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  1. Nathan Navarro, he’s a session player and has a few albums out. He also promotes and produces content for a host of manufacturers. “Fender, Peavey, Ernie Ball, Spector, Warwick, Thomann, ESP, Kiesel, Dingwall, NS Design, Mayones, Jim Dunlop, Source Audio, Electro-Harmonix, Eventide, Darkglass, Boss, Genzler Amplification, and others.” from his bio. Great all round player not just slap.
  2. I get this all the time usually a song or tune that I don’t like that was on in the background or something ridiculous like an advert.
  3. Teachin lil Ricky a lesson - Funeral party
  4. These guys have toured the world playing covers a little differently.
  5. Theres also some great early Spectors
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