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  1. I would be interested in those too. I don't mind the plastic ones, but my shuker which is next to me has those knobs and I do like them. Where are they from? Oh scratch that, the ones on https://www.east-uk.com/product/knobs-dual/ - ordered!
  2. The point is you shouldnt' need a separate 3 year warantee unless it covers accidental damage.
  3. Guess it is going to be like ordering from the states - sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't. Maybe they are overwhelmed at the moment!
  4. When I buy something with the word asus on it I consider it disposable! Having said that, no you should have been able to expect it to last longer than 18 months, and in fact I believe that as you must have bought that while we were still an EU member you have a right for it to last a 'reasonable period', which in the case of a laptop of that cost should be the full 6 years. And yes, friend of mine did get a full refund at 3 years on a laptop that failed that way, but he had to make a bit of a fuss.
  5. There are a lot of budget laptops that are basically thrown out cheap to give people something to connect to the internet. My macbook is a 2011 version which I am considering updating when the new processors come out. I also have a Microsoft Surface book that I think is 2018 that will annoy me greatly if anything goes wrong on it in the next 6 or 7 years. Unfortunately they are not cheap but if you want something you can use hard day in day out without trouble, you need to pay for it. Disposable laptops are disposable, that much is true, but also true of everything.
  6. Before b*xit they had gone up quite a bit anyway, so with the exchange rate and all, they were already a lot more expensive than they were in 2016, before any vat or import duties. Looking now a standard elwood (jazz) costs more than a standard Shuker J (jazz) bass, and owning instruments from both of them, although I really like my Maruszcyk, quality wise that is the wrong way round. Haven't looked at what it is like when you get to the configurator, both of them go up a lot when you start adding stuff.
  7. Ultimately, although its not getting the playing it once did due to the arival of the shuker and the Ibanez EHB, my 1605 is still #1 bass. It wasn't specifically cheap or at least what I traded it for wasn't, but it isn't worth that much compared to the afore mentioned.
  8. I had a sterling sub ray 5 and it was considerably lighter than that. I never weighed it but it was not a heavy bass at all (and I have had one or two that were). Anything 4+ is heavy for my liking. It wasn't specifically light though, in that of my SRs, I have one lighter, one about the same and one much heavier.
  9. Yep, it isnt exactly a huge difference is it! The buttons do more than the knobs, but best just left alone. I know if you contact ashdown they will send you stuff to change that, but I never bothered.
  10. I find the ideal setting is to let the amp do what it is going to do, put the volume on flat out, put the gain at whatever volume you want*, and do any tone corrections that you need elsewhere. The knobs look cool, I don't think its fair to expect them to do anything else * unless you want real crunch, then put your bass into the low output socket, put the gain flat out and control the volume with volume. Or better still, turn everything flat out and let the band adjust to you!
  11. Fantastic sound, eq next to pointless but really clear powerful sound. Also, a little heavier!
  12. Me and the drummer often relapse into the mission impossible theme by limp bizkit for no readily apparent reason Hmm.. not sure that counts as 20-30 minutes without extensive memorising! Aint no mountain high enough by wossiname and wossername. Its really fluid and mobile but I find it interesting due to the sudden octave changes, as well as making the pairs of matched notes fluid - you know the G|-----4-------------| D|--4--------2-------| A|--------2----------| E|-------------------| Obviously not hard at all, but making it really smooth without trimming the top note. I should write somethings down as I saw a review of a bass sometime recently, and what the guy was playing was really good as a pattern and I thought 'I will try that', but I can't remember what video it was now, and I wasn't logged in so it doesn't appear in my history!
  13. I got an ABM Evo IV 600 B-Stock before christmas, and it sounds fine in my room, just waiting to be able to have some gigs so I can try it out at a reasonable (or maybe unreasonable) volume.
  14. I have wanted one for a while. would really love one in that colour and the string spacing sounds great. Only as a 5 - the 6s just seem a bit too fat of neck (I know there isn't really a way round that). Almost got a stealth black on that was heavily relic'd (and not synthetically) as it was cheap but it was too far away / couldn't risk the sale. Used to dislike the looks, but really that just comes down to the round pickgaurd thing like MMs have got (where I dislike it also). Trouble is they just dont come up often and when they do they are quite expensive, and I really don't need one. Looks wise, not ugly - ugly like a telecaster headstocked slab P bass ugly, but certainly quirky and more interesting for it.
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