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  1. Mine was a L2500 tribute, I just looked, it was 17mm spacing / 68mm bridge, so smaller than I thought but wider than the Sub Ray5 I had. Maybe yours had a non standard bridge (maybe american custom, although I don't see them doing that as a custom thing), as looking on the net that is what the specs say. Either way, he doesn't like the look of them so thats that out (and I understand that, I never really liked the look of a stingray 5).
  2. Its more than 16mm (would have loved it if it was), AFAIK it is 17.5mm. It was right on the limit of how wide I will put up with (I only sold mine a few months ago)
  3. Isn't that your answer there then? Or a G&L 5 which is pretty similar
  4. Well, gibson never really liked basses, and lets face it they will sell 10 different coloured les pauls for every bass. Having said that, they make all of 3 basses, 2 of them are 30.4" and only one (the thunderbird) is 34", so they never really bought into long scale
  5. Or a magazine of 6 batteries, and a mechanism that ejects the old one and puts the new one in place, like a pump action.
  6. Interestingly (or not, depending on your interest), on the Railboard, the pickup block (which is switchable stereo / mono) is passive, unless you connect either XLR output on it to a phantom power source, in which case, it becomes active. Don't see why you couldn't do that on a bass.
  7. Yes it would. What is the problem unplugging it?
  8. Yeh, true, that would probably be the easiest option. Especially as I have some coverters around!
  9. It litterally is an octave below a guitar I would say it looks like B (30.7) rather than C (~32.7), but a bit hard to see on that chart
  10. Funny, if you don't know what that is, and you google it and go to the manufacturers site, there is a video on their main page by someone that has a really similar name to yours
  11. I am suspecting that is electric bass, as it has a black section where covers where the B string would be
  12. Maybe it was for years everyone was making copies of fender Ps and Js, which is why everything was 34", while a lot of the rest of the brands continued with their short and medium scale. I always wondered, if you have short, medium and long, why is the long most common rather than the medium?
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