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  1. Woodinblack

    NBD: Bongo.. no.. wait?

    Took the wrongo to a gig the other day, did the first half of the gig with it. I had two comments, one was from the guitarist who was wondering what was wrong with the bass as it sounded bad, and one from a member of the public who said it looked really cool! I might try it again with proper strings, to see if it makes the difference. One thing I noticed, when I plugged it in at the gig it didn't work. I realised the battery was dead, the battery I put in when I got it. Thought that was odd, but I checked the power draw tonight. not only is it 2.2mA which seems a bit high, it doesn't switch off when you unplug the bass!
  2. Woodinblack

    Steinberg XT25 vs Hohner B2

    I have a Hohner B2 (no other letters, passive, twin humbuckers). It is red and tatty but it sounds pretty good and plays well. I don't really use it that often but I take it to every gig as a backup. Problem is that it is a 4 string and I realised that I play a 4 string so rarely that the other day when I tried I messed up quite a bit, so as a backup it is not so great! There are the occasional B2Vs around, but I keep forgetting and not getting them. However, a new XT25 is only just over 300 and as B2s go for 200, it isn't much to upgrade it. Some people say that the XTs are made pretty much the same as the B2s, and some people say they are not as good. Anyone got experience of whether there is a material difference (apart from the string count!) between the two?
  3. Woodinblack

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!! 08/04/2018

    Unfortunately I suspect for most that Saturday is a far busier day than sunday. For a lot of people Sunday is the only free day of the week.
  4. Woodinblack

    Bass Direct

    Had less luck here. Tried to buy an bass recently but after a couple of messages they didn't get back to me. On the plus side, it was a bit expensive and so I still have the money!
  5. No, it got swapped out for oak at the top of page 4
  6. Woodinblack

    Mensinger 5 string Caspar

    No probs.. both ideally. I am in yeovil - I go to Exeter quite often.
  7. Woodinblack

    Fireman - this could be the start of something.. umm..

    So many things in life are just designed to get in the way of what you want to do. The last two weekends we were away, this one i had 3 gigs! During the week I did get to do some sanding, all at 1200 after the colouring, and I found the joys of lintfull paper. If you rub it down with a paper towel, it only leaves lint where something catches it, so that is the bit that needs smoothing. I did all the final holes I needed for neck screws and jack socket. I messed up with the jack socket but luckily it didn't do any harm and didn't show. After having to go and get stuff I managed to put a coat of oil over everything. It looks a lot darker, I really like it, even the line down the back. Like this:
  8. Well, not that bad an idea, if you have the fibre optics then if the leds fail you don't have to take the neck apart to fix it. Just the issues of attaching the fibre optics through the neck (although fibre connections are pretty common for comms)
  9. Woodinblack

    Mensinger 5 string Caspar

    As I asked on the other thread (the ACG), what is your location and what is the string spacing please?
  10. Woodinblack

    Ibanez SR 1600 Premium

    Out of all my basses, my SR1605 is still my No1 bass, they are great things. GLWS
  11. Sounds great - I would be happy with side dot leds. I don't really like much on the fingerboard of a bass, it doesn't seem to have a point, but side dots are useful. My Maruszczyk has luminays but I never remember to charge them, so less useful then you would think. Leds though, that would work. Although I suspect I would just use individual leds.
  12. Woodinblack

    ACG Krell 5 string bass

  13. Woodinblack

    ACG Krell 5 string bass

    Lovely looking thing. What is the string spacing on this please? Also, some details of where you are might help
  14. Woodinblack

    Moog Taurus III - precisely what we didn't want?

    I suspect not, not straight from the 12 step anyway, I think it just sends two. if you connect it to the computer, it came with a load of python scripts to send whatever you wanted, though with a computer you could do what you wanted anyway .