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  1. This. It takes time and experience. You start from guidelines measurements and then move a little, esperiment for a white, liste etc... hopefully with time you'll discover your "magic numbers" and you'll stick to them. I do.
  2. Gold info here. I respectfully disagree with people who do setups exclusively by feel. Simply because we (and especially experienced players) easily adapt. Numbers are good.
  3. Very nice playing and sweet bass... do you mind sharing what strings brand/gauge you were using on the first video?
  4. I was wondering why it has the trussrod adjustment at the heel and also the trussrod channel routed at the headstock... Edit: my bad.... it isn't an actual route... I've see that on clearer pictures of a 79 on sale elsewhere...
  5. I don't have a CS or a vintage Fender to trade, nor the money needed if you ever decide to sell but let me tell you that this is the epitome of coolness! Nice playing, sir, and have a free bump!
  6. And, yes, the action on this baby could go as low as 1 millimeter...
  7. A drop of Alembic polish juice and a quick microfiber cloth swipe let the black really shine .. you could see the reflection of me taking the picture 😂
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