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  1. Went on a trip up north today to see Paul, we talked, we haggled, we played some bass and tried some cabs. I got a beautiful 63 P and a rather Punk 75 Ripper. The Bass chat gods are satisfied again. cheers Paul 🍻
  2. Good to see you again Paul. Never thought I’d be without a wal again but they’re too good to be kept in cases. Needs must and the need is Motown and Soul atm. The Grabber might be a little more punk but the Precision was calling 😄 The Bag Ends are set back up and I’m going to get my ‘Duck Dunn’ on
  3. Bunion

    Compressor pedal

    You say that nowwwww… you’ll end up with an empress, Cali76 or a Fea opti fet 🤣😂
  4. Eh munde pagel ne saare - Jaspreen Singh kathpal
  5. 31 years and I still listen to that album regularly 😄
  6. 9k for a pedal and they’re still charging £46 for shipping 🤣😂 damn cheapskates
  7. I’ve seen those before most are over £5000 plenty of cheap clones about though
  8. I work with a young lad who’d never heard of Freddie mercury, we couldn’t believe it until we worked out he’d died before the lad was born. we felt old…
  9. So this is lending it to a non entity, what if a famous bass player put out a call for a bass in your local area and you happened to see it. let’s say Victor Wooten, flea (maybe not flea he’d smack the stinky poo out of it 😂🤣) or Paul turner?
  10. Why not explain your feelings on lending out a bass you love, worth a few thousand pounds, your friend has a band he will understand the costs and sentimentality involved with musicians and certain possessions. Suggest he hires something for the guy flying in. There are a plethora of places around the country that provide this service. better still offer to Dep and play that gig yourself 😄
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