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  1. Feedback for bipbip62

    Hugues bought my Ken Smith bass. Nice, fast and direct communication. I highly recommend anyone to make business with him. Truly a AAAAA++++++ guy to deal with.
  2. SOLD! 87 Ken Smith BT6 - NEW PRICE

    On hold, pending payment.
  3. SOLD! 87 Ken Smith BT6 - NEW PRICE

    I've actually had a talk with a pro seller about the correct evaluation of this bass. Given the cosmetics I'm actually putting this up for sale again at 2200 GBP. Again, everything on the bass is totally functioning. The sound is killer and playability is top notch. Here's your chance of owning a vintage Ken Smith at a bargain price. Worth mentioning that for the next week or so the bass is in the UK so shipment for british guys (and gals) would be very convenient.
  4. SOLD! 87 Ken Smith BT6 - NEW PRICE

    Would discuss trades with cash adjustments as needed with the following: AVRI Fender P basses Roadworn P or J basses Vintage P basses
  5. SOLD*** Alembic Essence 5 ***SOLD

    Had one of these. Stunning basses.
  6. SOLD! 87 Ken Smith BT6 - NEW PRICE

    Still available. Realized the post lacked of a decent front pic of the beauty. Here it is... [attachment=253583:87 smith bt6.jpg]
  7. SOLD! 87 Ken Smith BT6 - NEW PRICE

    Thanks. Yes it is.
  8. ***PRICE IS 2200 GBP*** Very reluctant sale but I'm probably a 4 string guy. Up for sale is my 1987 Ken Smith BT6. Five piece neck-through with tiger maple body wings and ebony fingerboard. The bass shows it has been played and for a reason: it's very resonant and have a deep, organic voice as you would expect from a 30 year vintage piece of art in the form of a musical instrument. The lacquer finish has gone from the rear of the neck making it the fastest smoothest and comfortable neck I've ever played. There are spots where the wood has worn, most noticeably in the "slap and pop" area under the C string, over the bridge pickup where the thumb rests and in the upper body area where the plucking arm rests. Nics and dings as you would expect from a bass that's being enjoyed for more than 30 years. Everything is perfectly functional, pickups, preamp, trussrod, tuners, bridge saddles etc. Setup with a very nice low action. Weight is 11 lbs/5 kgs and it comes in a Hiscox case. PRICE IS NOW GBP 2200 Eye candy: [attachment=252999:bt6_zpsc4312n5u.jpg] [attachment=253000:20170311_160018_zpscszmsg4n.jpg] [attachment=253001:20170311_160044_zpsod5gku0r.jpg] [attachment=253002:20170311_160050_zps8cmv8ktg.jpg] [attachment=253003:bt6backbis_zpsvqlfbnxg.jpg]
  9. Ken Smith BT6 Ebony Top

    Have one of these with solid tiger maple body wings. Stellar basses. The macassar ebony top is really gorgeous. Price is ridicolous for the bass you get. Have a free bump.
  10. Hey Giazonne! I've solved those back problems (incredible: that was a posture problem aggravated by...right hand plucking technique!) so you know I had to satisfy my itch for a BT6!!! [quote name='Giazonne Reyes' timestamp='1489452017' post='3257128'] Nice one Michele - glad you found one in the end! I wanted to get up to Camden to check this one out, but this time you beat me to it!! Post some clips of how it sounds if you get time... Best wishes and congratulations! [/quote]
  11. Thanks Paul, this wouldn't have happened without you buying my Yammy! [quote name='Paulhauser' timestamp='1489435545' post='3256932'] Nice find Michele, have many happy hours with it! [/quote]
  12. No, I bought it unseen. The brand and the seller gave me confidence...
  13. [quote name='obi 2 kenobi' timestamp='1489353591' post='3256334'] V nice. Is this the one at the bass gallery ? [/quote] Yes indeed.