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  1. Not tonight, would have had a private party tomorrow, that would have been pretty good.
  2. hahah - I get that the other way round - 'but it only has 4 strings, you are not going to play that'
  3. If I am getting you right, that the effect is before logic pro, then there is no way that logic can strip the effect from the signal, because it never had the signal without the effect, so something is not going in right. Unless you mean the effect is within pro? Every time I record into logic I just record dry and put the effects in within logic. It gives you more flexibility, as long as you have the effect you need (but then I have helix native, so not short of one there).
  4. Oh go on, you know you are all stuck in the house, might as well pretend you are in front of a giant stack
  5. Lovely looking bass. If I didn't already have my glut of 5 string SRs I would be looking for something like that. But as it is, I am not short of a couple!
  6. Well, if you get the drummer to make a track, you can put a bassline on it and pass it round to the others in the band?
  7. Talked to smoothound, and for £20 they replaced all the metalwork (and the broken plastic cover I noticed, but didn't mention that) and posted it back to me. Its like new now, which is nice as I didn't but it new so it is the best it has ever been!
  8. We did it for a bit but luckily dropped it. It never sounded good
  9. Yep, 24 weeks.. oh as above. Its very slow, but deliberately so, it even has a lesson which is just playing one note and listening to the consistency and sound of that note as you play it etc. Covers pretty well everything
  10. I did the separate paid SBL Accelerator course, and that was very good, some of that stuff has stuck with me. I did also start the Gary Willis course, but that one wasn't for me, so I dropped out and got the refund
  11. Hit the neck to see if it is that. I had an Ibanez with a rattle in the neck. I was told that it was the truss rod, turned out it was a tuner had a rattle in it.
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