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  1. Woodinblack

    Is volume killing smaller gigs?

    Thats true, but I didn't say that. I said he was a good drummer apart from being too loud, which is different than from saying the dynamics. his dynamics are fine, its just that his overall volume is too high. If he had a quieter kit, he would be perfect. No, not that sort of too loud now, after him turning up all the time I got him to tilt his amp back and also he is miked up into the PA and fed back into his monitor (and I keep trying to persuade him to get in ears, although that might be easier now since his monitor died last gig and he couldn't hear the rest of the band). It is an appreciation of the level of a guitar in the band. he will go out the front, stand in front of the PA and decide he is too quiet in the mix, in relation to the vocals, and more specifically the saxaphone. In this case he believes he should be louder, but I don't feel that the guitar should dominate in a band like we are, and he is generally the same volume as the sax, as they do different leads. Of course, this could be that I am wrong and maybe he should be louder.
  2. Woodinblack

    Is volume killing smaller gigs?

    Our group is way too loud, the drummer is one of those 'its only fun playing it loud'. He is a good drummer apart from dynamics. So we turn up to match the drums. I do the sound in leu of anyone else doing it, so I set the sound up, and then the guitarist complains he can't be heard (when he is the loudest thing), it would be nice if someone else could do it, but there is noone to do so. We would certainly sound better if we were quieter, but I have tried a lot and it isn't going to happen, so I just have to accept that. I certainly wouldn't come and watch us at that volume!
  3. Woodinblack

    Who did you see live last?

    I was talking to them a few years ago when they were looking for a bass player, but sadly they got one just when I decided to go for it. Probably just as well, I don't have led fret markers. Or a status
  4. Woodinblack

    Is volume killing smaller gigs?

    Or to rephrase, the only valid use for an AC30 is playing stadia!
  5. Woodinblack

    Prep for audition/first meet

    Funny, I was listening to a thing on Genesis the other day, when Gabriel left they left an advert in Melody Maker with 'Wanted singer for Genesis type band'. I guess some bands do!
  6. Woodinblack

    How was your gig last night?

    But a UK cover band much longer. My specific cover band if we don't do 3 hours it is a short set!
  7. Woodinblack

    Fender '61 Flea Bass Woes

    Seeing as it is a recreation of how a jazz bass would be after 57 years, I would say there is a reasonable expectation that it would last at least half a century!
  8. Woodinblack

    Taking care of Cables

    If your lifetime warantee cable is made by that well known purveyor of Precision and Jazz basses, then yes, they are I assume meant to break, normally when you are playing live. Everyone I know who owns one has had it break, the guitarist in my last band, the replacement of his, the 3 replacements of my current guitarist (grrr) and mine. I keep mine at home, I certainly wouldn't gig with it. And I get very annoyed that our current guitarist does. My current cables (although I am generally wireless) were some I bought made with Vann Damme Cable and neutrik silent jack sockets from ebay, they are brilliant (and non expensive) and I wouldn't gig with anything else.
  9. Woodinblack

    Ten String ThunderBird (5x2 multicourse)

    Exactly the opposite with me on the neck width, but then I once a bass goes past 45mm overall at the nut or 17mm spacing at the bridge I have already lost it a bit!
  10. Woodinblack

    Ear meow meow? Really?

    At least the age range of 20-26 is pretty wide
  11. Woodinblack

    Ten String ThunderBird (5x2 multicourse)

    Yeh, the spector specs (great name that) says it is 39.5mm, and it was a nice neck on that bass.
  12. Woodinblack

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Well, yeh, we have that a lot, but our singer copes well with people. He is a people person. I am not, so I do worse on it. A few gigs ago there was one of the normal guys wanting high 5s or fist bumps with the singer, then he came up to me to do the same. Sorry mate, some part of me using 2 hands to play this thing which means I want to stop that to play your games?
  13. Woodinblack

    Ten String ThunderBird (5x2 multicourse)

    Obviously you know more about the construction of these things, but my dean is a 45mm nut, and the spector was quite a bit less. Also it had I believe a single truss rod. It was a better bass to play than the dean (but in my case 4 times the price so I didn't keep it, but maybe I should have).
  14. Woodinblack

    Who did you see live last?

    Mine neither, I only mentioned it if people were interested in seeing them. Which I must admit I might if they were down my way!
  15. Woodinblack

    Ten String ThunderBird (5x2 multicourse)

    You know they come as 8 strings don't you?