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  1. They store in the fridge ok
  2. Had a great sunday afternoon outdoor tent gig at a local beauty spot, the start of the summer season, got 1.5 songs in and the guitarists amp crapped out (makes a change from the leads), so we had to stop. Someone in the village said that he had an amp and went to get it. So only a 15 minute delay. The rest of it went really well, and always a good sign if you get people dancing on a sunday afternoon. The place was heaving. Unsurprisingly, considering they don't pay much they said before that they would pay us £50 if it was busy, but apparently it wasn't busy enough (never seen it so busy). But that is what I assumed would happen. Still, loads of people came up afterwards for a chat, and got a few more likes and comments on FB than normal, so its pretty good.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. I would regardless of the price, I think he would get a larger audience if he appeared somewhere other than a golf club in Ormskirk!
  5. Beautiful colour, waiting / hoping this is going to come out in a 5 one year. I would love to get one but know it would end up unplayed as a 4. Work of art though.
  6. Local football club, but it was a bit of a pain as we had to wait for an award ceremony before we could start. God knows why people go to those things Anyway, the room was a total power suck, everything was way up, was seriously concerned the ashdown was going to run out of steam. It didn't though. Still, although it seemed quiet at the start, it was very busy and fairly rowdy. Not any hassle though just the large collection of drunk women dancing but no fights and not many people collapsing, which to be fair, there are worse things (and normally at this venue). Anyway, seemed to go down well, got the usual best group ever comments at the end, which is always nice even if you don't believe it! Onward and upward to our next event of the weekend, which is an outdoor one during the day, one of our favourites as it gives you a free night - light one this weekend, only 2 gigs!
  7. In the right voice, that sounds like the start of an action movie
  8. I probably will get one but I am not allowed to buy anything in the month of may as it is my birthday next week so there is a 'no buying something that I could have been bought'. Easiest way of that is not buying anything!
  9. Thanks for the offer, sounds great but not a fan of the tele or its bass version!
  10. Like anything, its familiarity. If you go to a download site and download a guitar pro tab (normally scroll to the bottom for that), then when you see the notes you can just select them and move them up or down a string and it goes up/down by 5. I had to do quite a bit when I was looking at son of a preacher man, as the tab sites have crazy fingering for it.
  11. That certainly wouldn't be tricky and depending on the speed you are playing maybe that is a better way of playing it. The whole point of tab over notation is that it has the fingering. If you don't like the fingering, what is the point of it? I find it very rare that tab is either right or the fingering I would use. GuitarPro lets you move it around flexibly, but it has the advantage of using both tab and notation at the same time (you can export ascii tab though). I have quite a lot of tab around, but it is normally stuff I have done for myself or modified.
  12. I think the idea is that you randomly turn them a bit until you get the sound you want, then write down the setting! Honestly there doesn't seem to be an immediate correlation between the knob positions and the tone, although the switches above the knobs have a bit more of an effect.
  13. Actually one of the odd things about a bass is that you don't often play chords on it. But if you did, a chord is basically the same pattern everywhere, unlike the guitar (the more strings you have the easier this is). It's easier to see the chords by pattern rather than remembering the actual notes or offsets of them. Then slide it round to see where it fits.
  14. I must admit that is the reason I wouldn't go now. It is great to go to a festival and camp somewhere when you are a teenager and live at home, it just sucks when you have to worry about whether your back is going to hurt the next day! Sounds a bit like reverse elitism though. I went 3 years and didn't care in the slightest who was playing. Why should it be different now. Ok, it was a lot cheaper then. So you saw the transition of being a kid running round being excited to be at a festival without your parents to someone older who could look down on them? I can't complain about that. I went to reading at 18, it was great, I was excited to be at a festival without my parents getting off with some girl. If that is what they are doing now, it seems like a good use of their time.
  15. True. It was an odd event. And so hot that year too, but to be fair, I didn't remember much of the music as I had gone with a girl who was not yet my girlfriend but would be by the time we got back.
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