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  1. I watch loads of Rick, as and when I can. I never ever tire of him in the slightest
  2. These are supposed to be unbelievable value for the money. Pre amp pedal of choice, then into this (in case the pedal won’t drive a power amp as some don’t). Like lots of stuff, when you get into separates, it’s all down to taste.
  3. What Pre amps do you have in your rack Owen?
  4. Or maybe a REDDI instead with an XLR splitter cable. One into the power amp, and one in case I need the DI function
  5. A quite expensive pedal, but I’ve pretty much emptied my board, now I’m playing in a soul band. So got a few funds. Unsure if it’s just an extravagance or not, but apart from some good reviews, yet to find a bass review on YouTube.
  6. These look really nice . Been checking the net about this one - the same as The Brick that followed it . The Brick added a Mic 'in' - that's the only difference . This will also drive a power amp directly I believe . Almost half tempted by this , as can never seem to find a Khan DI up for sale . GLWTS
  7. Are you still rolling with that lovely Aguilar DB680?
  8. Not much info on these on Basschat - apart from a random sale a while ago . I like what the Diamond does as an always on compressor - I'm using it more of as a tone enhancer really . The Effectrode PC-2A is in a similar vein I suppose , and was thinking of one of those - or maybe go the full hog with the LA-1A . Though a fair bit more pricey . Have any one of you lovely peeps had a play around with either? Paul
  9. Tech 21 Q strip isn’t flavoured at all. I had one for a bit (as I have many pedals), and only sold it as I didn’t really need it. It’s like a recording console string in pedal format really. Loads of YouTube clips with these
  10. The Gallery’s web site isn’t very good. If you select ‘in stock’ basses, there’s still loads that pop up marked up as sold. I bought a second hand Berg cab off of them around two years ago, and it was still on their site as available a year later
  11. These are as good as anything 3 times the price really. Alas, I’m spent out at the moment. GLWTS
  12. They’re about 600 ish normally. Which for what they are, represent great value for money. I saw that Stingray, and others on EBay. Definitely some optimistic pricing
  13. Just went to check it out , did a search , and saw a Status Groove up for 1.5K - sort of Status Stingray , if you will . Some people's asking prices , as you say , are mental .
  14. After playing 4’s for 35 years, the 19mm on the Dingwall is really nice, but even after a year, I’m still occasionally stumbling when string crossing. So the Modulus is like ‘proper’ 4 string spacing. I’ll see how I get on he he
  15. Yep is really good. Got the East uni Pre I think. 3 stacked knobs- vol/blend, bass/mid, and mid/freq. Then passive tone with pull passive overall. Then two 4 position knobs/ one for each pickup- combinations of front and back coils, and series/parallel. So everything could ever want and more. Think the guy got the Norstrand PU’s as a special build, to accommodate the 21.5 mm bridge spacing
  16. Had this for around 2 months now. Yet to gig it, as for the Soul band, the Dingwall 5P, is pretty much perfect for that. Got quite a few function band deps lined up for next year, so going to have a proper play around, as there is a massive amount of on board controls. So as of yet, I’m still playing around with it. Bought it off someone on here, and wasn’t cheap. Sold two MusicMans, a Framus, and loads of pedals, but it was totally worth it. 35” scale QW5 Modulus Quantum. They did two wide spacing ones- 19 and 21.5 mm. This ones the 21.5 mm. So basically their big standard 17mm 6 string neck, but with 5 strings. It’s really wide
  17. It's still here guys . One of you two requires some Fuzz/Phase action at Christmas - you know it makes sense .
  18. Will this likely be more down to the volume taper of the amp?
  19. Photo’s a bit blurry- sorry. And the profanity filter has some weird substitutions
  20. I’ve gigged quite a fair bit this year with the new Northern Soul band that started last year. Last night’s was a fosters poor turnout. Other bar (though all open plan as such), had a few, but we had maybe a handful. A few ventured in for a dance then went back. We were offered the chance before we started to get paid the full amount and pack up, or play- our choice. We played, as thought, we may as well. Everyone seems to have either been scared witless unnecessarily, or they’re frightened of having their Christmas screwed up with the dreaded ping. I don’t post in the vaccine topic, lest I get into an argument- even though I’ve been tripled. The venue are really whizzed off- lockdown in all but name, but minus the furlough. Anyway, I digress. Last night’s rig
  21. Just got in people, from a late job. So I’ll message everyone tomorrow. Apologies for the delay Paul
  22. I see lots of messages guys. I’m tied up for the next couple of hours, so haven’t had the chance to read any of them yet. I’ll get back to you in a bit. Thanks
  23. The final pedals to go . Some I thought were dead , but turned out it was a faulty Voodoo lab lead . Only original box I have , is for the chorus . All will be well boxed , and all prices are for Recorded/Signed for Royal Mail delivery . SFX Burninator . One off Phaser/Fuzz built for someone . There's a video of this on Youtube , from the previous owner . £110 SFX Micro Fuzz . Only issue with this , is that the LED doesn't work . Everything else is OK . £45 Sold SFX Micro Headphone amplifier . Headphone out is 1/4 " , and AUX in is standard micro jack . £45 Sold SFX Micro Energizer . Sort of like Max's version of the Aphex pedal I reckon . Quite subtle , but a really nice 'slap stomp pedal' . £45 TC Electronic Corona mini chorus . £45 Sold Malekko E.Filter . £45 Sold IE Oxide . £65 Sold Crowther Audio Prunes and Custard . These are great , and a somewhat unique pedal . £110 Sold
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