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  1. I guess it depends on what you are expecting. I have had 2 bass VIs and not really modified them - apart from strings, the first had to have labella strings on it, but at the time there was very little else, now there is a lot more choice. If you look at the bass VI forums it will make you think that you have to change everything and put staytrems etc on it and do hundreds of £ of changes, but honestly they are not bad out of the box with a bit of a setup. I would recommend (like with all these things), don't worry about what other people say you *have* to change, play it and see how you get on. if there is something you don't like, then look into what needs changing then.
  2. Yeh, still not for me as I need the sample player, the SY2000 and an actual synth pedalboard. And the vocal processor, although I guess that could go elsewhere
  3. Ah, good point, get a good amplifier then you will be able to tell the difference. ok, then yes, for you it wouldn't be any use. For me it would be less use as it is too big for my pedalboard! Same could be said for the D and G strings, let alone the B
  4. If you don't hear much of a difference between that synth sound and a straight bass, you need to put some serious effort into sorting out your amplifier!
  5. Oh I thought I would have a look what I had on the ipad to do diagrams, as I keep thinking it would be handy, so I did it for this diagram as a test!
  6. Yes, the aerodyne necks are fairly thin. Not totally keen on the sound of it though, which is why I sold mine recently
  7. No I would imagine not. I am not against ibanez doing this, it seems sensible and it looks good, but why I said I would have to try it is what are those pickups like? If they are like the nords or something then that is great. if they are like the barts, then I am never going to like it and there is no choice but to move the whole bass on. I think it looks better than the nords in the 1506, but I know what those sound like, so I would order them without worrying about them. Hopefully that way of doing things could become standard. Yes, and in the case of the combustions, the bart rules apply, not something I could live with!
  8. Sounds like a good plan, although if you don't like the pickups there is nothing you can do about it, I doubt there are any replacements for those. I think I would have to hear it first as its number puts it in the bart pickup bracket, and I wouldn't want anything like the barts.
  9. Height adjustable, no, that is a lot higher tech, it is a piece of wood with double sided tape that is 6mm high. By default that is about the hight of the pickups when it comes, gap obviously depends on your string height
  10. The original shows red lines which confused me (as they wouldn't make sense) then I realised they may just be showing the internal connections of the switch. If there are jumpers there it wouldn't work
  11. Yep - I think we need to add a sticky for this one https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/454725-harley-bentons-are-going-up-in-price/ https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/456603-wow-didn’t-realise-these-had-investment-potential/
  12. OK, I worked out what should be there and it makes sense. It gives you 1. front humbucker, back humbucker 2. front humbucker, back single 3. front single, back humbucker 4. front single, back single. I drew it out but it is not that neat! But here it is anyway if it helps
  13. Apart from not great wiring, the top image (especially combined with the wiring diagram) is clear enough to work from. So there is a white, black, green and red wire from each pickup, which is normal for humbuckers (normal colours, but for extra fun each manufacturer uses the colours for different things), and a metal connector (which they don't - that goes to earth). What is actually missing on your plug - do you have the same colours used? Do you have a photo of how yours actually is?
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