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  1. Its not the website, it is the font. Which is crazy really - I guess this is because it is a google font, but it shouldn't be the job of a font to decide whether to change the baseline of a character, it should be the job of the software putting that font somewhere. OK, in this case I don't mind what it is doing, but it seems very bad that it does it!
  2. Surely the real question there is where can you get those trousers!
  3. My grandparents had a fiat 800 camper van when I was a kid. We used to have to get out if we were going up hill!
  4. Our singer wont have the quiet bits, and he does announce the songs, even if sometimes it is not the best description and other times just plain wrong (Although who could argue with, "This is one by the stones, its about painting stuff black") Maybe not just the song, but she was a hell of a frontwoman!
  5. So we do have something to thank them for after all!
  6. 1975-1996 1998-2021: The phil Collins years, 1996-1998: Amendum: the Ray Wilson years.
  7. TBH, I can't think how a band that had that many members all doing different songs would have any trouble with that!
  8. The beatles did shake and vac? Now my respect for them has gone up!
  9. Because I would pay to go and see someone like steve wilson play his songs live, but while I could appreciate someone doing a good version of the shake and vac advert, I wouldn't pay any money for it.
  10. So to put it in another way, if you walked into a shop where everything was free and you could have anything you want but never sell it so there were no value or financial concerns at all in play, would you not pick the 202x over the 102x?
  11. Not really interested in seeing some cover band do something exactly as the original, got a jukebox for that - I want to hear an interpretation. We tend to ska a lot of things up, but anyone who does their own interpretation is worth listening to. Our singer has no problem with the talking to people before and after the show, in fact even during its kind of hard to stop him, he is not a man for staying on stage!
  12. I have read that there are some issues with stripe being loaded, as it extends to beyond payments, and it causes a conflict with the security and cache in some browsers. Might be worth a clear of a cache in firefox to see if that helps.
  13. I only took a couple of pictures, then it was food time, then went to go and take more and found myself in the cab shootout! Its fair to say I didn't do much after the food!
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