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  1. It is out - most uk sites are just over £2k now. I guess they don't want to sell any. And I am sure andertons will catch up, but not planning to buy any more anyway.
  2. January the 1st. I tried to book something via DPD on about the 8th of january and found they were no longer able to do deliveries from the EU to the UK. Sure. There is a Rickenbacker 4003s/5 in Thoman. https://www.thomann.de/gb/rickenbacker_4003s5_mbl.htm Hmm, gone up to £1379, it was £1350, obviously ex-vat but free postage, so with transfer fees the worse case is it will be £1750? Andertons.. lets see https://www.andertons.co.uk/rickenbacker-4003s5-5-string-bass-in-jetglo Yep, £3279. Yeh. Maybe I just need to win the lottery first!
  3. They weren't - they used to come by DPD who were great. They now can't come by DPD, they come by UPS, who aren't.
  4. Ahh - sorry, got the two requests mixed up. Depends on the year for the K5, assuming 2008/9 (as the bridge went black after that), The bridge is the 2BB1EB75AG, like this https://www.drumsetc.com/content/ibanez-eb7-5-string-bass-bridge-gold-2bb1eb75ag The tuners are actually just hipshot tuners, not ibanez, so normal gold hipshot L2R3, part is 2MH1CH223G, but they are just a hipshot, so go by size and the knobs are 4KB1JB20WB as used on almost all ibanezes with stacked knobs between 2005 - 2015. And I suspect the same as the current ehb, which would be easy to check as I have an EHB and an SR1000 which has them. https://www.meinlshop.de/en/ibanez/spare-parts/e-basses/potentiometer-knobs/ibanez-plastic-8mm-diameter-control-black-for-k5-and-selected-sr-models-4kb1jb20wb I have used them before, and they are good
  5. Yes, just looked for the 4KBB20WB-BK and 4KBB15B-BK combo, and nothing came up.
  6. The HB one is actually cheaper than a lot of the Aroma 07 kit direct from china. And has the advantage of not having aroma written on it! They do a nice dongle one though, the 05
  7. Thats what I was expecting (I asked on another thread about it). I was sort of tempted that they had the 4003s/5 rics for £1350 which even with the vat plus charge is quite good, but the hassle my wife has had getting her shipments through with UPS, its just not worth it
  8. Oh I hadn't even thought of that. I read somewhere (I assume here, not sure) that there was something in the wiring of certain models (including the 1605) which caused an oscillation with the power (as it uses a stereo plug). Shame - I love the form factor. I would probably still get one if they turned up cheap somewhere. I seem to have lost my cheap chinese thing that I used in the house. I can't remember what mine is set, it is on the Helix HX FX, and it is permanent on effect.
  9. I have said before I can feel the latency - just that it is not an issue live in my situation. Yes, I am refering to the amount of devices in the 2.4GHz range rather than the 5GHz Of course I am not. Indeed it is, so lets not bother. Hoorah, as it really sounded like someone was disputing that. Thanks. PS - whatever anyone wants to call it. Thanks
  10. I would have got one of those but there was some comments that it didn't work with some ibanezes and I couldn't find a confirmation whether it was true or not. Just that and the battery thing, although I am pretty sure you could hack them apart for that. I do have slap back delay on every track (as well as the original, just to thicken it up!)
  11. Oh don't mine me, just it has cropped up many times ine the last couple of weeks in all its its disnified forms, and yes It bugs me but I was just being a grumpy derrière about it, don't mine me, as you were!
  12. Which are identical if you are right in front of it, and also not calculable by human ear below certain frequencies. Do we? My speakers are on the floor, or at least below waist hight, so that is at least a meter in height, away, so I would say I almost always am over 1.7M away from my speaker cone. Where is the 3 times thing from? In a live context, using a smoothhound, a helix (based system), and IEM, I have never had an issue. Obviously not saying anyone would but my timing comes from my fingers rather than my ears, and any latency that may exist is almost certainly so trivial in the grand scheme of sound playing live that it has never worried me. Obviously at home it would but then I am not using wireless and IEM often at home, and its nothing compared to Rockband on the PC! So it comes down to, this looks like an interesting device but I find the sender a bit big.
  13. Why does everyone have to do some version of hallelujah?
  14. Depends on your IEM and your setup. A 10ms latency, yes, you could feel that, a low bass frequency? Even the G string takes 10ms to do a whole cycle, and in a live setting, no chance of noticing that. I assume you are refering to the whole band using IEM? Luckily it is just me and the singer that use them and it is for vocals. According to your list not, unless you want slower network. To me a delay is a delay, my ear doesn't know where it is from!
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