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  1. Indeed - although that mansons is technically different to the shop, owned by a different brother in the family (actually was, but now owned by Matt Belamy)
  2. You would think so the amount I seem to go through..
  3. There is a player, but doesn't do most of what musescore does
  4. I am of the same mind, I am not vegan, although my wife is, but yes, if you can do somethign with less harm that should be a no brainer. Most of my other straps are US, seems oddly that is more of a thing there, Couch straps and Denali
  5. Doesn't sound that much japan, can see a roxy music tilt, but still its own. That is Guy Pratt on that isn't it?
  6. Symphony pro? There is also staffpad, but that is non-ipad-level expensive!
  7. Note that not all of the right-on straps are vegan, they have a vegan range. I have a blue paisley one from them which is nice. Mansons have always been fairly helpful, although I am not sure I have ever bought from them, they are quite small.
  8. Their earlier stuff used the ICEpower 700ASC/X, which is a 700w amp, so maybe the same thing. it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere. Its feasable that if you want 900w and you can accept a THD of 20% then that amp could do it. Although they also make a 1000ASC, so maybe that Nope looking at the interior picture of the module it is a ICEpower700AS1 Talkbass image link Module: https://www.profusionplc.com/parts/icepower700as1
  9. So there isn't anything specific you know about it, just that you don't trust class D ratings. I just looked at the manual (oh, a 2R switch to reduce your output, that is a good idea) - It claims Maximum Power Output: 900 Watts RMS @ 4 (1khz full blast 2 min max) 20%THD Ignoring the 20%THD which seems a little large, that is a very specific claim that none of the other class d exagerated companies claim - 900W @ 1kHz continuous sound like a proper rating. I think that works better if it is an image rather than a link!
  10. So what is it? I assume they are saying 900 - what do you think it is. I hadn't seen anything to the contrary (not that I looked, or even cared that much, but interested now!)
  11. They are fairly well proportioned though - I mean the amp is only 35mm high in the case, I certainly wouldn't want the feet to be any higher than that.
  12. TC-Electronic had made the TC amps before their aquisition by music-tribe though, so not really their fault. I am not sure why they felt the need to put 2000 on it, its not like you are going to use that on an amp head anyway.
  13. Yes, negligable, I just wondered if they had started marking them with something other than 2000W now. I almost got one when thoman were being crazy about them (I think they got to under £200), but in the end I have enough amps, so it put me off. Hell of a deal though.
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