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  1. Just traded amps with Colin, great guy to deal with, honest & trustworthy, kept me informed all the way of shipping, packing etc, even sent photos, his GK arrived with me so well packaged, great wee amp, so we're both happy chappies, till next time when GAS bites again.....
  2. cheers for the name dropping bump TheGreek....😍
  3. Hi, Haven't thought about one of them, is that the silver one or black one? Cheers Mark
  4. Selling this on for what I paid for it, decided I don't need a delay, lights up all nice n that, draws 100mA approx on a pedal board. Only tested so effectively brand new, one on Amazon at £150!! £55 inc UK shipping Deep Space Delay with Tails, Chorus, TrueByPass and Expression Input (Delay) Deep Space Chorus and Delay with Tails has a master Stomp switch which enables to be switched to True ByPass when pedal not required and 2 SoftTouch switches one for Delay with Tails and the other for the lush rich Chorus. Rate LED has pulsing glow and when in TrueByPass. Delay has soft touch bypass which enables the echo’s to finish and sound more natural. The Chorus has a rich lush 12 string feel and can be switched in or out, again with soft touch switching. The Buffer is there to accommodate the Tails for the Delay but is also useful as a Buffer even without the Delay or Chorus. However, you can simply switch to TrueByPass if you want too! (Standard Stomp Switch, centred) You can also get some really spacie and freaky sounds with the passive Expression input. I used a Passive Moog EP-3 Universal Expression Pedal to test. So you have it......THREE pedals in one where you can mix and match chorus with delay or each on their own or simply use the buffer to drive your signal through other pedals a must if you have more than one pedal on your board! So lots of choice and great addition to your crowded pedalboard. Pedalboard power supply strongly recommended
  5. Another deal done with this superb guy, tomas bought my decibel 11 power supply, paid straight off, bit of a delay with hermes shipping but there was no yapping or moaning, he's local to me and that makes a big difference when you're isolated in Norn Iron away from mainland UK, great guy to deal with, have no hesitation in doing so, Thanks Again, Mark
  6. Just bought a Roland UM 1 USB MIDI Interface from Andy, great guy to deal with, excellent communications, extremely quick and secure shipping, arrived in record time, have no hesitation in dealing with this excellent chap.....
  7. all the modern player series were Chinese made as far as I know vz7, they're really solid too, reminiscent of the Made in Japan models...
  8. I kinda have to agree....nothing wrong with comments related to the sale of an item...bumps interest...involves discussion within a sale interest....nowt off topic i can see....lighten up.....
  9. Would take this off your hands Higgie if I can shift my MarkBass Ninja head...let me know if you know anyone who's after a MB....
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