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  1. It went down to 195 then 178 just for the one day, then the next morning it was at 228.
  2. Oh that's nice, I spent ages looking for one of those last year before giving up and going a different route. GLWS!
  3. I got very tempted when they went back down to £178 last week, then it occurred to me I had a couple of amplifiers, the TC450 has never let me down so I don't really need a spare, and if I got one it would probably just stay in its box. Excellent price though!
  4. Would have to try it to see, it certainly looks good, but I would tend to do my editing on the computer mostly as I want the unit to be on the floor, and I am too old to be bending down all the time! I am sure it is good, but I think it is a different market at the moment. Or maybe the same market, but a different end of it.
  5. What are you supposed to do with a touch screen, take your shoes off? 😀
  6. If you read the thread you will see that the keyboard doesn't have pitch bend or modulation wheels
  7. How do you vary the pitch or mod changes - are they pressure sensitive so you more you press them the more mod / pitch you get?
  8. No I didn't. I meant I was looking for info about weight, and didn't find any, but in the process I found that video!
  9. I looked for the stats and found this video I hadn't seen before which has a lot of detail
  10. That one lacks both pitch bend and modulation wheel, which is what the OP wanted. There are a load of cheap controllers that have it htough
  11. Just got home from a splendid gig too. Not normally that busy but absolutely heaving by the end. A short one for us at just over 2 hours. I finally get to use my basschat cab now I have got a cover for it and it is magnificent. Strangely I have to turn down a bit, I assumed I would have to turn up, as it is 1 8r 1x12 and I normally play into 2 8r 1x12, but seems really loud. Very clear though. Great night.
  12. Be surprised then. Its got nothing to do with the app, it is down to the OS. "Bluetooth MIDI connections are bidirectional for Mac computers and iOS and iPadOS devices. For example, a Mac in the peripheral role and a Mac in the host role are both capable of sending and receiving MIDI data."
  13. I'd love a bass like that but I know its going to be a bit stinky poo (and its also a 4!)
  14. Bluetooth midi on iPhones is a standard and works very well with everything. If you have something that can use bluetooth midi it will work with any iPhone midi application, regardless of what its source is, the same with a mac. I don't know about the PC but would imagine it should be able to cope.
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