Really nice it sounds. Tried with all basses, and the Dingwall, which is my main bass, and favourite, sounds great. Bogart, which is my least favourite to play, sounds great through it too. Modulus, which is all singing and dancing with every possible combination of actives and coil taps, sounds far too polished for my taste. Though I’ve hardly played it since I bought it.
  13. Trying it out now, really nice. Bass and treble switches don’t do much, but the core tone is lovely
  14. The tone controls are quite limited; but it’s really a high end DI, and basic pre. I’ll see how it goes. Can always add a simple EQ pedal on the board
  15. This came today. Won’t be able to try it out properly until tomorrow, when I’ll have an empty house for 3 hours - which never happens. Idea is for it to run straight into a Crest CA9, then into two Berg HD212’s. I’ll see how that pans out
  16. After selling my Aguilar DB751, I’ve gone back to my Eden head. Wanting a bit more ‘heft’, I use it into a Crest CA9. Sometimes I use the headphone out into the amp, or if I fancy bypassing the tone controls, I use the effects loop into the amp- so the Eden is then just a basic pre amp, with no tone controls. This works really well, and got me thinking. So my final big buy after the cull of most of my gear is the Sonic Farm 2DI4 DI/pre. Just waiting now for delivery. So I’m now firmly going down this road. There’s a few on here doing this I think, and quite a few threads over on Talkbass about DI’s and Mic pres straight into amps.
  17. I’m similar- Modulus 5 and Dingwall Super P5. I don’t need this, and by rights should spend on something else, but lately really drawn to P5’s
  18. I do too. I’ve got one big buy left after shedding all my stuff to have a nice active 5 and a nice passive 5 (P type). So don’t need another P5, but this looks lovely.
  19. Long sold . I genuinely thought I'd marked this as sold - got lost with a cull of gear being sold all at once .
  20. I thought you were maybe thinking of selling your one, as you’ve now got the Noble. I think you’d alluded to something like that a while ago. I suspect it’s too hard to let go- not that I blame you
  21. Probably a bit unfair, as I didn’t hate it as such, but the Handbox WB100 - their all value 120 watt jobbie. Did loads of research, and was in contact with the owner a fair bit too. Now playing Northern Soul, so I thought that it would be ideal, but it wasn’t. My little Eden WT400 blew it away. People talk about ‘valve watts’, but I couldn’t get enough volume out of it at all. My Eden head, was also considerably warmer sounding too- which was a major surprise. I realise that I had far more tone shaping on the Eden, but I wasn’t bothered about that, and I found it easy to get a nice tone, but it had no oompf at all. Guy I sold it to really likes it, so it may just be me maybe expecting it to be something it was never going to be.
  22. If I didn’t already have an Eden 410, and two Berg 212’s, I’d have this, as I’m in Norfolk. This should fly out I reckon
  23. I agree, that Z3 is stunning. Prices of the Canadian Dingwalls have unfortunately gone through the wall in the last year. Awesome bass
  24. That looks an awful lot of bass for the money. These appear to get loads of love over on Talkbass
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