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  1. I had been thinking of getting a mustang too. Choice is green or white (or a lot more money for the vitera). The white would be nice but has a tort guard which I couldn't live with. The green is ok
  2. I hope not, that would make it unplayable for me. Whereas I don't mind them doing a sunburst as well, its got to be the worst colour so I am glad they have picked others, and to be fair, it is a 60s mustang and mustangs didn't really come in sunburst until the 70s. They did come in red though, which would have been nice to go with the green and white.
  3. Is that when you run the Line6 software updater or after you have tried to update it?
  4. My wife liked the grey one (I had an SRFF805) and it was ok, but this looks a lot better. I was never keen on the B string looking like it was coming off, but it didn't cause any problems in playing it. I remember trying a SRFF806 at one point thinking the neck was way too huge for me, and I suspect it is the same with this, but if you are a 6 string player, this is a must have I would think.
  5. Oh that is so much prettier than the grey ones.
  6. Woodinblack

    Boss SY-1

    I suspect if the £ does collapse over that time, they might decide to not honour the price. I suppose ordering it from Thoman or something might work for that. Or maybe just pay in yen up front
  7. Woodinblack

    Boss SY-1

    Dawsons say they expect it on 12/08/2019 So less than a month. But yes, currency might be plunging soon.
  8. Woodinblack

    Boss SY-1

    Damn that autocorrect!
  9. Woodinblack

    Boss SY-1

    I thought about pre-ordering mine. I figured Andersons had it at £175+£5 postage, Dawsons had it at £175 with free postage, or I could probably get a pre-owned Know one for about £150.. Tricky choice..
  10. Updated the HX Effects without problems, need to do native.
  11. Woodinblack

    Boss SY-1

    Yeh - that is the video I meant by 'the hairy guitar bloke that was really good on the sounds'! Probably would have been more helpful if I had posted it, but I was on another computer. He seemed impressed by it wasn't he!
  12. The Elwood L neck is so that the mass is reduced as the bodies are chambered it makes them more likely to neck dive with the inline headstocks and non ultralite tuners. Either way it is a fantastic price for a Maruszczyk
  13. Thats why I kept them all. I think I even have a disk for 10.6
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