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  1. Fretless bass - what would you recommend?

    They are ok, they work fine on that bass, not sparkling and angry, but that is not the right thing for a fretless anyway I guess. To be honest, I mostly use the piezo when I am playing it, gives a lovely sound. It is odd the layout on that bass, as it is like the normal ibanez pickups and then another thing tacked on, as you can blend between the front and back, but have separate volumes for the piezo and the coil pickups themselves, as well as separate tone for each. Very much like two completely separate parts to the same thing.
  2. Ibanez SRFF-805-BKS Bass Workshop Fan Fret

    Someone asked about marks, this is the only marks on it, the top of the headstock, where pretty well all of my basses are marked due to practicing in bowling alleys with low ceilings! Just a couple of marks along the top edge of the headstock.
  3. Cheap Leads

    Think I will just cut it off and start again!
  4. Cheap Leads

    We have had several gigs in a row and in the breakdown things have just got thrown in the bags, so everything was a bit disorganised. I thought I would sort the cables out and test them with the great behringer cable tester. A couple failed, a few were intermittent. Including on XLR cable I haven't used for a while, but remember it failed connecting stuff at a gig on a truck, and I forgot about it. Apparently shorted and intermittent. Took it apart to see what could be done: I guess I will check the other Snake cables I got from Thomann! (the soldering on the back pin was worse)
  5. Sample pedal

    Perfectly footswitchable if you have pointy shoes!
  6. Lovely Paisley Bass

    Love the paisley - hate the pickups!
  7. Maruszczyk Thunderbirds!!! (Phoenix)

    I prefer the L2500 headstock to any of the fender 5 string headstocks
  8. Separating the artist from the art

    Exactly, that is why they are separate to me, and I think because I am not interested in musicians as people all that much. I hear a song I like, I will track down more songs by the same artist, maybe buy the album. I don't really go into any detail in finding out anything about the person, and am not that interested in it. Obviously over time you hear stuff. At what point do you stop loving your favourite track when it turns out the artist is not that nice? On the other hand I have some friends who want to know everything about the artist and seem very interested. In fact, not even interested in them, but interested in their fame I guess.
  9. Maruszczyk Elwood L 5a Blueburst

    Oh that is rather beautiful - sadly not looking for one, but if I was, that would be up there!
  10. Reputation

    Every forum I have been on with reputation uses it that way - it tends to be a club to have the 'well, my opinion matters more than yours as I have a higher reputation'
  11. G&L L2500 Tribute

    I have one - it is the only thing with a neck that size I haven't got rid of as it has something. But I can't really compare to the Yamaha as I haven't played one of those!
  12. Separating the artist from the art

    For me I can separate them well, and never had an issue with. For my wife it is a lot harder as growing up hanging out with the groups in LA in the 80s there are quite a few of those people who she won't listen to and cant separate from their actions. There are some artists that can't be played in the house.
  13. Problems with my bass's wiring, please help!

    The Billy Sheehan bass wiring is on the net. There is a volume then a tone control, and a parallel tone bleed (to decrease the tone frequency) on one pickup going to a socket, and the other pickup just has volume and its own socket. So there is no tone cut on the P pickup, unless: There is a mono switch which shorts the sockets together. At that point the P Pickup has the same capacitance as the other pickup and the same tone cut. However, if you put them to separate amps you don't have that issue
  14. Problems with my bass's wiring, please help!

    Unfortunately on a passive bass wiring there is no way to do what you want. The capacitor moves the high frequencies down to earth when you bring it in line, but there is no difference between the high frequency from one pickup from one than the other - the capacitor is there regardless, it doesn't matter physically where you put it, only electrically. the only way you could do it is by putting a resistor in line with the pickup, but that would reduce volume badly and still let some tone bleed off.
  15. https://www.thomann.de/gb/alesis_multimix_4usb.htm?glp=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiA_5_QBRC9ARIsADVww16ogot-NDUHNavQ_4byljeWQ7ntnmXbLMwde1NNLMx7kwJu_VeleYIaAsufEALw_wcB Slightly smaller than the behringer 802