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  1. Yes, but that has nothing to do with this thread, which is purely about the sale of this bass.
  2. This just popped up on Hot uk deals: Cort GB55JJ 5 String Bass Guitar In Seafoam Pearl Green £239.20 / Olympic White or Natural £263.20 Delivered Using Code @ Kenny's Music HUKDGB55 https://www.kennysmusic.co.uk/cort-gb55-jj-5-string-electric-bass-seafoam-pearl-green Seems a good deal. I was almost tempted and though, nah, trying to cut down. But if someone wants something basic, seems pretty good for under £240
  3. The SA2000s were impressive. Friend of mine is selling an SA800 which was briefly tempting.
  4. Those are literally the two on my main list for my new group. Except the I can't go for that is also the Ceelo Green one:
  5. The B string on a guitar is always out of tune, it is the main problem of a guitar!
  6. Just for reference, I have no idea who Jeff Berlin is, but I assume he is someone who can play quite fast!
  7. Got to have had a hard time at school with that
  8. Nope, every bass has its strap. Some of them are the generic ones though. and obviously there is a spare
  9. There is of course a bit of both. I was always in the 'I can never play hit me with your rythmn stick' because it is too fast for me. Turns out with a lot of playing slow and speeding up, I now can mostly play it. I am now sure I am hitting a physical limit but before that I was definately against a mental limit.
  10. Oh I was counting straps as consumables. I had to get a turquoise strap from the states, I mean, it is hard to get the right colour when you have a turquiose bass. In fairness, it was more than the effects pedals!
  11. Book finally turned up. Guess I have to try and get into it now!
  12. Pretty balanced here: Out: G&L 2500 Roland GAIA Chapman NS-Stick Gretch G220 Some effects pedals In: Shuker 6 String (and ready to go out again) Shuker 5 string some effects pedals of less value than the ones that went out In and then out: Ibanez EHB1505 (sent back, lost, ready for replace, none available got fed up chasing) Line 6 Helix So currently, I am actually up on this year for the first time ever
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