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  1. Every so often I see some really nice 4, and I eventually get one as 'I am sure I will play it'. I do for a while, but then ultimately I don't gig it, which means I end up not playing it, and then eventually I get rid of it.
  2. We have no NYE gig this year, as the singer has alternate years off. However, we have had many people ask us, including the place who we did last NYE who tried to book us last december.
  3. Woodinblack

    Boss SY-1

    Have you checked using someone elses browser that this isn't just actually directed at you personally? <checks> hmm.. 10 in stock unless you know fretmeister. how strange?
  4. Local big company christmas party, mostly call and counter staff (warehousing). Had to set up at 3 and then start at 8:30. Got there, found the place (which wasn't that hard it being haynes motor museum), stage was huge. The organisers could have been more helpful. Easy load in, easy setup. Sound check and everything sounds the clearest we have sounded in ages. Come back at 8, there are a lot of people there, and a lot of young women. Its safe to say it made me feel old enough to know that I would have never let my daughter out dressed like that Anyway, they also have a DJ. Do the first set, a bit of dancing, mostly the older ones, sort of went ok, not the most involved. Maybe need more drinks. Went for a break, came back, the dance floor is heaving to the sounds of loads of homogonised hits of the 70s-00s all with a constant thumping drum track. Almost felt guilty ruining their fun by coming back on, but decide to come back on to abba, as that is one of the bass drum overlaid songs they were listening to. Actually managed to keep the dance floor going with the more modern, dancey stuff, love machine, poker face, funky music, etc, all the way up to nearly the end when we did stop the cavalry which our guitarist and singer have been insisting on (they love christmas songs). Cleared the dance floor. So the last few songs were a bit quiet, then back to the DJ, and back to lines of barely dressed young women dancing to the macarana and such like on the stage while trying to set up. Normally I don't like breaking down while people are in the way, so that, but also, this was actually very distracting!
  5. No fretwork issues here, it I replaced the switch.
  6. Your lucky, my serial number only has 1 digit
  7. I have used it for over 3 hours, and it was still going, but I tend to just charge it before every practice, and it hasn't failed at any yet
  8. Woodinblack

    BOSS sy-1000

    Do you put the VB99 in your pants just to stop it getting scratched?? 😮
  9. This is true, although it should also not have the same sort of life as either!
  10. If all you want to do is play bass and lead lines, the bassstation is good (I have one). If you want to do chords, then obviously not (I also have a roland DI61 and blofeld). When I play live I use an iPad connected to a mcmillen 12 step, where I play chords (with my feet) for backing stuff), and sometime use my Yamaha Reface DX to play other lines on when we need keys. For bass, I always use a bass though, and if I want a synth bass, I use a bass with a synth pedal. If you have an iPad already, then what would give you the most flexability at the cheapest cost is a cheap master keyboard (and it can be small, the bassstation doesn't have many keys) and connect that to the iPad (they almost all have USB as well as midi, and they will connect with the apple USB connector). something like the G4M one: https://www.gear4music.com/Keyboards-and-Pianos/SubZero-CommandKey25-Universal-MIDI-Controller/221X means you can connect to something like the Moog Model D app (or model 15 if you are feeling brave), which gives you the same sounds you would get from a real model D, but 2.5k cheaper. That will give the biggest scope of what you can play and maybe that will let you know which way you want to go.
  11. Woodinblack

    BOSS sy-1000

    Yeh - I had a GR55 with a GK3B bass too, be interesting what this does, although probably a long way from considering one yet
  12. Woodinblack

    BOSS sy-1000

    The GP-10 doesn't work on the bass - ie, not just badly, it filters out frequencies of the low strings.
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