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  1. Thanks Mike. I agree with the simplicity, but great range of sound and breadth of sound also. If I 'had a gig' going forward then I'd certainly be holding onto this and the BF Super 12 I'm selling in another thread.
  2. SOLD!!! so, as per my sale thread for my excellent HB R400 head; it is with an equally heavy heart that I put up for sale my MINT Barefaced Super Twelve (with silver cloth face). Again, having only owned this for just over a month, but with a severe lack of gigs on the horizon, it is a waste being sat in my office. The Super 12 really is a beast that weighs naff all! It also comes with a lovely Roqsolid padded cover. It pairs up wonderfully well with the R400 and anything I say just doesn't do it all justice!! Again, I'd totally prefer collection or a meet up within an hour of Wrexham - postage would likely be prohibitive cost wise, but PM and I can at least get a quote. Firm again on the price, but if you want the cab and the R400, then pm and we can discuss. https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/super-twelve.htm DIMENSIONS 30" H x 19.5" W x 13.5" D 76cm x 48cm x 34cm WEIGHT 40lbs/18kg (Super Twelve) 42lbs/19kg (Super Twelve T) BROADBAND SENSITIVITY 102dB - louder than many 4x10" cabs USABLE FREQUENCY RANGE 37Hz - 4kHz 37Hz - 22kHz (T) RECOMMENDED AMP POWER 150-1200W RMS MAX CONTINOUS BROADBAND SPL 130dB - Louder than most 4x10"s and many 4x12"s NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 4 ohms GRILL OPTIONS Black steel or silver cloth
  3. SOLD!! Hello all, so with a severe lack of gigs going forward, it is with a heavy heart that I put this absolute corker of an amp up for sale. I only bought it just over a month ago (from here) and have done 1 x 2 hr rehearsal and 1 gig, however, with no gigs or live 'action' remotely on the horizon, I have realised that this is a silly luxury to have sat at home. It's been paired with a wonderful Barefaced Super Twelve which is also for sale - see my other thread. I would consider selling them as a pair - pm for details. It is for sale for the amount I paid for it and I'm firm on that. I would totally prefer collection, or meet up within an hour of Wrexham / Chester - if you want postage then PM and we can discuss options. There's a tonne of info on the forum about these amps and they really are brilliant. If I had gigs and a regular band then there's no way I'd be selling. In summary - The preamp utilises three 12AX7 (ECC83) tubes A/B power supply based on an efficient toroidal transformer and large capacity electrolytic capacitors, delivering a powerful 400W into a 4ohm load. WxHxD: 375mm x 108mm x 315mm * Weight: 10.5kg input jack * MUTE switch * BRIGHT / DARK switch: Engaged: +3dB @ 100Hz, -3dB @ 750Hz, +2dB @ 10 kHz * DRIVE switch: (The DRIVE switch raises the level of the signal at the input stage by about 6dB – great for heavier genres, or for instruments with lower output). * INPUT GAIN: Using the INPUT GAIN, you can access a wide range of tones - from crystal clear to a fat, saturated harmonic crunch. 
 * BASS / TREBLE * CONTOUR: Introduces 0 to -12dB @ 1kHz * OUTPUT VOLUME * 3-state LED indicator: PROTECT / READY / LIMIT. * LINE OUT DI: a professional-quality DI, with PRE / POST gain and GROUND LIFT switches http://www.handbox.pl/R-400-MINI-HEAD-p142.html
  4. £180 delivered to UK mainland for this weekend. I'll withdraw from sale sun eve if no interest though as it'll make a decent spare amp if nothing else. Cheers.
  5. Last bump before I withdraw from sale and keep as a spare.......... any takers? I'll withdraw from sale sunday eve if no interest. cheers.
  6. if you were closer I'd make you an offer but I'm miles away!
  7. has this 'query' been answered and have the collective 'we' come to a satisfactory conclusion now?
  8. cheers!! Is the 'casa' in your U/N in reference to the restaurant / Venue near Brighouse?
  9. So, after 15 months of not playing a gig or anything, I have woken up to a message from my old function band saying they need me to dep on sat night. Think it's a wedding and think its relatively local. Hope the suit still fits after lockdown! Rehearsal tonight - set looks like all stuff I 'used to know' in a previous life, so a run through of 35 odd songs tonight. Keys shoudl be fine and hope the old grey matter kicks in with forms and arrangements, so just need to play some bass today and tomorrow! I literally haven't touched a bass since early December and haven't' played a gig in well over a year. Should be fun and I'm well looking fwd to it...... Only trouble is that I don't have a bass rig anymore, having sold it off due to covid and redundancy! Now need to make some "can I borrow your rig" calls to some pals!!
  10. one of my favourites for years. Tone, groove, sound, everything. How to play in a band.
  11. Had few Q's PM'd - to be clear, I bought this as a spare head just before the 1st Covid lockdown in March 2020. Its has been out of the box twice - once when i bought and powered it up. It's never had a single note played through it! I feel a bit like Nigel in Spinal Tap - "she can't be played..........you've seen enough of that one" The 2nd time was to take the pics. It has never left my home, never used and comes with ALL of the original packaging and 'bits'. It is 'as new'. Hope that clarifies the Q's.
  12. For me: Jamerson Babbitt Macca JPJ Andy Fraser Carol Kaye Yolanda Charles (as a 15 year old, I 'got onto' her as a player after buying Paul Weller's 'Stanley Road') Damon Minchella - I was into OCS as a teen also and listened to Damon's playing a lot Willie Weeks Pino Duck Dunn Now I really like Jamaero Artis and Sharay Reed also and well as Mr Dart too. Countless others too I'm sure indirectly - Glenn Hughes springs to mind.....
  13. Yeah, all great players. Owain the guitarist and I were in our first band together in the late 90's for a few years. He's stinky poo hot to be fair. We're still in touch. He went off to ACM Guildford but is now back local.
  14. Love Stravinsky and also this.... My mate is the guitarist in this band - not a massive fan of this style generally but I totally respect the skills and playing chops etc....
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