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  1. Hi Lozz, couldn't resist the temptation to get back into the ABM600 EVO-IV family then! I'm still really enjoying the one I bought from your goodself - it's probably the best amp that I have played through, (and there has been quite a few). Enjoy the new rig!
  2. Thanks all for the glowing reports! I've now gone ahead and placed an order for the 4knob, 3 band pre - very much looking forward to installing it and giving it a test drive
  3. Hi, I believe that the original standard 3 band eq in my Stingray has given up the ghost so I was looking for recommendations for a replacement that will drop straight in - I see that both Seymour Duncan and John East offer a couple of options. Which of these would people recommend and are there any others that I should consider? Ideally, the chosen one should be an easy DIY fit and sound as good as the original pre, if not better. I play mainly rock and pop style music. Thanks in advance.
  4. Just picked up said ABM600 from Lozz, (socially distanced but good chat by the way!), and had a quick chance to put it through it's paces, (Barefaced BB2 & Yamaha ATT2) - Wow! some really great sounds right out of the box and the thing "pumps". Thanks Lozz, thoroughly nice chap, great amp in great condition
  5. Thanks for everyone's thoughts on this - Sounds like there is a clear winner
  6. Hi, might be in the market for an Ashdown ABM head and was wondering whether the ABM 600 is worth the extra cash over an ABM 500? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated
  7. Hi, bit of a long shot but I was wondering whether there was a kind soul out there near Salisbury in Wiltshire with BB2 that I could come and have a go through to A/B it with my One10's. I'm thinking of getting hold of a BB2 so would like to try one out and have a chat wrt your experiences.
  8. Hi Mike, that sounds like a great idea - given that, I live up near Stonehenge and I see that you are in Somerset, whereabouts roughly?
  9. Hi Lozz, that's interesting as that's the sort of tone that I am after - I currently run a MB LMII into a Berg 2x10, so I'm looking for a similar set-up but in a lighter package.
  10. Hi Guys, thinking of pulling the trigger on either a Barefaced Two 10 or 2 x One 10's - appreciate any thoughts that you may have on the subject. For reference, I play in a 3 piece rock covers band, (drummer is fairly loud), and I like to have a more "edgy" rock tone that I can hear. I play both finger & pic style and use a MB Little Mark amp. Btw, I also wear ear protection. Not looking to be stupidly loud, just nice defined bass tone that I / the audience can hear. Cheers.
  11. Jim has just bought my Orange OB1-500 - What a top bloke and Gentleman! Would highly recommend and happy to trade with him again Rich
  12. Still can't believe that this has not gone!
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