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  1. I looked into the bose L1s, and the option is either an underpowered expensive L1 Compact, or a more powerful and eye wateringly expensive L1 with some numbers afer it. However, on all the youtube PA videos I have seen in the last week, which is an awful lot, if you are not a singer songwriter playing acoustic guitar in a coffee shop who doesn't mind a lack of reverb, there is no comparison that the L1s win, unless you take money out of any equation. I would still like to hear them though - we played with a group that had the only L1 S2s with some of the B2 bass bins, and swore by them, although I still noticed the guitarist had a 4x12 cab with a marshal and the bassist had a 4x10 harkte with some large amp on it, so I guess they were just doing vocals and maybe bass drum.
  2. I have a backbeat so I don't miss the lows particularly (but then have to contend with the feedback). I have a bass cab to do the bass, the PA does everything else. Except when I take the sub then I put some bass through it. If I had a decent PA that could take everything I would be happy to not have the bass cabs, but not there yet. Or maybe I am - never tried it! Maybe if I got a column speaker to put the vocals through then the guitar / bass / drums could go through the rest of the PA.
  3. Me and the drummer in my band have IEMs. The singer dances round the front of the stage generally in front of the PA so can hear everything. The guitarist was complaining about the fact he couldn't hear the singer. He doesn't want to use IEMs.
  4. That wouldn't really help the audience unless you gave everyone some IEMs!
  5. I was sort of put off by a youtube video from a guy that hires PAs, pointing out that due to the length of the evox j8 head, only frequencies above 2.2k were beam formed, so frequencies between 800hz / 2.2k would be down over a distance as they don't get the directionality of the high frequencies, which obviously makes sense.
  6. The line arrays have an anti-feedback thing so they can be put on the back
  7. Not exactly big, but reading was the music festival, glastonbury was the hippie festival that also had the bikers and hippies that had come down from the stonehenge festival. The music part got more important in recent years.,
  8. But you can - in the way you can with any bass.
  9. I did think it was odd that the news said 'the end of the best glastonbury ever'. I would have thought the best glastonbury ever was in the thoughts of people who were going and their experiences, so it couldn't ever be 'the best'. I would say the best ever was 1983, and it actually couldn't be beaten as I won't ever be 18 again.
  10. Well, I went through another cycle of thinking about the evox. I almost bought one to try out, was going to get a b stock one from PMT (which they have priced pretty high, and had reduced their full stock and then increased again), but it was cracked and it didn't seem worth it. Then someone local was selling a pair for 1k, but sold them while I was out at a gig. Dithered too much, seems a lot of money. Then I spent last night lookng at the reviews of Maui 11 G2s.. But the thing that I am thinking of that with the 2xTS212s and the 12" bass sub, on sunday at the open air gig we had a great sound and that whole lot cost less than £500.
  11. You know, I watched some of the Diana Ross set, and considering mostly that she just shouts the words to music, I don't think that if you had been there, it would have been that bad at all. I mean I have some gigs that I thorougly enjoyed, and then listened to them on the Telly or youtube and they didn't sound that great, but there, they were fine. Plus, frankly if you have a totally clear head at a 4 day festival to analyse the quality of singers on a saturday night, what the hell are you doing at a festival?
  12. Often the case (especially christmas work do's), but the last two weddings we have done have gone down a storm, the wedding before last the bride danced for the whole 2.5 hours of our set, and she wasn't even the one who booked us.
  13. Yeh, I saw him there, and had a ticket to the next one but that got cancelled.
  14. I have done a few gigs where I think the audience would have been happier with the DJ, but this was one of the first where i really would have been happier with the DJ too! To be fair, the DJs were very helpful and friendly!
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