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  1. Top Of The Pops

    A C120?? Are you crazy?
  2. Travelling to gigs. How do you get there ?

    We drive our own cars. The guitarist and singer share a car as they live just round the corner from each other. But our gigs are rarely more than a couple of miles.
  3. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Oh no, nothing on order at the moment, the 8 weeks was bad for me for my last one, I haven't got anywhere near the justfication required for the frog. And having just come back from a Steve WIlson gig I am wondering if I should even bother
  4. Top Of The Pops

    Be careful - Yew is a very poisonous tree, make sure you don't let your kids near it
  5. Bridge Over Jamiroquai

    I think he is a complete and utter *wouldbefiltered* but he is a great frontman and vocalist. I never combine my opinion on a person with their music, or there would be loads of people I didn't listen to
  6. 'FIreman' bass bodies

    I have a basswood bodied iceman, which dives quite a bit. Obviously the bass neck just makes it worse. It is actually very light. But the reverse sounds like it would be a plan, moving the front strap button way forward. There is a bass body on ebay, but a lot of shipping, so there is just some part of me thinking 'well, I will make a new body, how hard can it be?'
  7. 'FIreman' bass bodies

    So noone had ever told me about the Fireman shape that Ibanez do, or the reverse iceman. Someone on my facebook linked to a Paul Gilbert video and he was demonstrating his fireman, well, he wasn't but it is his signature guitar and he was demonstrating how easy it was to play like Paul Gilbert if you happen to be Paul Gilbert. Which he is, so it is pretty easy. Anyway, ignoring how good he is, that guitar shape is brilliant - litterally an upside down iceman with a bit chopped out of the (now) bottom part of the lower horn for access, thus getting rid of the neck dive problem of the iceman straight away. Well, it turns out that ibanez don't make a fireman bass. Looking on the net, there is one place in the states that makes reverse iceman bodies for a bass, but it it obviously quite expensive shipping. And it is for a fender neck, would be nice with an iceman neck. So I really really want a fireman bass, a 5 string one. Anyone any idea where I can get a body for one (or the whole thing)?
  8. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Yes it is. It is a crazy length of time
  9. Gibson Futura/Ugly Ducking

    Nah, it is just beautiful Makes me want to get one and play it in a function group.
  10. Bridge Over Jamiroquai

    I did the same journey. Always hated them but now love the bass lines and by a side product, like the tracks too.
  11. I Hate Tobacco Sunburst

    1mm or 2mm I would guess.
  12. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Oh thats lovely, a white P bass with close to decent spacing. If I was in the market for a P, that would be what it would be like, especially at the price.
  13. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Yes, mine was about 8 weeks. 16-20.. really would have a problem waiting that long!
  14. I Hate Tobacco Sunburst

    And now I am sitting upstairs I notice that the wall behind me has my brown burst guitars (my wife hates brown sunbursts so they live upstairs). Excuse being that the SRF705 only comes in that colour, and the G&L L2500 I could only get easily in that or varnished light wood!
  15. I Hate Tobacco Sunburst

    My redburst does that, but is not varnished, so you can still see (and feel) the grain of the wood, its a heavy grain. Its the only surface like that, which makes me wonder why I hadn't thought of that before! edit: I would point out that although all my Ibanez SRs aren't varnished either, they don't have a deep grain that you can actually feel.