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  1. I used an SWR Goliath 410/Big Ben 118 combo years ago with an Ampeg SVT II Pro in a pub, Tiny PA for vocals I was told the bass lines on one gig nearly made one girl puke. I was oblivious to this at the time but I was quite chuffed when I was told after. Different times…
  2. He’s talking about the saddles not the nut
  3. They also have Taylor Hawkins from the foo fighters when Dave grohl is actually a far better drummer 😂🤣
  4. Didn’t Leo fender collect business cards from people to save money on shimming the necks from the factory?
  5. I removed a shim from the back of a neck heel the other day. yes the back of it, the action was high enough to limbo under, a bloody slab of wood, for the life of me I can’t understand the logic. But apparently performed by a tour technician. I could see the gap at the back instantly, I thought the bolts had pulled loose and the string tension was ripping the neck free. The guy loves his bass again now he was having difficulties with it apparently…
  6. Meh, this is why I steer clear 😂🤣 I’m obviously the best player especially after a beer or two
  7. In that case the beach boys who also sold 100 million + records but most often relied on session players to record the actual records should also be number 1 well actually carol Kaye maybe who actually recorded a lot of the bass lines
  8. The band as a group have sold 100 million records, I’m not knocking him I always thought him a good bass player but put him on his own releasing bass heavy albums and he wouldn’t have the title.
  9. Maybe these should be renamed top ten most popular bassists of this moment or top ten bass players of bands you particularly like at the moment
  10. I never really get involved or pay heed to these lists. what’s a best player? Someone who can play faster than everyone else, someone who plays on more records or someone who has the best bass face? we all continue to learn and grow but I think there’s a point where it comes down to taste and style of the voter non of whom holds the same opinion as the next man in the 1-10 list
  11. Looks like motor oil rubbed into the wood 😂🤣
  12. So, I purchased a stingray fretless a good time ago and it came with TI flats, I swapped them out for rounds and tucked the flats away. After a lengthy search I’ve dug them out and put them on the Cutlass. A quick fiddle with the setup and a few noodles I’m still not convinced but I’ll leave them on for a few weeks and see what the fuss is about I may just need to get used to the different sound/tone but I’m not holding my breath 😑
  13. If you can hear them talking your not playing loud enough to make peoples ears bleed…
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Lovely bass, not my style but congratulations on the win. GLWTS 👍🏻
  16. Not had a problem with any of mine including the Modulus FU which is 18v
  17. Purchased some leads off Martyn arrived swiftly and a great guy to deal with
  18. And who could forget “the devil” in the film pick of destiny 😄
  19. That should be sent to me too…
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