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  1. Not generally, they just put the signal through, but they don't disconnect the battery.
  2. Hmm.. worth thinking about then, maybe it is not as good an idea as it sounds. On the plus side, blue aran are sending me another handle out today, that is pretty good service
  3. Ooh - now you got me thinking. When I was looking at my minirouter to do this, i found a thing that clamped onto it with a roller that was for doing furniture arms, basically just an adjustable thing to run along a solid surface. That would do the handle inset nicely, the only downside is that it makes the wood thinner where you want the strength to be. Not sure how much of an impact that would have if you are only taking it down a few mm.
  4. I got back from screwfix after getting the spray glue and the PVC pipe. I cut the pipe and then I thought I had some black spray under a unit in the shed. I reached in and pulled out.. a full can of spray glue, yay! Oh well, not going to be short of that. Anyway, after cutting the pipe I was looking at this piece, as one of the first things to do, and after much deliberation of the "you know if you get the router out you WILL mess it up" type, I once again overruled my common sense and decided that I didn't like the option of just glueing it, so I used the open brace as a half template, and in two cuts, did a recess around the hole. And didn't mess it up.
  5. The padding stuff, is it like ebay item 162935948623? It misses out the word cotton, but looks the same
  6. Its perfectly possible to have a system that detects the playing level and switches off after an hour, but it would be a lot of electronics, it would take more power and it is a problem that would be very expensive to solve something that is not really a problem for most people! It would also be possible to have it on a switch as well, as long as you are aware that if you hit the switch accidentally when you are playing your bass goes dead and if you then flick it back on you would get a massive pop risking taking your speaker out! Actually it would be possible to make a bypass that also took the battery out, not on a push pull pot, but on a separate switch (on any bass, if you had the room).
  7. I am sure that is easy enough but apart from one bass with dodgy wiring, I never had an active bass where the battery didn't last over a year (and my SR1000 is its 3rd battery and I bought it over 10 years ago).
  8. I have the HX, really for the me the pedals in one unit is what I wanted and I didn't need the amp sims. The plus side is the number of effects (and yes, I have used them all!). I love the size of the stomp but I would need more pedals so it is more faff and then you are back to the same space, issues, so for me the HX is perfect. Well, what would be perfect would be a full helix in the HX size, which I am sure we will get in a few years.
  9. Yeh, I don't mind natural wood brown (well, apart from pale wood), it is made brown I don't like. The top and the bottom one of those pictures are good. Don't like the middle one, but that isn't the woods fault.
  10. Do indeed. That is why i dislike sunburst. Actually I have a G&L which is a sunburst but that is far more orange than anything else. Yep - not a fan of brown shoes. We had a brown car in the 70s. My dad had his silver fox cortina painted stinky poo coloured with a diarrhoea orange coloured vinyl roof. I hadn't noticed that, being not that bothered about these brands, but I am guessing by the name you might be a little oversensitive to percieved criticism I would love a bongo.. just not in brown!
  11. Got my stuff from blue aran to make speaker 011 (which I picked up today), Got the speaker and the tuf paint, and the handle. One of these parts doesn't seem quite right though...
  12. Nope, I am way too shallow. I couldn't live with that.
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