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  1. Well, yes, every time I have been offered the option it has been a puzzled 'why would I do that?'. I mean if it gets to the end of the listing and noone offered anything (I normally have an offer on it), then I will assume it is either too much or too uncommon and either list it again lower or not bother.
  2. They can. If you are selling something, the new thing (ie, the last time I sold something, I don't regularly sell) is eBay will give you a button saying 'Send an offer to your watchers to tempt them into buying, we recommend £nnn' which is probably some scaled value. So you dont' find out who your watchers are or get to talk to them, but you can send them like a group offer. And I don't think it is only watchers, I think there is a 'you looked at this, there is an offer on it' thing too
  3. The emails depend on what your mailing preferences are. I only get messages via email
  4. Can't help with a manual as I am not one for such things, but the metronome volume is in Preferences->Metronome!
  5. He still buys the fender cables because they replace them when they break and he doesn't see the faffing about in the middle of a song when the cable breaks of swapping the cables around and panicking as obviously enough of an issue to stop using them and buy something else. They did go with his amp though when he had the little fender that was yellow tweed, but now he is back to his orange (which is a shame, I am not so keen on the sound of that, but the fender kept losing its reverb). Its me who buys the ebay cables and am happy with their reliability. Not a cost thing at all, although they are a lot cheaper, I would get the ebay ones if they cost more than the fender ones, they are worth it. I agree, they look great which is why I bought them in the first place, but once something fails, thats it, I am not interested that they can be replaced free (my current one is crackling but I can't be bothered to get it replaced, it is home use only)
  6. Fly by night was the first Rush album I heard, I couldn't give a best, as I alternate between Signals, Permanent waves, Moving Pictures and power windows being the best, depending on my mood. If I am in the right mood, even 2112 and Farewell to kings get in there.
  7. Well, thats good, they certainly needed to, but as my guitarists replaced replaced replacement lead failed last year (after 4 months), I think I will stick with the ones from ebay that are cheaper and have never let me down.
  8. Moonmadness *is* their best album that is why, although Trick of the tail is genesis best album. They may, coincidentally be the first I heard too.
  9. I have one of those, except the right angle is red as it is a zero switch one. However, right angle sockets not so useful on Ibanez SRs! I think both of my regular backup giging ones (and practice ones) come from custom-lynx
  10. OK, now listened as a first run. Probably have to listen to it a few more times to get any of it to sink in. I like quite a lot of the music, and RW sounds good when talking, although his singing voice is very bad, and would be best not used. It would be good if he could get someone to do the singing for him (wonder if DG is available? ). You can see the threads running through from WYWH (not sure about animals, never could get on with that album so don't know it well), and some of it is very familiar (I think some of it may be too familiar). Overally, seems ok. Not really so depressing but can certainly see it as a final cut++ continuation. I suppose it depends on where you stand. If you see The Final Cut as a pink floyd album rather than a RW solo album (as many do) then yes, it is very floydy, and if they had continued in that lineup it is where they would have ended up. However, it is 40 years past the wall, and almost as far from final cut, It seems very stuck in that time, like not moved on much. I think floyd wouldn't have had as much success as they did in later years if they continued in this vein though.
  11. I think meddle is probably my favourite too.
  12. Is that the 'Is this the life we want?' album (at a brief browse?). I must admit to not having listened to any of his (their) solo stuff, so maybe I can put that on the list today too. Or am I just going to end up depressing myself?
  13. I haven't heard it for ages. I will put it on tomorrows playlist. Trouble is I listen to music on random most of the time. Once it decided to follow "The Hero’s Return" with Totos "Hold the line". Its safe to say it made the lyrics a bit messed up in my head: When we came back from the war The banners and flags hung on everyone's door We danced and we sang in the street and the church bells rang But burning in my heart The memory smoulders on Of the gunner's dying words on the intercom... <pause> It's not in the way that you hold me It's not in the way you say you care
  14. Not really, RW might be an derrière to work with but there is no doubt he is at least very talented with it.
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