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  1. Woodinblack

    Aria- making a comeback?

    I am sure the yamahas are great (I have no doubt), but they are not the prettiest things are they, and that headstock is most certainly in the top ten ugliest. That white one, the stupidly expensive one, that looks better (and the white tones down the headstock), but that is a bit expensive. I think the arias (at least the 80s styled ones) win by quite a margin on looks
  2. Woodinblack

    You can only have........

    Honestly, I have over 10 basses and my only fretless is up for sale currently. I like playing it when I play it, but I really don't reach for it often, I never have an opportunity to gig it, and it gets less use than the 8 string. So I will go for two 5s. An expensive one and a cheap one. OK, they both technically do the same thing, but I can take the cheap one into pubs I won't take the expensive one!
  3. Woodinblack

    Spector Q5 Pro

    Black / purple would be nice (with more strings!)
  4. Woodinblack

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    we get asked for some very strange requests. We got asked for 'come on Eileen' at a party we were doing because it was a 'family song'. This was a private party where they had hired us, 6 months before. Maybe they could have mentioned that one at all. There are some songs we do now because they were requested, whether the requestee ever came back who knows.
  5. Woodinblack

    Epiphone Thunderbird Classic Pro IV

    Bumping. I would reduce the price but frankly, I am not too worried if this one doesn't sell!
  6. Woodinblack

    Spector Q5 Pro

    No offers? I guess I am not selling it well
  7. Woodinblack

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    There are several groups in the local area who are very good. It would be complete arrogance to say we could do it better than them. We are different, because we have different instruments and we play different songs, but the more we play the same thing, the less different we get. I am not interested in a race to mediocracy.
  8. Woodinblack

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    Well, yes, that is a different sort of thing. I am playing for my enjoyment. Yes, I get paid but it has no material effect on my welbeing or income. A job is different, you do whatever stinky poo is required. And if that was oasis, fine. Obviously if I was depping for someone and they wanted to do Oasis, then that would also be fine, or if I joined a group that already had one of their songs. Again yes. But I don't think it has that affect. The amount of times we are asked for things we don't do, and we don't rush out and do them. Agreed. But again, different from 'your' group.
  9. Woodinblack

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    Note also those are just red lined songs. There’s other songs like when we were going to do sex on fire, I said I didn’t want to do it, but the other 3 did so we did it, that is fair enough
  10. Woodinblack

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    Not had that, the only count in we do is poker face Yes, it seems perfectly reasonable. Have you never refused to do a song? A good third of the songs we play I don’t really like, and a couple I hate, but it’s all give and take. Oasis is out, slade Christmas songs are out, that’s it. There are a few songs that I was instrumental in dropping because they didn’t work, or we sounded bad doing them, and some others that the audience didn’t go for, and there are some songs I would like to do but the others aren’t keen. Luckily we are a covers band, there are many thousands of songs for us to choose from that aren’t in any of those groups. Frankly if we are just another band doing sex on fire / oasis etc, why come and see us rather than one of the 10 other bands on?
  11. Woodinblack

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    We have sex on fire and other awful songs for that. Ignoring that I really detest oasis songs, there is nothing worse than a pub crowd singing oasis to make leave a pub. So no, if gigging is playing that, I am happy to not do it
  12. Woodinblack

    Spector fans!?!

    I am not experienced, but I don't play mine. Just don't like the neck much and it is just never the one I want to play. I don't even know what I don't like about the neck, and I have no problem when playing it, I just never pick it up.
  13. Woodinblack

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    Yep - that is what I am happy to not be a part of!
  14. Woodinblack

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    We often get drunk people asking for Oasis, I am sure it irritates the others in the band that I won't do them.
  15. Woodinblack

    Hello from Phoenix, Arizona

    Welcome - I bet your winter in Pheonix feels different to the winters when you were growing up then