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  1. Hi alyctes, It's 5cm wide at the nut, 7cm at the octave, 3cm depth at both. Just a bit wide for my small hands, it's bigger than my Yamaha, hence the sale, I would say it's about the same as a Fender 5 string, maybe the neck is a touch slimmer, but is the reason why I don't go for Fender 5's anymore. It's up on Ebay at the moment at a slightly cheaper start price or if you're after it now still available at the price quoted, Cheers Mark
  2. Go on do it Gaucho 5. tis a real beauty and the neck is really smooth, practically brand new for the price!!!!
  3. Up for sale is an almost Brand New Sire Fretless 5 String in beautiful Sherwood Green. ACTIVE & PASSIVE with a huge 18v preamp. I bought this recently from ebay but the neck is too big for my small hands so am gonna stick with my Yamaha 5 string, which the Sire was gonna replace. It's pretty much pristine, the person I bought it from got it from Andertons for about £569ish and I don't think they ever used it. I say it's pristine, however, there's a small blemish on the underside of the body, it also has drill hole(s) for the pickup cover, but bizarrely there's a drill hole on the top side of the body, this could've been sold as a second, not sure, anyway, they're all pictured and I don't believe they detract from this beauty in anyway. Comes with Flatwounds which I can assume are stock Included is the bridge cover and I have some aged white block inlay stickers on order from America which will be included if required (the stand in the pic isn't included) there's also no gig bag as it didn't come with one but have all the original box which is very secure for shipping. PRICE IS £460 INC UK ONLY SHIPPING, COULD BE OPEN TO OFFERS BUT IT'S A GREAT PRICE FOR A NEAR NEW BASS. PRICE DROP £410 INC UK SHIPPING.......FOR QUICK SALE, C'MON GRAB A BARGAIN....................... here's the link to Andertons for the original price. https://www.andertons.co.uk/brands/sire/sire-fretless-basses/sire-version-2-fretless-marcus-miller-v7-swamp-ash-5-string-sherwood-green TECHNICAL BLURB Sire Marcus Miller V7 basses sound better and play smoother than ever before in the 2nd Gen range. The flagship V7 has been kitted out with two advanced single coil pickups bearing a full set of EQ controls, allowing you to mould your perfect personalised tone. Other upgrades can be found made to the neck and fretboard for a new, premium feel. New features The focus of the upgrade has been to improve the overall sound quality and playing comfort of the V7. Marcus Miller worked alongside Sire to redesign the pickups with stronger magnets and coils to deliver a cleaner, deeper tonal palette. Sire have also overhauled the neck design. The V7 now features an extremely comfortable rolled edge fretboard, which you'd usually only find on high-end basses. Neck radius has been extended to 9.5-inches and fretted models are adorned with new medium frets, making for a quicker and more accurate playing experience. The gloss neck coating has been replaced with a much classier satin finish. Its only cosmetic change is to the pickguard, which is also installed on five-string basses as well as four-string variants. Construction Sire like to mix and match woods. The V7 is made of either a well-balanced alder or a slightly brighter swamp ash body. A hard maple neck offers excellent stability and is topped by either a maple or ebony fingerboard. History of Sire Marcus Miller Basses Sire build the now-famous Marcus Miller basses. Marcus Miller is a world-renowned jazz and funk bassist with some of the best bass chops on the planet. He's worked with Sire instruments to make affordable basses - but far exceed their price point in terms of feel, style and above all, sound. How do they do this? Unlike a lot of other guitar companies that outsource their work, Sire own the factory where their basses are built. This means more efficient production and full control over the quality of instrument from start to finish. Sire instruments are doing the world a bit of good by taking a share of corporate profits and giving back to society. They founded schools in Cambodia and Laos to teach children’s music lessons. Specifications Body Body Material: Swamp Ash / North American Alder Pickguard: Ivory Pearl / Tortoise Neck Neck Material: 1 Piece Hard Maple Neck Shape: C-Shape Scale: 34” Fingerboard: Hard Maple / Ebony Fingerboard Radius: 9.5” Frets: Medium, 20 Frets String Nut: Natural Bone Inlay: WH Pearloid Block Neck Joint: 4 Bolt Steel Square Plate Electronics Pickups: Marcus Super Jazz Advanced Electronics: Marcus Heritage - 3 with Middle-Frequency Control Controls: Volume / Tone (Dual Pot), Pickup Blender, Treble, Middle / Middle Frequency (Dual Pot), Bass, Mini Toggle (Active / Passive ) Hardware Knobs: Jazz Type Black Plastic Bridge: Heavy Mass Standard Tuning Gear: Premium Open-Gear Hardware Finish: Chrome
  4. this thread has got way too tech-nickel, not seen the Korg G5 before but looks good, but the SY-1 does all that in a COMPACT PEDAL, just missing a few tricks, but begs the question why does the SY-1 make SYNTH so easy on Bass compared to anything else, just a hint to Panda Audio as I believe if Roland/Boss can cram this into a neat(er) package so must they be able to????......
  5. in Liverpool they call it tracky bottoms, just goes to show the wonder of language, and indeed science......
  6. wow Al Krow, that's quite involved, must have a tinker when I get my fretless sire 5 string....
  7. It draws 85mA from a power brick said Boss when I asked them so looks like I'll have to use it with my T-Rex Chameleon......
  8. tis a thing of beauty, wonder how it compares to the older boss silver box synth, that didn't get great reviews if I remember rightly, hence why I never indulged
  9. Thanks for sharing Al, I'll have another mess around with the SY-1 soon, again hope to use it for the cover band to do some of them 80's tunes I keep yapping on about so all settings will be pointing that way...
  10. As mentioned Rollin Thunder it is awesome, but so is the F1, the boss is a neat, smaller unit which fits on your pedal board well. There's a couple of you tube videos that go through each individual sound so you know what it can offer, each variation can be tweaked further with the tone & depth dial, although many are very similar variations of the rest, it's the tracking that's killer on this, even my sloppy play is forgiven whereas on the F1 it wasn't......
  11. Well, I decided to take the plunge and get this....and.....it's f****n great. I love Boss pedals, always have, love their little footprint & design. I've been after a decent Synth pedal for a good while. Had a dalliance with the Future Impact & the EHX Bass Mono Synth and for me this SY-1 pisses over both of them. Don't want to diss the F1, will diss that heap of junk which is the EHX, but this thing tracks better than any I've ever used. The downside is the limitation of sounds over the F1, if the F1 tracked anywhere near as good as this then that would be the obvious choice, it of course may be down to the sounds that the F1 has over the SY-1 that may be the tracking situ, don't know, but the SY-1 has some very, very workable sounds. For me, my target sounds have always been 80's pop, think of all the great synth bass sounds their have been Whitney Houston, Gary Numan, Chaka Khan to name countless others, I haven't delved into emulating Night Shift by The Commodores yet but that's up soon. This wee boyo can handle your Muse type indulgences too, along with more modernistic & experimental tones. So I'd recommend it for those who are looking at this avenue, I'd guess that if it sells well then in a couple of years you'll see a new stomp box with a few more varied sounds and that all important 5-10 preset scenario.
  12. Hi,

    Interested in your Ibanez 5 String Fretless, what's your best price inc UK shipping,

    Cheers, Mark


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