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  1. My first owned stingray was a defret with flats. I saw them on you tube still sounding like stingrays, still able to be slapped, mine sounded like crap. I was going to sell it but gave it one last chance with a refret and rounds. When it came back it was all there that lovely tone. My advice, stick flats on your stingray for a few months then go back to a new set of rounds and see what happens.
  2. If that was a fender the roadworn would add a grand to the price 😂🤣
  3. Was just about to link that 😂🤣
  4. It will be vague, depending on the kind of gig, the time of year (think Christmas) and also the vocalists (male/female) range and capability. ask for a set list and keys to be played in and learn quickly 😂🤣 As said above scour function band set lists and see what crops up regularly learn those well and if necessary wing the rest
  5. How may wraps around the tuning post has the strings got and how loose or easy are the tuning pegs to turn?
  6. You sir are (say it with me) ‘an addict’ 😂🤣
  7. Have you looked at the Cap value in the bass? Personally I’ve never changed one as I like the the dark flub I get from my 63 (it’s got a .1) A 0.047 will brighten it up apparently, maybe worth exploring.
  8. I’ve seen that brand and model somewhere, it will come to me, it’s damn fugly so I passed it by at the time
  9. I’m sure to every other bassist you make them sound like a stingray 😄
  10. Maybe it was a statement rather than an entertainment choice 😂🤣
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